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					                                        Strategies for State Think Tanks – May / June 2009

       Grassroots Grow Deep in Maine
       By TarrEN r. BraGDoN

       The following Tale of Tea
       Parties, censorship legislation and
       501(c)4s demonstrates how the Maine
       heritage Policy Center is invigorating
       the grassroots – and achieving
       organizational and policy success.

       working the grassroots can mean
       long hours, extensive travel and
       passing around a clipboard. however,
       said investment by MhPC has paid
       significant dividends: expanded
       email lists, growth in donor lists
       and increased personal involvement
       that brings added value to our
                                                  Many Tea Party participants in Augusta showed their support for the TABOR initiative,
                                                  drafted by The Maine Heritage Policy Center, which will be on the November 2009 ballot.
       The april 15 Tea Parties that took place
       around the country were a big splash,
       the ripple effects of which are still      view was, killing this censorship bill          •	 21st Maine, an insider’s club
       being felt. like other states, Maine saw   in a blue state like Maine would send
       thousands of folks turn out to protest     a strong message to government-                 •	 Create a petition and get it online
       out-of-control government spending.        employee unions in other states: Don’t
                                                  even think it.                                  •	 Skin in the game
       in Maine, ironically, these Tea Parties
       occurred at the same time that             The question for MhPC was, how do               •	 YouTube
       MhPC was waging battle against             we capitalize on the broad, existing
       legislative Document 1353. had it          nationwide grassroots movement                  •	 Partner up, get 501(c)4 involvement
       been enacted, this state legislation       and simultaneously build our own
       would have censored public employee’s      grassroots movement? The simple
                                                                                                  21ST MaiNE – aN iNSiDEr’S CluB
       salary information, hidden Maine           answer: get people informed and get
       government spending and dealt a            them involved. The result was the defeat        early this spring, MhPC launched
       major blow to MhPC’s transparency          of the anti-transparency legislation.           the 21st Maine club. (The name
       website,                                                                 pays homage to Joshua Chamberlain
                                                  To get people informed and involved             and the men of the 21st Maine
       with so many think tanks launching         the Center used five successful                 Regiment, who helped turn the battle
       their own transparency sites, our          strategies:                                                           continued on page 21

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2020 North 14th Street • Suite 250 • Arlington, VA 22201 • Phone:NEWS 1 May / JuNE 2009
New Tech at Personal
Democracy Forum                                                                                                        MAY / JUNE 2009
By NiColE WilliaMS                                                                                                     Vol 10 • IssUE 3
                                                                                            SPn news reports on issues of importance to state-focused,
                                                                                            market-oriented, non-profit public policy research organiza-
                                           the guest speakers will be: Steve grove,
                                                                                            tions. Drawing from current updates and events from within
                                           YouTube; Maria Teresa Petersen, Voto             the industry, the publication provides timely information on
                                           latino; Craig newmark, Craigslist; and           the most pressing issues facing public policy state think tank
                                           Baratunde Thurston, The onion and                executives. State Policy network publishes SPn news six
                                                                                            times a year. individual copies can be ordered from the State
                                           Jack & Jill Politics.
                                                                                            Policy network offices at 703-243-1655. All images used in
                                                                                            this issue are owned by their respective copyright holders. All
                                           here’s the skinny:                               rights reserved.

                                           •	 Personal Democracy forum 2009                                       MIssIoN sTATEMENT
                                                                                            State Policy network is the capacity building service
M anY TiMeS aT The heritage                                                                 organization for america’s free market, state-focused
foundation’s Resource Bank and atlas’      •	 June 29-30                                    think tank community. we advance a free society by
liberty forum, i was asked how to                                                           providing leadership development, management training and
stay abreast of new communications         •                    networking opportunities for think tank professionals and by
                                                                                            promoting strategic partnerships among market-oriented
technologies and how to determine                                                           organizations.
which are worth trying. The answer:        •	 frederick P. Rose hall
There is no answer.                           Jazz at lincoln Center                                       sTATE PolICY NETWoRK™
                                                                                                                Tracie Sharp, President
                                              Broadway at 60th Street
                                                                                                      Jennifer Butler, executive Vice President
new and emerging technologies are             new York, nY 10023                                 Denise Chaykun, leadership and grants Specialist
hard to keep up with. weird fly-by-                                                                     Mark Todd engler, assistant editor
night services that no one thinks          SPn has arranged for a special                         holly M. Jackson, Director of external Relations
will amount to anything, such as           discounted registration rate of $350 per                           John laPlante, Blog editor, suddenly become The           person, available at the following link:                  Caitlin Mcgovern, Development assistant
                                                                                               erica Mitchell, administrative and web Site assistant
Thing that legislators are using to
                                                                                                       Daniel Montgomery, graphic Designer
communicate with their constituents,       tid=680311&RegTypeiD=224519.
                                                                                                   Michelle Poehlmann, administrative associate
see and promising                                                                laurel J. Tacoma, operations administrator
services with millions of users, such      a special rate is available at the hudson                    Joe weaver, Technology Consultant
as, get trumped by a           hotel, 356 west 58th Street, new York,                           Kurt T. weber, Senior advisor
more attractive but similar service, see   nY 10019, t: 212-554-6000. ask for the              nicole williams, Management and Technology advisor                              State Policy network room block.                          event Management by Doner fundraising:
                                                                                                                      Kate Doner
                                                                                                   Keaton Benn, Rachel Christ and lauren lucas
one way to begin unraveling the            Staying on top of emerging
evaluation challenge is to attend          communications technologies can be                                  BoARD oF DIRECToRs
technology conferences and see what real   a challenge, but the PDf conference                   Thomas a. Roe, founding Chairman (1927 - 2000)
people think about new technological       in new York offers an excellent way to                            gaylord K. Swim (1948 - 2005)
ideas. The Personal Democracy forum,       see new ideas, as well as observe others’        Theodore D. abram......american institute for full employment
                                                                                            whitney l. Ball .......................................................... Donors Trust
or PDf, is an excellent candidate for      reactions to them. Should you go, write
                                                                                            Carl helstrom (Chairman) ............................The JM foundation
doing just that. PDf focuses on how        me at when you arrive           gisèle huff (Treasurer) ....................Jaquelin hume foundation
technology affects politics.               and we’ll compare notes.                         Barbara wells Kenney (Secretary) .......lillian S. wells foundation
                                                                                            adam Meyerson ................................... Philanthropy Roundtable
                                                                                            Tracie J. Sharp (President) ..........................State Policy network
This year, a group of SPn folks will                  Nicole Williams is the                Stanford D. Swim .........................................The gfC foundation
attend the new York event to glean                    management and technology             Bridgett g. wagner .............................. The heritage foundation
                                                      advisor at SPN. Write her at
information, see new tools in action                                                        Thomas willcox ..................................... Thomas Roe foundation
at the booths and hear presentations                                                           2020	North	14th	Street	•	Suite	250	•	Arlington,	VA	22201	
that focus on what is likely to happen                                                               Phone:	703-243-1655	•	Fax:	703-740-0314
beyond the next election cycle. among                                                            	•

                                                                                                    State Policy Network has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator,
                                                                                                    America's largest independent evaluator of charities.

                                                           SPN NEWS   2   May / JuNE 2009
Little Pink Houses for SPN Members

onCe in a rare while, a fight over          Mackinac Center for Public Policy,             There is an important epilogue to
rights captures the nation’s attention.     evergreen freedom foundation                   Susette Kelo’s fight. in just the past four
                                            and Cato institute. Benedict also              years since the Kelo ruling, 43 states
Such battles offer transformative           spoke on behalf of the goldwater               have now changed their laws to better
opportunities – chances to change           institute.                                     protect the rights of property owners.
the world through the retelling of                                                         This is an enormous accomplishment
the stories of those at the center of       Texas Public Policy foundation                 made possible by the teamwork of
the struggle. Think of Rosa Parks and       used the opportunity to kick off a             SPn organizations nationwide and the
civil rights.                               legislative briefing before a packed           institute for Justice. even the weakest
                                            house. afterwards,
So it was with Susette Kelo and her         Benedict, Kelo, institute
fight to protect her little pink house in   for Justice senior attorney
new london, Connecticut. Much like          Dana Berliner and TPPf
Ms. Parks, Susette Kelo wasn’t asking       representatives appeared
for much; all she wanted was to be left     at a press conference
alone ... in Susette’s case, to enjoy the   with the governor calling
home that was rightfully hers.              for improved eminent
                                            domain reform, including
But at the behest of her new next-door      a state constitutional
neighbor, Pfizer, the city and a private    amendment.
development agency conspired to
                                                                              Barren is the land where Susette Kelo and her neighbors' homes once
take her home from her for a private        The Mackinac Center, stood – four years after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed governments
development. now – four years after         which in 2006 used the to take property under the guise of economic development.
the ruling in which the U.S. Supreme        Kelo ruling to draft and
Court allowed the taking of Kelo’s land     pass “Proposal 4” to better protect of these reforms is an improvement
for another private party who merely        property in Michigan, preceded their over the pre-Kelo legal landscape. in
had the prospect of creating more jobs      book forum with a major local media the more than 20 states that changed
and taxes with the property – the land      expedition and followed it with a bus their blight laws, property owners are
where Susette Kelo’s neighborhood           tour of local areas where property actually better protected than they
once stood remains a brown, barren          rights are still under assault.          would have been even if Kelo had come
field: this after spending $78 million                                               out the right way.
in taxpayer money.                          evergreen freedom foundation used
                                            the Kelo book event to launch its new all of this and the reforms still to
as award-winning investigative              Property Rights Center, which seeks come are especially remarkable when
journalist Jeff Benedict recently           to educate and activate washington you consider the powerful interest
pointed out to SPn organizations            residents in the fight to protect groups – municipal officials, developers
from coast to coast , “ The only            private property against unwarranted and planners – who have fought so
jobs created from the Kelo debacle          government encroachment. a pre- desperately to preserve their power. Such
were for the crews that bulldozed           event briefing with Jeff Benedict reforms sparked by the fight for Susette
the neighborhood.” Benedict, the            was packed with representatives Kelo’s little pink house are testimony to
author of little Pink house: a True         from property rights groups across the power of ordinary americans, who
Stor y of Defiance and Courage              wa shing ton, forming the core don’t have full-time lobbyists or special
(grand Central Publishing), recently        of a coalition eff’s new center can work access to legislators, when they demand
made the rounds to SPn members              with to advance individuals’ rights.     their rights be respected.
telling how such a miscarriage of
justice could happen in america.            The institute for Justice will gladly                       John E. Kramer is the Institute
Benedict and Kelo spoke together at         team up with other SPn members.                             for Justice’s vice president for
                                                                                                        communications. He can be
events organized by the Texas Public        we can co-sponsor events, or train
                                                                                                        reached at
Policy foundation, Pioneer institute,       activists through iJ’s Castle Coalition.

                                                   SPN NEWS   3   May / JuNE 2009
                                    are your interns
                                    Pillagers or Producers?
                                    By SHANE MAzzELLA AND PATrICE J. LEE

                                    inTeRnS aRRiVe on your doorstep              Consider busy seasons. are there          performed and changes in their
                                    energized to learn or change the             tasks that can be done in preparation     knowledge or skills.
                                    world. although the majority desire          for busier times in your office?
                                    a productive working experience,                                                       Feedback, hand and mouth. Provide
                                    when interns are not challenged              Solicit department managers and           constant feedback to interns. Make
                                    unproductive behavior results. interns       staff. Managers have ideas about major    sure feedback is both a written, formal
                                    and organizations each fail to benefit.      projects and lower-level staff likely     report for them to take and verbal so
                                                                                 have smaller tasks to pass on.            they can hear your explanation and
                                    Below are a few tips to help boost                                                     ask questions.
                                    pro duc tiv ity and optimi ze the            Question the interns – before they
                                    experience for interns and managers.         arrive. ask your interns about their      The fund for american Studies
                                    all organizations can use these tips,        professional goals, issues they’re        supplies hundreds of associations,
                                    whether they host one intern or dozens       passionate about and skills they’d like   agencies, firms, news outlets and
                                    in a long-established program.               to build. incorporate their goals into    non-profits in washington, D.C. with
                                                                                 their work plans.                         high-caliber interns throughout the
                                    Think functions. Recruit interns not                                                   year. our experience shows: Students
                                    just for administrative tasks but also for   Check for Chex. Mix up your intern’s      want and are capable of producing
                                    functional areas (research, marketing/       workload with administrative and          substantive work. To achieve the
                                    public relations, online media and           function-related long-term projects       best results, organizations need
                                    development) where your organization         (requiring weeks or months) and           structured internships that both
                                    needs support, especially during low-        short-term tasks (requiring daily or      challenge and set high expectations.
                                    staff periods like the summer.               weekly attention).

                                    Get it together … Now. how often             Measure success. Set quantitative                                   Shane Mazzella is
                                    do you see managers scrambling to            and qualitative goals for your interns                              director of
                                                                                                                                                     U.S. Programs,
                                    find work on their intern’s first day?       that will indicate the value of their
                                                                                                                                                     and Patrice J. Lee
                                    Correct this mistake; organize projects      presence at your organiz ation.                                     is media relations
                                    and tasks early.                             These can be outlined during an           manager and Koch Associate with The Fund
                                                                                                                           for American Studies. Write Mazzella at
                                                                                 orientation meeting on their first
                                    Put your ear to the ground. During           day and discussed at the end of their
                                    staff meetings listen for tasks tabled       tenure. Consider the quality of their
                                    due to limited manpower.                     work over time, variety of tasks they

                                                       The long Tail: why the future of Business is Selling less of More
                                                       The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, by Chris Anderson, comes at the
                                                       recommendation of SPN management and technology advisor Nicole Williams. The book offers great
                                                       insight into how cheaper distribution methods, such as the internet, give consumers easy access to
                                                       specialized products. Williams asserts, “The book is a must-read for think-tank leaders who wish to
                                                       tap into the internet audience. It examines how the combined power of numerous niche markets can
                                                       outvote single-message majorities and why tailoring your message in many ways will get you further
                                                       than a single Wall Street Journal hit. Understanding long tail economics is an excellent step in the right
                                                       direction for all who wish to tap into online communities.”

                                                                                 SPN NEWS   4   May / JuNE 2009
Don't be Content With Just Good Content
How to reinforce publication value through engaging visual appeal

By DaNiEl MoNTGoMEry

ReqUiReD ReaDing aT many free
market think tanks are books like The
law, economics in one lesson and
atlas Shrugged — books that inspire
and educate. Unfortunately, the best
books on personal responsibility, free
enterprise and limited government
don't come with a users manual of how
best to pass the ideas along.

The temptation, of course, is to think
that the fundamental principles we
believe in will speak for themselves. we
speak the truth, and it will not return
void. Right? wrong. The presentation
of our ideas matters. The look and feel
of our publications and websites add
value to our message.
                                            Colors alone can send a message. The McCain for President website started off by
                                            using a palette of blacks and greys – it almost looked as if they were in mourning.
These are not new concepts. Virginia
Postrel, in her good book (add this to      colors and cool colors mean things
your institute's required reading) The      to the reader, the viewer. Black and
Substance of Style attempts to make         white may conjure up ansel adams or
the same case. "from our earliest           vintage. Sepia tones carry with them
moments, the look and feel of our           specific messages. You have the chance
surroundings tell us who and where          to capitalize on built-in preferences as
we are. But as we grow we imbibe            well as create your own.
a different lesson: that appearances
are not just potentially deceiving but      Take, for example, the above snapshots
frivolous and unimportant." and so we       of the obama and McCain websites.                   Take a glance at the above yard sign
set out to examine aesthetics with the      early on in the presidential campaign,              graphics. Since 1960, there have only
hopes of discovering (or rediscovering)     the look and feel of McCain's site was,             been two presidential races (1976 and
the right balance between substance         obviously, dark. i'd even say it was                1980) where both major parties did not
and surface.                                depressing. The site's early display of             use a red, white and blue theme for their
                                            the U.S. flag was displayed in grey-                campaigns. Perhaps the use of the colors
let’s take a look at three design ele-      scale, too.                                         of the american flag are so ingrained
ments: color, typeface and illustration/                                                        into the american psyche that without
photography. These elements will help       Th e s e a re n o t th i n g s w i th o u t         them, something's missing. McCain
you add value to your rock star research    co n s e q u e n ce , e s p e c i a l l y w h e n   lacked red in his motif, obama didn't.
whether it is in digital or print format.   compared to the vibrancy of your
                                            competitor's product. fortunately, the
                                            McCain presidential campaign later
                                            tried to turn its design theme around               a typeface, often referred to as a font,
The goal is to help people see better       (although the end                                   can go a long way in helping your
and more clearly. The use of color          product was looking                                 organization reinforce the value of
can have a dramatic impact on the           eerily similar to                                   its research.
ideas you are trying to convey. warm        obama's).                                                               continued on page 22

                                                    SPN NEWS     5   May / JuNE 2009
                      State UpdateS

AlABAMA                                                                                                                 foundation recommendations,
                                                                                                                        made near the peak of a bull
                                                                                                                        market, were designed to protect
                                                                                                                        retirees – and arkansas taxpayers
The Alabama Policy Institute                                                                                            – from a multi-year bear market.
recently added aPi new Media                                                                                  
( to its list of
resources. aPi new Media’s goal                                                                                         CAlIFoRNIA
is to produce concise educational
videos and investigative reports
that raise citizen awareness. in
april the institute presented a                                                                                         The Pacific Research Institute
series of statewide Sound Science      Newly-elected Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane spoke at the Goldwater                   published John R . graham’s
programs based on environmental        Institute’s “A New Charter for American Cities” forum, which                     “leviathan’s Body Count: The
                                       focused on ways to increase freedom at the local level.
policy. aPi president gary Palmer,                                                                                      Cost of fDa Delay in approving
communications and science             future management decisions.               team members, lauren Pemberton        new Medicines,” which proposes
programs director David Sawyer,        The gathering will identify gaps           and Joe DeMenna. To complement        americans be allowed the freedom
and Dr. John hill, author of “an       in existing management regimes             our selection as arizona’s “Best      to use non-fDa-approved
alabama Citizen’s guide to the         and potential steps to address             Capitol watchdog,” the Phoenix        medicines so long as their non-
environment,” shared facts on          those gaps, as well as the need            Business Journal recently named       approval is disclosed. The study
global warming, proposed cap-and-      for improved scientific programs           g oldw ater Pre sident D arc y        also proposes the fDa be required
trade legislation and the condition    to support conser vation and               olsen one of its forty Under 40.      to report regularly to Congress
of alabama’s environment. Several      management of future arctic                      on the reasons for not approving
Chambers of Commerce have              fisheries.                                                    new medicines. PRi also released
invited aPi to attend meetings                                                    ARKANsAs                              Vicki Murray’s “Citizen’s guide to
and share our sound science            ARIZoNA                                    arkansas State Police Retirement      California Public School finance,”
presentation.                                                   System investment losses have led     which helps parents understand
                                                                                  to a 2009 merger with the arkansas    how much funding public schools in
AlAsKA                                 Rock star teachers deserve rock            Public employees Retirement           California are receiving. The study,
                                       star paychecks. But teachers get           System, a proposal first made         with accompanying database, aims
                                       paid based on how long they’ve             by the Murphy Commission, an          to provide school districts with
                                       taught, not how well they’ve               Arkansas Policy Foundation            more transparent information.
The Institute of the North is          taught. So, where’s the incentive          proj e c t in 1998. The St ate        To a c c e s s t h e C a l i f o r n i a
hosting an international arctic        to do better? The Goldwater                Police Retirement System has          School finance database, visit
fisheries Symposium oct. 19-21 in      Institute report, “new Millennium          lost 47 percent since mid-2007, finally,
anchorage. The three-day event is      Schools: Delivering Six-figure             according to published reports.       PRi’s Benjamin Rush Society
expected to draw 200-plus arctic       Teacher Salaries in Return for             The foundation’s 1998 report,         hosted its inaugural debate on
government officials, fisheries        outstanding Student learning               “The arkansas Public employees        universal health care at Columbia
scientists, industry representatives   gains,” shows how top teachers             Retirement System,” estimated         University. The event was a great
and stakeholders . Changing            can be identified and paid what            “a 20-to-25 percent savings in        success, drawing an audience of
global climate regimes, coupled        they deserve, with no new funding          administrative expenses” by           over 200 medical students and
with the possibility of expanded       required. goldwater has also               merging the state’s five retirement   professors.
commercial fisheries due to the        released a policy brief detailing the      systems. The report estimated
retreat of summer sea ice, make        true per-student funding available         savings of $28 million in a 10-year   ColoRADo
a focus on fisheries management        to arizona public schools. not             period. The arkansas Teachers
systems even more critical. The        only did the brief arm legislators         Retirement System, Judicial
symposium will identify current        with reliable data, it helped provide      Retirement System and State
management regimes in the arctic       cover for the looming K-12 budget          highway employees Retirement          Climate change has been the hot
region and how relevant scientific     cuts. The goldwater institute              System are also discussed in          topic lately, as the Independence
fisheries data can be used to inform   welcomes two new development               the report. The arkansas Policy       Institute welcomed two

                                                               SPN NEWS   6    May / JuNE 2009
speakers to discuss this issue.          Trinity College in hartford.                                                    georgia. The legislative session
Patrick J. Michaels from the             Yankee is working on projects                                                   ended without funding legislation
Cato institute dispelled the myth        on state taxation, citizen audit                                                for transportation in georgia – not
of the catastrophic impact of            committees focused on municipal                                                 a bad result, from the foundation’s
global warming. The Property             budgets and Connecticut’s new                                                   standpoint. The foundation’s
a n d e nv i ro n m e nt R e s e a rch   publicly-financed campaigns law.                                                proposals for prioritizing projects
Center’s Terry anderson spoke                                                               and diverting through traffic
on “Cutting Through the Rhetoric                                                                                         statewide and away from metro
of the obama administration’s            DElAWARE                                                                        atlanta have, however, found a
‘green’ Policies.” Research director                                                                                     receptive audience and are being
David Kopel spoke recently on                                                     JMI president Bob McClure (r)          actively promoted by 2010 political
                                                                                  congratulates Florida’s CFO
“Second amendment Rights:                                                         Alex Sink following the press          candidates.
a Collision Course Between               The Caesar Rodney Institute              conference unveiling Florida’s state
                                                                                  government spending website.
the obama administration and             obtained its first batch of financial                                           HAWAII
the U.S. Supreme Court,” and             data for fiscal years ’06, ’07 and       Tax Credit Scholarship recipients
justice-polic y director Mike            ’08 from the Delaware State              and parents at the Capitol as they
Krause published an op-ed on             accounting office to populate            visited legislators to advocate the
sentencing reform. “The Secret           its new DelawareSpends website,          expansion of school choice. During
Sick Tax” in Colorado was fought         which should go live in July. The        the april 16 launch of JMi’s Civics
by health-policy director Dr. linda      data was provided on discs in a          education initiative, more than        hawaii voters have a powerful new
gorman, and operations director          format utilized with the winXnet         150 attendees spanning three           tool in, sponsored
amy oliver led the fight both for        platform with a minimum amount           generations listened as Claremont      by the Grassroot Institute of
transparency in government and           of manipulation. The institute is        institute scholar Dr. Charles Kesler   Hawaii. gRih recently held demos
against hB 1299, which would             inviting select community, business      spoke on the life and influence        of the new site for legislators and
have made Colorado a national            and political leaders to attend          of James Madison. JMi scholars         staffers at the State Capitol. The
popular-vote state.              its quarterly board of director’s        have been busy as well: “Tax and
                                         meetings for a short PowerPoint          expenditure Policy in Uncertain
CoNNECTICUT                              presentation and social hour,            Times ,” “Creating a Public/
                                         followed by dinner. This is an           Private Partnership for florida’s
                                         effective way to allow high profile      Conservation land Management”
                                         individuals the opportunity to           and “Re stor ing the Pr iv ate
T h e Ya n k e e I n s t i t u t e i s   meet CRi’s leadership and support        Property-insurance Market to
restructuring and adding staff. The      its mission.            Reduce florida’s Risk of financial
new executive director is fergus                                                  insolvency.”
Cullen. Previously, Cullen was           FloRIDA
chairman of the new hampshire                                                                                            Grassroot Institute president Jamie
Republican Party (where he was                                                                                           Story speaks to the media after
the youngest state chairman in                                                                                           after addressing 2,000 attendees
                                                                                                                         at the Hawaii Tax Day Tea Party,
the country) and an editorial page                                                                                       co-sponsored by the Institute.
columnist for the new hampshire          fueled by events, publications,          The G eorgia Public Polic y
Union leader. he has an MPa              committee testimony, policy              Foundation’s Climate Change            institute released its first policy
from the harvard Kennedy School.         summits and more, spring was a           education Proje ct officially          paper on Climate Change, “global
The new policy director is heath         whirlwind at the institute. March        launches this month with “Red          warming: Rethinking the Co2
fahle, who was executive director        17 marked a high point in James          hot lies,” an event keynoted by        and Temperature Relationship”
at Connecticut Republicans and           Madison Institute’s legislative          Christopher C. horner, author          by policy analyst Pearl hahn. it
is skilled in new Media. lew             efforts with the unveiling of            of The Politically incorrect           has received great acclaim from
andrews stays with Yankee as             florida’s website for tracking state     guide to global warming. This          leading national experts. gRih was
senior policy analyst; he’ll focus       government spending. in april,           campaign is critical to ensuring       a major organizer and co-sponsor
on education policy. The institute       institute staff assisted “Step Up        that common sense and sound            of the honolulu Tax Day Tea Party,
had four interns this spring from        for Students” in hosting Corporate       science guide public policy in         where 2,000 hawaii residents

                                                                  SPN NEWS   7   May / JuNE 2009
protested and received widespread     problems – gov. Pat quinn                    improve job prospects for their            fhCPP hosted Burton folsom,
media coverage. hundreds signed       announced his plan to hike the               constituencies.               who spoke about the fallacies of
up to receive our updates. Keep       state income tax. in response the                                                       government spending pulling the
your eyes open for a re-designed      institute revealed how the hike              IoWA                                       country of a recession, as detailed
website.       would target working and middle                                                         in his book fDR: new Deal or Raw
                                      class families, the damaging long-           The Public Interest Institute              Deal? fhCPP also co-sponsored
IDAHo                                 term economic costs, the state’s             played a part in stopping the              legislative presentations on the
                                      long-running spending problems               i o w a l e g i s l atu r e a n d g o v.   pitfalls of decoupling from the
                                      and proactive budget reforms. as a           Chet Culver from hiking taxes.             federal tax code, private sector job
                                      result, the institute was featured in        Taxpayers are currently able to            losses caused by federal stimulus
The Idaho Freedom Foundation          six major television appearances,            deduct their federal income tax            spending and “Rich States, Poor
has had several high-profile          among them a debate with the                 payments on iowa income tax                States.”
successes increasing government       governor; four major newspapers,             returns. State legislators had
transparency. for the first time in   including The wall Street Journal            proposed eliminating this federal          KENTUCKY
the state’s history, a transparency   and The Chicago Tribune; and                 deductibility, forcing iowans to pay
bill made it to the floor of the      17 high-profile radio shows. The             a tax on a tax. institute research
house. while the bill didn’t pass,    institute was also featured at               demonstrated that eliminating
lawmakers spent considerable time     the Chicago Tax Day Party,                   federal deductibility would force          To put a little fun into tax season,
discussing it, and have agreed to     successfully recruiting more than            iowans to pay an additional $500 to        o n ap r i l 1 8 th e Blueg r a ss
provide idaho’s spending data to      350 new volunteers for its liberty           $600 million annually, and would           Institute celebrated its first ever
iff for use on the foundation’s       leaders program. The institute’s             increase taxes across all income           Bluegrass Tax liberation Day.
own website. other cities             next liberty Speakers Series event,          levels. institute president Dr. Don        This liberty fair drew a crowd of
and school districts have also        the latest featured amity Shlaes,            Racheter spoke against eliminating         around 1,000 for the afternoon.
provided the foundation with          will host P.J. o’Rourke on June 17.          federal deductibility at a public          leland Conway, host of “The
detailed expenditure data. largely                  hearing at the legislature. while          Pulse” on lexington’s wlaP-aM,
through iff’s efforts to promote                                                   legislators did not have the votes         was among the speakers who
transparency at the local level,                                                   to eliminate federal deductibility         addressed the crowd on the virtues
Canyon County and the cities          INDIANA                                      this year, Pii will remain vigilant.       of liberty, economic freedom
of nampa, Meridian and eagle          To make statewide presentations                          and limited government. games
have agreed to post their line-       about market-orientated economic                                                        included Big government Corn
by-line expenditures on online.       policies to small and mid-sized              KANsAs                                     hole and lexington golf – where                      city councils, the Indiana Policy                                                       every putt is subsidized with your
                                      Review Foundation has put                                                               tax dollars. The event also offered
IllINoIs                              together a team of indiana experts           as the Kansas legislature began            a great opportunity to recruit
                                                       on municipal                debating whether to close a $350           citizen journalists for the institute’s
                                                       government                  million budget shortfall by raising        wiki at
Shortly after the release of the                       led by Dr. Sam              taxes or cutting K-12 spending,            See the video montage at bipps
Illinois Policy Institute economic                     S t a l e y, u r b a n      the Fl i nt Hill s Center for              .org. Recently, Tim Yessin took
Reform agenda – a four-point                           affairs director            Public Policy’s new investigative          up a position on the BiPPS board.
plan addressing the state’s root      Dr. Sam Staley for the Re a s on             journalist, Paul Soutar, reported          Yessin, an investment advisor
                                      foundation. The team, which                  that local school districts had
                                      includes both economists and                 $1.36 billion in unencumbered
                                      veteran council members, will                cash balances scattered across
                                      offer indiana councils alternative           27 separate funds as of June 30,
                                      models actually in place somewhere           2008. Most of the money is in
                                      in the country. The project was              restricted funds but the legislature
                                      first suggested to the foundation            could change the rules and give
                                      by city- and county-level office             schools the option of tapping
Illinois Policy Institute CEO John                                                                                            One thousand attended the
                                      holders skeptical that the federal           into these excess funds to offset          first Bluegrass Tax Liberation
Tillman debates Illinois Gov. Pat
Quinn on his proposed tax hike.       government’s stimulus plan would             state funding cuts. on March 26            Day on April 18.

                                                               SPN NEWS    8    May / JuNE 2009
at a lexington bank, is active          site earned a unanimous thumbs-                                                       to School Choice.” a white paper
on the institute’s development          down in the Judiciary Committee –                                                     of the same name, authored by
committee.                              affirming the public’s right to know       on april 15 the Maryland Public            Cornelius Chapman of Burns and
                                        and MhPC’s freedom of speech!              Policy Institute launched the Tax          levinson llP, was released at the
loUIsIANA                               education and research efforts             estimator. This new online tool            event. The paper and the forum
                                        on the MhPC-written november               educates Marylanders on the taxes          touched on the prejudice and
                                        ballot questions are a high priority.      that they pay and how policymakers         nativism that led to the passing of
The Pelican Institute for Public        The Taxpayer Bill of Rights and            spend them. The estimator takes            the amendments, and the obstacles
Policy recently contributed to the      a roll-back of Maine’s high auto           information entered by users such          they create for parochial and private
defeat of a proposed cigarette tax      excise taxes are being explained           as income or federal, state and local      education.
hike in louisiana. “i happened to       in a new series of publications            income taxes, along with data the
be reviewing an update from the         called “Path to Prosperity,” and           institute has compiled on spending         MICHIGAN
Mackinac Center and noticed that        presentations throughout the state.        to estimate how much one pays in
they had done a study highlighting      MhPC’s Center for Constitutional           sales tax, property tax, other taxes
the impact of tax increases on          law will be filing an interesting          and fees (including alcohol, gasoline,     Mackinac Center for Public
cigarette smuggling” said institute     first case soon, to protect property       cigarette and telecommunication            Policy is finding webcasting an
president Kevin Kane. “i contacted      owners’ rights from an aggressive          taxes), indirect taxes against             effective and successful tool for
Michael lafaive and he was able to      government project.                        employers, investment taxes and            communicating the free-market
do a calculation for louisiana based                            future tax liabilities. This transparent   message. More than 24,400 people
on our current and proposed tax                                                    look at how Maryland’s government          watched recent speeches by senior
rates.” institute vice president Jeb    MARYlAND                                   collects and spends taxpayer dollars       economist David l. littmann
Bruneau testified to the likelihood     len lazarick has joined the Free           helps the MPPi make the case for           and president emeritus lawrence
of increased smuggling in the           State Foundation as a visiting             limited government, free enterprise        w. Reed, including a combined
legislative committee hearing,          fellow. lazarick will primarily focus      and lower taxes. Since its launch, the     16,550 who watched live when
where the bill was defeated. The        on Maryland state government               Tax estimator has generated a great        the speakers appeared at Michigan
institute is preparing to issue         issues, including budget reform and        deal of attention from the media,          State University and Central
the first “louisiana Pork Report,”      fiscal accountability. Previously,         policymakers and visitors to the site.     Michigan University, respectively.
prepared in association with            he was the State house bureau                                   isaac M. Morehouse, director of
Citizens against government             chief for the former Baltimore                                                        campus leadership and the Center’s
waste. and the institute is proud       e x a m i n e r a n d h a s co v e re d    MAssACHUsETTs                              first director of Students for a free
to announce the hiring of Steve         state and lo cal government                      PIONEER INSTITUTE                    economy, has accepted a position
Beatty, an investigative journalist     and politics in Maryland for a                   PUBLIC     POLICY RESEARCH
                                                                                                                              with the institute for humane
with extensive experience reporting     variety of newspapers for more             Spring has been busy for Pioneer           Studies. James M. hohman, fiscal
on fraud and waste in louisiana.        than three decades. lazarick               Institute. Building on its work in         research assistant, has completed                    already has had a commentary               education, Pioneer released “a Step        the Koch associate Program.
                                        published in the Baltimore Sun, “a         Backwards: an analysis of the 21st         The Center in May awarded four
MAINE                                   Spending Problem,” urging that the         Century Skills Task force Report.”         $1,000 scholarships to high school
                                        legislature cut spending and not           This policy brief highlighted the          students who attended the fall 2008
                                        raise taxes in the current legislative     shortcomings and missteps the              high School Debate workshops
The government transparency site,       session. he also wrote “Curing             Task force has made regarding              and wrote essays from a free-, launched last         Maryland’s Structural Deficits: a          standards-based education in               market perspective on the national
September by the Maine Heritage         Call for Mandates Reform,” which           Massachusetts. on april 6 Pioneer          debate topic of federal assistance
Policy Center, has received plenty      explains the deleterious impact            also hosted an event concerning            for alternative energy incentives.
of notice, including being the          on Maryland’s fiscal situation             the 19th century Know-nothing    
target of a censorship bill in the      caused by unrestrained growth              amendments. Kevin Chavous,
Maine legislature. an ambitious         in mandates. The paper makes               co-founder of the Democrats for            MINNEsoTA
leader was pressured by the state       specific recommendations for               education Reform and a national
employees’ unions to attempt to         achieving cost savings by curbing          figure in school reform, presented
remove the employee-specific            the mandates.                              keynote remarks at “The Know-              Recent Center of the American
payroll data. The plan to censor this                    nothing amendments: Barriers               Experiment publications have

                                                                   SPN NEWS   9   May / JuNE 2009
included a symposium featuring          parency in Minnesota’s 87 coun-
senior and research fellows Chuck       ties and 854 cities. a highlight of
Chalberg, laurence Cooper, Tom          the day was the morning session
Kelly and Peter nelson on “when         led by lee Mcgrath, founder of
will americans and Minnesotans          the institute for Justice, Min-
get Serious about the impending         nesota chapter who explained
entitlement Crisis?” it’s the latest    what is public data and what legal
installment in the Center’s multi-      rights citizens have to obtain that
year project, “Stopping Boomer          information in a timely manner.
health Care Budgets from going
Bust.” nelson also authored
                                        MIssIssIPPI                                 Show-Me Institute vice president Jason Hannasch (c) poses in Los Angeles
“Preparing for an even More
                                                                                    with Atlas president Alejandro Chafuen and program director Yiqiao Xu
Demanding future: american              The Mississippi Center for Public           after SMI received a 2009 Dorian and Antony Fisher Venture Grant.
experiment’s 2010-11 Budget             Policy joined with the institute for
Recommendations.” Containing 25         Justice, nfiB, Mississippi farm             of five organizations from around       government abuses and otherwise
market-based proposals, it’s part       Bureau and others to support the            the world to receive this grant         doing the digging traditional media
of the Center’s “Policy in Detail”      override of gov. haley Barbour’s            during 2009, and the only U.S.          can’t or won’t. MPi’s transparency
series. also tied to the budget –       veto of a property rights bill              group. atlas chose to fund the          focus is shifting to local and
Minnesota faces a nearly $5 billion     to address issues arising out of            institute’s proposal to develop a       county le vels by expanding
biennial shortfall – is a critique by   the Kelo eminent domain case.               new cooperative research model, providing
Center president Mitch Pearlstein       MCPP is also leading a diverse              for free-market think tank s            a series of founding Principles
of Democratic proposals to raise        coalition of local, state and               throughout the Midwest. Those           seminars around the state, and
business taxes. Dr. Pearlstein          national organizations to execute           working to change public policy         expanding the message to more
also wrote a high-profile op-ed in      a legislative and public relations          within the same broad geographic        Montanans through increased
the Star Tribune about vulgarity        effort to enact an effective charter        region often face many of the same      outreach and networking
on hennepin avenue, home to             school law. MCPP president forest           research issues and challenges,         programs. MPi’s
Minneapolis’ theater district.          Thigpen spoke at the Tax Day                duplicate basic legwork and find        media campaign was successful
it was generally well-received,         Tea Party at the State Capitol.             themselves unable to undertake          in pressuring the governor and
though one blogger did call him a       MCPP has launched the first of              as many projects as they might          legislature to support transparency
“shriveled albino prune.”               its Regional advisory Boards,               otherwise have tackled if they          legislation, but in the legislature’s                  with more than 40 businesses                had shared resources. Through           final days petty political
                                        and community leaders attending             extended research cooperation,          maneuvering killed two similar
on May 9 the Freedom Foun-              the first breakfast in hattiesburg.         think tanks can save money while        bills.
dation of Minnesota hosted its          MCPP has obtained state spending            expanding output and create a
first watchdog Training Seminar         data from the past five fiscal years        united front in combating the           NEBRAsKA
with over 30 participants repre-        and is designing a searchable,              terrible economic ideas that are so
senting 12 Minnesota counties.          entertaining website to display it.         prevalent today.
Co-sponsored with the Taxpayers                      
league of Minnesota, participants                                                                                           in March the Platte Institute
received practical advice on their      MIssoURI                                    MoNTANA                                 for Economic Research released
legal rights to obtain public data,                                                                                         “nebraska’s Spending habits:
proven research techniques, and                                                                                             are we frugal or frivolous?”
what to do and how to analyze                                                                                               The study compared nebraska to
information they obtain. The                                                        Montana Policy Institute is             its bordering states and showed
purpose of these training sessions      Th e S h o w - Me I n s t i t u t e i s     rolling ahead with its post-            that if nebraska had adjusted
is to equip local citizens with the     immeasurably proud and grateful             legislature agenda by shifting its      its spending to match that of its
skill sets to become an additional      to accept a Dorian and antony               focus from lawmaking to citizen         neighbors, overall savings would
set of eyes and ears in their local     fisher Venture grant this year              education. new investigative            have been $1.97 billion – or $1,110
communities so they can provide         from the atlas economic Research            reporter Michael noyes is hard          per capita. The release of the study
even greater government trans-          foundation. The institute is one            at work tracking stimulus dollars,      included a State Capitol press

                                                                SPN NEWS    10    May / JuNE 2009
                                            budget debate. The state’s largest
                                            newspapers used institute budget
                                            research in a series of op-eds
                                            that called out legislators for
                                            dramatizing the budget situation
                                            as an excuse to raise taxes. Visit
                                            nPRi’s blog , writeonne vada
                                            .com, and follow nPRi on Twitter,
Platte Institute economist Dr. Ernie
Goss addresses more than 75 in
the State Capitol about his study           NEW MEXICo
“Nebraska’s Spending Habits:
Are We Frugal or Frivolous?

conference that received more
than $100,000 in earned media. in
april, the Platte institute released        During the legislature’s 2009
the report “a Case for abolishing           session, the Rio Grande Founda-
n e b r a s k a’s C o m m i s s i o n o f   tion achieved important victories,
industrial Relations.” also in april,       among them a $500 million budget          The John Locke Foundation recently redesigned its
                                                                                      site to emphasize video and audio content.
Platte launched blog, facebook and          reduction, defeated tax hikes and
Twitter pages while also crossing           significantly improved legislative
the 1,000 subscriber mark for its           and budgetary transparency. The          per-capita spending and tax rates        the following morning, people
weekly e-newsletter.                        foundation raised its profile in albu-   for counties, towns, cities and          could watch the entire event                         querque dramatically by broadcast-       villages. Benchmarking new York,         on the John Locke Foundation
                                            ing live from albuquerque’s Tax Day      an online database, includes per-        Carolina Journal website
NEVADA                                      Tea Party for four hours on a local      capita spending and tax totals for       (, thanks to
                                            aM radio station. The foundation is      16 categories as well as effective       a recent redesign emphasizing
                                            now focusing attention on educating      property tax rates and debt levels.      video and audio content.
                                            Tea Party leaders on policy issues       The database includes information        Speaking of tea parties , Jlf
for months the Nevada Policy                and organizing effectively to limit      for 1,604 localities, excluding only     staffers spoke at 17 events in
Research Institute has exposed              government. a new report by the          new York City. The data is derived       three days stretching from the
waste and corruption at the                 foundation’s investigative journalist    from 2007 local government               mountains to the coast. Jlf’s n.C.
t a xp aye r- f u n d e d l a s Ve g a s    shed light on the state’s wasteful and   finance reports compiled by the          history Project is highlighting
Convention and Visitors authority.          special interest-driven film subsidy     office of the state comptroller, and     the state constitution through
along with generating extensive             program. economic impact studies         can be used to rank and compare          a s e r i e s o f e v e nt s , s t a r t i n g
media coverage, nPRi’s findings             have been done by state agencies; to     spending, tax and debt measures          april 23 in edenton, home of a
have prompted the lVCVa to                  great media interest, the foundation     for one or more local governments.       famous pre-Revolutionary war
shorten its contract with the               analyzed the merits of each study        By helping taxpayers ask better          Tea Party. Recent Jlf research
advertising giant R&R Partners              and determined that the $60 million      questions, this tool advances            has targeted carbon dioxide
from five years to three. R&R               annual program is not achieving a        more-informed discussions about          regulation, state tax reform,
has been the largest beneficiary            positive economic impact.                what causes high local taxes across      back-to-basics budget writing,
of lVCVa largesse. nPRi fiscal                      the empire State.                        local government budgets and
policy analyst geoffrey lawrence                                                                    n.C. dropout prevention efforts.
gave a rousing speech to the 2,500          NEW YoRK                                                                
people gathered for las Vegas’ Tax                                                    NoRTH CARolINA
Day Tea Party. nPRi produced
a video of the event that was               a new and innovative Empire
widely distributed and praised in           Center for New York State                Thousands of people gathered             in March more than 60 activists and
the blogosphere. nPRi also led              Policy tool has been helping             outside north Carolina’s Capitol         bloggers attended the John William
the way in reframing nevada’s               residents compare and evaluate           for a Tax Day Tea Party. By              Pope Civitas Institute investigative

                                                                     SPN NEWS   11   May / JuNE 2009
journalism training, which featured     entine that shines a light on
Texas watchdog’s editor-in-chief        the politics of prosecution: how
Trent Seibert and Carolina Journal’s    and why the government targets
associate publisher Don Carrington.     individuals and corporations,
Tea Parties throughout north            sometimes recklessly, and the
Carolina on, and around, april 15       enormous human toll that results.
were a great success. institute staff   no Crime but Prejudice outlines
traveled almost 2,000 cumulative        the egregious case of the federal
miles to visit and speak with           prosecution of Cincinnati-based
thousands gathered in 19 different      fischer homes and its founder
cities across the state. Civitas        and Ceo, henry fischer. Buckeye
was a co-sponsor of the north           also just released a study with
Carolina Coastal Conservative           americans for Prosperity ohio,
Conference in wilmington held           in cooperation with arduin,
in May. as usual, the institute         l affer & Moore economics ,              Tyleur Kotzian-Upshaw, winner of the $10,000 grand prize
continues to conduct its monthly        on the negative impact of                drawing of the first annual Oregon School Choice Video
                                                                                 Contest, organized by Cascade Policy Institute.
statewide polls (         the federal stimulus money ;
media/poll-results), tracking voter     a public education campaign              in Portland. Cascade also scored         endangered species list. Doing so
sentiment regarding issues and          and legislative briefings are            a victory during the legislative         would have put a halt to sand and
politics. Civitas’ 4th annual north     a l s o u n d e r w ay. finally, the     session advocating for the passage       gravel extraction on area rivers
Carolina Conservative leadership        Buckeye institute is proud to            of the hB 2500, a transparency           and created serious environmental
Conference will be held September       welcome two new staff members:           bill that would create an online,        and highway damage by forcing
11 and 12 in Raleigh and will feature   lauren Kresge, development               searchable state revenue and             movement of aggregates on to the
national speakers, investigative        coordinator, and lynn walsh,             expenditure database. The bill           region’s roadways.
journalism training and panels          investigative reporter. Kresge’s         passed the house unanimously   
covering topics of interest to north    communication backg round                and is now in the Senate. The
Carolinians.              and walsh’s journalism/new               oregon open Books website
                                        Media background add valuable            would be administered by the
oHIo                                    new dimensions to the Buckeye            state. in June Cascade will host
                                        team.               Cato institute senior fellow Dan         Ted, Tea Parties and Taxes. in
                                                                                 Mitchell.              april, legendary guitarist and
                                        oREGoN                                                                            Second amendment advocate
The Buckeye Institute recently                                                   PENNsYlVANIA                             Ted nugent helped launch the
released no Crime but Prejudice,                                                                                          inaugural livefreePa event with a
a book by noted author Jon                                                                                                day of shooting, drinks and cigars
                                        Cascade Policy Institute, with           Allegheny Institute research             (pictures at in
                                        the support of the friedman              into property assessment prob-           early March, the Commonwealth
                                        foundation innovation grant,             lems showed the base-year plan           Foundation gathered more than
                                        successfully hosted the first            used in allegheny County to be           1,200 citizens on the Capitol steps
                                        annual oregon School Choice              in violation of the state constitu-      in the first Tea Party protest. Then,
                                        Video Contest. More than 100             tion. a lawsuit challenging the          on Tax Day, more than 2,000 citi-
                                        entries were submitted by K-12           County’s base-year system was            zens braved the driving rain and
                                        parents and students. The 20             upheld by the state Supreme              just-above-freezing temperatures
                                        finalists received $250 awards           Court, which ruled the County’s          to deliver thousands of tea bags
                                        and from this group one winner,          base-year scheme to be uncon-            to gov. edward Rendell’s office
                                        Tyleur Kotzian-Upshaw, was               stitutional. The Pennsylvania fish       door as he held a news conference
                                        selected for the $10,000 grand           and Boat Commission listened to          calling for another gun ban. also
                                        prize drawing. Tyleur will use           the institute’s recommendation           in april, the foundation hosted
                                        this award to fund her education         that it not add two new freshwa-         luncheons across the state to
                                        at Central Catholic high School          ter mussels to the threatened and        discuss “The future of free enter-

                                                               SPN NEWS   12   May / JuNE 2009
prise” with Pat Toomey, former         More than 3,000 angry taxpayers                                                         past president of the national
Club for growth president and          listened to 23 speakers explaining                                                      Society of Professional Journalists.
former Commonwealth founda-            why they have “had enough” of                                                           on June 15 Johnson v. Bredesen,
tion board member. Through the         unresponsive government and                                                             a case brought by TCPR against
summer the foundation will be          runaway taxation. The rally had                                                         the State of Tennessee, will be
fighting tax increases as the state    a direct impact on the general                                                          argued before a three-judge panel
attempts to fill a multi-billion       assembly as well. Standing on                                                           of the U.S. Court of appeals for
dollar budget deficit.                 the stage, Representatives Joseph                                                       the Sixth Circuit. TCPR initiated             Trillo and John loughlin and                                                            the case on behalf of Tennesseans
                                       Sens. frank Maher and Michael                                                           in protest of the state’s method
                                       Pinga all signed a pledge that                   Speaking at an SCPC conference,        of selecting Tennessee Supreme
                                                                                        city of Columbia Mayor Bob Coble
                                       they would not raise taxes. To                   committed the state’s capital city
                                                                                                                               Court judges, which violates
                                       date, only Sen. leonidas Raptakis                to online spending transparency.       the state constitution and strips
on May 5, the REACH                    had sig ne d the Ta x Ple dge.                                                          residents of their right to vote.
Foundation hosted its 8th annual       future plans include taking that                release of that report multiple
educational improvement Tax            power to the municipal level.                   local governments have begun
Credit Birthday Party at the State     as the primary sponsor, oSPRi                   working with the Policy Council         TEXAs
Capitol. The event attracted           was honored to nurture this                     to prov ide online sp ending
approximately 2,000 students,          grassroots movement.                            transparency.
parents, teachers, administrators                                       T h e Te x a s P u b l i c P o l i c y
and citizens. facing a huge state                                                                                              Foundation led an initiative by
budget deficit and the possibility     soUTH CARolINA                                  TENNEssEE                               several SPn members to document
of funding cuts to the popular                                                         in april, award-winning                 the federal stimulus package’s
eiTC program, ReaCh unveiled                                                           investigative journalist Clint Brewer   harmful effects on state economies.
its “Cut our Cake, not our Budget”                                                     joined the Tennessee Center for         Dr. arthur laffer’s economic
initiative at the rally. Several key   The mayor of South Carolina’s                   Policy Research as director of          research firm produced the
legislative leaders, representing      capital city joined the South                   government accountability. a            report, which concluded that the
both sides of the aisle, spoke         Carolina Policy Council april                   familiar name in Tennessee for his      federal spending surge would cost
about the success of the program       6 to commit to placing all city                 penetrating reporting style, Brewer     1.7 million private sector jobs. The
within the commonwealth and            financial re cords online for                   was most recently executive             findings bolstered gov. Rick Perry’s
how it has specifically impacted       public review. Columbia Mayor                   editor for The City Paper in            rejection of the unemployment
their constituents. ReaCh is           Bob Coble referenced the city’s                 nashville. Brewer is the immediate      stimulus funds. The executive
also in the midst of its Visions       w el l - p u b l i c i z e d a cco u nt i n g
of Choice campaign around the          shortcomings, including cost
state, highlighting individual         overruns in employee healthcare
students and families for whom         costs, as well as the failure to
school choice is a reality.            track other city expenses dating                     back several years. The mayor
                                       said openness and transparency
RHoDE IslAND                           are an essential part of regaining
                                       the public’s trust. The Policy
                                       Council drew attention to the
The Ocean State Policy Research        lack of transparency in South
Institute, like hundre d s of          Carolina government last year
thousands of people around the         with its report showing a dearth
country, participated in a local       of recorded votes in the state
Tax Day Tea Party. as several          le g i sl ature and a follow - up
participants said, “we haven’t         report showing how local
seen a demonstration this large        governments trail the nation in                 TPPF’s David Guenthner (l) and Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael
since the war protests of 1969.”       terms of transparency. Since the                L. Williams after receiving their 2009 Texas Social Media Awards.

                                                                     SPN NEWS     13   May / JuNE 2009
editor of a prominent Texas              and civilization would be brought            Richmond Times-Dispatch and              WAsHINGToN
magazine wrote, the foundation           to its knees.                                national Public Radio. This was
“made a real contribution to the                      followed by a nation-wide radio
debate over the stimulus package”                                                     podcast hosted by the american
with its March 26 Capitol event,         VERMoNT                                      Petroleum institute. The institute’s
during which three legislators                                                        public policy e-zine, Bacon’s            The Everg re en Fre e dom
debated these funds. The austin                                                       Rebellion, is now distributed to         Foundation sponsored two Tax
american-Statesman selected                                                           more than 8,500 individuals every        Day Tea Party – Push Back no
David guenthner, director of                                                          two weeks. looking ahead, the            Tax rallies, one in olympia on
media and government relations,          Two Vermont governors, Democrat              Thomas Jefferson institute will          the steps of the State Capitol
from 125 nominees to receive             Thomas P. Salmon (1973-77)                   host a prospective school board          with 5,000 attending, another
one of its inaugural Texas Social        and Republican Jim Douglas                   candidates’ “Campaign School,” as        in Sp okane with over 3,000
Media awards. The judges praised         (2003-present), were honored                 part of its effort to place education    attending . officials at b oth
his use of podcasting, facebook          guests april 14 at the Ethan Allen           reformers into key elective policy-      venues said these were the largest
and Twitter to “help keep Texans         Institute’s 15th annual Jefferson            making positions. The school             crowds in memory at an event
informed about what’s going on           Day event. Dr. nicholas Muller, a            will focus on the nitty-gritty of        of this type. eff takes pride in
with their government.”                  well-known Vermont historian,                political campaigning – from             announcing that it is bringing                          developed the evening’s topic: “Tom          creating an effective message to         glenn Beck to Seattle Sept. 26. eff
                                         and ethan: Together for the first            effective distribution of yard-          looks forward to the May launch
UTAH                                     Time.” he observed that although             signs, literature and bumper             of its School Report Card, an
                                         the intellectual Virginia slaveholder        stickers.                                evaluation of every washington
                                         and the brawling, blasphemous                        state public elementary school.
                                         Vermont backwoodsman had                                                              B a s e d u p o n wa s h i n g t o n
                                         strikingly different personalities,                                                   assessment of Student learning
in april Sutherland Institute hosted     they shared three important                                                           test scores analyzed by a program
a number of experts, including           characteristics: a passion for liberty,      on June 17 the Virginia Institute        developed by the fraser institute
scientists, business leaders, elected    recognition that private property            for Public Policy will host a dinner     of Vancouver, B.C., the SRC will
officials and film-makers, who           ought to be widely distributed and           for northern Virginia Ceos at            assign a numerical grade to each
addressed topics ranging from the        a commitment to free thought in              the Ritz-Carlton in Mclean. The          school based upon five years of
flawed “science” of global warming       matters of religion. on april 30 the         featured speaker will be John allison,   waSl results.
to the economic impacts that             institute unveiled the beta version          chairman of BB&T Corporation,
proposed federal legislation could       of Vermont Transparency, its long            who will speak on “The financial
have on Utah. as a part of “earth        awaited website highlighting state           Crisis: Causes and Possible Cures.”          Economists warn
                                                                                                                                      raising taxes
week 2009: The future of Utah,”          and school district taxing and               This is the first in a series of salon    will hurt our economy.
John Coleman, founder of The             spending, plus information on                dinners to be held across Virginia.       D        espite some news reports, not all economists believe increasing taxes is the best way to overcome
                                                                                                                                         Washington state’s budget deficit.

weather Channel; John Christy,           funding how legislators voted.               on april 15 Tax Day Tea Parties           In fact, we believe that raising taxes during a recessionary period is contrary to responsible economic
                                                                                                                                policy and instead will thwart the state’s economic recovery. Leaving earnings in the hands of individuals
                                                                                                                                and businesses is the best way to help grow the private sector, create jobs and lead to higher levels of

alabama state climatologist; and         The site will go live in June.               were held throughout Virginia.            Increasing taxes at this time will shift necessary capital from the private sector to the public sector, thereby
                                                                                                                                depriving private enterprise of the source of true economic growth and making Washington state even less
                                                                                                                                competitive for new businesses and jobs.

Cascade Policy institute Ceo John                               John Taylor was a featured speaker        Higher taxes will depress the short-term economic growth needed to bring Washington out of the
                                                                                                                                recession and will reduce prosperity in the medium and long-term.

Charles reinforced the message                                                        at rallies in both Charlottesville and
                                                                                                                                Signed by the following state and national economists:
                                                                                                                                Dean Baim                                   Stephen Happel                                    Judd Patton
                                                                                                                                Prof. of Economics and Finance              Prof. of Economics                                Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                Pepperdine University                       Arizona State University                          Bellevue University, NE

that global warming is not human-        VIRGINIA                                     Richmond. nearly 7,000 people             Doug Berg
                                                                                                                                Assistant Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                Sam Houston State University
                                                                                                                                                                            James W. Henderson
                                                                                                                                                                            Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                                                            Baylor University
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Barry Poulson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              University of Colorado at Boulder

                                                                                                                                Noel Campbell                               Christopher R. Inama                              Peter Saunders

caused and that those who contend        The Thomas Jefferson Institute               braved the cold and rain at these
                                                                                                                                Associate Prof. of Economics                Adjunct Prof. of Management and Economics         Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                University of Central Arkansas              Golden Gate University, San Francisco             Central Washington University

                                                                                                                                Andrew Chamberlain                          Barry Keating                                     Stephen Shmanske
                                                                                                                                Chief Economist and Principal               Prof. of Finance                                  Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                Chamberlain Economics, LLC                  University of Notre Dame                          California State University, East Bay

it is are ignoring scientific evidence   put a new emphasis on the need               rallies, where Taylor unveiled            Boyd Collier                                Arthur B. Laffer                                  Richard Sweeney
                                                                                                                                Prof., Accounting, Finance, & Economics     Founder and Chairman                              Chair of International Finance
                                                                                                                                Tarleton State University                   Laffer Associates                                 Georgetown University

                                                                                                                                Thomas Cook                                 Glenn MacDonald                                   Michael Welker
                                                                                                                                                                            Prof. of Economics and Strategy                   Prof., Accounting, Business Administration, & Economics

to the contrary. Documentary film-       for energy independence and                  Tertium quids’ newest campaign:
                                                                                                                                Economics Instructor
                                                                                                                                Seattle                                     Washington University in St. Louis                Franciscan University of Steubenville

                                                                                                                                Kirby R. Cundiff                            Yuri N. Maltsev                                   Douglas Wills
                                                                                                                                Associate Prof. of Finance                  Prof. of Economics                                Associate Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                Northeastern State University               Carthage College                                  University of Washington - Tacoma

maker Phelim Mcaleer previewed           off-shore oil and gas drilling               “Raise My Taxes, lose My Vote.”
                                                                                                                                Frank Falero                                Andrea Mays (Griffith)                            Wayne Winegarden
                                                                                                                                Prof. of Economics (Emeritus)               Lecturer in Economics                             Senior Economist
                                                                                                                                California State University                 California State University, Long Beach           Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics LLC

                                                                                                                                Dave Garthoff                               Tom Means                                         Gary Wolfram
                                                                                                                                Lecturer in Economics                       Director, Center for Economic Education           Prof. of Economics and Public Policy

his upcoming film, not evil Just         for Virginia . The release of                in less than two weeks after the
                                                                                                                                The University of Akron                     San Jose State University                         Hillsdale College

                                                                                                                                Ernie Goss                                  Adrian Moore                                      Richard Zerbe
                                                                                                                                Prof. of Economics                          Vice President, Reason Foundation                 Associate Dean for Academics
                                                                                                                                Creighton University                        PhD, Economics, University of California Irvine   Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              University of Washington

wrong: The True Cost of global           two new papers written by TJi                event, more than 3,500 people had
                                                                                                                                Dennis Halcoussis                           David B. Mustard                                  PhD, Economics, Duke University
                                                                                                                                Prof. of Economics                          Associate Prof. of Economics
                                                                                                                                California State University, Northridge     University of Georgia                             Affiliations are listed solely for identification purposes

warming hysteria, wherein he             senior fellow Dr. David Schnare              signed pledges to withhold their
argues that if cap and trade were        s p a rke d co v e r a g e i n m e d i a     support from politicians who vote
enacted millions of jobs would be        outlets throughout the state, led            for higher taxes.                                      w w w.wa shingtonpolic y. or g
                                                                                                                                             PO Box 3643 | Seattle, WA 98124 | p 206.937.9691
                                                                                                                                             924 Capitol Way S, Suite 218 | Olympia, WA 98501

lost, industry would be shut down,       by the capitol newspaper, The      

                                                                  SPN NEWS    14    May / JuNE 2009
                                       well received. Check out Moore’s         what is a Christian response to the    freedom, mobility and affordable
                                       speech on YouTube, linked from           health care system? Visit acton’s      homeownership, and is your
Washington Policy Center sent a                   health Care Resources Page to find     in-house resource for fighting
letter to state lawmakers signed by                                             answers.                     wasteful and ineffective government
32 state and national economists       WYoMING                                                                         policies in metropolitan areas.
warning that tax increases will hurt   Wyoming Liberty Group is                 Maybe you’ve heard that Yale’s
the economy. wPC ran full-page         honing in on the mechanics of            conservative newspaper often gets
advertisements with the letter in      communication with a series of 18        stolen, and harvard’s $28 billion      a new American Legislative
two large daily newspapers. Due in     videotaped workshops. The aim is         endowment doesn’t have room for        Exchange Council report offers
part to this, tax increase proposals   to enable innovative approaches to       a great Books program. But did you     a roadmap to recovery based on
polled poorly and died in the last     transparency, health care, political     know that economics is optional at     economic performance trends
days of the legislative session. The   messaging, information accuracy          the University of georgia, or that a   from states over the last 10
state attorney general appointed       and building trust in networks.          majority of students at Mizzou and     years. “Rich States, Poor States:
Carl gipson and Dann Mead              The skillful presence of Charles         Missouri State reported pressure       aleC-laffer State economic
Smith to his regulatory reform         ware and Shane Scheid during the         to agree with professors’ political    Competitiveness index” (2nd ed.)
task force. in april wPC hosted        2009 legislative Session sparked a       views in order to get a good
the 9th annual Preserving the          request from the bicameral interim       grade? Most people, including
american Dream Conference in           Revenue Committee for assistance         state policymakers, don’t realize
Bellevue. on earth Day wPC             from wlg economist Sven larson           that the serious problems at the
showed Phelim Mcaleer and ann          as it produces a comprehensive           ivies afflict state universities as
Mcelhinney’s new film, not evil        analysis of government spending          well. That’s why the American
Just wrong: The True Cost of           and taxes.                 Council of Trustees and Alumni
global warming hysteria, at the                                                 publishes state higher education
local Rachel Carson elementary         NATIoNAl                                 report cards, now in partnership
School. Jason Mercier, wPC’s                                                    with SPn. They get results, already
government reform director,                                                     prompting the largest voluntary
was appointed to the executive         The global economic crisis has           survey of the academic climate
committee of aleC’s fiscal policy      re op ene d the long r unning            ever conducted, this one in the
task force. Currently four wPC         d eb ate b e t w e e n th o s e w h o    state of georgia. if you want to
research directors serve on aleC       advocate for a market economy            reform higher education in your
task forces.                           and those who demand bigger              state, call aCTa.           shows how bailing out states may                   government, trade protectionism                                                 just encourage out-of-control
                                       and collectivist policy solutions.       are the cities in your state pushing   lawmaker spending , without
WEsT VIRGINIA                          But fundamentally, this crisis is        light rail boondoggles, Smart          requiring them to impose tough
The economist Club, a major            moral in nature. from the outset,        growth and other congestion-           but necessary budget restraints.
initiative of the Public Policy        the Acton Institute has been at          inducing, property rights infringing   Co-author and renowned
Foundation of West Virginia, was       the forefront of this important          policies? The American Dream           economist arthur B. l affer,
launched in april. in conjunction      debate in the media and in public        Coalition is your go-to source         Stephen Moore of The wall Street
with the government Policy             forums. Visit acton’s economic           for urban issues like housing and      Journal and Jonathan williams,
Research Center at west liberty        Crisis Resource webpage to learn         transportation policy, property        director of the Tax and fiscal Policy
University, the foundation hosts       why free markets require a moral         right s and eminent domain             Task force for aleC, analyze
a monthly luncheon, open to            framework. as the threat of a crisis     abuse, growth management and           how economic competitiveness
the public, featuring renown           in our current health care system        the environment. The aDC has           drives income, population and
economists. in March, PPfwV’s          looms larger and health care             dynamic speakers and important         job growth in the states.
inaugural event featured the           spending continues to increase,          policy papers available to assist
John locke foundation’s Dr.            the sustainability of our current        you. aDC exposes the central-          The Atlas Economic Research
Roy Cordato. Steve Moore of            employer-based health care system        planning doctrine called Smart         Foundation announces the 2009
The wall Street Journal was the        comes into question. how do              growth that is gaining ground          Templeton freedom awards.
april luncheon speaker. Both           we best reform health care? is           and has advocates in every state       institutes, apply by the May 31
events were well attended and          socialized medicine the answer?          capitol. The aD C promotes             deadline for the opportunity

                                                                SPN NEWS   15   May / JuNE 2009
to win $10,000. awards are                                                              celebration at BillofRightsinstitute            University, the institute’s premier
presented in eight categories. Visit                                                    . o rg / C o n s t i tu t i o n D ay. a l s o   educational event, July 26-31 in for more details                                                       available is BRi’s Celebrate the                San Diego. This annual program
and the application form. atlas                                                         Constitution tabloid, which                     brings together outstanding
has announced that syndicated                                                           urges readers to think about how                faculty and participants from
talk show host Michael Reagan                                                           government impacts their lives,                 across the country who share
is serving as its first Templeton                                                       with a special focus on the first               a commitment to liberty and
leadership fellow during 2009                                                           amendment.                                      learning.
                                           BHI exec. director David G. Tuerck,
and 2010. his goal: to bring more          addresses the Boston Tea Party
publicity to institutes connected          April 15 on the Boston Common,                                                               The Center for Education Reform
to atlas, particularly those that          once the cradle of liberty.                                                                  has released “The accountability
win prizes within the Templeton            as cap and trade. Communications                                                             Report: Charter School” (edreform
freedom awards Program. atlas              director frank Conte delivered                     CAPITAL RESEARCH CENTER                   .com/accountability), an analysis
invites think tanks to present             remarks in april for the Sutherland          Capital Research Center                         of all 40 states, and the District of
their ideas about how to utilize           institute that underscored the               education watch director Phil
Michael Reagan in events or other          excessive economic costs of                  Brand is writing a book based on
programs during 2009 and 2010.             the western Climate initiative.              his personal visits to two schools
for more information about the                                  in each of 49 states (sorry, alaska).
above opportunities contact atlas’s                                                     Brand will describe how parental
director of programs Yiqiao Xu at          once again, the Bill of Rights               choice and local control really                Institute will celebrate Constitution        work in K-12 education. Read his
                                           Day (Sept. 17, 2009) with free               blog at
Beacon Hill Institute executive            resources for teachers, students             Recent CRC newsletters on the
d i r e c t o r D a v i d g . Tu e r c k   and the general public. This year            nonprofit sector investigate labor
highlighted the consequences               the institute will challenge students        union activism, the radical group
of extensive bailouts and bigger                                                        aCoRn, and grant-making by
government at the tax-day Boston                                                        george Soros and the Democracy
Tea Party protests. along with a                                                        alliance. a recent CRC conference
number of anti-tax activists, Tuerck                                                    on labor union activism is profiled             Columbia, that have charter laws,
called into question President                                                          in the May CRC labor watch                      and the history of accountability
obama’s long-term march to a                                                            newsletter.                 over time to determine whether
planned economy radically at odds                                                                                                       charter schools are reforming
with the founding fathers’ vision                                                       The Cato Institute has added                    public education. what’s clear
of limited government. More than                                                        Jeffrey Miron and Mark Calabria                 from CeR’s analysis is that in
300 people attended the Boston             Supreme Court Justice Clarence
                                                                                        to its policy staff. Miron, an                  states with strong charter school
event. Meanwhile, the institute            Thomas congratulates Being an                economist at harvard University,                laws, and where good data is
released a study critical of a             American essay contest winners               will assist Cato’s economic team                available to all parties, charters are
                                           at the Bill of Rights Awards Gala.
planned 20 percent Massachusetts                                                        in promoting dynamic market                     making notable gains. Those that
sales-tax hike. Using its trademark        to harness the power of social               capitalism and economic freedom                 have not performed, especially in
STaMP model, the institute found           networking, and connect with                 through me dia app earances                     states whose laws ensure objective
that such an increase would result         the great minds that established             and policy analyses. Calabria, a                oversight from independent
in the loss of 10,000 jobs and $41         our form of government, by                   veteran staff member of the Senate              authorizers, have been closed.
million in business investment.            responding to Constitutional                 Committee on Banking, housing                   “accountability lies at the heart
forecasts of new revenue would             questions posed by our nation's              & Urban affairs, joins Cato as                  of the charter school concept,”
also fall short once consumers             founders in a brand new web-                 director of financial services                  says CeR president Jeanne allen.
shift their spending to sales-             based activity. interactive online           regulation. on June 17 Cato will                “The singular focus on student
tax-free new hampshire. Bhi                games and lessons that inform                host a one-day conference in                    achievement challenges all public
expanded its research into the             about constitutional principles              washington, D.C. on the state                   schools to raise the bar. Knowing
dubious economics of climate-              and the history behind the writing           and future of health care reform                how charter schools are held
change mitigation measures such            of our Constitution continue the             in america. Please join us for Cato             accountable is a guidepost for all

                                                                   SPN NEWS      16   May / JuNE 2009
engaged in educating our nation’s        be mentored by conservative icons
youth.”                     such as Phyllis Schlafly, Star Parker
                                         and Bay Buchanan. if you know of
Citizens in Charge Foundation            a young woman who would benefit
wants to make sure citizens know         from a semester working for the
“in 24 states they can” use the ballot   luce Policy institute, please visit
initiative and referendum process. .
in this effort the foundation has
embarked on an educational
campaign, using tools like YouTube
                                                                                  The 2009 Freedom Scholars take in the view from atop the Washington,
to spread the message (YouTube
                                                                                  D.C. Newseum during the TFAS Annual Conference dinner.
Channel: CitizeninCharge). The
first video featuring a four year        on apr il 7 the Claremont                Using viral marketing to maximize       watch the website for details.
old explaining american history          Institute’s golden State Center          online reach, the series is targeted
created a buzz with activists.           published a new report analyzing         at high school students, many
harnessing the growing interest          six measures on California’s May         of whom are heavily exposed to          over 200 supporters of The Fund
ab out b allot me a sure s , the         19 special election ballot. The fiscal   environmental misinformation.           for American Studies gathered
foundation has sent out a call           implications of these complicated        in addition, fraser researchers         in washington, D.C. april 16-17
for Citizen State Coordinators to        propositions is in the billions, and     have published timely pieces            for its annual conference. Tom
volunteer in helping strengthen          they come at a time when the state       on protectionism, ameriCorps,           Donlan, editorial page editor
regional efforts. as a trans-            is facing the largest budget crisis      energy exploration and the recent       of Barron’s national Business
partisan grassroots membership           in its 159-year history. how voters      naTo summit.                            and financial weekly, provided
organization, Citizens in Charge         respond to these measures will                                                   keynote remarks on the financial
strives to find common ground with       influence not only how California                                                crisis. TfaS awarded the 2009
groups on all sides of the political     corrects its $42 billion structural                                              outstanding Professor award
spectrum that believe in protecting      deficit, but how other states            as the april 15 Tax Day Tea             to R ichard B ene de tto, USa
citizen rights. in order to foster       respond to similar difficulties.         Parties drew to a close, requests       Today founding member and
these types of relationships, the        authored by Tom Karako, “grading         for a national tea party or march       white house correspondent,
organization launched Citizens on        the Propositions” analyzes their         on washington began to pour in          and The David R. Jones lifetime
Tap, an informal networking event.       political, fiscal and constitutional     from around the country. eager to       achievement award to Kenneth                     effects. The report concludes that       maintain the energy, passion and        Tomlinson, former chairman
                                         these measures fall far short of         “no taxes and spending” message         of the U.S. Broadcasting Board
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute       the reforms needed to restore the        of the Tea Party movement,              of governors. other speakers
is welcoming summer interns to its       golden State to either political or      FreedomWorks reached out                included political columnist Ron
Virginia headquarters. Designed          fiscal normalcy.           to allies old and new to form a         hart, The wall Street Journal’s Steve
to help young women develop their                                                 broad coalition of free-market          Moore and georgetown University
leadership abilities and learn how       The Fraser Institute offers a note       groups to organize a Sept. 12           law professor Randy Barnett.
to promote conservative principles       of caution in its latest “waiting        national Taxpayer March on D.C.         on april 24 fox news senior
on campus, the intern program            Your Turn” report, which details         So far, this growing group includes     producer Chad Pergram provided
teaches interns to coordinate            the unresponsive nature of the           other Beltway non-profits, state        keynote remarks for the Spring
special events, improve their            single-payer system in Canada,           think tanks, brand-new Tea Party        Capital Semester commencement.
writing and researching abilities,       where waiting lists can reach            organizations and a host of bloggers    Pergram challenged 47 public
and learn how to succeed in a            almost 18 weeks. The report is           to help spread the word. RSVP’s at      policy and journalism students to
professional office environment.         available at are compounding day by        “take the dome off Congress” and
Training sessions also focus on           on the environmental front,             day. People are booking flights and     explain to families and friends how
sharpening their public-speaking         fraser launched the first in a           hotels. and the national march so       washington works.
skills to prepare them for television    series of videos on YouTube to           many began to clamor for months
and radio inter vie ws . Many            debunk alarmist claims about             ago will soon be a reality. if you      The Galen Institute is working to
students have the opportunity            global warming (youtube                  would like to be a part of 912DC,       “Put Patients first” in the health
during their internship to meet and      .com/user/questionThehype).              please contact freedomworks and         reform debate. The institute has

                                                                  SPN NEWS   17   May / JuNE 2009
                                         said, “The theme of conference                                                       imposed on Texas interior designers.
                The Galen Institute’s    reflects the fact that the scientific                                                with the institute’s assistance,
                video contest and        debate is not over about climate                                                     long Beach activists launched the
                petition urged
                politicians to “Do No    change and global warming ,                                                          north long Beach Citizens against
                Harm” to patients.       and that economic analysis is                                                        eminent Domain abuse. in the
taken the lead in disseminating a        more important than ever, now                                                        past few weeks, iJ attorneys and
new statement from the health            that legislation is being seriously                                                  cases have appeared in numerous
Policy Consensus group on health         considered.” The conference                                                          media outlets, including the aBa
reform initiatives. The group            attendees included Members of                                                        Journal, air america, Marketplace,
includes health policy experts           Congress, congressional staff,                                                       national Review, The new York
who understand the importance            policy makers, opinion leaders and                                                   Times, Volokh Conspiracy and
of free-market, patient-centered         journalists.                                                           The wall Street Journal. iJ is proud
health care. galen distributed the                                                                                            to welcome lancee Kurcab, Mary
statement, which warns against                                                                                                McPherson and Britany Skipper to
reforms that would harm patients,                                                                                             its team. iJ looks forward to having
on Capitol hill and online. and                                                                                               TCPR vice president Shaka Mitchell
galen developed a “Do no harm            Th e H e r i t a g e Fo u n d a t i o n      Independent Institute senior fellow     back in June for the “lawyers have
Petition,” which is active online        produced the first booklet in a              ivan eland assessed his performance     heart” dinner and 10k race. (Shaka
at, based           series, The economy hits home, to            in the San francisco Chronicle,         thinks he can beat iJ’s running
upon the Consensus group’s               explain basic economic principles            reminding all of us that the new        legend, luke “Pre” Preus, but that’s
principles. You’re invited to sign the   with common sense language.                  President still has 1,300 days to       probably not going to happen.)
petition urging politicians to “first,   heritage’s Center for Data analysis          follow. we would be well advised
Do no harm” and “Put Patients            is producing timely research on              not to underestimate what may be
first.” galen also is running a          the potential economic impacts of            yet to come even though his actions     The Institute for Policy Innovation
video contest, seeking submissions       a proposed energy tax via cap and            to date to greatly expand federal       hoste d it s sig nature world
that debunk popular myths about          trade. heritage’s new Manufacturing          power and spending are bad enough.      intellectual Property Day forum april
government-run health care. To           Vulnerability index demonstrates             as author of the new institute          30 in washington, D.C. The sold-out
see winning videos, please visit         the areas of the country most                book, Recarving Rushmore, Dr.           event shed light on intellectual follow galen’s activities     susceptible to economic damage               eland suggests that while President     property ’s role in the global
on Twitter @galeninstitute and           from energy taxes. heritage’s health         obama is still polling positively in    recovery and featured a dynamic
@aemenefee.                              care team is writing on the dangers          terms of personality, charm cannot      line-up of key insiders advocating
                                         of the proposed public plan and              outweigh the more important             the protection of innovation
                                         national health board to the quality         metrics of peace, prosperity and        worldwide, including Rep. Marsha
                                         of health care in the U.S. also,             liberty. Speaking on this same topic,   Blackburn, DC Comics’ Dan DiDio,
                                         heritage analyst Ron Utt produced            Dr. eland was recently interviewed      Techamerica president Phil Bond
as the obama administration              research on the efforts by the               by former presidential candidate        and U.S. Trade Representative’s
and Congress consider global             obama administration to force the            Rep. Ron Paul on C-SPan’s “after        Chief iP negotiator Kira alvarez.
warming legislation that would           implementation of smart growth               words” program on the need to           on Tax Day, iPi president Tom
cost consumers hundreds                  policies on local governments.               radically reduce presidential power.    giovanetti and resident scholar Dr.
of billions of dollars a year,           finally, heritage hosted more than                          Merrill Matthews championed fiscal
scientists and economists met            600 participants representing 340                                                    responsibility and lower taxes before
in washington, D.C. to say such          organizations and 40 countries at                                                    thousands at north Texas tea parties
legislation is unnecessary at the        its 32nd annual Resource Bank in                                                     in Denton and Dallas. additionally,
Third international Conference           los angeles.                                                            iPi’s Peter ferrara appeared on the
on Climate Change hosted by                                                           free speech victories! The Institute    fox Business network warning
the heartland institute. The                                                          for Justice had a Tennessee             of the damaging effects new ePa
theme of the June 2 conference                                                        judge dismiss a defamation              regulations have in store for the
was “Climate Change: Scientific                                                       lawsuit brought against property        economy. Join the institute online
Debate and economic analysis.”           as President obama closed the                rights activists and had a federal      through facebook and Twitter.
heartland president Joseph Bast          chapter on his first 100 days in office,     appeals court block a speech ban

                                                                  SPN NEWS    18    May / JuNE 2009
The Jesse Helms Center                    news from each of the 50 states and                                                           schools. Showing how america’s
Foundation held its first helms           a centralized Sunshine Calendar                                                               public school system wastes billions
foreign Policy School this year on        for 2009 that lists all sunshine-                                                             of dollars each year while children
the campus of liberty University          related events from around the                                                                learn less and less, The Cartel argues
on March 21. over 30 liberty              country.                                                                         for immediate reform centered
students heard from former                                                                                                              on school choice. incorporating
helms staffers, Deborah DeMoss            health care reform is a Manhattan                                                             interviews with former alliance
fonseca and Robert wilkie, former         Institute top priority. in May, it                                                            for School Choice president Clint
assistant Secretary of Defense            released a paper by Douglas holtz-                                                            Bolick, the fordham foundation’s
for legislative affairs. Students         eakin that lays out the priorities                                                            Chester finn, Black alliance for
learned how Senator helms applied         and principles policymakers should                                                            educational options’ gerard
conservative principles to foreign        focus on for sustainable health                                                               Robinson and more, The Cartel is
policy issues and how to effectively      care based on the principles of                                                               a humane and accessible film that
communicate those principles with         limited government, market-                                                                   can do for education reform what
communication training conducted          based innovation and patient-                   needed to make informed funding               no op-ed, policy analysis or white
by Beverly hallberg, executive            centered care to expand coverage                and policy decisions. U.S. Senator            paper can do. To learn how to bring
director of District Media group.         i n c re m e nt a l l y i n a f i s c a l l y   Mark warner from Virginia joined              the film to your area, please contact
on March 19 the helms Center              responsible manner. The institute’s             Mercatus scholars Dr. Jerry ellig    MPi is accepting
hosted BB&T chairman John                 webzine, MedicalProgressToday.                  and Maurice McTigue to discuss                applications for internships; the
allison as part of its acclaimed          com, launched “innovative ideas,”               the findings, the evolution of best           ideal candidate has an informed
                                          a series of podcast interviews                  practices and specific improvements           appreciation of american liberty
                                          with doctors, scientists, health                in transparent disclosure that                and a demonstrable interest in film
                                          economists and policy experts                   agencies have made in the past                production.
                                          about how to reform our system so               decade that may make oversight
                                          it promotes innovation, competition             easier. additionally, in response
                                          and more affordable insurance                   to the growing number of state
                                          options. how might new York                     legislatures proposing spending-
                                          successfully overcome wall Street's             t r a n s p a re n c y w eb s i te s , th e   National Center for Polic y
A college student participates in
                                          meltdown and be competitive                     Mercatus Center recently released             Analysis president John C .
communication training at the             in the 21st century? To address                 a paper, “The Cost of State online            goodman, distinguished fellows
March 21 Helms Foreign Policy             this question, City Journal has                 Spending Transparency initiatives.”           Terry neese and Bob McTeer, and
School at Liberty University.
                                          commissioned a special issue, “new              author Jerry Brito looked at 10               Devon herrick testified before
lecture Series. also this spring, the     York’s Tomorrow,” which covers                  recently established state-spending           several Congressional committees
helms Center received essays from         three main components of reform:                sites to address the most common              to advocate free-market reforms.
17 states and one foreign country         political economy, social order and             argument against these efforts:               McTeer was named a contributor to
for its annual laws of life essay         fixing schools. it’ll be released at a          the potential high cost of such               CnBC and continues to be a leading
Contest, a character education-           July conference in new York City                websites. Mr. Brito’s research                figure in public policy debate about
based writing competition for             and available on              concluded: initial cost estimates             the nation’s banking and financial
middle and high school students,                          often overestimated the final cost.           crises. Both Pulitzer-prize winning
originally developed by the John                                                          The cost of the surveyed sites range          nationally syndicated columnist
Templeton foundation.                     on May 5 in washington, D.C the                 from $30,000 to $300,000, and there           george will and Martin wolf, chief                      Mercatus Center at George Mason                 is little correlation between the             economics commentator for The
                                          University released its annual                  amount spent and the quality of the           financial Times of london, offered
Th e Lu c y B u r n s I n s t i t u t e   “Performance Report Scorecard                   website.                         analysis and solutions for the
continues to build an encyclopedia        Report: which agencies Best                                                                   current U.S. economic and financial
of state sunshine law-related             inform the Public?” for the tenth               The Moving Picture Institute is               crisis and its global implications at
material in the wikifoia portal of        consecutive year, the study ranked              pleased to introduce The Cartel, a            this year’s first nCPa/hatton w.
Sunshine Review. The encyclopedia         the 24 largest federal agencies on              feature-length documentary film               Sumners foundation Distinguished
now includes topical information,         how well they supply citizens and               exposing the corruption, waste and            le ctures . John Stossel told
including transparency headline           elected leaders with the information            intimidation in our nation’s public           a capacity crowd at Rivercrest

                                                                        SPN NEWS     19   May / JuNE 2009
Country Club in fort worth that            and $209 completing their returns.       The latest issue of Privatization                   View all of’s videos at
the current financial crisis need not      nTU hosts a weekly podcast, “The         watch, focused on bailouts and            
lead to government intervention            Taxpayer’s Turn,” every Thursday         the recession, is available on            
in financial markets.             on Join nTU’s             Reason Foundation’s new and
                                           grassroots mobile membership by          improved website. The weighted                      after the success of the 2nd annual
                                           texting “fighT” to 67292 and fight       Student formula Yearbook, which                     Sammies awards, the Sam Adams
The U.S. Court of appeals for the          big government with your mobile          creates best practices based on                     Alliance was able to capture the
Tenth Circuit reversed itself and          phone! follow nTU on Twitter,            analysis of 15 school districts                     growing interest in new Media and
ruled to uphold a Utah statute             @ntu.                            pioneering the practice, is online.                 citizen activism at SamSphere–
prohibiting union officials from                                                    Reason Magazine’s May feature                       Chicago. This one day forum, held
using payroll deduction to divert          when members of Students for             story explains how states’ fiscal                   in May, brought together bloggers
teachers’ and other government             a Democratic Society protested           irresponsibility caused the current                 and new Media activists as well
workers’ money into union political        against former U.S. congressman          budget crises. Reason’s Michael                     as individuals who wanted to start
action committees. National Right          To m Ta n c re d o’s s p e e ch o n      C. Moynihan has made multiple                       learning about online activism. The
to Work Foundation attorneys, in           immigration at the University of n.      appearances on the glenn Beck                       turnout could only be described as
a joint amici brief with the Utah-                                                  Program in recent weeks, and                        inspiring, as liberty-minded thinkers
based Sutherland institute and                                                      CnBC featured’s nick                      came together in the heartland of
others, successfully argued in Utah                                                 gillespie in an auto bailout debate.                corruption to learn from new Media
Education Association et al. v. Mark                                       continues to follow                       experts, discuss ideas and network,
Shurtleff – just as they did in the U.S.                                            the trial surrounding California                    sending a clear message that even
Supreme Court victory in Ysursa                                                     medical marijuana dispensary                        in a state that has produced two
v. Pocatello Education Association                                                  owner Charlie lynch, whose                          indicted governor’s in the same
at al. – that union officials have                                                  sentencing date has been delayed to                 decade, “real” hope and change can
no constitutional right to use                                                      June 11. for’s complete                   be found. for more information
                                           Students for a Democratic Society
government resources to deduct             protesters sent a confused message       coverage of the lynch saga, go to                   call emily Zanotti at 312-920-0080.
monies from workers’ paychecks.            about speech: They prevented               
                                           Tom Tancredo from speaking.
however, there is a much cleaner,
more effective way to address such
union abuses: legislatures in Right to     Carolina-Chapel hill, Pope Center
work states, including Utah, should        for Higher Education senior
simply ban all payroll deductions for      writer Jay Schalin and outreach
government unions.                coordinator Jenna Robinson were
                                           on the scene. Schalin and Robinson
T h e N a t i o n a l Ta x p a y e r s     recounted the turmoil, which
                                                                                                                        SPN Now ShowiNg
Union released its 2008 Rating             prevented Tancredo from finishing
of Congress, a scorecard based             his speech and led to the arrest
on every roll call vote affecting          of a student, as eyewitnesses on
fiscal policy. only 48 lawmakers           wPTf radio in Raleigh and in an
scored high enough to merit “a”            article in human events. a week
grades and a Taxpayers’ friend             later, Schalin covered a speech                       NoW oNlINE 2009 LEADErSHIP DEVELoPMENT
award, down from 52 in the 2007            by former congressman Virgil                         BrEAKFAST PrESENTATIoNS FroM LoS ANGELES
Rating. a record 267 Senators              goode on “Multiculturalism, hate                                         -   Featuring Guest Speakers -
and Representatives captured the           Speech, and free Speech” – where                     “ U N C H A r I TA B L E ” B y D A N PA L L o T TA
title of Big Spender for posting           six protesters were arrested. That                   Author, Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine
                                                                                                Their Potential and founder of Pallotta TeamWorks
“f” grades. nTU’s 11th annual              article appeared in The american
Tax Complexity Study found                 Thinker. Both goode and Tancredo                     “ N o N - P r o F I T I N N o VAT I o N ” B y T o N y W o o D L I E F
                                                                                                Vice-president of Academic Programs,
that individuals and corporations          had been invited to speak by the                     Market-Based Management Institute
spend nearly $300 billion on tax           UnC-Chapel hill chapter of Youth
compliance. Taxpayers this year            for western Civilization, a new                                                                            Download. Learn. Action!
spent an average of 26.4 hours             student group.

                                                                  SPN NEWS   20   May / JuNE 2009

at gettysburg in the north’s favor.)           to see action and motion, and a petition     a day. (This is a big number when you
MhPC’s supporters and monthly                  that quickly gathers signatures is           consider Maine’s population.)
luncheon attendees are invited to              enough to get even the least motivated
become a part of the 21st Maine,               grassroots participant involved.             MhPC also posted videos on YouTube
which requires a modest monthly                                                             of its supporters who testified against
$8 contribution and completion of a                                                         the bill, which gives them credit for
                                               SKIN IN THE GAME
small task each month.                                                                      their good work and fosters their
                                               People want to be part of the team,          overall engagement. Moreover, MhPC
for example, the first task was to bring a     they want the opportunity to partici-        supporters get their well-deserved
guest, for free, to a policy luncheon. The     pate in the cause, to get some skin in       andy warhol fifteen-minutes-of-
next was to sign MhPC’s online petition,       the game.                                    policy fame and then some.
described below, against the censorship
bill and get friends to as well. The           we asked several of our supporters
                                                                                            PArTNEr UP – (C)4 INVoLVEMENT
response was superb and the short- and         to testify against the bill before the
long-term results were three-fold:             committee that was handling it. They         Building a relationship w ith a
                                               did. Moreover, those who testified           friendly 501(c)4 organization, and
•	 we increased luncheon                       went back to their town groups and           getting it involved in our grassroots
   attendance and expanded                     citizen organizations and shared stories     revitalization, yielded substantial
   our grassroots support                      about how they worked with MhPC to           results. a (c)4 has knowledge of
                                               defeat censorship legislation proposed       political workings, has many political-
•	 Donors who had contributed only             by unions and Senate leadership.             world relationships, and the ability to
   occasionally now give consistently                                                       engage in political activity.
                                               give individuals the opportunity to
•	 we built a base that was                    have a hand in a big victory and you         MhPC coupled with Maine leads for
   opposed to the censorship                   will invigorate them.                        outreach efforts. Maine leads organized
   legislation and pushed the                                                               our involvement and participation in
   issue into the public view                                                               the Tea Parties and local political party
                                                                                            gatherings. further, it organized public
                                               Utilizing popular new Media tools            hearings. our (c)4 partner’s relationships
                                               like YouTube is absolutely essential to      with press, coalitions, political groups,
                                               energizing the grassroots. YouTube has       grassroots supporters and elected
one of the valuable things about a             been an effective way to get MhPC            officials provides a great opportunity to
crisis, in this case bad legislation, is the   supporters excited about what’s going        reach out to people and build teams to
ability to rally the grassroots against it.    on. YouTube makes our hard work              deliver testimony, write letters and get
MhPC created a petition opposing the           much more tangible.                          involved with particular issues.
legislation and publicized it on MhPC
websites, including facebook. This             Particularly compelling to the grassroots    By engaging the grassroots in innovative
petition caught fire, with 30-50 people        has been YouTube footage of public           and effective ways the Maine heritage
signing it daily. we created it for free at    hearings where MhPC has testified in         Policy Center soundly defeated the, and linked to it from our       support of, or opposition to, legislation.   censorship bill, expanded its support site. The Center              This continues to be one of the most         base and got people involved with
also circulated a hardcopy petition            popular items in our weekly email news-      substantive calls to action.
at the Tea Parties; a long afternoon           letter – apparently more people prefer to
of clipboard wielding yielded several          watch videos than read reports.              now i just have to tell my facebook
hundred signatures. More than 1,000                                                         friends and Tweet about our experience!
people signed a petition in two weeks,         grassroots supporters especially loved
and hundreds of them became new                to watch those who oppose our cause.
MhPC constituents.                             YouTube video of the testimony given                     Tarren r. Bragdon is CEo
                                               by the state senator who proposed the                    of the Maine Heritage
                                                                                                        Policy Center. Write him at
This petition also served as a useful call     censorship legislation was a big hit,
to action. grassroots participants love        racking up hundreds of views in just

                                                     SPN NEWS   21   May / JuNE 2009

Referring again to the yard signs,            don't know if i'd pay $1,200
                                                                                        P3 PUblIC POlICy PlaCE
McCain/Palin's main font was optima           for a stock shot, but i can
                                                                                        How to Cut Taxes
– a font that is widely used, has a storied   see why some do. There is a                                                                                                                                          How to Cut Taxes
tradition and is available on millions        difference between paying a               Erit praesequip etuer sequissi.
                                                                                        Gait lorem ing et nulla commodo-
                                                                                        lore elessis ad mod mod magniam
                                                                                                                                 feugiamet, sum iril et wis num-
                                                                                                                                 modolorer si te veliquisim non vel
                                                                                                                                 utpatie cor inis do dio odit am do
                                                                                                                                 ea consendrem ilis alit essit la ac-
                                                                                                                                                                          faccumsan henim quisiss endrerc-
                                                                                                                                                                          idunt nullandignim del enis nos do-
                                                                                                                                                                          lor siscili quissit irit lorem vendiat
                                                                                                                                                                          niscil digna alis accum quat laortio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Common Sense principles
                                                                                        ilis am quipit autpat luptat aliquis

of desktop computers. You may have            guy $500 to photograph your
                                                                                                                                 idunt iure dolorpe rciduipis nostrud     nulpute te dignim in exer atisi blan           Gait lorem ing et nulla commodolore elessis ad mod
                                                                                        ciduissed ming et lutpat velis niam,     molobore dolesti sisisit nullaortie      heniat am zzrilit, venismo lessisi.
                                                                                        quam amcon utpatis et at num zzrit                                                                                                   mod magniam ilis am quipit autpat luptat aliquis
                                                                                                                                 modolor sustin utpatisit ad elendre
                                                                                        lumsan ut ver si.                        etuerostis alit, quamet, se facinci      Na facidunt in henisim il er ali-                ciduissed ming et lutpat velis niam, quam amcon
                                                                                                                                 blandio nsectet delit, quis nisi.        quam iustrud dolore vulla acin                               utpatis et at num zzrit lumsan ut ver si.
                                                                                        Putatue conse essed min utet

seen it on an estee lauder product.           day-long event or seminar and
                                                                                        dolortie minit am venim veliquis         Sandre min henis nullaore consecte
                                                                                        adionse dolesed minci blam nit           commodolore eu feugue feuipsum           Volesti smolore euisim quat, sed
                                                                                        lutpatem ipsusci tie del ipit digna      dunt alit, vulluptat augue feum          mod dipisi.
                                                                                        faciduis acilla facil dignibh eui eui    vel diam zzril dolut alisl exero
                                                                                        blan veriustrud magna feuis nibh                                                  Oborerostrud dolortio dolut verosti

obama's typeface, on the other hand,          using your point-and-shoot
                                                                                                                                 consecte magna atum ipsum at alit        ssequipsusci tisi tat la corem vo-
                                                                                        et la consendio dolesendre dolore        nulla facinci tio enim nonsequat,
                                                                                        vulla facilisi.                                                                   lendip enim non ulla consenit nos
                                                                                                                                 vendit eumsan vercilit dignis at         nim deliquat. Duisit niamet wis
                                                                                        Quam illa feugue verit prat.             inciliquat ing elenit nulputem vel       nulluptat. Isciliquat vel doloborer
                                                                                                                                 duisl et ipit wisi ex eu faccummy        ip essis non henim veros nim vel

is not commonly found on computers.           digital camera to photograph
                                                                                        Sandreet utpat irit aliquis sequam,      niscip elit ulputpatie eum diam-         dolobore dunt lamet at, quat alit
                                                                                        quis nullam ipis amcommo dole-           con ulputpat. Ut ad er in vel diam       nos dunt ver sit utat lan hendi-
                                                                                        nibh erci bla core tat, si tat nim zz-   qui bla at prat, quis nonsenis num       ametuer sum voloreet, si.
                                                                                        ril dolorer aesequam, consectetum        ilisim in ullametum zzril ut nulla
                                                                                        quatiniam zzrilis molore magnism         consectet nonummy nim vulla au-          Ip elismod olorem vel ut nullum

it doesn't come bundled with word. it's       John Stossel shaking your
                                                                                        odignim quat. Wississis nulput           giam zzrillu ptatet lore molesecte       ipit at velis nos nisim volenibh
                                                                                        prat.                                    dolore exer iriuree tummoluptat.         esed elissi.
                                                                                        Vel ulla corem zzril utem il ut          Niam zzrit nos et, con ulla faccum       El ute er si. Giamcorem autatie
                                                                                        nulput nit praessequis doloborero        nulla facidunt iriuscidunt alissecte     ea feuguer si tat nonsecte faci et

custom fit to have a unique appeal to it.     president's hand.
                                                                                        er susci ex etue modignim do             commy nulputat inim erit lore dipit      ipit laore euguer ipis dolore con-
                                                                                        commodi psustiniat, qui blaor init,      utetuer cipsummy num ip erit ip          senit ing ercin vulluptat nulput
                                                                                        consed tie molessenit amet, qui          eraestis adiat wisis deliqui piscilisl   volummo dolendipit wisl ullaor
                                                                                        blamet ulla feum zzrillam vel ulput      er sit aciliquamet auguerciduis          acinim irit am quis dolesto odolor
                                                                                        ad dit ing eu feum zzrilis ciduis au-    eu feui eliquat nonulput ut ut ad        adipit ex enim nibh et, quat il ilisl
                                                                                        guer sim iustrud exero od moluptat       magnim nosto odionsed magnism            dolor sim volore min heniscilis am
                                                                                        irit vent dolore modoloreet ipis         odolore conse minis dipisl iure          zzriure raestincil utat. Uptat inibh
                                                                                        et dionsecte velis dolore mincilla       tiniam ipsuscilis et aute modignisi      eugait praessequis alisl illaoreril in
                                                                                        commolobore dolore te magna              eros er si ex etumsan henibh eu          velenit, velestie feugue tat.

what you are reading right now is a           of particular interest to policy
serif font called warnock Pro (a serif        shops may be "microstock" A splash of color, an emboldened font change and a simple
                                                                                   graphic can turn a visually dry report into an interesting one.
font has little flares beginning and          sites. They are websites that
ending the stroke of each character).         often have millions of available photos The familiar Times font was the first to
if you look on your computer, you may         that start at the cost of $1.00. full-sized, go. The title was emboldened, the size
have 100 fonts available to you.              print-ready images can cost up to $20. increased and was spread from margin
                                              we've come a long way in availability to margin (i kept a bit of the opening
when looking for a new typeface,              of professional stock photography. of text as a stinger). i used a $10 photo,
you'll want to make sure it's from a          course, as with the font issue, since the purchased from a microstock company,
good family. The basic members of             images are so inexpensive, it basically to make a stronger instant connection
the family need to be "regular," "italic,"    means that anyone can purchase the with the reader. a few dollars and a
"bold" and "bold italic." other bonus         same image as you can. You'll want to bigger font later, the report is ready.
members may include "semibold" or             be careful using ultra-cheap images
"light" or even "semibold italic." The        in high profile settings as you are one of the marketing temptations today
font used to set up SPn news has              defining your own style, making your is that, with the rise of facebook and
more than 30 family members. what             own mark.,, Twitter, organizations will ignore the
does your font say about you? The right are just a few options for value of standing out from the crowd
typeface can (help) set you apart.            microstock.                                    and will attempt to let Twitter be their
                                                                                             only means of marketing. Simply having
                                              again, your goal is to compete in the a facebook page doesn't create brand
                                              marketplace. Your competition is not awareness any more than handing your
Years ago, i wanted a shot of the Roman       just in the political realm – eSPn, business card to someone. You need to
Coliseum for an essay larry Reed was          television, magazines, Kindles, The give them a reason to care.
writing. i called a stock photography         onion, plus a million others are vying
company and told them what i needed           for the public’s attention.                    There's never been a magic marketing
– told them how the image would be                                                           formula that guarantees success.
used and that we were a non-profit.           Compare the photographs of your But, matching quality content with
The gal on the other end of the line          events with those that appear on the quality style has a good track record for
quoted me a price of $1,200! i stood          homepage of as in the improving your organization's odds.
there stunned and said nothing. She           for-profit world, we can learn a lot edward Tufte says, "clear and precise
updated her price to $800 moments             from our competition. Static head seeing becomes as one with clear and
later and i still didn't know what to         shots pale in comparison to the same precise thinking." That's our goal here
say. i finally mustered up some words         head being photographed from a — to help people see more clearly.
and said, "i could buy a plane ticket to      dynamic angle.
Rome and take the picture myself for
that much." She was, apparently, used                                                                                                  Daniel Montgomery is graphic
                                              HoW To Do IT
to those kinds of responses.                                                                                                           arts manager for the Mackinac
                                                                                                                                       Center for Public Policy and
                                              i transformed the report shown on the
                                                                                                                                       a freelance designer.
what i didn't know then was that the          left (above) into the report on the right                                                you can reach him at
right visual is worth the money. i still      by using design ideas from this article.                             

                                                     SPN NEWS    22   May / JuNE 2009
               Member Directory                                                Please visit for detailed membership contact information.

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Alabama Policy Institute                   The Friedman Foundation                     Nevada Policy research Institute        ocean State Policy                         Trustees and Alumni
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                                           317-681-0745                                                 401-228-6691
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institute of the North                     Indiana Policy review Foundation            Josiah Bartlett Center                  soutH CArolinA                             Exchange Council
                                           260-417-4094                   for Public Policy                       South Carolina Policy Council              202-466-3800
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                                           Public Interest Institute                   new Jersey                              South Carolinians for                      866-730-0150
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Pacific research Institute                 207-321-2550                                                        utAH
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770-242-0001                     507-246-4028
                                                                                       oklahoma Council                        603-738-6778           608-255-0688
Georgia Public                             Minnesota Free Market Institute             of Public Affairs
Policy Foundation                                                                                                              Thomas Jefferson institute                 The MacIver Institute
                                           651-294-3590                                405-602-1667                                                         for Public Policy
404-256-4050                                                                        703-440-9447
                                                                                       oreGon                                                                             262-617-2716
HAwAii                                                                                                                         Virginia Institute for Public Policy
                                           mississippi                                 Better Government Project                                                          Wisconsin Policy research Institute
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii                                                                                                  703-753-5900
                                           Mississippi Center                          503-454-0828                                                                       262-242-6409
808-591-9193        for Public Policy                              young America’s Foundation
Small Business Hawaii                      601-969-1300                                                           800-872-1776                       wyominG
                                                                                       Cascade Policy Institute
808-396-1724                                                                                                                                      Wyoming Liberty Group
                                           missouri                                    503-242-0900          wAsHinGton                                 307-632-7020
idAHo                                      Show-Me Institute                                                                   Evergreen Freedom Foundation
Idaho Freedom Foundation                   314-726-5655                                                    360-956-3482                     ————————
                                                                                       Allegheny Institute for Public Policy
208-921-6749              montAnA                                     412-440-0079     Washington Policy Center                   u.s.A.
illinois                                   Montana Policy Institute                                                            206-937-9691
                                                                                       Commonwealth Foundation                                                            Fraser Institute
Heartland Institute                        406-219-0508              717-671-1901                            wAsHinGton, d.C.                           317-578-0061
312-377-4000                 nebrAskA                                        Accuracy In Media
Illinois Policy Institute                  Platte Institute for                        rEACH                                   202-364-4401
217-544-4759   Economic research                           717-238-1878         Alliance for School Choice
Sam Adams Alliance Foundation                                                                                                  202-280-1990

                                                                                        SPN NEWS       23    May / JuNE 2009
  2020 North 14th Street
  Suite 250 • Arlington, VA 22201

                                                                                                17th AnnuAl Meeting november 1-4, 2009

                                                       CoNGraTulaTioNS To
                                                      Evergreen Freedom Foundation
                                                       for winning the first-ever SPNovation Award for its documentary

As winner of the SPNovation Award, EFF receives $500 and travel costs for a staff member to attend the 2009 SPN Annual Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina to
discuss its award-winning project on a panel about innovation. Learn more about Flunked at
                                                                  SPN NEWS 2 4 May / JuNE 2009
Reminder: Nominations for the next round of SPNovation Awards are due by Monday, June 15. Visit for details.