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					Google Apps and
          Jack Nieporte
      St James of the Valley
      Google Apps and
• Imagine how valuable it would be if
  your entire campus community —
  students, faculty, and staff — could
  share information and ideas more
  easily. With Google Apps Education
  Edition’s free communication,
  collaboration and publishing tools, you
  can start bringing that vision to life.
        Google Apps and
• Google Apps Education Edition is really, truly
  You don't have to buy anything to use Google Apps
  Education Edition -- no hardware, no software, no

• Open standards
  Services work across multiple platforms -- PCs,
  Macs, even Linux computers! -- and it gives each
  user the flexibility to use the internet browsers
  that they prefer.
   These are the Google
• Google Page Creator
  – With Google Page Creator, you can create web
    pages right in your browser and publish them
    to the web with one click, without doing any
    programming whatsoever. There's no software
    to download and no web designer to hire but
    your pages can still look creative, unique and
    professional. The pages are hosted on Google
    servers and are available from your domain for
    the world to see. Page hosting is free, just like
    all the other Google Apps services.
       Google Docs &
• Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a free
  web-based word processing and
  spreadsheet program that keeps
  documents current and lets the
  people you choose update files from
  their own computers. You can, for
  example, coordinate your student
  group's homework assignments
          Google Calendar
• With Google Calendar, sharing events and meetings with
  others is simple. You can coordinate schedules with people
  in several ways:
• Send out meeting and event invitations, and track people's
  responses whether or not they use Google Calendar.
• Share your calendar (or just some of your agenda
  information) with people you know.
• Create a shared calendar for your organization, team or
  group that everyone can view and edit.
• Create a public calendar that anyone can subscribe to.
• Display your calendar on your internal or external website
The Google Pack
Other Apps from Google
           Google Earth
• Zoom from space to street level — tour the world

• Google Earth combines the power of Google
  Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and
  3D buildings to put the world's geographic
  information at your fingertips.

• Includes Google Sky- allows viewer to see the
  Constellations and stars.
  Norton Security Scan
• Detects and eliminates viruses and
  internet worms

• Free detection updates and
  scheduled scanning
   Mozilla Firefox with
     Google Toolbar
• Browse the web quickly and securely

• Switch between pages quickly with
  tabbed browsing

• Some say it is more stable than
  Internet Explorer
     Spyware Doctor –
      Starter Edition
• Detects and removes spyware,
  adware, trojans and keyloggers

• Includes Smart Updates and
  scheduling to protect your PC
• Find, edit, and share your photos in

• Easily remove red eye and fix photos

• Easy and fun to use
     Star Office Suite
• StarOffice software is an affordable
  alternative in office productivity suites
  that runs on multiple operating systems,
  including Solaris Operating Environment,
  Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The office
  suite has a simple, easy-to-use interface
  and contains full-featured applications
  including word processing, spreadsheet,
  presentation, graphics and database
         Real Player
• Play popular media formats, organize
  music and videos

• Transfer music to iPod and other
  portable media players
       Google Desktop
• Find all your email, files, web history,
  and more

• Get all your personalized info in one
  place with Sidebar

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