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									How A Mesothelioma Lawsuit is Filed

There are many steps to determining whether you have a case. It involves a process known as
discovery. During discovery, your attorney will figure out who caused your injury and the extent,
or how bad, the injuries are. This can be a very time-consuming process because of the length
of time it takes for Mesothelioma to develop.

That is why it is important to sign on with The Fox Law Firm to investigate your claim and go to
work for you.

What happens after I hire your firm?
One of the first and most important steps will be to get you or your loved one’s work history.
This will determine if and where you were exposed to asbestos. If your loved one has died of an
asbestos-related disease, we will still be able to obtain their work records to prove they worked
with asbestos.

The next step involves the ordering of medical records. It is important to order all the medical
records related to the patient’s treatment. This process can take up to six months. We will also
order your social security records to validate your work history. We need to prove that you have
worked for companies that exposed you to asbestos. These records will be reviewed by experts
who will provide our firm with reports needed to prepare your case.

After reviewing your records and determining your diagnosis and where and when you were
exposed to asbestos, our firm will determine whether a law suit should be filed on your behalf. 
This decision is based on factors such as where you live and where the injury took place. Your
right to sue and recover damages for your injuries depend on many factors. So it is important
that you contact us right away so we can determine the best way to help you and your situation.

We are available to discuss your case. We can help.


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