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									                        Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

                            International Conference on Civil Aviation
                    India: The Emerging Aviation Hub
                            25 November 2010 – Federation House, New Delhi


1000 - 1030 hrs Registration
1030 - 1145 hrs Inaugural Session
1145 – 1200 hrs Tea / Coffee Break
1200 – 1330 hrs Session 1: ‘The Direction of Indian Civil Aviation’
                (India in global aviation terms; overview of the domestic and international market position;
                analysing the current policy and guidelines for the sector, taxation issues pertaining to the
                sector, improving connectivity, suggesting development plans, filling the infrastructure gap,
                Discussion (Q & A)

1330 – 1430 hrs Lunch
1430 - 1520 hrs Session 2 (Panel Discussion): 'Airlines in India and Commercial Aviation'
                  (Analysing the current state of the airline industry in India, including rationalisation of
                  airlines, product differentiation (low cost v full service, etc.) filling the funding gap for
                  aircraft and the business, what is projected in the short/medium term? Indian airlines as an
                  equity proposition)
                  Discussion (Q & A)
1520 – 1610 hrs Session 3 (Panel Discussion): 'Indian Aviation Infrastructure'
                (Analysing the state of infrastructure facilities available in India; are cargo airlines part of
                the answer to India's infrastructure needs; development of aviation 'clusters', need for
                development of air cargo hub and dedicated cargo airports; modernization of major airports
                and transport links; measures for streamlining and promoting aviation infrastructure, etc,
                funding the requirement)
1610 – 1630 hrs Tea / Coffee Break
1630 – 1720 hrs Session 4 (Panel Discussion): ‘Emerging Opportunities for Aviation Business in India’
                (Analysing the issues & challenges affecting business aviation in India and why "take-off" is
                still awaited in India; measures for facilitating the growth of general aviation, issues and
                challenges for MRO and spares support industry, reviewing viable investment & partnership
                models, investment requirements and growth potential of India to be developed as an MRO
                and spares support hub; risk and insurance developments in the Indian market)
       1720 hrs Summing Up & Closing Remarks – Mr John Balfour (Senior Equity Partner, Clyde &
                Co LLP) and [Representative of FICCI]
       1730 hrs Networking Drinks Reception [sponsored by Clyde & Co LLP]

                                       in exclusive partnership with
                                                 The world's premier aviation law firm

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