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Director of Festival Operations
Washington Beer Commission
Table of Contents
1. Summary
2. Proposal Guidelines and Requirements
3. Contract Terms
4. Purpose, Description and Objectives
5. Timeline
6. Budget
7. Background of Organization
8. Audience
9. Scope & Guidelines
10. General Terms and Conditions
11. Qualifications
12. Evaluation Criteria
13. Format for Proposals

The Washington Beer Commission is accepting proposals to lead the production and execution
of up to 12 Washington Beer Commission festival events each calendar year. The purpose of
this RFP is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide the candidates with the
evaluation criteria against which they will be judged.
The Washington Beer Commission was formed in July of 2007 and currently produces five
festival events per year that primarily fund the commission's charge of marketing and promoting
Washington Beer and its breweries. The Commission is looking to grow these current events
and potentially add additional events that will take place all across the state of Washington.

This is an open and competitive process. The Washington Beer Commission is an EOE.
Proposals received after 4:00pm PST, Monday, June 21, 2010, will not be considered.

The Washington Beer Commission will negotiate contract terms upon selection. All contracts
are subject to review by the Washington State Office of Financial Management. A Director of
Festival Operations contract will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract, which
outlines terms, scope, budget and other necessary items.

The Washington Beer Commission currently produces six festivals designed to expose beer
consumers to the fresh, local and award-winning craft beers produced in the state. An
opportunity exists to grow a number of these festivals in an effort to create additional funding for
the commission which will in turn be used to further market, promote and support Washington
beer and its breweries. The Washington Beer Commission will assume full responsibility for
insurance coverage necessary for these events (through the State of Washington) and will
provide accounting administration and processes for all events. All documents, files and data
created in support of these festivals will become the sole property of the Washington Beer
The Washington Beer Commission and its Executive Director will maintain all encompassing
oversight of the Director of Festival Operations and all commission events while the
implementation and execution of these events will be the responsibility of the Director of Festival

A qualifying candidate must be:
Willing to take direction.
A team-player.
Forthcoming with all event information.
Willing to put public safety at the forefront.
Aware that the primary objective is to continue to build the brand identity, awareness, and
exposure of Washington Beer, ultimately leading to increased market share sales.

Grow the current sold-out commission produced events.
Build brewer and customer loyalty and enhance attendee relationships.
Assist in development of new commission event ideas.
Increase overall market share of Washington Beer sales.

Specific Strategies
Increase awareness of the Washington Beer Commission, the craft beer brewed in this state
and create strong statewide awareness through festival events.
Retain current Washington Beer Lover (WABL) members and gain new ones.
Strengthen relationships with community partners, sponsors, members, event attendees and
festival staff.
Attract qualified and diverse staff (both volunteer and paid).
Improve festival event business efficiencies.
Communicate with timely, relevant answers to the breadth and depth of commission member
and customer questions.
Reinforce the Washington Beer Commission brand and market leadership while executing
festival events that the brewers will be proud to participate in.

This RFP is dated May 21, 2010. Proposers may also request a copy be sent via email by
contacting Eric Radovich, Executive Director of the Washington Beer Commission at
 Proposals are due no later than 4:00pm PST, Monday, June 21, 2010.
 Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter. During this time we may require preliminary
interviews at our office with the Executive Director during the business week of June 28, 2010.
You will be notified if this is requested.
The names of the candidate finalists (3-4) will be decided on or about July 7, 2010.
These finalists will be interviewed by a panel of Washington Beer Commission Commissioners
along with the Executive Director on Thursday, July 15, 2010.
Negotiations will begin immediately with the successful candidate and should conclude no later
than July 20, 2010.
Contract will begin on Sunday, August 1, 2010.
The Washington Beer Commission is prepared to offer a payment of between $3,000 and
$4,000 monthly ($36,000 - $48,000 annual) depending on experience and qualifications. There
are no additional benefits attached to this contract.

Simply put, Washington produces some of the finest beer in the country and the Beer
Commission will help spread the word about these wonderful products. Our microbrews
emphasize quality and flavor, and are a signature product of the Evergreen State. Our
renowned hops, barley and wheat are the perfect premium ingredients for the nation’s best craft
brewers. Additional background information is available at

Beer consumers, current brewer members, sponsors, volunteers, tourists and Washington Beer
Lover (WABL) members.
Prospective WABL members, new sponsors and volunteers.

The scope of this project is to direct and implement all elements of the existing Washington
Beer Commission festivals under the supervision of the Commission's Executive Director. The
Executive Director will take the lead on all in-house marketing, advertising and will
create/provide all of the press releases, handle all spokesperson duties and web site copy with
assistance from the Director of Festival Operations as required.

The Director of Festivals is responsible for leading the execution of the Washington Beer
Commission events and for providing daily administration and back-office support. As such, the
Contractor shall provide the following services:

With Executive Director, efficiently manage day-to-day business and financial affairs related to
the Commission's event execution and assist with the correspondence and records of the
Follow all policies and procedures as designated by the Commission Bylaws and relevant RCW
and WAC regulations. Recommend to the Executive Director establishment or revision of
policies and procedures relating to financial and administrative matters as deemed necessary.
Screen mail and assist in replying to correspondence. Process and distribute information
received at Commission office to the Executive Director, relevant committee officers, chairs, and
industry members.
Prior to Commission review and approval, assist in development of contracts to be submitted for
approval of Attorney General's Office and Office of Financial Management when required.
Coordinate and assist in administering funding of board-approved festivals, fundraising projects
and promotional activities. Work with the Executive Director and Commissioners to execute
contracts as requested by Commission.
Assist in maintaining and updating Commission websites and databases as directed by the
Executive Director, including lists of brewers, updated production information, relevant
government contacts, other commissions and associations, and news media.
Assist with coordination of Commission and Commission committee meetings. Send appropriate
meeting invitations and notices to brewer base.

Budgeting / Accounting:
With the Executive Director, Commission Treasurer and Commissioners, assist with the
preparation of the annual budget. Monitor Commission contracts related to Commission
produced events. Assist with monthly and annual budget reports using established budget
categories for monthly and annual expenditures. Include the Transactions Summary as a
supporting document to the Income Statement. Submit reports monthly to the Executive
Director. Include and explain variances and reflect year-to-date budget expenditure subtotals.

In accordance with Commission By-laws and ethical accounting practices, and as directed by
the Executive Director, assist in maintaining accurate records of all assessments, paid outs,
banking accounts, and commission-related financial transactions. Manage and submit event
contract invoices, expenditures and supporting documents to the Executive Director. Verify
invoices to actual performance of the service or event contract fulfillment. Prepare vouchers
and checks to send to Executive Director, Commission Treasurer, President and other
authorized parties for signature. Provide assistance as needed to balance end of month
book/register totals to Bank Statement totals in cooperation with the Executive Director and
Commission Treasurer.

Hire, train and oversee accounting staff for all Commission produced events within guidelines
set forth by the Executive Director and Commission Treasurer.
Set up online accounts and ticket outlets for Commission events.
Make daily deposits of event revenues in the course of normal office operations and provide
numbered receipts in return.
Send delinquency reminders; include penalty and interest charges; and actively follow-up by
telephone to secure late payments.

Management of Festival Operations at Commission Events:
Invite and manage all brewery registration.
Coordinate and secure accurate information on all breweries and beers participating.
Manage logistics for brewers, distributors and other vendors.
Effectively manage any event producing sub-contractors.
Hire, train and manage beer staff including required training for recognizing over-consumption
and under-age drinking awareness.
Manage and secure all necessary permits and licenses for Commission events.
Develop a site plan for each event.
Develop a staffing plan including the recruitment and training of volunteers.
Secure bids for contract services and manage all sub-contractors.
Assist in distribution of promotional materials.
Work with sponsors and partners to develop promotional ideas.
With Executive Director develop a sponsorship plan and solicitation materials.
Solicit sponsorships, execute sponsorship agreements and provide recap materials to sponsors.

Marketing / Public Relations / Communications:
Endeavor to increase awareness, support and interaction between Commission, brewers and
affiliated agencies.
Create and publish a Washington Beer Lovers (WABL) monthly newsletter.
Staff booths at festivals and trade shows, and assist with media tours and events, as directed by
Executive Director.
Serve as liaison between Commission, Washington brewers and the public as necessary.
Work with established accounts regarding advertising and promotional plans as approved by
Executive Director.
Respond to inquiries from brewers, industry, and other interested parties regarding the
Commission and the Washington beer industry.
Interact frequently with Executive Director, brewing industry and general public to keep abreast
of current developments.
Position Washington Beer as fresh, local and recognized for great quality and value.
Assist in increasing top-of-mind consumer awareness for Washington Beer and local breweries
and brewpubs.
Work to significantly boost in-state market sales.
Manage the Commission merchandising program.
Manage email lists and databases.
Provide input and support for updating of web page content.

Confirm two years of experience in a leadership role at a festival or event that attracts more
than 1,000 attendees.
Describe any experience in producing events for non-profit and/or community-focused projects.
Provide current reference information for three former or current employers.
Provide a personal profile, length of time in festival industry and core competencies.
Briefly describe your event management style and processes.
Please discuss your experience with vendor partnerships.
Please discuss your event evaluation and recap system.
Please feel free to include and published writing samples.

The following criteria will form the basis upon which the Washington Beer Commission will
evaluate candidates. The mandatory criteria must be met and include:
Your proposal must be received no later than 4:00pm PST, Monday, June 21, 2010.

We encourage electronic submission of proposals to:

OR you may deliver hard copies of proposals to the attention of:

Eric Radovich
Washington Beer Commission
14803 15th Ave NE, #200
Shoreline, WA 98155

Proposals that meet the mandatory requirements, as stated above, will be evaluated with the
following criteria:
Suitability of the Proposal – the proposal meets the needs and criteria set forth in the RFP.
Expertise in communicating related experience and ideas as evidenced by the proposal and
your references.
Proven Capabilities – Prior work demonstrates successful execution of large scale event
Depth and Breadth of working as a team player – The candidate has strong references and
examples of compromise and pulling together to get the job done.
Proposal Presentation – The information is presented in a clear, logical manner, is
grammatically correct and well organized.

Please use the following as a guideline to format your proposal:
Length and Font Size:
Please use fonts no smaller than 11 point. Maximum proposal length including title page, cover
letter, resume, references and qualifications should not exceed 16 pages.
Title Page:
Washington Beer Commission, Director of Festival Events Proposal, your name, address,
telephone number and e-mail address.
Cover Letter:
Signed by the applicant.

Briefly introduce your proposal, including your experience, energy, creativity and knowledge of
Washington Beer. You should also touch on your ability to produce successful festival events
and ability to meet deadlines (2-3 pages).
Provide detailed information pertinent to Section 11 (4-6 pages).

This concludes the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the position of Director of Festival
Operations for the Washington Beer Commission.

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