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					Conference and Events Management MA

Conferences and events play an essential role in the business,            Length of course
cultural and sporting life of all countries. In recent years the          One-year,	full-time	or		
conference and events industry has been created to plan such events,      two-year,	part-time
and market them and the destinations and venues in which they take
place. This course is specifically designed for people who want to        Location
enter, or make further progress in, management-level careers in the       Central	London	(Marylebone)
fast-expanding fields of conference and events.                           Fees and funding
   With several hundred conference venues and a rich supply               See
of convention hotels, London is a world leader in terms of the
high-profile conferences it attracts from the UK, Europe and              Associated careers
beyond. This city is also the location for a vast range of cultural and   Graduates	enter	a	wide	range	
sporting events, including the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games.            of	careers	in	the	private	and	the	
These characteristics make London an ideal place in which to study        public	sectors,	in	the	UK	and	
conference and events management.                                         internationally.	These	careers	
                                                                          range	from	conference	and	
Course content                                                            events	planning,	through	venue	
This course examines how events, conferences and the venues and           management,	to	destination	
destinations in which they are held are planned and marketed, and         marketing	–	working	with	a	tourism	
looks at the important links between cities’ conference and events        organisation	or	convention	bureau	
industries and related areas such as urban regeneration, sustainability   to	attract	conferences	and	events	to	
and business tourism in general. It offers an extensive range of          a	particular	country	or	city.	
options that allow you to pursue your particular interests, and
                                                                  Entry requirements
includes a dissertation that gives you the opportunity of researching
a conference-related or events-related topic in depth.            You	should	have	a	good	Honours	
                                                                  degree	or	equivalent.	If	your	first	
Core modules: Conference and Events Planning • Dissertation • The
                                                                  language	is	not	English,	you	will	
Conference and Events Industry • Venue and Destination Management
                                                                  need	an	IELTS	score	of	6.5.
Option modules, choose three from: Airport Planning and
Management • Business Tourism • Events Tourism • Sustainable
Tourism • Urban Tourism

          Tourism Management MA

          This well-established course is aimed at people who want to take           Length of course
          up, or advance their management careers in the tourism and leisure         One-year,	full-time	or		
          industries, both in the UK and internationally.                            two-year,	part-time
             As tourism continues to grow rapidly, more and more places
          are becoming tourism destinations, the industry is becoming                Location
          increasingly complex, and highly skilled managers are required.            Central	London	(Marylebone)
          This cosmopolitan course consistently attracts a wide range of             Fees and funding
          students from around the world. London is an ideal place to study          See
          tourism. It is one of the world’s great tourism cities, and we have
          extensive links with the industry here and further afield, and visiting    Associated careers
          lecturers contribute to our courses.                                       Graduates	have	gone	on	to	
             The Centre for Tourism Research successfully achieved the maximum       establish	careers	in	a	wide	variety	
          score in the last national quality assurance audit, and annual student     of	fields	including	working	for	
          feedback for the course is very positive, with teaching, staff contact     national	and	regional	tourism	
          and course content receiving particular praise. This reflects the          organisations	in	the	UK	and	
          tourism team’s efforts to provide a valuable and effective course as       overseas,	undertaking	marketing	
          well as a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment for your        roles	with	transport	organisations	
          studies. All our staff teaching on the course are active researchers,      such	as	airlines	as	well	as	tourism	
          and their teaching is informed by both their own research, and by          destinations,	and	working	for	
          current ideas and debates.                                                 companies	specialising	in	business	
                                                                                     tourism.	Some	of	our	graduates	
          Course content                                                             launched	their	own	travel	agency	
          The course examines the nature and characteristics of the tourism          businesses,	while	others	work	in	
          industry, and explores how it can be marketed, managed and                 a	variety	of	management	roles	in	
          planned. It offers an extensive range of option modules that allow you     hotels,	and	in	consultancy	roles	for	
          to pursue your particular interests, and it includes a dissertation that   tourism	research	organisations.
          allows you to research in depth a tourism subject of your choice.
                                                                                     Entry requirements
          Core modules: Tourism Concepts • Tourism Dissertation • Tourism
                                                                                     You	should	have	a	good	Honours	
          Marketing Management • Tourism Policy and Planning
                                                                                     degree	or	equivalent.	Those	whose	
          Option modules, choose three from: Airline Planning and                    first	language	is	not	English	will	
          Management • Airport Planning and Management • Business Tourism            need	an	IELTS	score	of	6.5.
          • Events Tourism • Sustainable Tourism • Urban Tourism • plus one
          management module from Westminster Business School