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									2009-2010 RECRUITER GUIDE

                                   2009-2010 RECRUITER GUIDE

                            The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business

Key Recruiting Dates ..........................................               7
On-Campus Recruiting ........................................                 9
Guidelines............................................................        9
Recruiting Outside McCombs .............................                      9
Contacts for Other Career Service Offices ..........                          9
Interviews............................................................       10
Resume Collections .............................................             11
Job Boards & Resume Books ..............................                     12
Reaching Top Candidates ...................................                  13
Evening Employer Events ...................................                  14
Accountability and Offers....................................                16
Recruiting Checklist for Employers ....................                      17
Contacts ..............................................................      19
Connect Across McCombs ..................................                    20

Profile ..................................................................   23
Academic Programs ............................................               24
Special Programs.................................................            25
Salary Statistics ...................................................        26
Program Calendar ...............................................             27
Build Your Company Presence ............................                     28
Contacts ..............................................................      30

Profile ..................................................................   33
Academic Programs ............................................               34
Special Programs.................................................            34
Salary Statistics ...................................................        35
Program Calendar ...............................................             36
Build Your Company Presence ............................                     37
Contacts ..............................................................      38

Profile ..................................................................   41
Academic Programs ............................................               42
Special Programs.................................................            43
Salary Statistics ...................................................        44
Program Calendar ...............................................             46
Build Your Company Presence ............................                     47
Contacts ..............................................................      48

Profile ..................................................................   51
Academic Programs ............................................               52
Special Programs.................................................            53
Program Calendar ...............................................             54
Build Your Company Presence ............................                     55
Contacts ..............................................................      56

Directions and Parking ........................................              59
Dining ..................................................................    60
Hotels ..................................................................    61
The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin prepares
students to take leadership roles with companies and gives them ownership
of their careers. Through practical experience and knowledge-sharing, our
students are equipped to make an impact on industry and society. Our track
record of fostering business leaders speaks for itself.

As one of the largest and most distinguished business schools in the country,
McCombs offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master in Public
Accounting (MPA), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree
programs. We consistently receive top rankings across all our programs from
national media publications. This recognition reflects our innovative curriculum,
excellence in teaching, cutting-edge research, and industry involvement.

McCombs educates more than 6,000 business students each year, creating
a cumulative impact that is among the greatest of any business school in
the world. Approximately 2,000 professionals also participate each year in
programs designed for working executives and their firms.

      McCOMBS SChOOL OF BUSINESS | 1 University Station B6200 | Austin, Texas 78712-0209 |
BBA PROGRAM                                   MPA PROGRAM                                 #8 Hiring Minorities, Wall Street Journal
#1  Accounting, U.S. News (9/08)              #1 Accounting (Graduate), U.S. News             (9/07)
#2  Ethics, BusinessWeek (3/09)                  (4/09)                                   #10 Marketing, U.S. News (4/09)
#3  Management, U.S. News (9/08)              #1 Undergraduate Program, Public            #10 Entrepreneurship, Financial Times
#3  Management Information Systems,              Accounting Report (11/08)                    (1/09)
    U.S. News (9/08)                          #1 Accounting (Undergraduate), U.S. News    #12 Production/Operations Management,
#3 Marketing, U.S. News (9/08)                   (9/08)                                       U.S. News (4/09)
#4 Finance, U.S. News (9/08)                  #3 Graduate Program, Public Accounting      #14 International Business, U.S. News (4/09)
#5 Insurance/Risk Management,                    Report (11/08)                           #14 U.S., Best Global MBAs for Mexicans,
    U.S. News (9/08)                                                                          Expansion (2/09)
#5 International Business, U.S. News (9/08)   MBA PROGRAM                                 #17 Finance, U.S. News (4/09)
#6 Accounting, BusinessWeek (3/09)            #14 Forbes (9/07)                           #17 Supply Chain/Logistics, U.S. News (4/09)
#6 Production/Ops Management,                 #18 U.S. News (4/09)                        #19 Management, U.S. News (4/09)
    U.S. News (9/08)                          #21 BusinessWeek (11/08)
#6 U.S. News (9/08)                           #23 U.S. Financial Times (1/09)             EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAM
#7 Entrepreneurship, U.S. News (9/08)         #1 Accounting, U.S. News (4/09)             #15 Wall Street Journal (10/08)
#7 Quantitative Analysis/Methods,             #1 MBA Program for Hispanics, Hispanic      #18 U.S. News (4/09)
    U.S. News (9/08)                              Business (9/08)                         #19 U.S. Financial Times (10/08)
#10 BusinessWeek (3/09)                       #3 Information Systems, U.S. News (4/09)
#10 Real Estate, U.S. News (9/08)             #3 Accounting, Wall Street Journal (9/07)   PART-TIME MBA (TEXAS EVENING MBA)
#10 Supply Chain Management/Logistics,        #3 Technology, Wall Street Journal (9/07)   #5 Southwest Region, BusinessWeek
    U.S. News (9/08)                          #5 Information Technology, Wall Street          (11/07)
#14 Sustainability, BusinessWeek (3/09)           Journal (9/07)                          #27 U.S. News (4/09)
                                              #8 Entrepreneurship, U.S. News (4/09)

4 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                           RECRUITMENT BBA pROFILE
                                                                                                                       AT McCOMBS

AUGUST                                           10    MBA PLUS Pitch Party                      14    BBA Golf Link
                                                 10-11 MBA Energy Finance Challenge              19-20 MBA Marketing Challenge
1       New Student Orientation for 2012
                                                 11    MBA 2nd Year Mock Interview Day           20    Last Day to Host Pre-Select Schedule
        TEMBA Students (Austin)
                                                 11    MBA Entrepreneurship Society                    for On-Campus Recruiting
1-8     Austin Intensive Week for 1st Year
                                                       Conference                                25    MBA 1st Year No Class Day
        Dallas/Houston MBA Students
                                                 14    MBA Economics Mid-Term                    26-27 No On-Campus Recruiting
3-7     MBA Orientation (Full-Time)
                                                       (No Recruiting for 1st Year Students)           (Thanksgiving Holiday)
7       Career Panels for MBA Orientation
                                                 14    1st Day of On-Campus Interviews           30    Room-Only Reservations Allowed
9-15    Austin Intensive Week for Final-Year
                                                 17    MBA CareerConnections Networking
        Dallas/Houston MBA Students
                                                       Reception                                 DECEMBER
14      Working Professional MBA Case
                                                 18    MBA CareerConnections Career Fair
        Interview Challenge (Austin)                                                             1-4  Room-Only Reservations Allowed
                                                 21    MPA Industry Night
16-21   Austin Seminar Week for EMBA                                                             4    Last Day of Fall Semester
                                                 23-25 National Black MBA Career Fair
        Students (Class of 2011)                                                                 4    Last Day of On-Campus Recruiting
                                                       (New Orleans, LA)
17      MBA First Day of Classes for 1st Year                                                    5    Last Day of Class for Executive MBA
                                                 24    Houston Meet & Greet Event, Hilton
        Students                                                                                      Students
17-21   MPA Orientation (Traditional Approach)                                                   5    Last Day of Class for Dallas & Houston
                                                 24-25 MBA Global Challenge
18      MPA Etiquette Dinner                                                                          MBA Students
19-22   Austin Seminar Week for EMBA                                                             7-15 Final Exams
        Students (Class of 2010)                                                                 13   Working Professional MBA Depart for
20      MPA Recruiter Straight Talk Panel        2       MBA Corporate Energy/Clean Tech              Winter International Trip
20      MPA Networking Reception                         Trek to Houston (Begins at 7:00 p.m.    15   Last Day of Class for TEMBA Students
21      MPA Career Fair                                  on October 1)
25      MPA Orientation (Integrated Approach)    2-4     Austin City Limits Festival             JANUARY
26      First Day of Fall Semester               5-9     MBA 1st Year Mid-Term Exams
                                                                                                 6-8   MBA Multifunctional Bay Area Trek
26      BBA Savvy Auction                                (No Evening Events)
                                                                                                 8     First Day of Class for Dallas and
26      Brief & Meets begin for BBA and          7       BBA Etiquette Dinner & Networking
                                                                                                       Houston MBA Students
        MPA Students                                     Reception
                                                                                                 8     First Day of Class for Executive
28      BBA Mock Case Interviews                 8-9     NSHMBA Career Fair (Minneapolis,
                                                                                                       MBA Students
28      First Day of Fall Semester for Houston           MN)
                                                                                                 11    ENHANCE Kick-Off to Solicit Project
        MBA Students                             12-14   MBA 1st Year Treks
29      Austin Intensive Week begins for         15-18   Reaching Out LGBT MBA Conference
                                                                                                 11-14 BBA and MBA Super Week: I-Banking
        TEMBA Students                           16      No On-Campus Interviewing or Events
                                                                                                       and Consulting Interviews
31      Brief & Meets Begin for MBA Students             (TX/OU Weekend)
                                                                                                 18    No Recruiting (Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                                 17      BBA Golf Link
SEPTEMBER                                        22-23   MBA Consulting Challenge
                                                                                                 19    First Day of Spring Semester
                                                         (1st Year Students)
4    First Day of Class for Dallas MBA and                                                       19    First Day of Class for TEMBA Students
                                                 23      MBA Energy I-Banking Trek to
     EMBA Students                                                                               19    On-Campus Recruiting Begins
                                                         Houston (Begins at 7:00 p.m. on
4    MBA PLUS Sales Training
                                                         October 22)
7    Labor Day Holiday (No Recruiting)                                                           FEBRUARY
                                                 28-29   MBA Real Estate Challenge (2nd Year
8    First Day of Class for TEMBA Students
                                                         Students Only)                          1     MPA Networking Night
                                                 29-30   MBA IM/OPS Challenge (Begins at         2     MPA Mock Interview Marathon
8    MPA Mock Interview Marathon
                                                         5:00 p.m. on October 29)                3-4   BBA Careers 24
8-10 MBA 1st Year Mock Interviews
                                                 30      MBA Dallas Restructuring Trek (Begins   3     BBA Undergraduate Career Expo
9-10 BBA Careers 24
                                                         at 7:00 p.m. on October 29)             3     BBA Roundtable and Panel Sessions
9    BBA Undergraduate Career Expo
                                                 29-31   National Association of Women MBAs      3     BBA Networking Reception
9    BBA Roundtable and Panel Sessions
                                                         (NAWMBA) Conference (Anaheim, CA)       4     BBA Manners at Midnight - Etiquette
9    BBA Networking Reception
                                                                                                 4     BBA Women’s Council Roundtable
10   BBA Manners at Midnight - Etiquette
                                                 NOVEMBER                                              Breakfast Forum
10   BBA Women’s Council Roundtable
                                                                                                 4     BBA Corporate Mock Interview
     Breakfast Forum                             3-6   MBA Finance Challenge (1st Year
10   BBA Corporate Mock Interview                      Students)
                                                                                                 4     BBA McCombs Diversity Council
     Marathon                                    9-12 BBA Career Info Week
                                                                                                       Interactive Diversity Forum
10   BBA McCombs Diversity Council               13    MBA Dallas Consulting Trek (Begins
                                                                                                 5     McCombs Global Job Fair
     Diversity Dialogue Dinner                         at 7:00 p.m. on November 12)
                                                                                                 6     BBA McCombs Diversity Council
10   Dallas/Ft. Worth Meet & Greet Event,        13-14 Net Impact Conference
                                                                                                       Service Project
     Marriott Dallas Las Colinas                       (Cornell University)
                                                                                                 20    BBA Golf Link

                                                                                                          Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 7

MARCH                                             16    MBA Careers Now Fair                     7     Last Day of Recruiting
                                                  16    ENHANCE Project Proposal Deadline        12-18 Final Exams
1-4   Midterms
                                                  17    Last Day of Class for Executive MBAs     14    Deadline for ENHANCE Team
3     MPA Etiquette Dinner
                                                  20    Last Day of Class for TEMBA Students           Formation
5-21  MBA PLUS Global Connections Trips
                                                        (Class of 2011 and 2012)                 14    Start of Summer Semester for Dallas
10    BBA Etiquette Dinner & Networking
                                                  22    Working Professional Capstone Finals           and Houston MBA Students
                                                        Competition (Class of 2010)              21-22 Graduation
15-20 Spring Break
                                                  24    BBA Golf Link Tournament
29-31 BBA Career Info Week
                                                  24    Last Day of Class for Houston MBA        JUNE
                                                        Students (Class of 2010)
APRIL                                                                                            7-11 BBA Undergraduate Consulting Group
                                                  27    Last Day of Class for TEMBA Students
                                                                                                      Dallas Trip
1       BBA Career Info Week Continued                  (Class of 2010)
2       Good Friday (No Recruiting)               30    Last day to Book Resume Collections
3       Last Day of Class for Dallas and                and Room-Only Schedules
        Houston MBA Students (Class of 2011)                                                     16-17 End of Summer Semester for Dallas
9       Last day to Book Pre-Select Schedules     MAY                                                  and Houston MBA Students
14      McCombs Recruiter Summit
                                                  1     Last Day of Class for Dallas MBA
        Networking Event
                                                        Students (Class of 2010)
15      McCombs Recruiter Summit
                                                  7     Last Day of Spring Semester
16      BBA Career Connection

 Calendar Notes:
     •	 Dates are subject to change.
     •	 See program calendars for program-specific events and for contacts to get involved (BBA page 27, MPA 36, MBA 46, WP MBA 54).
     •	 Look for fall 2010/spring 2011 recruiting materials to arrive summer 2010.

8 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                               RECRUITMENT McCOMBS
                                                                                                             RECRUITMENT ATAT McCOMBS

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a spectrum of
services that assists employers with recruiting
current McCombs students for roles in their
organizations. OCR is a free service provided
by the Recruitment Services department
within McCombs Career Services. A full-service
OCR process (posting, screening, and interview-
ing) takes five to six weeks from start to finish
and can include the following:
  •	 Job posting
  •	 Candidate screening (based on degree
     requirements and graduation time frames)
  •	 Online resume collections
  •	 Employer “pre-selection” of
     interview candidates
  •	 Scheduling of on-campus interviews in
     our facilities
See page 10 for details about scheduling
on-campus interviews.

 Access Symplicity, our online
 recruiting system at:

ON-CAMpUS RECRUITING                                Timing of Start Dates:                             •	 Please note: If you plan to interview
On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) opportunities            Roles that align with academic breaks (fall,          any non-McCombs students in our
are designed to help current students find          spring, or summer semester end dates) are             facility, they will not be able to schedule
professional roles in organizations. To ensure      effectively served by OCR. (See page 12 for           an interview through our online recruiting
this goal is achieved, recruiting should align      details on filling immediate hiring needs.)           system, Symplicity.
with the following guidelines:
                                                    RECRUITING OUTSIDE OF MCCOMBS                     CONTACTS FOR OThER CAREER
Compensation:                                       Recruitment Services can help you recruit         SERVICES OFFICES ON CAMpUS
Positions should be salaried roles in organiza-     students in the BBA, MPA, and MBA                 Please call the individual offices for
tions. Roles that have a base salary in addition    programs. Students from other colleges            information about their services or to set
to some form of commission structure are            (e.g., Communications, Engineering, etc.) are     up interviews directly with them.
appropriate as long as the positions offer          reached by working with their corresponding       Information on each of the University’s
the salary component for at least one year          career services office.                           career services offices can be found at
of employment.                                                                              
                                                    To ensure that all students and employers
Position Type:                                      are well served, we support the following
Recruiting for both full-time and internship        approach for multi-college recruiting efforts:
job opportunities are supported through              •	 Please let us know when you wish to
OCR. For internships, employers can recruit             recruit students from other colleges/
students for 40 hour-per-week roles that last           schools. We will contact the appropriate
at least 2 months. Part-time or temporary               office(s) to let them know of your interest
(<1 year) full-time roles are not allowed in            in their students.
OCR. On-campus recruiting tools are not              •	 If the interview schedule is held in the
available for third-party recruiting efforts.           Ford Career Center, at least 75 percent
(See page 12 for third-party recruiting options.)       of the students must be from the School
                                                        of Business. Otherwise, please make
                                                        arrangements to interview students at
                                                        their respective college facility.

                                                                                                                Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 9

ON CAMpUS INTERVIEW SChEDULES                     4.   Pre-Select to Open—Initially “Invited”         If you are bringing a “greeter” or multiple
On-campus interviews are conducted during              students sign up for time slots. Then all      interviewers for each interview room, please
the fall and spring semesters in the Ford              qualified students are allowed to sign up      let us know well in advance so that we can
Career Center Interview Suites. Please                 for remaining times on the schedule.           better accommodate those interview needs
contact your Recruitment Support Specialist                                                           as we assign rooms in the center. It is unlikely
as soon as you are aware of your hiring needs.    Open Model                                          greeter rooms can be made available on the
Our interview suites book early for peak          Any qualified student may sign up on the            day of interviews.
recruiting months (September, October,            interview schedule on a first-come, first-serve
February, and March).                             basis. No “pre-select” screening is involved.       First-Round Dates —
                                                  If you choose an “open” model, you cannot           Industry parameters
Once the semester is open for room                remove or preclude any candidates that meet         Employers should avoid scheduling first-round
reservations, all employers will receive          your specified criteria for qualification. Please   interviews on Fridays to mitigate potential
e-mail notification when they can reserve a       allow at least three weeks for this process.        conflicts surrounding second-round interviews.
date to come to campus. Reservation dates                                                             Firms within the same industry are likely to
for past semesters were opened on the dates       Room-Only Model                                     target the same pool of candidates. For this
listed below:                                     Room-only scheduling allows you to contact          reason, a limited number of similar firms are
  •	 Recruiting fall 2008- reservations began     students and schedule interviews yourself.          allowed to book interviews on a single day.
     on April 28                                  If you choose room-only scheduling, you will        Without this restriction, students and employ-
  •	 Recruiting spring 2009- reservations         select your interview candidates from an            ers face unresolvable schedule conflicts.
     began on September 2, 2008                   available source, such as a career fair, resume     (Based on historical trends, financial services
  •	 Recruiting fall 2009- reservations began     book, or contact with student groups. You           and consulting are the industry sectors that
     on April 27                                  may use the room as a recruiting work room,         are most affected by this restriction.)
                                                  or solicit and select students on your own.
INTERVIEW SChEDULE MODELS                         Many firms use this type of reservation to help     Second-Round Interview policy
pre-Select Models                                 facilitate second-round interviews. Room-only       Employers are expected to communicate
You review a pool of candidates that respond      reservations used for first-round interviews        proposed dates for second-round interviews
to your job posting in the online recruiting      should follow the same guidelines as OCR            to their Recruitment Support Specialist at
system and determine whether students             (page 9).                                           least one week prior to the second-round
are “Invited” or “Not Invited” to interview                                                           interview date. If an employer’s second-round
or listed as an “Alternate.” For best results     INTERVIEW TIME FRAMES                               interview interferes with a student’s prior
with a pre-select schedule, we should receive     Interviews can be scheduled, regardless of          obligation (e.g., first-round interview, class
your On-Campus Recruiting Request (ORR)           interview model, within the following time          obligation, exam, etc.), employers are
form at least six weeks prior to the planned      frames:                                             encouraged to offer the student an alternative
interview date. There are four versions of the      •	 Interviews may begin as early as               date or time without negative consequence.
pre-select model, which allow differing levels         8:00 a.m. and can be scheduled to              If second-round interviews are held off-campus,
of candidate exclusivity:                              start up until 5 p.m.                          we ask that you give the students a minimum
                                                    •	 All interviews must be completed by            of three business days’ notice so they can
1.   Pre-Select to Alternate—This is                   6 p.m. The interview center closes             arrange travel and manage conflicts.
     the most popular model and allows for             30 minutes after the last scheduled
     both invited students and alternates to           interview of the day is completed.
     schedule interviews, leading to a greater      •	 Interviews can start and finish on
     likelihood of a full schedule.                    the hour, quarter-hour, half-hour, or
2.   Pre-Select to Alternate to Open—                  three-quarters hour and must be of the
     Initially “Invited” and “Alternate”               same length of time on a single schedule
     students sign up for timeslots. Then, any         (e.g., all 45-minute interviews).
     qualified students are allowed to sign up
     for remaining times on the schedule.         When you are setting up an interview
3.   Pre-Select—This is our most selec-           schedule, please make sure that you correctly
     tive model. Only invited students will       specify the time frames that will work for your
     be allowed to schedule interviews, and       recruiting team. Changes are difficult
     it is typical for one or more pre-selected   to accommodate once students have
     students to decline their interviews. This   started to sign up for interview times.
     model is the most likely to have unfilled    Austin travel itineraries should be considered
     slots in the interview schedule.             before interview time frames are set up in
                                                  the system.

10 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                          RECRUITMENT AT McCOMBS

LAST-MINUTE SChEDULE                                •	 We will collect business cards from each     •	 Resume collections can remain active in
ChANGES AND CANCELLATIONS                              member of your team, give you a brief           our online system for up to 60 days.
We recognize you may need to change or                 tour of our center, and escort you to your   •	 Resumes are made available to the
cancel your interview dates or times. When             interview rooms.                                recruiter in a variety of ways (i.e.,
this occurs, please do the following:               •	 If you have scheduled your interviews           collected online in the system, e-mailed,
 •	 Contact your Recruitment Support                   through our online recruiting system,           or submitted per other specified action).
    Specialist as soon as you are aware that           your interview schedules will be posted      •	 For best results with collecting resumes,
    a change or cancellation is necessary.             for students to reference. Students will        we should receive your Resume Collection
 •	 Notify interviewees if the change                  check for the assigned room number and          Request (RCO) form at least two weeks
    occurs within five business days of the            be seated near your suite door about five       prior to the date you plan to collect all
    scheduled interview date. We have found            minutes prior to their appointments.            resumes.
    that recruiter participation helps to           •	 Our recruiting center is designed to         •	 If the candidate pool proves to be robust,
    promote a positive employer image for              make your visit as comfortable as possible      we can convert a resume collection to an
    future recruiting.                                 and provides:                                   on-campus interview schedule at a later
 •	 Due to recruiting volume, we are unable                •	 Continental breakfast                    point in the recruiting process (subject to
    to assist you in rescheduling any                      •	 Snacks                                   room availability).
    interviews after the schedule close                    •	 Bottled water, soda, and coffee
    date. Schedule close dates are noted in                •	 Computers with Internet access and
    Symplicity, our online recruiting system.                 Microsoft Office software
                                                           •	 Direct Ethernet access in each room
INTERVIEW DAY                                              •	 Wireless Internet access (user          “The McCombs School of Business
 •	 Check-in at the Ford Career Center                        required to complete a University
                                                              Network usage application, provided     has the most seamless, well run
    Interview Suites on the fourth floor of
    the McCombs School of Business (GSB                       the day of interviews)                  recruitment program of any I’ve
    4.114). On recruiting days, our front desk             •	 Copy/Scan machines
    staff is ready to greet recruiters beginning           •	 Private phone rooms                     ever been involved with. The
    at 7:30 am.                                            •	 Comfortable lounge area with
                                                              restrooms, available only to our
                                                                                                      professionals who support the
 •	 Upon arrival you will receive a packet
    of information that includes your room                    recruiters                              program are outstanding and
    assignment (which is determined one
    business day prior to the interview),          RESUME COLLECTIONS (Also Referred                  make the process very enjoyable
    the schedule for the day, and copies of        to as “Job postings (Non-OCR)” in Symplicity)
                                                                                                      for employers.”
    student resumes. Schedule data is not          During the academic year, we can post job
    provided if you have a “room only”             descriptions in the online recruiting system,
                                                                                                                              AMY VANDERBILT
    schedule or if you add students to             Symplicity, and invite qualified students to
                                                                                                              Campus Development Manager for
    your schedule outside the system.              submit resumes for consideration.
                                                                                                                The University of Texas | KPMG

                                                                                                            Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 11

JOB BOARDS                                          •	 Employers can recruit throughout the           hireTexas
If you have positions that do not align with           calendar year with this tool, as this method   HireTexas is a collaborative effort of the 15
On-Campus Recruiting (see page 9 for details),         of recruiting is not tied to semester-based    Career Services Offices on the UT Austin cam-
you may wish to utilize one, or any, of the Job        time frames.                                   pus. HireTexas provides employers seeking
Boards (free of charge). Job Boards are online      •	 Third-party recruiters and hiring firms are    to hire UT students a single, first point-of-
databases where roles are electronically               restricted from using the McCombs Job          contact interface with the variety of recruiting
posted for candidates to review. Job postings          Board. AccessUT (see below) is an              services available that include on-campus
are entered and managed independently by               alternative to consider in these cases.        interviewing, career fairs, university-wide and
employers and may be directed to students                                                             college-specific job and internship posting
and alumni with specific degrees. Job               To get started visit:                             services, and resume referrals. The HireTexas
Boards are not part of Symplicity, our online            site contains general information regarding
recruiting system. Your Recruitment Support                                                           available recruiting services, along with web
Specialist (RSS) has more information on all       AccessUT                                           links to more detailed information and contact
Job Boards.                                        If your position is appropriate for a broad        information for each Career Services Office.
                                                   spectrum of degrees (e.g., Business and
McCombs Job Board                                  Engineering), and does not align with OCR           To learn more visit:
The McCombs Job Board is an online job             at the targeted colleges, we recommend
board that complements on-campus recruiting        AccessUT. Job postings are viewable by the
by allowing the following features:                entire University of Texas at Austin student
 •	 Employers can recruit both current             and alumni community.                              RESUME BOOkS
    McCombs students and alumni                                                                       Resume books offer an excellent way to
                                                    To get started visit:                             review a diverse spectrum of students for
    (OCR targets current students only).
 •	 Employers can recruit candidates for                         more targeted recruiting efforts. Resume
    a wider variety of roles with respect to                                                          books are managed by each program’s career
    compensation structure than they can           AccessUT and the McCombs Job Board                 services team. To learn more, see page 25
    with OCR.                                      are designed to help companies recruit for         for the BBA program, page 36 for the MPA
 •	 The McCombs Job Board allows employ-           professional, career-oriented positions.           program, page 48 for the MBA program, and
    ers to recruit students for roles that are     Postings should require candidates to be           page 56 for the WP MBA program. Resume
    salaried, commission-based, or unpaid.         pursuing, or in possession of, an undergraduate    books are not available to third-party
 •	 The McCombs Job Board allows em-               or graduate university degree. If your position    recruiting firms.
    ployers access to McCombs alumni for           does not align with this framework, Hire-a-
    full-time or part-time roles that are either   Longhorn is a better recruiting resource. Visit
    salaried or commission-based (unpaid  for more information.
    roles for alumni are not allowed).

12 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                               RECRUITMENT AT McCOMBS

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                             competitive landscape, utilize job titles that       Cover Letters and Writing Samples:
We encourage recruiters to consider our            correctly reflect the role’s duties. For instance,   By requesting cover letters or writing samples
strong pool of international students and to       if you are recruiting for a “Financial Analyst”      through the On-Campus Recruiting system,
make other divisions in their organization         that will focus on mergers and acquisitions,         you will have the opportunity to learn more
aware of this pool of talent. Many employers       we recommend you recruit for a “Mergers and          about students as well as their writing skills.
include international students in their recruit-   Acquisitions Financial Analyst.”                     You can request these items in the online
ing efforts for selected—but not all—roles                                                              recruiting system (Symplicity) as part of the
in their organization. Because this can vary       GETTING ThE INFORMATION                              applicants’ submissions.
by position, we require that you indicate          TO EVALUATE STUDENTS
your work authorization requirements in            Other than resumes, there are several tools          pre-Employment Testing:
the job description for each position you are      that may help you evaluate students:                 Employers may utilize Ford Career Center
recruiting for at McCombs. Employers may                                                                facilities for pre-employment testing if the
hire international students for paid or unpaid     Transcripts:                                         following applies:
summer internships and potentially for job         Some firms also request official transcripts           •	 Testing is limited to Business
opportunities up to one year after graduation      from the students or via the Registrar’s Office.          students only.
without sponsoring visas.                          Note that transcripts are not available through        •	 Employers send a representative of
                                                   the online recruiting system, Symplicity.                 their own to proctor the examinations
COMpENSATION                                       Students can bring unofficial copies of their             and are solely responsible for scheduling
Employers have greater recruiting success          transcripts to the interview.                             students..
if compensation for their positions is com-                                                               •	 Testing occurs between the hours of 8
parable to historical salaries of the targeted     Corporate Employment Application:                         a.m.–5 p.m. on Fridays during the fall or
student segment (adjusted by prevailing            If you wish to have candidates complete your              spring semesters, subject to room avail-
economic trends). Salaries vary by major and       corporate application, and the application                ability. To book rooms or to learn more,
program level. Please refer to program pages       is available online, we recommend that you                please contact your Recruitment Support
for salary statistics (page 26 for BBA, page 35    include a link to the application as part of the          Specialist.
for MPA, and page 44 for MBA).                     job description. Please also indicate when and
                                                   how you expect candidates to complete the
JOB TITLE AND DESCRIpTION                          document (e.g., “print, complete, and bring
During the course of one semester, our students    with you to the interview”). You may also
will be exposed to hundreds of job titles and      attach applications to your positions in a PDF  ,
job descriptions. To stand out in this             Word, or rich-text format.

                                                                                                           “At Wipro we seek only the best.
                                                                                                           We have found students at
                                                                                                           McCombs to be self-motivated,
                                                                                                           and possess a strong mix of
                                                                                                           business acumen and analytical
                                                                                                           skills, with promising leadership
                                                                                                           potential. The energetic student
                                                                                                           body and ever-helpful staff of the
                                                                                                           Ford Career Center make McCombs
                                                                                                           a top recruiting destination for us.”

                                                                                                                                      VIShU VENkAT
                                                                                                            Talent Acquisition | Wipro Technologies

                                                                                                                 Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 13

EVENTS                                            EVENT TYpES & EVENT GUIDELINES                      Thursday Night
The volume of sponsored evening events can        Brief and Meet                                      While the number is still limited, these
be quite high during the recruiting season.       General information sessions are now named          sessions are designed to be more flexible
This volume, while wonderful for students,        Brief & Meet sessions to reflect a format that      allowing organizations to hold an event on or
forces them to balance academics and other        organizations should use. The format stems          off campus, and these events can start at any
activities. Participating in program-specific     from student feedback on best practices at          desired time. Even on Thursdays, employers
events may be a more productive way to            employer sessions.                                  are still encouraged to allow time for both
reach large volumes of students (see page           •	 The event is typically held during the         information presentation and networking at
28 for BBA events, 37 for MPA events, 47 for           “resume submission” time frame.                their event.
MBA events, and 55 for WP MBA events).              •	 The event is primarily used to increase the
Although responses from students are not               level of candidate interest.                   Other Considerations
required, we ask students to RSVP for Brief         •	 We recommend that events be targeted            •	 Employers can continue to hold informa-
& Meets as well as Night Prior events in               to your specific core audience, i.e., BBAs,        tion sessions on the night prior to their
the online system so that you can monitor              MPAs, or MBAs.                                     on-campus interviews. These events are
response rates as you plan your event. Students     •	 First 30 minutes should be the Employer            termed “Night Priors.”
are now required to scan their IDs to log their        presentation and the second 30 minutes          •	 To accommodate all of our recruiters, only
attendance at events. Information on who               should be a networking session, which              one Brief & Meet session can be scheduled
attended the event can be obtained from your           allows for personal interaction between            per employer division per semester for
Recruitment Support Specialist.                        recruiters and students.                           MBAs and will be limited by capacity for
                                                                                                          BBAs and MPAs.
                                                  Night priors                                         •	 Sessions will be held Monday through
                                                   •	 This event is typically held the night              Thursday during the academic semester,
                                                      before the interview.                               but will not be scheduled on nights with
                                                   •	 It is primarily used to address frequently          significant population conflicts (e.g.,
                                                      asked questions that might come up                  during Mid-Terms, during Career Week,
                                                      during the interview (e.g., “What are               etc.). The Recruitment Services team will
                                                      the benefits?” or “What is the corporate            make every effort to ensure your events
                                                      culture?”).                                         avoid these dates.
                                                   •	 Events are promoted to students in the           •	 Employers are discouraged from hosting
                                                      online recruiting system. The event                 multi-program events (all MBA/BBA/MPA
                                                      description will invite candidates on the           students invited) as there is considerable
                                                      next day’s interview schedule to attend             variation in the information sought across
                                                      this type of session.                               the various student populations. BBA,
                                                                                                          MPA, and MBA Brief & Meet sessions
                                                  The Recruitment Services team maintains                 should only target one population at a
                                                  an evening event calendar to help minimize              time to be most effective. If an employer
                                                  conflicts with other recruiting organizations.          wishes to invite all populations to a single
                                                  Please schedule evening events at least six             event, the event will need to work into
                                                  weeks in advance. You are required to complete          the Brief & Meet scheduling requirements
                                                  an Event Request Form (ERF) as part of the              (temporal and volume restrictions apply).
                                                  scheduling process.
                                                                                                      EVENT LOCATION
                                                  Mandatory evening events are discouraged            Most Brief & Meets and Night Priors are held
                                                  because students may have classes (even in          in the University Teaching Center (UTC)
                                                  the evening) that conflict with planned sessions.   located to the south of the McCombs School
                                                  If your session is “mandatory” for consideration,   of Business and connected to the building by
                                                  McCombs Career Services requires reasonable         a walkway over 21st Street. Classrooms are
                                                  accommodation for students with academic            available after 5 p.m. and are free of charge.
                                                  conflicts.                                          Other locations on or off campus can be used
                                                                                                      as well, but these rooms typically require a
                                                  Scheduling Sessions                                 fee for use. Please contact your Recruitment
                                                  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Nights               Support Specialist for more information on
                                                  To minimize student and employer time               these alternate locations.
                                                  conflicts, a limited number of Brief & Meet
                                                  sessions will be scheduled per night/per
                                                  population. The one-hour sessions should
                                                  be scheduled on campus starting at either
                                                  5:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.

14 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                 RECRUITMENT AT McCOMBS

Serving food at on-campus events requires
previous authorization by the University’s
Environmental Health and Safety Office
and will require a completed catering form,
supplied by your Recruitment Support
Specialist. Because of this, you may want
to avoid complicated menus. Catering
is coordinated directly with your
chosen vendor.

Each UTC classroom is equipped with built-in
computer data (LCD) projectors and screens,
CD/DVD/VCR players, overhead projectors,
and Internet data ports for presentations
that can be controlled via a laptop computer.
Please bring your own laptop or request
to check out one of the center’s laptops
(requires a one-week prior notice). If you are
using a UTC room, a student worker will
assist you with your AV equipment.

If you are hosting your information session at
the UTC, you may ship presentation materials
to the McCombs School of Business. No
more than two boxes per employer
may be shipped for any given event
due to storage space constraints.
Materials should be sent a week prior
to the session. Mark each box with
your Recruitment Support Specialist’s
name and presentation date. Please
let your Recruitment Support Special-
ist know to expect your materials.
Materials will be delivered to your classroom
the night of your event.

Shipping Address:
   Attn: Recruitment Services
   Red McCombs School of Business
   2100 Speedway, GSB 4.128
   Austin, Texas 78705-0209

Mailing Address:
   Attn: Recruitment Services
   Red McCombs School of Business
   1 University Station, B6200
   Austin, Texas 78712-0209

For ideas on options outside of Brief & Meets
and Night Priors, please contact your
Recruitment Support Specialist.

                                                  Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 15

ACCOUNTABILITY AT MCCOMBS                         Full-Time Offers                                    other issues, please contact any of our
McCombs Career Services subscribes to the          •	 Offers made to candidates who have              Career Services staff members for assistance.
National Association of Colleges and Employers        recently completed an internship with
(NACE) Principles for Professional Conduct.           your company must remain open for a             If a student reneges on a written acceptance
These guidelines address the issues of offer          minimum of three weeks after the written        of employment, please notify one of the
timelines, exploding offers and bonuses, as           date of the offer.                              McCombs Career Services Directors. We
well as other aspects of recruiting within the     •	 Offers made as a result of fall recruiting      consider this to be a violation of the
university environment.                               (September – November), must remain             McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics and
                                                      open until December 1st or a minimum of         would want the opportunity to follow up with
To compliment these principles, McCombs               three weeks after the written date of the       the candidate.
has set forth its’ own guidelines that we             offer, whichever is later.
consider reasonable and appropriate for            •	 Learn more about NACE guidelines at:            McCombs Career Services encourages
both employers and students which are                     students to coordinate and negotiate with
listed below. Employers that misrepresent                                                             employers to find a reasonable compromise to
employment opportunities to students              Internship Offers                                   conflict. If necessary, Career Services is willing
may be restricted from using McCombs              In the spring semester, offers for internships      to facilitate a meeting to determine a mutually
Career Services recruiting resources.             must remain open for a minimum of three             agreeable solution to any dispute.
Additionally, any recruiter attempting to         weeks after the written date of the offer.
place “improper influence” on students in
making an employment decision will be             EXpLODING OFFERS
considered to be in violation of McCombs          McCombs Career Services prohibits “exploding
guidelines and operating outside the bounds       offers” resulting from on-campus recruiting.
of ethical recruiting practices. For more         An exploding offer requires a student to
information, please visit the NACE web site at    accept a job offer within a very short period    of time or face having the offer rescinded or
                                                  markedly diminished. This places undue
COMMUNICATE OUTCOMES                              pressure on a student, and as such, is viewed
Students are eager to learn about recruiting      as inappropriate conduct.
outcomes, whether positive or negative;
please keep him or her advised of the             WIThDRAWING AN OFFER
interview outcome as soon as possible. If you     We strongly discourage any employer from
are conducting interviews using a “pre-select”    withdrawing offers of internships or full-time
process, please be sure to convert all students   employment. This action could seriously
from “pending” to the appropriate status:         damage an employer’s reputation and
“Not Invited,” “Invited,” or “Alternate.” Your    effectiveness at the McCombs School of
Recruitment Support Specialist can help you       Business. If you must withdraw an offer,
                                                  please contact the appropriate program’s
                                                                                                         “The McCombs Recruitment
with this process if you need assistance.
                                                  Career Services Director immediately so that           Services department is very
OFFER pERIOD DURATION                             we can assist you in this difficult situation.
The start of the required offer timeline is                                                              professional. The facility was first
determined by the date of the written offer       STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY
                                                                                                         class and competently run by polite
letter. We request that employers notify          We recognize that coming to campus to
Recruitment Services once a student has           recruit our students is a significant commit-          and helpful people. The students
accepted an offer.                                ment of time and resources. To ensure that
                                                  we provide recruiters with the best possible           on campus were extremely helpful
While we ask students to notify organizations     outcomes, McCombs asks our students to
                                                                                                         and polite. The experience was so
of their decisions as soon as possible, we        commit to a McCombs Career Services
also have offer deadlines in place to ensure      Code of Ethics before they are given                   positive that I would recommend
that students have an opportunity to make         access to our recruiting services. See
thoughtful decisions. Our full-time and intern-          that anyone who has the chance
ship offer periods are listed below. Students     for details. The policy outlines expectations          attends a recruiting event at UT.”
should be given a minimum of three weeks          with respect to recruiting events, interviews,
to consider any (i.e., full-time or internship)   interview cancellations and no-shows, offer                                     pAUL ShOEMAkER
employment offer without consequences.            acceptances, and reporting requirements                              Division Controller | Cameron
The date posted on the written offer starts       (for use in our statistical reports). If you have
the offer window.                                 issues with any of our students on these or

16 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                           RECRUITMENT AT McCOMBS

    o      Register for new account on Symplicity:

    o	     Call my Recruitment Support Specialist (RSS) about planning my recruiting strategy.


On-Campus Interviewing
    o      Schedule an on-campus recruiting date with my RSS. (Include # of rooms needed and desireable population-BBA, MPA, MBA.)

    o	     Sign and fax EEOC and Policy Acknowledgement forms to RSS.

    o	     Obtain an ORR (On-Campus Recruiting Request) form from my RSS.

    o	     Complete ORR form and e-mail it to my RSS.

    o	     After position approval, note all deadline dates for the schedule on my calendar.

    o	     Monitor resume submissions for the position through Symplicity.

    o	     Make pre-select/alternate selections in Symplicity before _______ (Deadline posted in Symplicity).

    o	     Check the schedule for gaps after students have signed up for interview slots.

    o	     Request directions and maps from my RSS for McCombs.

    o	     Finalize interview schedules and print them from Symplicity.

    o	     After interviews, communicate outcomes to all students who interviewed.

Resume Collections
    o      Obtain an RCO (Resume Collection Only) form from my RSS.

    o      Complete RCO form and e-mail it to my RSS.

    o      Ensure the position expiration date is set for no longer than two months after the original posting date.

    o      Monitor resume submissions for the position in Symplicity.

    o      Once posting expires, inform my RSS how I plan to follow through with candidates.

    o      Schedule a date for an event with my RSS and decide the event format (i.e., Brief & Meet, Night Prior).

    o      Obtain an ERF (Event Request Form) from my RSS.

    o      Complete and e-mail the ERF form to my RSS.

    o      If serving hot/perishable food, complete a catering form and submit to my RSS.

    o      Coordinate catering directly with vendor of my choice.

    o      Ensure all students who attend the event swipe their UT IDs as they arrive.

    o      Follow up with my RSS to obtain a list of event attendees.

                                                                                                             Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 17
                                                                                                          RECRUITMENT AT McCOMBS

Our Recruitment Services team will assist
you in planning your recruiting strategy and          Jennifer parker, Assistant Director
facilitate the logistics of your recruiting efforts | 512-232-3789
and your campus visit. Recruitment Support              •	 Government
Specialists are experienced at working with             •	 Non-Profit
specific industry sectors and can help you
build a recruiting program that meets                 Elizabeth Moore, Recruitment Support Specialist
your needs.                                  | 512-232-3785
                                                       •	 Automotive (Manufacturing/Sales/Leasing), Aviation/Aerospace
MCCOMBS CAREER                                         •	 Chemicals/Gases, Energy/Utilities/Petroleum/Drilling Services/Refineries/
SERVICES TEAMS                                            Natural Resources, Engineering Services, Environmental/Waste Management
We want to provide you with all the informa-           •	 Employment Services, Legal/Security Services
tion you need to establish a strong corporate          •	 High Tech/Software/Hardware/IT/Data Management
presence on campus and to develop a lasting            •	 Manufacturing/Industrial Goods
recruiting relationship with McCombs.                  •	 Real Estate/Architecture/Building Materials/Construction
To support this goal, our Career Services              •	 Agriculture/Agribusiness/Forestry/Fishing
Organizations are integrated into our academic         •	 Transportation/Logistics/Shipping/Warehousing/Railways
BBA, MPA, and MBA programs. Integration                •	 Diversified across many industry classifications
of career services activities in the academic
realm heightens the level of student preparation      Diane Robertson, Recruitment Support Specialist
and focuses on their ultimate career objectives. | 512-232-5672
As a result, we can provide you with well-             •	 Accounting
prepared students, program-specific information
about how to effectively recruit students, and        Carrie Martin, Recruitment Support Specialist
better insight on how to build your organiza- | 512-232-3766
tion’s presence with targeted candidates.              •	 Arts/Entertainment/Media
                                                       •	 Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Education
    BBA Career Services –                              •	 Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing & Advertising, Mortgage/Credit Services, Religious
    see page 30 for contacts                           •	 Telecommunications/ISP/Cable/Connectivity/Satellite
    MPA Career Services –                              •	 Clothing/Textiles, Retail/E-tail/Merchandising, Consumer Appliances/Electronics/
    see page 38 for contacts                              Household Furnishings
    MBA Career Services –                              •	 Financial Services/Banking
    see page 48 for contacts
    WP MBA Career Services –                          Recruitment Support Specialist, (Open)
    see page 56 for contacts                          512-232-3786
                                                       •	 Financial Services/Banking
                                                       •	 Consulting

                                                      Lorraine pagan, Administrative Associate
“We have had a wonderful                     | 512-232-3790
                                                       •	 AccessUT Job Board, McCombs Job Board
experience recruiting at McCombs.                      •	 Video Conferencing & Teleconferencing for Interviews
The staff is always readily available
                                                      Chrissy Lovell, Administrative Assistant
to assist with whatever needs Dell           | 512-471-5577
                                                       •	 Ford Career Center Front-Desk Manager
has, but most of all, the staff is one
of the most courteous groups I have                   General Inquiries
had the pleasure of working with.”

University Relations | Dell Inc.

                                                                                                           Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 19

WAYS TO CONNECT ACROSS MCCOMBS                      priority Initiatives:                            Lise Burson, Assistant Dean for
As you develop a sustained, multi-faceted            •	 With the goal of becoming the top-ranked     Undergraduate Programs
relationship with McCombs, you may also                 public business school in the nation, the
want to consider initiatives of a broader               McCombs School offers its corporate          512-471-0688
scope. The Corporate Relations team                     partners innovative opportunities to
facilitates mutually beneficial relationships           enhance students’ academic experience        GRADUATE
between corporate partners and the                      through priority initiatives. Companies      Eric hirst, Associate Dean for
McCombs School, connecting companies with:              can participate in these initiatives, such   Graduate Programs
                                                        as the Diversity in Business program,
Students:                                               BHP Program and students’ leadership         512-471-5565
 •	 Students are the McCombs School’s                   development, and Ford Career Center
    greatest asset, providing companies                 facility naming.                             Daniel Garza, Assistant Dean and Director,
    with highly motivated and well-trained                                                           MBA Program
    graduates ready to enter the fast-paced         Executive Education:                   
    business world.                                  •	 Companies can get involved with the          512-232-3912
 •	 The McCombs School offers opportunities             McCombs School’s highly ranked Executive
    beyond on-campus recruiting for corpora-            Education program by participating           WORKING PROFESSIONAL
    tions to engage with students, including            in open-enrollment programs designed         Gaylen paulson, Interim Associate Dean
    scholarships, executive speakers, and               for new managers, leaders, executives,       and Director for Executive Education
    student organization events.                        and professionals.                 
                                                     •	 The school also partners with companies      512-471-8541
Faculty:                                                to meet specific goals through custom
 •	 Faculty expertise and research is at the            programs.                                    Chantal Delys, Assistant Dean for
    core of the McCombs School’s standing                                                            Executive Education
    as one of the most distinguished business        To find out more, please go to:       
    schools in the country.                            512-471-1064
 •	 Companies have the opportunity to                or contact Carolyn Miles, Director of
    work closely with nationally recognized          Development, at 512-475-8176.                   Bob Wheeler, Assistant Dean for
    faculty through classroom speaking and                                                           Executive Education
    research collaboration, drawing on their        LEADERSHIP AT MCCOMBS                  
    unique academic perspective. At the             Thomas W. Gilligan, Dean                         512-232-6503
    same time, faculty value corporate insight
    into the shifting trends in industry and        512-471-5058                                     MPA
    business practice.                                                                               Steve Limberg, Faculty Director
                                                    Janet Dukerich, Senior Associate Dean  
Research Centers:                                   for Academic Affairs                             512-471-6559
 •	 To develop and encourage innovative   
    and first-rate faculty, the McCombs School      512-471-7876                                     DEVELOPMENT AND
    houses several research centers of                                                               EXTERNAL RELATIONS
    excellence that have close ties to industry.    UNDERGRADUATE                                    Michael Rishell, Executive Director
 •	 These centers better enable interaction         paula Murray, Associate Dean for                 of Development
    between faculty, students, and corporate        Undergraduate Programs                 
    partners through activities, such as advisory                  512-471-3957
    board meetings, practica, classroom speak-      512-471-5259
    ing, and student events, while providing                                                         Carolyn Miles, Director of Development
    a forum for identifying, researching, and       Arthur Allert, Assistant Dean for      
    disseminating best practices.                   Undergraduate Programs                           512-475-8176

20 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree

at the McCombs School of Business is one of the top

undergraduate business programs in the nation. We

seek to transform the lives of our students through a

well-rounded professional education characterized by

leading-edge curriculum, outstanding faculty expertise,

award-winning student organizations, and high student

and alumni satisfaction.
                                                                                                                                BBA pROGRAM

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at the McCombs School of Business is
one of the top undergraduate business programs in the nation. We seek to transform the lives
of our students through a well-rounded professional education characterized by leading-edge
curriculum, outstanding faculty expertise, award-winning student organizations, and high
student and alumni satisfaction.

Demographics Enrolled Fall 2008
 Total Enrollment                                   4380              Male                                 2,187
 Avg. GPA - Internal Transfer                       3.8               Underrepresented Minorities*         762
 Avg. GPA - External Transfer                       3.99              Texas Residents                      3,827
 Avg. SAT (admitted)                                1289              Non-Texas U.S.                       234
 Female                                             2,193             International                        319
 * Underrepresented minorities include: African-American, Hispanic, and Native American.

 MAJOR                                                              Sophomore              Junior    Senior
 Accounting                                                         46                     58        66
 Engineering Route to Business                                      4                      8         16
 Finance                                                            53                     288       619
 International Business                                             8                      19        62
 Management                                                         5                      43        86
 MIS                                                                21                     65        125
 Marketing                                                          34                     137       266
 Honors*                                                            75                     114       239
 Supply Chain Management                                            9                      22        23
 IMPA                                                               4                      141       312
 Freshman & Undeclared                                              1,672
 * Honors students double-counted

Descriptions for academic majors and tracks can be found on page 24.

Business Honors Program (BHP) students are allowed to have a double major in business: one
in Honors and one in another business discipline. Effective fall 2006, those students who double
major have been counted in both individual majors. The total enrollment number listed is the
actual enrollment of students and does not double-count BHP students.

 For additional statistics about the BBA program, please visit:

                                                                                                                   Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 23

BUSINESS hONORS pROGRAM (Bhp)                     as financial analysts for corporations or invest-    •	 International business majors are bilingual
 •	 Business Honors is both a major and a pro-    ment banks, and as management consultants.              or multilingual, participate in study-abroad
    gram. It provides an intellectual challenge                                                           experiences, and specialize in business
    for serious and accomplished students,        Energy Finance Track:                                   areas, such as marketing or finance.
    and preparation for immediate entry into      This track prepares students for positions
    a business career or graduate studies.        in project financing, valuation, and risk           MANAGEMENT
 •	 Honors students may design a general pro-     management in the energy sector.                     •	 The management program prepares
    gram of study or concentrate on one of the                                                            students for service in a variety of
    major programs in business. A significant     Investment Management Track:                            organizations.
    number also choose to pursue a degree         This track provides students with a background       •	Students learn to apply acquired knowledge
    outside the McCombs School of Business.       suitable for starting positions as financial            and skills to areas such as human resource
                                                  analysts with investment funds, investment              management, entrepreneurship, project
 IN ADDITION TO SELECTING A MAJOR                 banks, or other financial institutions.                 management, retail management,
 SELECT A MINOR FROM ANY OF ThE FOL-                                                                      and consulting.
 LOWING EIGhT ACADEMIC pROGRAMS:                  Financial Markets/Banking Track:                     •	 They may also choose Consulting and
                                                  This track prepares students for a variety of           Change Management as a specialized
ACCOUNTING                                        financial institution-related careers, such as          track of study.
 •	 Students develop a solid foundation in        lending officers and financial analysts.
    both general business knowledge and the                                                           The Consulting and
    specialty of accounting.                      Real Estate Track:                                  Change Management Track:
 •	 Courses include financial, managerial,        This track is intended to prepare students          This track is designed to prepare students
    and tax accounting; financial statement       for positions in real estate commercial             to become leaders in consulting firms, firms
    analysis; and auditing and control.           brokerage and appraisal, mortgage banking,          which require consulting advice, and firms
                                                  loan underwriting, real estate development          implementing important organizational
ENGINEERING ROUTE                                 and investment, and property management.            changes.
 •	 Students in this program study the            General Finance Track:                              MANAGEMENT INFORMATION
    management of technological, engineering,     This track is for students who do not wish to       SYSTEMS (MIS)
    and scientific enterprises. This prepares     specialize in any area. However, given market        •	 The MIS program prepares professionals
    them for management and sales positions       and recruiting demands for specialization               to fully appreciate the complexity of
    in high-tech and engineering companies,       within the finance world, it is highly recom-           information system design.
    positions in the manufacturing sector, and    mended that students select a track offering         •	 Graduates are expected to have both the
    careers in consulting.                        specialization in a particular area.                    technical and managerial knowledge to
 •	 Students choose both an ERB business                                                                  solve fundamental business forecasting,
    block (including Supply Chain Management,     Finance majors can also specialize further              finance, and cost accounting problems.
    Management Information Systems,               by applying for the Financial Analysts
    Accounting/Finance, and Marketing)            Program (FAP). This year-and-a-half-long            MARkETING
    and an ERB engineering block of courses       program provides an opportunity for a select         •	 This major prepares students for careers
    (including Electrical, Computer,              group of outstanding business students to               in personal selling and sales management,
    Chemical, Operations, and Mechanical          work closely with finance faculty and industry          retail merchandising and management,
    Systems Engineering).                         professionals to develop their skills and               marketing management, marketing
                                                  experience as analysts. Students are offered            research, and promotional strategy.
FINANCE                                           intensive, hands-on experience in applying the       •	 Students acquire knowledge of product
 •	Students study finance functions in business   concepts of business analysis and valuation to          design, advertising, pricing, consumer
    firms, financial systems, and financial       decision contexts similar to those in the               behavior, and distribution management.
    markets as well as the roles of commercial    business world. This program may be
    banks, investment and security firms, and     combined with any of the finance options.           SUppLY ChAIN MANAGEMENT
    other financial institutions.                 For more information on the FAP, see                 •	 This major prepares students for careers
 •	 To help prepare our students for finance           in supply chain management, such as a
    careers, finance majors may choose one                                                                buyer, risk management analyst, logistics
    of six tracks. Each track’s curriculum        INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS                                  planner, and staff consultant.
    focuses on competencies for that               •	 The international business program               •	 Students acquire knowledge and apply
    articular finance career.                         provides a combination of basic business            information technology to coordinate
                                                      knowledge with an interdisciplinary study           all elements of the supply chain from
Corporate Finance and                                 of international agencies in the fields of          sourcing parts to coordination of retailers
Investment Banking Track:                             industrial development, international               to achieve a level of integration that
This track prepares students for careers as           trade, and foreign investment.                      results in competitive advantage.
associates of corporate treasury departments,

24 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                             BBA pROGRAM

The Leadership Program is a comprehensive
experience that enhances the college career.
Students gain and strengthen their leadership
skills by linking classroom learning to
their interests and real-world leadership
opportunities at The University of Texas at
Austin and in the community. Students
participate in interactive and intensive
programs designed to challenge and develop
them to become engaged and ethical global
citizens. If you are interested in connecting
with our BBA students through any of the
Leadership Program activities, please
contact Stephanie Hinojosa-Galvan at
or call 512-232-5903.

 Find BBA Talent at McCombs
 Resume Books:
 Review BBA student resumes at no cost
 or obligation to you. Resume Books are
 published by major for the entire BBA
 population in the early fall. These books
 include resumes of both intern and full-time

 To learn more about Resume Books, visit:

                                                Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 25

    BBA Salary Survey 2008                                                                      BBA Intern Survey 2008
    Red McCombs School of Business                                                              Red McCombs School of Business

    Full Time Overall Undergraduate Salaries:                                                    Overall Intern Salaries:
    Avg: $53,461                                 Std Dev: $9,080                                 Avg: $2,766                                   Std Dev: $1,240
    Avg Bonus: $5,358                            Std Dev Bonus: $2,996

    Full Time Employment Statistics by Major:                                                    Intern Statistics by Major:
                                                                Standard         % of                                                            Mean         Standard         % of
    MAJOR                                         Average       Deviation       Reports          MAJOR                                                        Deviation       Reports
    Accounting                                    $52,589         $8,573          17%            BBA Accounting                                 $2,459         $1,071           10%
    ERB                                           $59,275         $3,573           1%            ERB                                            $4,400         $1,200            1%
    Finance                                       $53,391         $8,584          36%            Finance                                        $2,719         $1,213           36%
    Honors + BBA                                  $57,442         $8,432          13%            Honors + BBA                                   $3,288         $1,384           20%
    International Business                        $49,547         $9,026           5%            International Business                         $2,792         $1,536            1%
    Management                                    $52,257        $10,761           3%            Management                                     $1,811          $631             3%
    Marketing                                     $48,079        $9,302           13%            Marketing                                      $2,169          $947            15%
    MIS                                           $57,714        $7,585           11%            MIS                                            $3,132         $1,109           11%
    SCM                                           $57,676        $8,362           1%             Supply Chain                                   $3,115          $722            3%

    Geographical Region:                                                                         Geographical Region:
                                                                Standard         % of            REGION                                          Mean         Standard         % of
                                                  Average       Deviation       Reports                                                                       Deviation       Reports
    Austin                                        $46,502        $10,657          14%            Austin                                         $2,094          $819            32%
    Dallas                                        $53,866         $7,865          23%            Dallas/Fort Worth                              $3,046         $1,283           18%
    Houston                                       $55,738         $6,469          32%            Houston                                        $3,234         $1,142           22%
    Other TX                                      $44,335         $6,360          3%             Midwest                                        $3,231          $760            6%
    International                                 $37,500         $9,574          1%             Northeast                                      $3,759         $1,498           7%
    Mid-Atlantic                                  $57,982         $4,433          2%             Other TX                                       $2,121          $794            5%
    Midwest                                       $53,215         $7,929          6%             Southeast                                      $2,969          $681            2%
    Northeast                                     $56,929         $8,829          9%             Outside USA                                    $2,430         $1,760           3%
    South                                         $46,690         $7,544          2%             West                                           $2,909         $1,538           5%
    West                                          $57,966        $10,369          8%

    Industry:                                                                                    Industry:
                                                                Standard         % of            MAJOR                                          Average       Standard         % of
    MAJOR                                         Average       Deviation       Reports                                                                       Deviation       Reports
    Automotive/Transportation                     $51,656         $5,669           4%            Advertising/Marketing                          $1,576          $356             2%
    Banking (Commercial)                          $48,728         $7,240           3%            Automotive/Transportation                      $2,876          $331             4%
    Banking (Investment)                          $58,317         $6,627          20%            Commercial Banking                             $3,024         $1,098            3%
    Communications/                               $45,729         $6,503          5%             Computer Related Services                      $1,961          $567             3%
    Marketing/Ecommerce                                                                          Computer Technology/Software                   $2,811          $929             6%
    Computer Technology/                          $54,334        $12,722           9%            Consulting Services                            $3,382         $1,009           10%
    Equipment/Software                                                                           Diversified Financial Services                 $1,982          $768            7%
    Consulting                                    $57,780        $6,580           21%            Food Service Hospitality                       $1,456          $638            2%
    Consumer Goods                                $49,570        $7,408            5%            Food/Household Product                         $2,912          $967            5%
    Financial Services (excl banks)               $49,420        $5,718            5%            Manufacturing
    Government/Non-Profit/Law                     $38,050        $6,748            2%            Government/Non-Profit                          $1,884         $1,295            6%
    Insurance/Real Estate                         $46,056        $8,174            6%            Healthcare Services                            $2,220         $1,064            3%
    Other                                         $40,249        $3,686            1%            Industrial Manufacturing                       $2,960         $1,217            4%
    Petroleum/Energy                              $57,861        $4,969           10%            Insurance/Real Estate                          $2,074          $883             7%
    Public Accounting                             $50,941        $3,825           6%             Inv. Bank/Brokerage/Securities                 $3,838         $1,544           13%
    Retail/Entertainment/Hospitality              $42,440        $9,913           3%             Media/Telecom                                  $1,843          $770             3%
   Data based on 476 student reports of offers and accepts as of graduation. 9% of students      Petroleum Refining/Energy                      $3,482          $870            10%
   who reported are attending graduate school or are not seeking employment. 26% of em-          Public Accounting                              $3,205         $1,079           5%
   ployed reported relocation assistance, averaging $4,021 per student. Results were compiled
                                                                                                 Retail                                         $2,096          $534            7%
   from information reported by students via the BBA Graduation Survey.

                                                                                                Data based on 573 voluntarily reports of offers and accepts as of January 1, 2009. 22% of
                                                                                                total number of students reporting accepted unpaid internships. 16% students reported a
                                                                                                signing and/or relocation bonus, averaging $1,935. Results were compiled from informa-
                                                                                                tion reported by students via the BBA Intern Survey.

26 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                               BBA pROGRAM


AUGUST                                                           FEBRUARY
   26      First Day of Fall Semester                               3-4     Careers 24
   26      Savvy Auction                                            3       Undergraduate Career Expo
   28      Mock Case Interviews                                     3       Roundtable and Panel Sessions
                                                                    3       Networking Reception
SEPTEMBER                                                           4       Manners at Midnight - Etiquette
   9-10    Careers 24                                               4       BBA Women’s Council Roundtable Breakfast Forum
   9       Undergraduate Career Expo                                4       Corporate Mock Interview Marathon
   9       Roundtable and Panel Sessions                            4       McCombs Diversity Council Interactive Diversity Forum
   9       Networking Reception                                     5       McCombs Global Job Fair
   10      Manners at Midnight - Etiquette                          6       McCombs Diversity Council Service Project
   10      BBA Women’s Council Roundtable Breakfast Forum           20      BBA Golf Link
   10      Corporate Mock Interview Marathon
   10      McCombs Diversity Council Diversity Dialogue Dinner   MARCH
                                                                    10      Etiquette Dinner & Networking Reception
OCTOBER                                                             29-31   Career Info Week
   7       Etiquette Dinner & Networking Reception
   17      BBA Golf Link                                         APRIL
                                                                    1       Career Info Week Continued
NOVEMBER                                                            15      McCombs Recruiter Summit
   9-12    Career Info Week                                         16      BBA Career Connection
   14      BBA Golf Link                                            24      BBA Golf Link Tournament

DECEMBER                                                         MAY
   4       Last Day of Fall Semester                                7       Last Day of Spring Semester

JANUARY                                                          JUNE
   19      First Day of Spring Semester                             7-11    Undergraduate Consulting Group Dallas Trip

                                                                                 “BP greatly values and appreciates the
                                                                                 efforts of the BBA Career Services team.
                                                                                 They have consistently exceeded our
                                                                                 expectations and always ensure that the
                                                                                 smallest details are tended to. They bring
                                                                                 students and employers together in a
                                                                                 multitude of diverse, creative events,
                                                                                 and we look forward to our wonderful
                                                                                 working relationship with the BBA Career
                                                                                 Services team. They are truly an asset to
                                                                                 BP, the students, and the McCombs School
                                                                                 of Business.”

                                                                                                                      ROLAND OLIVA
                                                                                      NA Gas SPU Group Financial Team Lead | BP

                                                                                               Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 27

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS                              •	 Student Society of Human                          •	 McCombs Career Services hopes to aid
If you are interested in targeting a particular       Resource Management                                  employers by creating opportunities in
student population, major, or skill, we            •	 Tech Connects                                        which they can speak informally with
recommend that you communicate directly            •	 University Accounting Association                    students wishing to work abroad, learn
with our student organizations. This is an         •	 Undergraduate Business Council                       about their organizations, or gain information
excellent way to advertise your recruiting         •	 University Finance Association                       on internships and full-time positions.
efforts and to educate our students about the      •	 University Investors Association
various opportunities available within your        •	 University Management Association                MOCk INTERVIEWS
company. To connect with McCombs Affiliated        •	 Undergraduate Real Estate Society                Mock Case Interviews
Undergraduate Student Organizations, we            •	 Women in Business Association                     •	 Mock Case Interviews: August 28, 2009
encourage you to contact Stephanie Hinojosa-                                                            •	 The Mock Case Interviews are a great way
Galvan, Student Affairs Program Coordinator,      SAVVY AUCTION                                            for representatives within the consulting
at 512-232-5903, and/or refer to the McCombs       •	 The Savvy Auction provides BBA students              industry to connect with students who
affiliated undergraduate student organization         with continuous opportunities to put their           are interested in consulting positions,
web site         best feet forward, even during tough times,          interview the students for mock positions,
resources/studentorgs/list.asp.                       with a business professional clothing                and help our students refine their case
                                                      donation highlighted by an auction featuring         interviewing skills.
To find an organization not listed as a McCombs       the latest business professional trends and
Affiliated Undergraduate Student Organization,        accessories provided by local businesses.        Corporate Mock Interview Marathon
please visit     •	 Sponsorship and participation will not only       •	 Corporate Mock Interview Marathon:
sald/studentorgs/index.php and search the             build your company’s reputation, but also            September 10, 2009 and February 4, 2010
Student Organization Database.                        create a strong presence within McCombs           •	 The Corporate Mock Interview Marathon
                                                      at the beginning of the academic year.               is a great way to build your company’s
McCombs Affiliated                                                                                         reputation and presence on campus.
Undergraduate Student Organizations:              CAREERS 24                                            •	 Representatives from your company
 •	 Asian Business Students Association            •	 Careers 24 provides employers with                   interview students for mock positions
 •	 Association of Students in Economics              opportunities to connect with BBA                    and give the students valuable feedback,
    and Commerce                                      candidates through a variety of career-              helping our students refine their
 •	 Association of Latino Professionals in            related events and workshops.                        interviewing skills.
    Finance and Accounting                         •	Events include the following: Undergraduate
 •	 Alpha Kappa Psi - Professional Business           Career Expo, Roundtable and Panel                ROUNDTABLE AND
    Fraternity                                        Sessions, Networking Reception, Manners          pANEL DISCUSSIONS
 •	 American Marketing Association                    at Midnight - Etiquette, BBA Women’s              •	 This series of discussions, held during
 •	 Black Business Student Association                Council Roundtable Breakfast Forum,                  Careers 24, offers employers an opportunity
 •	 Beta Alpha Psi                                    Corporate Mock Interview, and McCombs                to connect with students in an informal
 •	 Business & Healthcare Association                 Diversity Council Dinners.                           setting to share personal experience and
 •	 Business International Students                                                                        valuable insight into specific industries.
    Association                                   CAREER FAIRS                                          •	 Employers are able to meet students of
 •	 Business Transfer Student Association         Undergraduate Career Expo                                all undergraduate business majors and
 •	 Delta Sigma Pi                                 •	 The Undergraduate Career Expos take                  classifications to create a pipeline of talent
 •	 Energy Finance Group                              place in September and February each                 for future needs.
 •	 Freshman Business Association                     year, providing opportunities for employers       •	 Expected sessions include: Live with
 •	 GLBTQ Business Student Association                to recruit full-time and internship candidates       Diversity in the Workforce, Live with
 •	 Honors Business Association                       at The University of Texas at Austin.                Investment Bankers and Risk Managers,
 •	 Hispanic Business Students Association         •	 For information and to register, visit               Live with Consulting, Live with Social
 •	 Jewish Organization at the Business School           Media, Live with Energy Traders, Live with
 •	 McCombs Diversity Council                        or contact the Undergraduate Career                   Women in the Workforce, Live with High
 •	 National Association Black Accountants           Committee (UCC) at 512-232-3776 or                    Tech Industry, and Live with Marketers.
 •	 Net Impact Undergraduate               
 •	 Phi Beta Chi
 •	 Phi Chi Theta                                 McCombs Global Job Fair
 •	 Return on Investment                           •	 The McCombs Global Job Fair connects
 •	 Student Consulting Initiative                     international employers and BBA, MBA,
 •	 Supply Chain Management Student                   WPMBA, and MPA students.

28 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                           BBA pROGRAM

ETIQUETTE AND                                     MCCOMBS DIVERSITY COUNCIL (MDC)                  UNDERGRADUATE
NETWORkING RECEpTIONS                             •	 Hosted by the McCombs Diversity Council,      CONSULTING GROUp (UCG)
Networking Reception                                 the Diversity Dialogue Dinner (D3) will       •	 The Undergraduate Consulting Group
 •	 Networking Receptions: September 9,              be held on September 10, 2009 and the            helps BBA students prepare for careers in
    2009 and February 3, 2010                        Interactive Diversity Forum (IDF) will be        the consulting industry and is a great way
 •	 At the conclusion of the Roundtable and          held on February 4, 2010.                        to build your brand with highly
    Panel sessions, BBA Career Services will      •	 The D3 and IDF provide corporate                 motivated students.
    host a networking reception at which             representatives with opportunities to         •	 Corporate representatives can participate
    employers can connect with BBA students          network with students during an opening          in the Mock Case Interviews, speak at
    and help them enhance their networking           reception and dinner and to engage in            weekly meetings, or host company visits
    skills.                                          lively, thought-provoking discussions on         during the UCG Dallas trip in June 2010.
                                                     current diversity issues in the corporate
Manners at Midnight - Etiquette                                         ,
                                                     world. For the IDF council members will
 •	 Manners at Midnight - Etiquette:                 also present skits inspiring discussion
    September 10, 2009 and February 4, 2010          about diversity issues in the workplace.
 •	 BBA Career Services hosts the Manners         •	 In addition to the MDC dinners, corporate
    at Midnight - Etiquette during Careers 24        representatives have the opportunity to
    to provide students with the opportunity         participate in the MDC Service Project
    to learn the dos and don’ts of proper            and to serve as guest speakers at
    etiquette.                                       bi-monthly meetings.

Etiquette Dinner &                                TARGET YOUR FUTURE (TYF)
Networking Reception                              •	 TYF provides a small group seminar for
 •	 Etiquette Dinner & Networking                    freshmen/transfer business students that
    Receptions: October 7, 2009 and                  will better prepare them for internships
    March 10, 2010                                   and provide them with an in-depth
 •	 The Etiquette Dinner & Networking                education about career-related topics.
    Receptions provide networking practice        •	 Employers may get involved in several
    for BBA students and teach students the          ways: participate as a guest speaker,
    dos and don’ts of proper dining etiquette.       panelist, and/or mentor; sponsor materials,
                                                     TYF student etiquette dinner participation,
BBA GOLF LINk                                        and/or company field trips; participate in
 •	 BBA Golf Link is scheduled for October 17        TYF mock interviews; or offer internships
    and November 14, 2009. In spring, BBA            to TYF participants.
    Golf Link is scheduled for February 20 and
    the Golf Tournament for April 24, 2010.       BBA WOMEN’S COUNCIL (BBAWC)
 •	 BBA Golf Link creates a venue to establish    •	 Participation in the BBA Women’s Council
    a professional network, and promote              provides employers with the opportunity
    integrity and ethics through the game            to share stories, challenges, and successes
    of golf by partnering with employers, The        with ambitious BBA women and to develop         “My experience in Target Your
    University of Texas at Austin community,         close relationships with BBA women who
    and BBA Career Services Programs                 are actively seeking employment.                Future as a freshman gave me a
    (BBAWC, MDC, and TYF).                        •	 Company representatives have opportuni-         head start on learning to network
 •	 Participants will develop a competitive          ties to participate as panelists, breakout
    advantage by linking business acumen and         session facilitators, mentors, and through      and communicate my strengths.
    knowledge of how to compete outside the          networking at the BBA Women’s Council
    traditional corporate setting.                   Roundtable Breakfast Forums.                    Now, I am so glad to have gotten
 •	 Employers can sponsor through golf clinics,   •	 The BBA Women’s Council Roundtable              that additional practice with
    network/mentor student participants,             Breakfast Forums will be held on
    sponsor student tournament teams, and/           September 10, 2009 and February 4, 2010.        networking and communication.
    or participate on a tournament team with
                                                                                                     I’ve discovered that those skills are
    BBA students.
                                                                                                     the most necessary ingredients
                                                                                                     when recruiting.”

                                                                                                                                    kATIE DOYLE
                                                                                                                Finance Major | BBA, May 2010

                                                                                                          Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 29

BBA CAREER SERVICES                              Velma Arney, Director
pOINTS OF CONTACT                       | 512-471-8071
To learn about ways to build your presence        •	 Careers 24
more directly with students on campus,            •	 McCombs Diversity Council
please contact a member from the BBA
Career Services team. They work closely with     Trisha Maberly, Assistant Director
individual students and organizations to help | 512-232-3783
you plan events targeted to specific groups or    •	 Corporate Management                    •	 Career Expo Liaison
learn more about business school activities.      •	 Careers 24                              •	 McCombs Recruiter Summit

                                                 Monica Thompson, Assistant Director
                                        | 512-232-3778
                                                  •	 BBA Seminars and Programming
                                                  •	 BA 101 Career Planning Strategies Course Coordinator
                                                  •	 BBA Golf Link

BBA Career Services, Ranked #3 by                Della Tyus, Assistant to Director
Recruiters, BusinessWeek (3/09)         | 512-232-3773

                                                 Bill Welford, Front Desk Manager
                                        | 512-232-3794

                                                 Julie Butler, Career Advisor
                                        | 512-232-3781
                                                  •	 Finance
                                                  •	 Career Expo Liaison

                                                 Megan Ehrisman, Career Advisor
                                        | 512-471-5396
                                                  •	 Marketing                               •	 Savvy Auction
                                                  •	 BBA Reality Bytes                       •	 Etiquette & Networking Receptions

                                                 Greta Fenley, Career Advisor
                                        | 512-232-3717
                                                  •	 Business Honors                         •	 Mock Case Interviews
                                                  •	 Target Your Future                      •	 Undergraduate Consulting Group

                                                 Melissa Martinez, Career Advisor
                                        | 512-471-3221
                                                  •	 Engineering Route to Business           •	 Supply Chain Management
                                                  •	 Management                              •	 McCombs Diversity Council
                                                  •	 MIS                                     •	 Corporate Mock Interview Marathon

                                                 Jennifer Thomas, Career Advisor
                                        | 512-232-3779
                                                  •	 Accounting                              •	 McCombs Global Job Fair
                                                  •	 International Business                  •	 Etiquette & Networking Receptions

                                                 Amy Wolfgang, BBA Career Advisor
                                        | 512-232-3704
                                                  •	 Undeclared
                                                  •	 BBA Women’s Council

30 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010

The Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) Program

at the McCombs School of Business has been widely

recognized as one of the leading graduate accounting

programs in the United States. Our program attracts

academically talented, hard working, and ambitious

students. McCombs’ outstanding faculty includes some

of the world’s top researchers.
                                                                                                                                                  MpA pROGRAM

Master in professional Accounting (MpA)

The Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) program at the McCombs School of Business has
been widely recognized as one of the leading graduate accounting programs in the United States.
Our program attracts academically talented, hard working, and ambitious students. McCombs’
outstanding faculty includes some of the world’s top researchers. These award-winning educators
challenge our students with a leading-edge curriculum. Our exceptional graduates possess the
competence, sound judgment, and accounting proficiency that allow them to excel not
only in public accounting, but also in industry, nonprofits, government, financial services, and
consulting. Texas MPAs are equipped to make an immediate contribution to your organization.

There are two approaches to the MpA degree:
 •	 The traditional approach to the MPA is a 12- to 18-month graduate program that welcomes
    students with undergraduate degrees in any field. Students begin the program in the
    summer or fall, and graduate the following spring, summer, or fall.
 •	 The integrated approach to the MPA enables students beyond their sophomore year to
    earn the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Professional Accounting
    (MPA) degrees concurrently.

 MpA Student profile - Traditional Approach
 DEMOGRAphICS                                                                        Class of 2010                 Class of 2009
                                                                                     (as of 05/26/09)

 Enrollment (incoming)                                                               98                            96
 Average GPA                                                                         3.77                          3.77
 Female                                                                              45%                           48%
 Male                                                                                55%                           52%
 Average Age                                                                         25                            24
 Average years work experience                                                       1.3                           <1
 Percent from out-of-state                                                           44%                           36%
 Underrepresented Minorities*                                                        3%                            7%
 International                                                                       18%                           19%
 MpA UNDERGRADUATE MAJORS                                                            Class of 2010                 Class of 2009
 Accounting                                                                          52%                           57%
 Other Business Major                                                                15%                           18%
 Economics                                                                           15%                           10%
 Other Liberal Arts                                                                  8%                            9%
 Engineering/Science/Math                                                            3%                            4%
 Other                                                                               6%                            2%
 *African-American, Hispanic, and Native American
 Non-U.S. Countries Represented in the Traditional Approach
 (Presented	in	descending	order	of	representation)	Mexico	•	China	•	Trinidad	&	Tobago	•	Cameroon	•	Guyana	•	Taiwan	•	Thailand

 MpA Student profile - Integrated Approach
 DEMOGRAphICS                                                                        Class of 2011                 Class of 2010
 Enrollment (incoming)                                                               224                           237
 Average GPA                                                                         3.69                          3.72
 Average SAT                                                                         1293                          1303
 Female                                                                              58%                           49%
 Male                                                                                42%                           51%
 Underrepresented Minorities*                                                        8%                            8%
 International                                                                       8%                            6%
 *African-American, Hispanic, and Native American
 Non-U.S. Countries Represented in the Integrated Approach
 (Presented in descending order of representation for the Classes of 2010 and 2011)
 China	•	India	•	Korea	•	Indonesia	•	Mexico	•	Pakistan	•	Albania	•	Taiwan	•	United	Arab	Emirates	•	Vietnam

                                                                                                                                   Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 33

ACADEMIC pROGRAMS                                     SpECIAL pROGRAMS
MPA students choose one of four academic              MpA DISTINGUIShED                                      •	 Latin American Joint Academic Program
tracks suitable for any career in business.           SpEAkER SERIES                                            with the Instituto Tecnológico y de
Coursework in each track stresses the                 The MPA Distinguished Speaker Series                      Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
development of written and verbal skills. MPA         presents a broad perspective on accounting’s              (ITESM) in Mexico
graduates are able to meet the educational            fundamental role in business and society
requirements to become Certified Public               and reveals the profession’s shaping forces,          INTERNShIp pROGRAM
Accountants (CPAs) in many of the 50 states.          trends, origins, and importance. Speakers             MPA students have the option to intern
                                                      have included:                                        during the spring and/or summer. Graduate
FINANCIAL REpORTING                                     •	 DeLoss Dodds, Director of Athletics,             internship credit is granted for the completion
AND ASSURANCE TRACk                                        The University of Texas at Austin                of at least 320 hours of work that requires
 •	 This track focuses on interpretation,               •	 Bill Gradison, Founding Member, Public           regular and rigorous use of knowledge and
    preparation, and certification of publicly             Company Accounting Oversight Board               skills learned in the MPA program.
    disclosed financial and other data.                 •	 David Cay Johnston, Former New York
 •	 Financial accounting courses focus on                  Times Investigative Reporter and Pulitzer        SpRING INTERNShIpS
    the formulation, analysis, and use of                  Prize Winner                                      •	 Most spring internships are completed
    financial information.                              •	 Gary Kelly, Chairman of the Board,                   with public accounting firms.
 •	 Courses in assurance investigate the                   President and Chief Executive Officer,            •	 Spring internships typically last
    relevance and reliability of this information,         Southwest Airlines                                   eight weeks.
    including suitable measurement criteria.            •	 David Walker, Former U.S. Comptroller             •	 Students in the Financial Reporting and
 •	 Typically, 65 to 75 percent of MPA students            General                                              Assurance Track work as interns during
    select the Financial Reporting and                                                                          the first half of the semester.
    Assurance Track.                                  INTERNATIONAL OppORTUNITIES                            •	 Students in the Tax Track work as interns
                                                      As the business world and the accounting                  during the last half of the semester.
TAX TRACk                                             profession take on global dimensions, experi-          •	 During the spring semester, students
 •	 This track combines specialized tax training      ence abroad gives students valuable insight               complete two intensive courses pre- or
    and in-depth accounting knowledge.                into international business practices. The                post-internship.
 •	 Tax courses emphasize the role of taxation        Texas MPA gives students the opportunity to
    in planning and structuring business              participate in a variety of international programs.   SUMMER INTERNShIpS
    transactions.                                                                                            •	 Summer internships are predominately
 •	 Accounting courses provide a wide breadth         Summer International Accounting programs:                 completed in industry.
    of knowledge.                                     MPA students have the option of participating          •	 The length of summer internships varies.
 •	 Typically, 20 to 30 percent of MPA                in summer study abroad programs in the
    students select the Tax Track.                    following locations:                                  INTERNShIpS FOR STUDENTS TAkING
                                                        •	 Paris in partnership with ESCP-EAP               ThE TRADITIONAL AppROACh
MANAGERIAL TRACk                                           European School of Management                    Students taking the traditional approach to
 •	 This track addresses how accounting and             •	 Prague in partnership with the Faculty of        the MPA are not required to complete an
    auditing information assists managers in               Business Administration at The University        internship.
    making informed decisions in planning,                 of Economics                                       •	 Approximately one-third of students
    evaluating, and controlling an entity.              •	 Hong Kong in partnership with The                     taking the traditional approach elect
 •	 Students learn how to prepare reports for              Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)                to intern.
    external groups such as shareholders, credi-                                                              •	 Recruiting typically takes place in the
    tors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities.   Each program is five weeks long and includes               fall for students taking the traditional
 •	 Students often complete the Managerial            two graduate-level business courses taught in              approach.
    Track in conjunction with the Financial           English by faculty from both McCombs and
    Reporting and Assurance Track.                    the hosting institutions. Company visits are          INTERNShIpS FOR STUDENTS
 •	 Typically, 3 to 5 percent of MPA students         often incorporated to complement the course           TAkING ThE INTEGRATED AppROACh
    select the Managerial Track.PA students           material.                                             Students taking the integrated approach
    select the Managerial Track.                                                                            to the MPA (BBA+MPA) are required to
                                                      Double Degree programs:                               complete a professional internship.
GENERALIST TRACk                                      Two international joint academic programs              •	 Internship recruiting generally occurs
 •	 This track prepares students who wish to          give students the opportunity to earn both a              during a student’s first year in the MPA
    combine a variety of courses and create a         Texas MPA degree and an additional advanced               program, which is typically their junior
    more personalized track.                          degree or certificate from premier international          year.
 •	 Students in this track often want the broad-      institutions.                                          •	 The internship usually occurs during the
    est possible background with exposure to            •	 European Double Degree Program                       spring semester of a student’s second year
    courses in all of the other tracks.                    with ESCP-EAP European School of                     in the MPA program, which is typically
 •	 Typically, 3 to 10 percent of MPA students             Management in France                                 their senior year.
    select the Generalist Track.

34 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                   MpA pROGRAM


MpA Internship Salary Statistics
SUMMER 2008                                                          SpRING 2009
Type of Employer                                                     Type of Industry Employer
   Survey Respondents                               28                  Survey Respondents                            106
   Public Accounting                                29%                 Public Accounting                             97%
   Industry                                         36%                 Industry                                      3%
   Investment Banking & Other Financial Services    21%              Salary Information (per month)
   Consulting                                       3%                  MPA Survey Respondents                        86
   Government/Public Sector                         11%                 Salary Range                                  $843-8,000
Salary Information (per month)                                          Salary Mean                                   $4,139
   MPA Survey Respondents                           27                  Bonus Range                                   $2,000-5,000
   Salary Range                                     $923-5,500          Bonus Mean                                    $4,820
   Salary Mean                                      $3,888           Geographic Distribution
   Bonus Range                                      $2,000-5,000        Survey Respondents                            101
   Bonus Mean                                       $3,500              Texas                                         83%
Geographic Distribution                                                 California                                    8%
   Survey Respondents                               28                  New York                                      3%
   Texas                                            68%                 Illinois                                      2%
   New York                                         11%                 Virginia                                      2%
   Other                                            21%                 Other                                         2%

MpA Class of 2009 Full-Time Salary Statistics as of May 28, 2009
Type of Employer                                                     Geographic Distribution
   Survey Respondents                               197                 Survey Respondents                            190
   Public Accounting                                87%                 Texas Overall                                 76%
   Industry                                         4%                      Austin (25)
   Investment Banking & Other Financial Services    5%                      Dallas/Fort Worth (48)
   Consulting                                       2%                      Houston (66)
   Government/Public Sector                         2%                      San Antonio (2)
Salary Information (All Industries)                                         Other (3)
   Survey Respondents                               182                 New York                                      12%
   Salary Range                                     $46,800-80,000      California                                    5%
   Median                                           $51,000             Washington, D.C. & Virginia                   2%
   Mean                                             $53,245             Arizona                                       1%
   Average Signing Bonus                            $4,528              Massachusetts                                 1%
                                                                        Washington                                    1%
                                                                        Other                                         2%

please see our Website for updates:

                                                                                                      Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 35


    17-21   Orientation (Traditional Approach)
    18      Etiquette Dinner
    20      Recruiter Straight Talk Panel
    20      Networking Reception
    21      Career Fair
    25      Orientation (Integrated Approach)
    26      First Day of Fall Semester

    8       Mock Interview Marathon
    9       Undergraduate Career Expo
    21      Industry Night

    26      Careers in Public Service Panel

    4       Last Day of Fall Semester

    19      First Day of Spring Semester
    21      Meet the Public Accounting Firms Night

    1       Networking Night
    2       Mock Interview Marathon
    3       Undergraduate Career Expo
    5       McCombs Global Job Fair

    3       Etiquette Dinner

    15      McCombs Recruiter Summit

    7       Last Day of Spring Semester

 Find MpA Talent at McCombs
 Resume Books:
 Review MPA student resumes in one of the online MPA resume
 books at no cost or obligation to you.

 Visit for
 instructions on accessing resume books.

36 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                             MpA pROGRAM

CAREER FAIRS                                       NETWORkING NIGhT                                 CAREER pANELS
MpA Career Fair and                                Help students gain experience and confidence     Throughout the year, MPA Career Services
Networking Reception                               in networking situations while informing them    hosts a variety of employer and alumni panels
Attend the MPA Career Fair and Networking          about positions within your organization at      on specific career paths and industry areas.
Reception this fall, and be the first to connect   MPA Networking Night in the spring. As an
with traditional and 5th Year MPA students         event sponsor, you will have the opportunity     CAREER WORkShOpS
seeking internships and full-time employment.      to interact with students at a mock reception,   Interviewing, business etiquette, resume
For more information, visit http://fcc.mccombs.    and provide valuable feedback on how they        writing, and company research are among the            can improve their networking skills.             topics MPA career consultants address at
                                                                                                    career workshops held throughout the year.
Undergraduate Career Expo                          MEET ThE pUBLIC                                  As a co-presenter, you will add value by
If you are interested in recruiting 3rd and 4th    ACCOUNTING FIRMS NIGhT                           offering the employer’s perspective.
Year MPA students, consider attending the          Students explore the variety of firm sizes,
Undergraduate Career Expos. The expos take         settings, and career opportunities within pub-   STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS
place in September and February each year,         lic accounting at Meet the Public Accounting     Student organizations can help publicize
providing opportunities to recruit full-time       Firms Night. As a participating employer, you    your recruiting events, special programs, and
and internship candidates at The University of     will have the opportunity to showcase your       specific job or internship opportunities.
Texas at Austin. The Undergraduate Career          firm’s services, practice areas, and job         McCombs has a variety of active student
Expo is hosted by the Undergraduate Career         opportunities to MPA students.                   organizations. Some organizations that have
Committee (UCC) and BBA Career Services.                                                            a high percentage of MPA students include:
For more information and to register, visit        ETIQUETTE DINNERS                                 •	 Beta Alpha Psi or     MPA career consultants lead Etiquette             •	 Master in Professional Accounting Council
contact the UCC at         Dinners that teach students the dos and           •	 University Accounting Association
                                                   don’ts of proper business dining etiquette.
McCombs Global Job Fair                            Representatives of sponsoring organizations       For a full listing of accounting related
Recruit internationally minded MPA, BBA, or        interact with MPA students throughout the         student organizations, go to :
MBA students for internships and full-time         meal and educate them about available
opportunities in the United States and abroad      career opportunities.
at the McCombs Global Job Fair in February.

Enhance your company’s presence on campus
while helping MPA students fine-tune their
interviewing skills by participating in the
Mock Interview Marathon, one of our most
popular events. Held the day before the fall
and spring Undergraduate Career Expos, the
Marathon is an event in which employer
sponsors interview students for mock
positions and provide valuable feedback.

The Industry Internship Program is a great
way to build your campus visibility. As a
participating organization, you can post posi-
tions through the McCombs Online Recruiting
system and hold campus interviews during a
designated period in October. Additionally, the
program includes a specific night dedicated to
industry organizations as part of the Accounting
Career Exploration course that is required
for 3rd Year MPAs and is open to all other
MPA students. At the event you will have the
opportunity to inform MPA students about
exciting career options within your organization
via mini-information sessions.

                                                                                                            Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 37

ALUMNI MENTORS                                     MpA CAREER SERVICES pOINTS OF CONTACT
Share your story as an MPA graduate                Contact a member of the MPA Career Services team to learn how to effectively build your
with current students and fellow alumni. If        presence and recruit Texas MPAs.
you are an alumnus/alumna of the MPA
program, visit McCombs Online Resources at         Jim Franklin, MPA Program Director to | 512-471-3527
update your profile and sign up to be a mentor.      •	 Global Job Fair

You can also connect with MPA students             Vinh Nguyen, MPA Career Consultant
and fellow alumni by joining the McCombs  | 512-232-3795
MPA Alumni Network on LinkedIn at http://           •	 Mock Interviews           •	 Industry Internship Program
to share your experiences and insights.             •	 Meet the Public Accounting Firms Night

NEWSLETTER                                         Michelle polkinghorn, MPA Career Consultant
The MPA Weekly is an electronic newsletter | 512-232-2482
sent to all MPA students every Monday. To           •	 Career Fair and Networking Reception
announce your job openings, upcoming                •	 Networking Night
events, and activities in the newsletter, please    •	 Etiquette Dinner
send your announcements and/or your job
postings to           holly Schwadron, Administrative Assistant
at least one week in advance.             | 512-471-6559
                                                    •	 Career Panels
TEXAS MpA RECRUITING                                •	 Career Workshops
NETWORk IN LINkEDIN                                 •	 Meet the MPA Team
Reach students early. You can connect with
newly admitted traditional MPA students
before they enroll by joining the Texas MPA
Recruiting Network LinkedIn group managed
by MPA Career Services. Accessible only to
employers and newly admitted traditional
MPA students, it is a way for you to educate
them about opportunities in your organization
and view their professional profiles.
To join the group, go to http://www.linkedin.

MPA career, academic, admissions, and
marketing team members are always eager
to learn about employers and employment
opportunities for MPA students. Schedule
a visit to exchange information with the
MPA team.

38 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010

The Texas MBA program is dedicated to providing our

students with educational excellence and opportunities

for practical learning experiences. By focusing on market-

driven academic programs, a Texas MBA strategically

positions students to compete in the ever-changing

business environment. Each graduate leaves McCombs

with a strong foundation in both industry expertise and

general management, and the knowledge that leadership

comes from hard work and collaboration.
                                                                                                                             MBA pROGRAM

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Texas MBA program is dedicated to providing our students with educational excellence
and opportunities for practical learning experiences. By focusing on market-driven academic
programs, a Texas MBA strategically positions students to compete in the ever-changing
business environment. Each graduate leaves McCombs with a strong foundation in both
industry expertise and general management, and the knowledge that leadership comes
from hard work and collaboration.

 DEMOGRAphICS                                                          Class of 2010            Class of 2011
 Total Enrollment                                                      264                      260
 Women                                                                 31%                      28%
 Underrepresented Minorities                                           11%                      10%
 International                                                         24%                      29%
 Average Age                                                           28                       28
 Average years work experience                                         5                        5
 Average GPA                                                           3.39                     3.44
 Average GMAT                                                          681                      683
 MBA UNDERGRADUATE MAJORS                                              Class of 2010            Class of 2011
 Business                                                              31%                      24%
 Liberal Arts                                                          14%                      14%
 Economics                                                             15%                      13%
 Technical                                                             35%                      36%
 Other                                                                 5%                       13%
 * Preliminary data as of June 15, 2009
 ** Underrepresented minorities include: African-American, Hispanic, and Native American

 Non-U.S. Countries Represented in the program
 (Presented in descending order of representation)

 Australia               Czech Republic          Italy                     Peru                 United Kingdom
 Belgium                 Ecuador                 Japan                     Russia               Venezuela
 Brazil                  France                  Korea, Republic of        Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
 Canada                  Germany                 Kuwait                    Taiwan
 Chile                   India                   Mexico                    Thailand
 China, Peoples Repu     Indonesia               Panama                    Trinidad & Tobago

 McCombs is a 24-year member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management
 (CGSM), an alliance of 15 graduate business programs that seeks to increase the number of
 minorities in MBA programs and managerial positions. Through our participation, McCombs
 has the opportunity to attract talented minority candidates to our MBA program. The Consortium
 selects students with leadership potential, challenges them with a high-quality graduate
 management education, and funds their education through merit-based fellowships and
 ongoing professional development opportunities.

                                                                                                                 Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 41

The core curriculum at McCombs provides          Information, Risk, and                           MBA DOUBLE DEGREE pROGRAMS
MBA students with a competence in general        Operations Management                            The Double Degree Program offers Texas MBA
management by developing a rigorous skill set      •	 Concentration in Information Management     students the unique opportunity to maximize
in finance, accounting, marketing, statistics,     •	 Concentration in Risk Management            their international education through the
operations, economics, strategy, information       •	 Concentration in Supply Chain and           exploration and application of business
technology, and management of people.                 Operations Management                       concepts in a global context. Graduates of
Through the core curriculum, students are                                                         the Double Degree Program simultaneously
given abundant opportunities for collaborative   Interdisciplinary                                earn two advanced degrees: an MBA from the
learning and practical work experience in          •	 Concentration in Entrepreneurship           McCombs School of Business and a second
the classroom, with companies, and through         •	 Concentration in Social Enterprise          MBA (or equivalent) from a partner university.
student organizations.                             •	 Concentration in Global Business            For additional information on Double Degree
                                                                                                  programs, visit: http://mba.mccombs.utexas.
MBA WITh A CONCENTRATION                         MBA DUAL DEGREE pROGRAMS                         edu/students/global/doubledegree.asp.
The McCombs MBA offers concentrations            In order to enhance their expertise, some
in several academic areas. These market-         students choose to pursue a dual degree          partner universities include:
driven concentrations help prepare graduates     option in which the McCombs MBA is                •	 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
for unique employment opportunities.             completed in conjunction with a second               (Hong Kong, SAR)
Concentrations are:                              graduate degree from another University of        •	 ESADE Business School (Barcelona,
                                                 Texas at Austin college, school, or unit. Dual       Spain)
Accounting                                       degree programs include:                          •	 Escuela de Administración de Negocios
 •	 Concentration in Accounting                    •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Asian Studies             Para Graduados (Lima, Perú)
                                                   •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Advertising            •	 Fundação Getúlio Vargas (São Paulo,
Finance                                            •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Communication             Brazil)
 •	 Concentration in Finance                          Studies                                      •	 Guanghua School of Management, Peking
 •	 Concentration in Corporate Finance             •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Journalism                University (Beijing, China)
 •	 Concentration in Investment Management         •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Radio, Television,     •	 ITESM-EGADE – Monterrey (Monterrey,
 •	 Concentration in Private Equity Finance           Film                                            México)
 •	 Concentration in Real Estate Finance           •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Public Affairs         •	 ITESM-EGADE – Zona Central (campuses:
 •	 Concentration in Energy Finance                •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Latin American            Estado de México, Querétero, Toluca,
                                                      Studies                                         México)
Management                                         •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Middle Eastern         •	 ITESM-EGADE – Guadalajara
 •	 Concentration in Management                       Studies                                         (Guadalajara, México)
                                                   •	 MBA/Master of Manufacturing and              •	 ITESM-EGADE – Zona Metropoli-
Marketing                                             Decision Systems Engineering                    tana Mexico City (campuses: Santa Fe &
 •	 Concentration in Marketing                     •	 MBA/Doctor of Jurisprudence                     Mexico City, México)
 •	 Concentration in High-Tech Marketing           •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Global                 •	 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
 •	 Concentration in Brand and Product                Policy Studies                                  (Santiago, Chile)
    Management                                     •	 MBA/Master of Science in Nursing             •	 Otto Beisheim Graduate School of
 •	 Concentration in Marketing Analytics           •	 MBA/Master of Arts in Russian, Eastern          Management – WHU (Vallendar, Germany)
    and Consulting                                    European, and Eurasian Studies

42 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                            MBA pROGRAM

PLUS is an experiential leadership program
that connects MBAs to companies of interest,
heightens communication skills, and provides
hands-on training. By sponsoring a specific
event, activity or project, Plus offers recruit-
ing companies a chance to gain a significant
amount of goodwill and credibility with

Communication and Executive Coaches
PLUS provides communication and executive
coaches who work with our MBAs individually
and in groups to sharpen and refine their
influence, insight, and impact. Companies
that recruit MBAs are able to sponsor and
support elements of this highly regarded
and much used service.

Seminars, Workshops and Special Events
To augment the MBA students’ rich classroom
experience, PLUS brings in industry experts
to train students in financial modeling,
valuation, and Six Sigma quality among
other professional training opportunities.
Companies that recruit have the opportunity
to sponsor these popular seminars.

plus projects                                       2008-2009 plus projects (partial list):        MCCOMBS GLOBAL CONNECTIONS
Throughout the year, teams of four to five MBA                                                     MBA students have the opportunity to
students conduct micro-consulting projects          A.T. Kearney                                   participate in international experiences
with client companies. Students select the client   Booz & Co.                                     through McCombs Global Connections. This
company, which then chooses the project.            Boston Consulting Group                        program enables students to experience both
At the end of the project period, the student       Conoco Phillips                                the business and cultural environments of
team travels to report its project findings and     Dr. Pepper Snapple Group                       countries through corporate visits, factory
recommendations to the client, using funding        Ernst & Young                                  tours, micro-consulting projects and
provided by PLUS.                                   H-E-B                                          collaboration with our partner schools.
                                                    Houston Astros                                 McCombs Global Connections study tours
                                                    Nike                                           will be conducted in the months of March
                                                    San Diego Padres                               and May 2010. Tentative destinations include
                                                    Webas Management Group                         Argentina, China, India, Peru, Russia, South
                                                    Whole Foods                                    Africa, Southeast Asia, and the UAE. If you
                                                                                                   maintain an office in one of these regions and
                                                    To connect with our stellar Texas MBA          are interested in hosting a student group or
                                                    students through any of the events and         project, please contact Susan Masson at
                                                    activities associated with the PLUS program, or
                                                    contact Deidra Stephens at deidra.stephens@    call 512-232-4341.
                                           or call 512-232-3780.

                                                                                                           Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 43


                                   MBA CLASS OF 2009 INTERIM FULL-TIME SALARY STATISTICS*
MBA Salary Statistics by Student Visa Status                                     MBA Salary Statistics by Industry
US/permanent Residents                                  Mean         Median      Manufacturing                                          Mean       % Accepts
Base Salary                                             $100,397     $95,000     Computer/High Technology                               $98,226    12%
Signing Bonus                                           $24,296      $20,000     Petroleum/Energy                                       $100,663   9%
Guaranteed Bonus                                        $18,640      $13,750     Food/Beverages/Consumer Products                       $93,500    8%
International                                                                    Telecommunications                                     $86,857    4%
Base Salary                                             $92,779      $90,000     Pharma/Biotechnology/Healthcare Products $105,000                 2%
Signing Bonus                                           $19,568      $15,000     Software/Printing/Publishing                           $98,333    2%
Guaranteed Bonus                                        $13,934      $10,667     Other Manufacturing                                    $90,000    3%
All Students                                                                     Services
Base Salary                                             $98,698      $95,000     Consulting                                             $118,081   20%
Signing Bonus                                           $23,489      $20,000     Investment Banking/Brokerage/Securities $92,394                   12%
Guaranteed Bonus                                        $17,533      $11,500     Commercial Banking                                     $94,000    10%
MBA Salary Statistics by Function                                                Retail                                                 $96,667    4%
Finance & Accounting                                    Mean         % Accepts   Transportation Services                                $81,000    4%
Treasury and Financial Analysis                         $97,216      15%         Computer Related Services                              $105,000   3%
Investment Banking                                      $90,205      14%         Diversified Financial Services                         $89,400    3%
Investment Management and Research                      $88,000      10%         Real Estate                                            $75,000    3%
Venture Capital                                         $101,000     1%          Other Services                                         $73,375    3%
Sales and Trading                                       $80,000      1%          MBA Salary Statistics by Region
Marketing                                                                        Region                                                 Mean       % Accepts
Brand/Product Marketing                                 $98,208      15%         Southwest                                              $99,366    52%
Marketing Research                                      $99,250      3%          West                                                   $106,290   13%
Management                                                                       Northeast                                              $99,031    10%
Consulting                                              $115,334     22%         South                                                  $98,923    8%
General Management                                      $88,972      11%         Midwest                                                $101,667   4%
Information Management                                  $110,000     3%          Mid Atlantic                                           $91,000    3%
Operations                                              $103,250     3%          Outside the U.S.                                       $84,290    9%
                                                        $86,667      2%          Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)
                                                                                 Mid-Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV)
                                                                                 South (AL,AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)
                                                                                 Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI)
*Data are based on 157 usable guaranteed MBA student-reported base               Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX)
salaries collected through May 31, 2009. This report complies with               West (AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY)
MBACSC guidelines for data collection. Numbers and percentages are
rounded to the nearest whole number.

44 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                                                      MBA pROGRAM

                                   MBA CLASS OF 2010 INTERIM INTERNShIp SALARY STATISTICS*
MBA Salary Statistics by Student Visa Status                                          MBA Salary Statistics by Industry
US/permanant Residents                                    Mean            Median      Manufacturing                                          Mean        % Accepts
Monthly Base Salary                                       $5,618          $6,020      Petroleum/Energy                                       $6,111      10%
International                                                                         Food/Beverages/Consumer Products                       $5,925      9%
Monthly Base Salary                                       $4,145          $3,816      Computer/High Technology                               $5,703      9%
All Students                                                                          Pharma/Biotechnology/Healthcare Products $4,150                    4%
Monthly Base Salary                                       $5,299          $6,000      Telecommunications                                     $6,231      2%
MBA Salary Statistics by Function                                                     Highly Diversified                                     $5,767      2%
Finance & Accounting                                      Mean            % Accepts   Software/Printing/Publishing                           $3,220      2%
Investment Management and Research                        $4,722          17%         Other Manufacturing                                    $5,344      3%
Treasury and Financial Analysis                           $5,531          13%         Services
Investment Banking                                        $6,341          9%          Investment Banking/Brokerage/Securities $6,229                     14%
Venture Capital                                           $4,048          2%          Diversified Financial Services                         $4,415      10%
Accounting/Audit/Management Control                       $2,913          1%          Consulting                                             $7,107      7%
Marketing                                                                             Real Estate                                            $2,010      6%
Brand/Product Marketing                                   $5,151          17%         Computer Related Services                              $3,211      4%
Marketing Research                                        $3,781          6%          Non-Profit                                             $2,807      4%
Sales                                                     $4,505          5%          Commercial Banking                                     $6,039      3%
Management                                                                            Media/Entertainment                                    $3,067      3%
Consulting                                                $5,937          12%         Transportation Services                                $4,322      2%
General Management                                        $5,290          10%         Other Services                                         $6,385      4%
Operations                                                $5,917          5%          MBA Salary Statistics by Region
Other                                                                                 Region                                                 Mean        % Accepts
                                                          $6,633          2%          Southwest                                              $5,282      67%
                                                                                      Northeast                                              $6,050      10%
*Salary data are based on 171 usable guaranteed MBA student-reported                  Midwest                                                $6,703      5%
base salaries collected through May 31, 2009. Acceptance data are based
on 212 total guaranteed MBA student-reported job acceptances collected                West                                                   $5,213      5%
through May 31, 2009. This report complies with MBACSC guidelines for
data collection. Numbers and percentages are rounded to the nearest                   South                                                  $5,366      4%
whole number.
                                                                                      Mid Atlantic                                           $5,136      2%
                                                                                      Outside the U.S.                                       $3,269      7%

                                                                                      Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)
                                                                                      Mid-Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV)
                                                                                      South (AL,AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)
                                                                                      Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI)
                                                                                      Southwest (AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX)
                                                                                      West (AK, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY)

                                                                                                                                  Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 45


AUGUST                                                             NOVEMBER
   3-7     MBA Orientation                                            3-6     Finance Challenge (1st Year Students)
   7       Career Panels for Orientation                              13      Dallas Consulting Trek (1st Year Students)
   10-14   MBA 1st Year Pre-Term Academic Prep                                (Begins at 7:00 p.m. on November 12)
   17      First Day of Classes for 1st Year Students                 13-14   Net Impact Conference (Cornell University)
   21      MBA 1st Year Friday Class Day                              25      1st Year No Class Day
   26      First Day of Classes for 2nd Year Students
   31      Brief & Meets Begin                                     DECEMBER
                                                                      4       Last Day of Fall Semester
   4       PLUS Sales Training                                     JANUARY
   10      PLUS Pitch Party                                           6-8     Bay Area Multifunctional Trek
   10-11   Energy Finance Challenge                                   11-14   Super Week for 1st Year Consulting and
   11      2nd Year Mock Interview Day                                        I-Banking Interviews
   11      Entrepreneurship Society Conference                        19      First Day of Spring Semester
   14      On Campus Interviews for 2nd Year Students Begin
   14      Economics Midterm - No Recruiting (1st Year Students)   FEBRUARY
   17      CareerConnections Networking Reception                     5       Immigration Workshop
   18      CareerConnections Career Fair                              5       McCombs Global Career Fair
   23-25   National Black MBA Career Fair (New Orleans, LA)
   24-25   Global Challenge                                        MARCH
                                                                      1-4     Mid-Terms
OCTOBER                                                               5-21    PLUS MBA Global Connections Trips
   2       Corporate Energy/Clean Tech Trek to Houston                15-20   Spring Break
           (Begins at 7:00 p.m. on October 1)
   5-9     Mid-Terms Week-No Class or Information Sessions         APRIL
   8-9     NSHMBA Career Fair (Minneapolis, MN)                       15      McCombs Recruiter Summit
   12-14   PLUS Leadership Conference                                 16      MBA Careers Now Fair
   12-14   Marketing Chicago Trek
   12-14   Wall Street Trek                                        MAY
   15-18   Reaching Out LGBT Conference                               7       Last Day of Spring Semester
   16      1st Year Friday Class Day                                  21      Graduation
   22-23   Consulting Challenge (1st Year Students)
           Energy I-banking Trek to Houston
           (Begins at 7:00 p.m. on October 22)
   28-29   Real Estate Challenge
   29-30   IM/OPS Challenge (Begins at 5:00 p.m. on October 29)
   29-31   National Association of Women MBAs
           (NAWMBA) Conference
   30      Dallas Restructuring Trek
           (Begins at 7:00 p.m. on October 29)

                                                                   please go to:
                                                                   for the most updated MBA Program Calendar.

46 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                              MBA pROGRAM

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS                             •	 The University of Texas JD/MBA                  •	 During lunch, determine which students
Partnering with MBA student organizations is         Association                                        to invite back for screening interviews.
a great way to reach a targeted group of MBA      •	 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality                 •	 In the afternoon, conduct individual
students. The organizations are broken down          Association                                        screening interviews in our recruiting
by industry and career interest, which allows     •	 Venture Fellows (connecting MBA entre-             suites.
companies to directly interact with students         preneurs with venture capital exposure)
by sponsoring and hosting many career-related                                                       STUDENT TREkS
activities, including speaker panels, career     TEXAS FOOTBALL TAILGATES                           Every year, we take 1st Year students on
treks, and annual club conferences. To           Texas MBA Football Tailgates are current           industry-specific recruiting trips to cities
connect with student organizations, contact      student and alumni networking events prior         outside of Austin. Hosting a student group
Cindy Benton, Director of Student Services,      to each home game designed to promote              for an on-site visit during these Treks gives
at 512-471-7614, or go to the MBA clubs and      school pride and a sense of inclusion within       organizations the opportunity to showcase
organizations link: http://mba.mccombs.utexas.   the larger UT community. The tailgates             their corporate environment and gain
edu/students/studentorgs/.                       also serve as an opportunity for corporate         exposure to our MBA candidates.
                                                 sponsors to interact with 1st and 2nd Year           •	 Corporate Energy/CleanTech Trek
McCombs Graduate                                 MBA students in a less formal environment.              (Houston) – October 2, 2009
Student Organizations:                           If you are interested in learning more or to         •	 Chicago Marketing Trek –
 •	 Armed Forces Alumni Association              secure a sponsorship for a particular game,             October 12-14, 2009
 •	 Black Graduate Business Association          please contact Kathleen Voboril at kathleen.         •	 Wall Street Trek – October 12-14, 2009
 •	 CCIMS Marketing Fellows                                •	 Energy I-Banking Trek (Houston) –
 •	 China Business Association                                                                           October 23, 2009
 •	 CleanTech Group                              ACADEMIC ChALLENGES                                  •	 Restructuring Trek (Dallas) –
 •	 Consortium Fellows Business Association      Each year, student teams spend several days             October 30, 2009
 •	 Energy Finance Group                         working on simulated cases for corporate-            •	 Consulting Trek (Dallas) –
 •	 Entrepreneur Society                         sponsored academic challenges. The teams                November 13, 2009
 •	 Graduate Business Adventure Team             make presentations to executives who select          •	 Bay Area Multi-Functional Trek –
 •	 Graduate Business Council                    winners and offer industry-specific feedback.           January 6-8, 2010
 •	 Graduate Business Wine Club                  Challenges offer companies a great way to
 •	 Graduate Circle                              view top talent and participate as corporate       EVENT pUBLICITY
 •	 Graduate Consulting Group                    sponsors. If you would like to get involved in     There are a number of ways to publicize
 •	 Graduate Finance Association                 an academic challenge, please contact Cindy        your upcoming visit to campus, on-campus
 •	 Graduate Marketing Network                   Benton, Director of Student Services, at           interview times, off-campus events, and
 •	 Graduate Real Estate Society        or                 special events.
 •	 Graduate Women in Business                   call 512-471-7614.
 •	 Hispanic Graduate Business Association                                                          E-Mail publications
 •	 Indian Graduate Business Association         CAREER FAIRS                                       E-mailing is an effective way to reach
 •	 International MBA Student Association        Our annual fall recruiting event, MBA              MBA students and advertise upcoming events.
    (IMBASA)                                     CareerConnection, will be held Thursday,           There are several ways you can
 •	 Investment Fund                              September 17 through Friday, September             e-mail students.
 •	 Jewish MBA Organization                      18, 2009. This is a great way for companies
 •	 Master of Professional Accounting Council    to visit with a large number of our students       Student Organizations
 •	 MBA Card Club                                regarding internship and full-time opportuni-      Request that electronic fliers be distributed
 •	 MBA Christian Fellowship                     ties. This event includes a traditional career     to club members. Contact relevant student
 •	 MBA Golf Association                         fair with booths on Friday, September 18,          organizations to make arrangements.
 •	 MBA OutSource (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or    preceded by a networking reception on
    transgender student organization)            Thursday evening. For more information             Career Weekly
 •	 MBA Soccer                                   and to register for this event, visit:             Announce your upcoming events and
 •	 McCombs Admissions Committee             activities in Career Weekly, a weekly e-mail
 •	 McCombs (MBA) Retail & Luxury Club                                                              newsletter for MBA students that includes
 •	 Mexican Business Association                 SpRING CAREERS NOW FAIR                            career services and programming information.
 •	 Net Impact (social, environmental,           Our annual spring career fair, scheduled           For inclusion, please send announcements to
    and community responsibility student         for April 16, allows employers to meet and         Smylie Anderson at smylie.anderson@mccombs.
    organization)                                interview students for both internships and In the email header, please put:
 •	 Sports, Entertainment, and Media             full-time career opportunities in a just-in-time   Career Weekly; your company name; and 1st
    Association                                  environment. The format includes:                  Year MBAs, 2nd Year MBAs,
 •	 Technology McCombs                             •	 Meet students in the morning to discuss       or both.
 •	 Texas Business Weekly                             qualifications and interest.

                                                                                                            Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 47

plasma Screen Advertisement                          MBA CAREER SERVICES pOINTS OF CONTACT
Please e-mail Melissa Franco at melissa.franco@      To learn about ways to build your presence more directly with students on campus, please or call her at                    contact one of our Assistant Directors of MBA Career Services. They work closely with
512-232-7681 to receive the template and             individual students and organizations to help you plan events targeted to specific groups
instructions for a plasma screen advertisement.      or learn more about business school activities.

print publications                                   For questions and to learn about corporate recruiting and student
Find MBA Talent at McCombs                           involvement opportunities, please contact:
Find top candidates in the Resume Books for
the Class of 2010 and Class of 2011. You can         Randi Graham, Assistant Director
quickly identify and direct corporate materials | 512-475-8148
to a targeted group of students by purchasing
resume books and e-mailing students directly.        Michelle hardy, Assistant Director
Resume Books are available in a searchable  | 512-471-1688
online format through our vendor MBA Focus
at the following prices:                             Michael katz, Assistant Director
                                            | 512-471-9452
  Complete Set (both classes)..........$350.00
  Second-Year Resume Database –                      David Meintrup, Assistant Director
  Online Access Only ......................$225.00 | 512-471-4143
  First-Year Resume Database –                        •	 International and Diversity Recruiting
  Online Access Only ......................$225.00
                                                     For recruiting strategy, educational programming, and outreach,
 Visit the following link to find                    please contact:
 Resume Book ordering information:         Stacey Rudnick, Director
 sume_book.aspz                             | 512-232-3791

                                                     Jerry Dziuk, Senior Associate Director
RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL                       | 512-232-3760
 •	 Typically one quarter of every incoming          karen M. Landolt, Senior Associate Director
    McCombs MBA class comprises talented    | 512-232-5946
    international students from more than 20          •	 Management of BA 181 Strategic Career Planning Course
    countries including India, Mexico, and China.     •	 Programming/Curriculum
 •	 Many of these students bring strong language
    skills and valuable knowledge of global          For administrative assistance and help with MBA Career Fairs, please contact:
    business environments.
 •	 McCombs international students have an           Smylie Anderson, Assistant to Director
    average of five to seven years of professional | 512-232-3715
    experience in core business functions and
    have attended top schools in their respective    Melissa Franco, Administrative Assistant
    countries.                              | 512-232-3799
 •	 Hiring international students for U.S.-based
    summer internships is facilitated through
    Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and is
    without cost to the employer or obligation of
    sponsorship. Employers need only provide
    an offer letter on corporate letterhead with a
    few specifics on the position.
 •	 Once graduated, international students are
    free to work 12 months under Optional
    Practical Training (OPT). This is also at
    no cost to the employer.
 •	 For questions about recruiting international
    MBA students, please contact David Meintrup
    in MBA Career Services at 512-471-4143 or

48 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010

The Texas MBA programs for working professionals are

dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional

educational experience. Practical learning is enhanced

as classroom discussions are integrated and reinforced

in the work environment throughout the program.

Each graduate leaves McCombs ready to demonstrate

a strong foundation in general management, teamwork,

and leadership.
                                                                                      WORkING pROFESSIONAL MBA pROGRAM

Working professionals MBA programs

The Texas MBA programs for Working Professionals are dedicated to providing our students
with an exceptional educational experience. Practical learning is enhanced as classroom
discussions are integrated and reinforced in the work environment throughout the program.
Each graduate leaves McCombs ready to demonstrate a strong foundation in general management,
teamwork, and leadership.

MBA profile

Working professional                 Dallas/      Evening       houston        Executive
                                     Fort Worth   (Austin)                     (Austin)
MBA Class of 2010
Enrollment                           66           63            80             48
Average Age                          32           30            30             33
Average years work experience        6.9          6             6              11
Women %                              24%          20%           12%            15%
Average Undergraduate GPA            3.4          3.25          3.4            3.42
Average GMAT                         665          650           656            660

 Student Recruiting Eligibility:
  •	 Approximately half of the Working
     Professional students receive federal
     financial aid or non-company sponsored
     education resources to fund at least a
     portion of their education costs.

  •	 Working Professional MBA students
     who participate in campus recruiting
     activities are required to either pay for
     more than 50% of the cost of their MBA
     program or provide signed authorization
     from their employer.

  •	 Each Working Professional MBA
     student you meet at a McCombs-
     sponsored recruiting event will be
     eligible to participate in the recruiting
     process. They will be actively engaged
     in a job search process and considering
     employment opportunities outside their
     current employer.

                                                                                                 Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 51

 •	 The core curriculum of the Working            TEXAS MBA AT DALLAS/                               TEXAS EXECUTIVE MBA
    Professional MBA Program is designed          FORT WORTh AND hOUSTON                             AT MEXICO CITY
    to give all MBA students a solid foundation   The Texas MBA programs at Dallas/Ft. Worth         The Executive MBA at Mexico City is an
    in business fundamentals and to endow         and Houston allow professionals to gain the        innovative, dynamic, and challenging executive
    them with general management                  skills of the traditional MBA, while applying      MBA program that is taught in English. The
    competence.                                   those skills to their current jobs and preparing   University of Texas at Austin and Tecnológico
 •	 By design, each program allows profes-        for even greater responsibilities in the future.   de Monterrey – Campus Santa Fe are proud to
    sionals to earn their MBA while continuing    program structure:                                 offer this dual-degree graduate program that
    to work.                                        •	 Continuous 22-month program                   awards an MBA from The University of Texas
 •	 Through the core curriculum, students           •	 Courses scheduled on Friday evenings and      at Austin and a Master of Administration from
    gain knowledge in areas including finance,         Saturdays, every other weekend                Tecnológico de Monterrey – Campus Santa Fe.
    operations, strategy, marketing, and            •	 Residential component, with classes held      program structure:
    people management.                                 at a local hotel                                •	 Two-year MBA program
 •	 Students participate in a cohort learning                                                          •	 Friday and Saturday classes on alternate
    environment designed to develop team-         TEXAS EXECUTIVE MBA                                     weekends at Tecnolgico de Monterrey
    work and leadership skills.                   The Texas Executive MBA program, offered             •	 Two, week-long intensive education
                                                  since 1981, provides a knowledge base that              experiences in Austin
TEXAS EVENING MBA                                 prepares mid-career professionals for future
The Texas Evening MBA program                     general management responsibilities.
prepares managers and professionals to            program structure:
manage and lead in a complex and                    •	 22-month program
competitive environment.                            •	 Courses delivered on Fridays and Saturdays
program structure:                                     at the McCombs School of Business in
 •	 Designed for managers and professionals            Austin (AT&T Center)
 •	 8 semesters during 33 months                    •	 Students complete six elective hours
 •	 Evening courses, primarily on Mondays              chosen from four alternatives
    and Tuesdays
 •	 Classes held at the McCombs School of
    Business in Austin

52 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                    WORkING pROFESSIONAL MBA pROGRAM

MCCOMBS ENhANCE pROGRAMS                        Recent companies participating in         The deadline for submitting ENHANCE projects
•	 ENHANCE is an optional, extra-curricular     ENhANCE include:                          is Monday, April 12, 2010.
   consulting project program designed to
   enable the Working Professional MBA          3M                                        To connect with Working Professional MBAs
   students to explore and build experience     Alvarez & Marsal                          through ENHANCE, please contact:
   in functions and/or industries outside of    American Airlines
   their current professional fields.           Austin Technology Incubator               Bill Fleming
•	 Since students in the Working Professional   Austin Ventures                    
   programs are not able to participate in an   Bear Energy                                  512-232-1918
   internship, ENHANCE was established          British Petroleum
   as an innovative means for employers to      CenterPoint Energy                        Carolyn Rowles
   connect with this group of McCombs           Cisco                              
   MBA students.                                Dell                                         512-471-3854
•	 The ENHANCE program provides your            Delstar Technologies
   organization with a consulting team of       Dieste Harmel & Partners                  MCCOMBS INTERNATIONAL
   four to seven McCombs School Working         Hewlett-Packard                           MANAGEMENT SEMINAR/
   Professional MBA students to tackle a        Houston Astros                            GLOBAL TRIp
   project that you define.                     Keller Williams Realty                     •	 Working Professional MBA students
•	 Tangible deliverables are defined by you     Texas Instruments                             participate in international experiences
   at the outset, and project results are       XO Communications                             through the International Management
   presented by the team at the completion.     Yum! Brands - Pizza Hut                       Seminar/Global Trip component of their
•	 Teams are expected to spend at least                                                       MBA curriculum.
   90 hours (many teams spend considerably                                                 •	 This course enables students to experience
   more than 200 hours) on these engagements,                                                 both the business and cultural environments
   mostly during June/July, though some may                                                   of the countries they are visiting through
   start earlier in the year.                                                                 corporate visits, factory tours, and
                                                                                              collaboration with other entities.
                                                                                           •	 McCombs Global Trips will be held from
                                                                                              December 13-19 2009, and again from
                                                                                              April 11–17, 2010, and April 25, 2010-May
                                                                                              1, 2010. 2008-2009 trips included China,
                                                                                              Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, and UAE.
                                                                                           •	 If you maintain an office in one of these
                                                                                              areas and are interested in hosting a student
                                                                                              group, please contact Steven Burton,
                                                                                              Director, Texas MBA at Dallas & Houston
                                                                                              at or
                                                                                              call 512-232-3788.

                                                                                                  Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 53


AUGUST                                                                FEBRUARY
   1       New Student Orientation for 2012 TEMBA Students               5       McCombs Global Job Fair
   1-8     Austin Intensive Week for 1st Year DFW/Houston MBA         APRIL
           Students                                                      3       Last Day of Spring Semester for DFW and Houston
   9-15    Austin Intensive Week for Final-Year DFW/Houston MBA                  (Class of 2011)
           Students                                                      11      Depart for Spring International Trip (DFW and Houston)
   14      Working Professional MBA Case Interview Challenge             15      McCombs Recruiter Summit
           (Austin)                                                      16      Careers Now Career Fair
   16-21   Austin Seminar Week for EMBA Students (Class of 2011)         16      ENHANCE Project Proposal Deadline
   19-22   Austin Seminar Week for EMBA Students (Class of 2010)         17      Last Day of Spring Semester for Executive MBA Students
   28      Austin Intensive Week for EMBA Students (Class of 2012)       17      Return from Spring International Trip
   28      First Day of Fall Semester for Houston MBA Students                   (Dallas and Houston)
   29      Austin Intensive Week for TEMBA Students begins               24      Last Day of Spring Semester for Houston (Class of 2010)
           (Class of 2010 and 2011)                                      25      Depart for Spring International Trip (TEMBA)
                                                                         20      Last Day of Spring Semester for TEMBA (Class of 2011
                                                                                 and 2012)
                                                                         27      Last Day of Spring Semester for TEMBA (Class of 2010)
   1       Austin Intensive Week for TEMBA Students Ends              MAY
   4       First Day of Fall Semester for DFW MBAs and EMBA              1       Return from Spring International Trip (TEMBA)
   8       First Day of Fall Semester for TEMBAs Students (Austin)       1       Last Day of Spring Semester for DFW MBA Students
   10      Dallas/Ft. Worth Meet & Greet Event (5-8 p.m.), Marriott              (Class of 2010)
            Dallas Las Colinas                                           14      Start of Summer Semester for DFW and Houston MBA
   24      Houston Meet & Greet Event (5–8 p.m.), Hilton Americas                Students
           - Houston                                                     14      Deadline for ENHANCE Team Formation
   17      MBA CareerConnections Networking Reception                    21-22   Graduation
   18      MBA CareerConnections Career Fair
DECEMBER                                                                 17      End of Summer Semester for DFW & Houston MBA
   5       Last Day of Fall Semester for Executive MBA Students                  Students
   5       Last Day of Semester for DFW & Houston MBA Students
   13      Depart for Winter International Trip
   15      Last Day of Fall Semester for TEMBA Students

   8       First Day of Spring Semester for DFW and Houston
           MBA Students
   8       First Day of Spring Semester for Executive MBA Students
   11      ENHANCE Kick-off to Solicit Project Proposals
   19      First Day of Spring Semester for TEMBA Students

54 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                         WORkING pROFESSIONAL MBA pROGRAM

MEET & GREET EVENTS                                MOCk INTERVIEW DAYS                               ENhANCE pROJECTS
•	 Join us at our annual fall recruiting events,   •	 Get a first look at the Final Year students    •	 These no-cost, team-based projects allow
   designed for employers with opportunities          while helping them hone their interview           businesses to engage with groups of the
   and ENHANCE projects in Dallas/Ft.                 skills by serving as a mock interviewer at        Working Professional MBA students and
   Worth and/or Houston, to meet with                 these summer events.                              resolve real-world business challenges.
   students locally who are interested in          •	 Local Peer Mock Interview Days are held        •	 Please read more on page 53.
   those cities.                                      for Houston, Dallas, and Evening students
•	 Structured as a no-cost, relaxed evening           in May of each year. Please e-mail             LOCAL INFORMATION SESSIONS
   cocktail reception, the Meet & Greet              TexasMBACareerServices@mccombs.utexas.          •	 Meet our students in Houston and
   events provide high-value discussion              edu if you are interested in participating as      Dallas through local pre-class information
   opportunities with students from all               an interviewer.                                   sessions.
   McCombs MBA programs.                           •	 Local Employer Mock Interview Days are         •	 Similar to the Brief & Meet events held
•	 Complimentary Resume Books of partici-             held for Houston, Dallas, and Evening             in Austin, local information sessions can
   pating students are provided. Dates for            students on the following dates:                  be held from 2:30–4:00 p.m. on a Friday
   the 2009 Meet & Greets are:                          Houston —                                       afternoon before class.
•	 Dallas/Ft. Worth –                                   Thursday, July 9, 2009                       •	 Arrangements can be made either through
   Thursday, September 10, 2009                         Dallas/Ft. Worth —                              the leader of a student organization
•	 Houston – Thursday, September 24, 2009               Thursday, July 9, 2009                          (listed below) or by contacting TexasMBA-
•	 To register attendance or learn more,                Austin —                              
   please e-mail TexasMBACareerServices@                Thursday, July 16, 2009                                                                               hOST AN AFTER-hOURS EVENT
                                                   CASE INTERVIEW ChALLENGE                          OR A LOCAL OFFICE VISIT
EXECUTIVE SpEAkER SERIES                           •	 Meet the students by serving as a mock         •	 Several companies find value in hosting
•	 Have an executive at your firm address             interviewer and judge.                            a meeting or cocktail reception at a local
   the students in Dallas or Houston over          •	 Teams from the Evening, Dallas/Ft. Worth,         venue as a chance to engage with the
   lunch on a class weekend.                          and Houston programs compete in a                 Working Professional students in a relaxed
•	 The Executive Speaker Series is a great            half-day of mock interviews to vie for best       atmosphere.
   opportunity to represent your firm                 individual and best team recognition.          •	 Please contact the student organization’s
   through presentations on topical business       •	 The challenge is scheduled for Friday,            representatives (listed below), or e-mail
   subjects and challenges.                           August 14, 2009 in Austin.                       TexasMBACareerServices@mccombs.utexas.
•	 To request a speaking date or inquire           •	 Contact TexasMBACareerServices@mccombs.          edu.
   about addressing the Evening MBA          if you are interested in partici-
   students, please e-mail TexasMBACareer             pating as a judge for this annual event.

                                                                                                            Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 55

                                               We offer a variety of options for obtaining a Resume Book featuring the Working
 •	 Texas Evening Entrepreneurs
                                               professional MBA students:
Dallas / Ft. Worth                             Mccombs MBA Resume Book
 •	 Graduate Business Council                  Final Year Working Professional MBAs that are eligible to participate in school-sponsored
 •	 Graduate Consulting Group                  recruiting events are included in the McCombs MBA Resume Book. To obtain this book, refer
 •	 Entrepreneurship Club                      to page 48.

Houston                                        Meet & Greet Resume Book
 •	 Graduate Business Council                  A complimentary, hard-copy Resume Book is provided to each representative of the employers
 •	 Graduate Consulting Group                  registered for the event. These books feature 1st Year students interested in ENHANCE
                                               projects and Final Year students interested in local employment opportunities.

                                               Online Resume Book of students registered for on-campus recruiting (OCR) through the OCR
                                               system at

                                               Resume packets tailored to your specifications (e.g., location, program, undergraduate
                                               majors, current functional or industry experience, years of experience) may be obtained by
                                               contacting our office at

EVENT pUBLICITY                                      CONTACTS
E-Mail Distributions:                               WORkING pROFESSIONAL MBA CAREER SERVICES
Working Professional MBA students reside            pOINTS OF CONTACT
throughout the state and e-mail remains a
high-impact method for reaching them.               Bill Fleming, Director
                                           | 512-232-1918
Student Organizations:
Student organizations distribute targeted           Carolyn Rowles, Assistant Director
communications, including electronic fliers | 512-471-3854
or other event announcements.
                                                    Shannon hickson, Assistant Director
TEMBA Gazette:                             | 512-232-1986
The Evening MBA students have a weekly
electronic publication, the TEMBA Gazette,          Yvette Brown, Career Management Coordinator
which is an effective tool to reach students | 512-475-6434
attending weeknight classes. The Career
Management Team will assist in your efforts
to distribute other special announcements.

print Distributions, handouts, or Flyers:
These can be distributed or posted in class
for each of the Working Professional MBA

56 | Recruiter Guide 2009-2010
                                                                                                                                          AUSTIN INFORMATION

DIRECTIONS AND pARkING                              Getting to Campus from the Airport                        TRANSpORTATION
Ford Career Center Location                         Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is                 The following transportation companies serve
The Ford Career Center is located in the            located eight miles southeast of downtown                 the Austin area:
McCombs School of Business at 2100 Speedway,        Austin. Please allow 60 to 90 minutes travel               •	 AlphaRide (Chauffeured Sedans)
two blocks north of the Brazos Parking Garage       time between the airport and the McCombs                      877-ALPHA.30 |
on the northwest corner of Speedway and             School of Business (more if you arrive at peak             •	 American Yellow Cab
21st Street. Enter the building through the         traffic hours). As you exit the airport, head                 512-452-9999
21st Street entrance near the “family” statue,      west on State Highway 71. Continue on SH 71                •	 Austin Cab
and take the elevators up two levels to the         until you reach the northbound exit for Hwy                   512-478-2222
fourth floor. The Career Center’s Interview         183. Take Hwy 183 north to the 7th Street
Suites are located in room GSB 4.114. The           exit, where you will exit westbound (left).               pARkING
Recruitment Services team’s offices are in          Continue on 7th Street until you reach the                Any visitor can park in any of the seven
GSB 4.128. The Career Services and program          access road for IH-35, where you will turn                University parking garages on a paid basis.
offices are located on the following floors of      north (right). Proceed on the access road                 The closest University-operated garage,
the McCombs School of Business:                     until you reach Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.,            Brazos Parking Garage, is located at 210 E.
  •	 BBA Career Services: CBA 2.116                 then turn west (left). Campus buildings are               Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. just north of the
  •	 MPA Career Services: GSB 4.112C                generally northwest of the intersection of                intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
  •	 MBA Career Services: CBA 2.316                 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and IH-35.                  and Brazos. The cost is $10 per day and is
                                                                                                              subject to availability of spaces. Visitors pay at
                                                                                                              a centrally located cashier/payment machine
                                                                                                              at the end of their stay. If you are conducting
                                                                                                              on-campus interviews at the Ford Career
                                                                                                              Center, ask about parking validation (for
                                                                                                              University garage facilities). Additional
                                                                                                              parking may be found in the Trinity Garage at
                                                                                                              1815 Trinity Street (at intersection with Martin
      See Map Below
                                                                                                              Luther King, Jr. Blvd). Surface parking lots
                                     26Th ST
                                                                                                              are restricted to University permit holders. For
                                                                                                              additional UT maps, please visit the following
         GUADALUPE                    MLk                      183                                            web site:
                                       7Th ST

                            1ST ST

        1 MI.                                           183                    Dean keeton
                                                                                                             San Jacin

                                                                                                                              Red River


                                                              Sh 71
                           Sh 71
                                                                                                            Blvd.     to

                                   INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT                McCombs School
                                                                          of Business

                                                                                                21st St.

                                                                        MLk (Martin Luther
                                                                                           king Jr. Blvd)

                                                                                                                           Recruiter Guide 2009-2010 | 59


RESTAURANTS                 CUISINE                        WEBSITE                                     phONE      ADDRESS                   DISTANCE
                                                                                                       (512)                                (miles)
The Carillon                Fine Cuisine (Buffet & menu)            404-1900   1900 University Ave.      On -campus
                                                           html#carillon                                          (AT&T Center)
Gabriel’s Café              Sandwiches, salads, etc.            404-1900   1900 University Ave.      On -campus
                                                           html#gabriels_cafe                                     (AT&T Center)
One Twenty 5 Café           Coffee & light fare     404-1900   1900 University Ave.      On -campus
                                                                                                                  (AT&T Center)
O’s Campus Café             Sandwiches, soups, etc.                        232-5559   Business School Atrium,   On -campus
(Delivery available)                                                                                              3rd Floor
Player’s                    Burgers                             478-9299   300 W. MLK Blvd.          0.36 mi.
Schlotzky’s                 Sandwiches                                    457-1129   1915 Guadalupe St.        0.38 mi.
Chipotle                    Burritos, tacos, salads                            320-0238   2230 Guadalupe St.        0.39 mi.
Potbelly                    Sandwiches                                       477-0300   2316 Guadalupe St.        0.5 mi.
Jimmy John’s                Sandwiches                                     478-3111   601 W. MLK Blvd.          0.53 mi.
(Delivery available)

Mellow Mushroom             Pizza                                      472-6356   2426 Guadalupe St.        0.6 mi.
Texadelphia                 Philly Cheesesteaks                           480-0107   2422 Guadalupe St.        0.6 mi.
Clay Pit                    Indian                                            322-5131   1601 Guadalupe St.        0.63 mi.
El Mercado                  Mexican                               477-7689   1702 Lavaca St.           0.63 mi.
Madam Mam’s                 Thai                                             472-8306   2514 Guadalupe St.        0.7 mi.
Brick Oven                  Pizza & Pasta                         477-7006   1209 Red River            0.99 mi.
Trudy’s                     Tex-Mex                                            477-2935   409 W. 30th St.           1.30 mi.
Driskill Grill**            Fine Dining                                 391-7162   604 Brazos St.            1.33 mi.
Louie’s 106 Bar & Grill**   Mediterranean                                   476-1997   106 E. 6th St.            1.41 mi.
Shoreline Grill**           Seafood                                    477-3300   98 San Jacinto            1.60 mi.

Rounders Pizzeria           Pizza & Salad                            477-0404   1203 W. 6th St.           1.92 mi.
(Delivery available)

Jason’s Deli                Sandwiches & Salads                            453-8666   1000 E. 41st St.          1.93 mi.
(Delivery available)

Güero’s                     Mexican                                     447-7688   1412 S. Congress          2.88 mi.
Shady Grove                 American                                    474-9991   1624 Barton Springs       2.96 mi.
Hula Hut                    Mexican/Polynesian                                476-4852   3825 Lake Austin Blvd.    3.48 mi.

** Reservations Recommended
                                                           For more information about austin, please visit:

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                                                                                                                         AUSTIN INFORMATION

There are many reasonably priced hotels and motels in Austin. Special UT rates (usually lower than corporate rates) are often available on
request. Below is a partial list of hotels near the campus. Reservations are strongly recommended.

 hOTELS                      TYpE              WEBSITE                                phONE      ADDRESS                    DISTANCE
                                                                                      (512)                                 (miles)
 AT&T Executive Education                                475-7505   University Drive           On -campus
 and Conference Center
 Mansion at Judges’ Hill     3 Star              495-1800   1900 Rio Grande            0.6 mi.
 Doubletree Guest Suites     3 Star                       478-7000   303 W. 15th St.            0.77 mi.
 Carrington’s Bluff          Bed & Breakfast               479-0638   1900 David St.             0.94 mi.
 Doubletree Club             3 Star                       479-4000   1617 N. IH-35              1.08 mi.
 Omni Austin                 4 Star                       476-3700   700 San Jacinto Blvd.      1.19 mi.
 Intercontinental -Stephen   5 Star                 457-8800   701 Congress Ave           1.49 mi.
 F. Austin
 Courtyard - Downtown        3 Star                         472-5553   300 E. 4th St.             1.85 mi.
 Hilton Austin               4 Star                           482-8000   500 E. 4th St.             1.91 mi.
 Hilton Garden Inn -         3 Star                           480-8181   500 N. IH-35               1.91 mi.
 Radisson Hotel & Suites     3 Star                         478-9611   111 Cesar Chavez           1.91 mi.
 Driskill Hotel              4 Star                    474-5911   604 Brazos St.             1.98 mi.
 Hampton Inn - Downtown      3 Star                       472-1500   200 San Jacinto Blvd.      1.98 mi.
 Embassy Suites - Downtown   3 Star                    469-9000   300 S. Congress Ave.       2.21 mi.
 Hyatt Regency               4 Star                            477-1234   208 Barton Springs         2.25 mi.
 Four Seasons                5 Star                      478-4500   98 San Jacinto Blvd.       2.26 mi.
 Holiday Inn - Town Lake     3 Star                       472-8211   20 N. IH-35                2.41 mi.
 Fairfield Inn & Suites      3 Star                         302-5550   959 Reinli St.             4.35 mi.

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