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					                           Grade 10 Curriculum Overview:

         Term 1                Term 2                   Term 3
Sketchbook Work:            Sketchbook Work:               Sketchbook Work:
Back to Reality             Writing About Art              Learning to Reflect
Observing the real          Writing about what art         Writing about what the
world, recording what is    means, signifies, merits       student has
seen:                       and suggests. Developing accomplished, what it
 Values                    a personal definition of       means, what influences
 Line                      art.                           have been important in
 Volume                          Abstract vs.            their work?
 Composition                        realistic art – what       Process
 Center of interest                 does it mean -             Experiments
 Balance                            personally?                Media
Several key sketchbook            How can one                  Analysis
assignments are given,               account for the            Regular entries
designed to develop and              development of art         Ideas
test observational                   in the last century? These writings are
drawing and the capacity    These writing                  increasingly
for formulating creative    assignments are quite          personalized and highly
solutions within given      personal and involve the       focused. They reflect
parameters. These           contextual and highly          the kind of
works are supposed to       critical methods               developmental and
be highly finished.         demanded at the Diploma creative thought
Usually two per month       level.                         processes demanded at
are assigned.                                              the Diploma level.
Studio Work:                Studio Work:                   Studio Work:
Abstraction is a            Getting a Likeness             Food for Thought
Process                     Drawing a still life, but      What makes dessert so
Generating a series of      with the levels of             appetizing?
realistic sketches, from    difficulty greatly             The challenge of
which one develops an       increased, the challenge       creating a delightful,
abstract composition        of attaining a realistic       highly realistic and very
which eventually leads      image in diverse               appetizing dessert out of
to a full scale acrylic     conditions.                    ceramics, acrylic pastes,
abstraction:                 Using an unfamiliar          varnish, resins and paint.
 Realism in drawing             and challenging            Research it
 Center of                      medium.                    Conceive it
    Interest/composition     Drawing objects with  Plan it
 Development of                 a limited and highly       Create it
    image                        focused light source.      Reflect upon it
 Family of colors           Objects are highly            Exhibit it
    chosen                       metallic and reflective  Students receive
 Reflection on the              on a dark background,         feedback from
    process                      increasing the                classmates.
The general aim of the tenth grade curriculum is one that prepares the students for the
IB Diploma level art course by familiarizing them with the processes of planning,
researching and experimenting in preparation for a studio artwork. It also aims to
familiarize students with the common expectations regarding the development of a
thematic approach to art. The emphasis on the sketchbook (Investigation Workbook)
is paramount, as the student needs to exit the Foundations Art course with a working
knowledge of the basics of keeping a daily art journal and using it as a primary idea-
development tool for their studio work at the IB Diploma level. The grade 10
Foundations Art course typically culminates in a summer assignment (between grade
10 and 11) in which students are expected to use their acquired knowledge of the role
of the sketchbook to devise their first studio work based upon a well-researched and
well-conceived theme documented in their book.

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