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Retail Store Manager Skills - DOC


Retail Store Manager Skills document sample

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									                    JOB             DESCRIPTION

    Job Title:        Retail Manager

Reports to:           Retail Director

    Location:         Maasmechelen Village (Belgium)


Act on direction from the Retail Director to focus full-time on co-ordinating, planning
and developing the retail management activities and initiatives of La Vallée Village
with the objective of improving store productivity, maintenance, customer service,
sales and densities.


    Follow assigned Brands on a day-to-day basis to build a solid relationship and
     be able to analyse and promote their sales; document all activity per brand.
    Day-to-day retail management (signage, pricing, ticketing, stock levels, trading
     policies, housekeeping, etc.) communicating and enforcing the policies, procedures
     and regulations of the Tenant Handbook for assigned Brands.
    Follow up sales trends through weekly reporting and provide Retail Director with
     sales analysis / charts, projections and results for quarterly reviews on assigned
     Brands + meeting agenda.
    Give guidelines to store managers (of assigned Brands) on profitable in-store
     presentation (stock levels, pricing, signage, staffing) and outstanding customer
     service with the goal of improving store turnover.
    Highlight any necessary improvements to the Village’s aesthetic appearance and
     atmosphere (music, lighting, signage, visual merchandising, etc.) by working closely
     with the Operations Team
    Manage the presentation of the Village’s store window displays (rotate window
     displays, update posters, announce new openings etc.) for assigned Brands by
     working closely with the Retail Coordinator.
    Assist with co-ordinating marketing promotions and special events
    Attend and present retail management issues at monthly Store Managers Meetings
    Attend Retail & Marketing meetings when required.
    Mystery shopper programme: analyse reports and follow up with Brands in a
     timely manner.
54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                Job Description
                    JOB             DESCRIPTION
    Communicate all issues and news concerning assigned Brands and the Village.
    Attend Brand Compliance meetings when required.
    Submit and contribute to the ideas and bettering of the Village.
    Plan and complete, with the Legal team, the execution of the Brand compliance
    Once trained, support the new store opening process through ensuring correct
     Unit handover process including the approval of Brand works, Brand and store
     management correspondence.
    Organise, distribute, update and action the Retail Rolling List (summarise Retail
     Overview Reports).
    Work closely with Operations team to ensure store adherence to rules and
     regulations of the Village.
    Work with Marketing/Tourism/VIP and Community Affairs to suggest and execute
     effective promotional programs at the Village which will attract the target
     consumer and retain his/her loyalty.
    Attend and contribute to the induction programme for new Brands and Managers.
    Submit Retail ideas to improve processes in the Village.

Skills and qualifications required

    Very good analytical skills with an eye for details
    Strong international retailing background gained in the luxury brands environment
    Strong communication skills, both spoken and written
    Proven decision-making and people management capability
    Good understanding of the fashion industry
    Good knowledge of other European languages required
    Exceptional personal presentation skills
    Able to represent Maasmechelen Village as an ambassador
    Computer literacy

     Job Title:               Senior Retail Manager

    Reports to:       Retail Director

     Based At:        Maasmechelen Village – Belgium

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                Job Description
                    JOB             DESCRIPTION

Working together with the Retail Director, co-ordinate, plan and develop the retail
management activities and initiatives of Maasmechelen Village with the objective of
improving store sales, in-store merchandising and presentation, customer service and
sales, and inventory turnover.      The person we are seeking should have prior
experience with an American brand and/or a large multinational clothing/consumer
products brand, along with a good understanding of the Belgian / Dutch / German
market in order to bring Maasmechelen Village brands up to top quality status in
the areas mentioned above.


   Day-to-day retail management of the Village (stock levels, pricing, ticketing, trading
    policies, etc.) communicating and enforcing the policies, procedures and regulations
    of the Tenant Handbook – for assigned Brands and ensuring a global view.
   Follow up sales trends through weekly reporting and provide Retail Director with
    sales analysis and charts.
   For assigned Brands, establish, develop and maintain strong relationships through
    ongoing communication and contact with store staff, store management and brand
   Execution, analysis and scheduling of the brand mystery shopper programme.
    Reporting back to store management and the Retail team with an agreed plan
    of action for Retail and timelines.
   Attend and present retail management issues at monthly Store Managers
   Communicate and enforce the policies, procedures and regulations of the Tenant
   Develop, with the Retail Director, training seminars on effective customer service,
    selling tips, in-store visual merchandising and quality of management on an
    annual basis.
   Coordinate, implement and manage, with the Retail Coordinator, the Brand visual
    merchandise management programme for assigned Brands to ensure that optimum
    inventory levels and merchandise selection are offered at all times.
   Influence improvements to the Village’s aesthetic appearance and atmosphere
    (music, landscaping etc.) by working closely with the Operations Team.
   Manage Brand window displays with the vinyl programme for the promotion, sale
    and seasonal periods.

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                 Job Description
                    JOB              DESCRIPTION
   Support the new store opening process through ensuring correct Unit handover
    process including the approval of Brand works, Brand and store management
    correspondence; implement checklist for Retail colleagues to use.
   Responsible for the daily management of the Retail Coordinator.
   Responsible for the Retail brand compliance check and the coordination of the
    Legal and Retail teams on this project.
   Create individual brand business plans with the Retail Managers.
   Oversee all budgets (Brand sales forecasts and Service Charge costs).
   Work closely with the Marketing team to provide input into the marketing
    campaigns, as well as innovative marketing ideas to drive and maximize sales
    and traffic in the Village.
   Provide ideas for special events, holiday promotions and other marketing initiatives
    by being aware of fashion trends, calendars and important dates.
   Overall “Special Projects” manager for crossover Retail to Marketing – Leasing –
    Operations and Finance.

Skills and qualifications required

   Strong retailing background gained in a top brand environment;
   Strong personality – able to act as a number 2 for the Retail Director;
   Strong communication skills, both spoken and written;
   Proven decision-making capability;
   Good analytical skills with an eye for detail;
   Exceptional personal presentation skills are needed;
   Excellent understanding of the fashion industry;
   Excellent knowledge of English language required;
   Computer literacy a requirement.

Job Title:              Accountant
Reports To:             Chief Accountant
Based At:               Maasmechelen Village (Belgium)

Scope of the position

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                               Job Description
                     JOB             DESCRIPTION
You will be in charge of the Accounts Payable Ledgers. You will work in a team of 2 accountants
and report to the Chief Accountant.

What does this job involve?

   Accurate processing of accounts payable invoices with an assessment of the analytical codes;
   Ad hoc tasks;
   Assist in the preparation of the year-end audit and draft statutory accounts;
   Bank reconciliation;
   Calculate rent increases and quarterly turnover rent;
   Cash banking;
   Code, check and post all purchase invoices;
   Follow up on approvals and preparation of payment runs;
   Follow up on payment issues both with internal and external clients;
   Monthly VAT declarations;
   Post and reconcile all income, expenses, assets and liabilities;
   Prepare service cost reporting (budget versus actual costs);
   Prepare weekly sales reporting;
   Prepare and check monthly / quarterly VAT returns;
   Prepare tenant sales data information - weekly, quarterly and annually;
   Process invoices for payment and cash disbursements;
   Raise tenant invoices and collect tenant income;
   Review transactions for completeness.

Skills and qualifications required

   A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ relevant experience;
   Ability to communicate clearly and effectively;
   Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines;
   Attentive to detail, assertive, motivated and self-driven;
   Autonomous but also able to work within a team structure;
   Bachelor degree in Accountancy or Business Administration; experience of analytical
    accountancy preferred;
   Excellent knowledge of MS Office;
   Experience in running accounting and finance programs;
   Fluent in Dutch and English – good communication skills, oral and written;
   Good customer service skills;
   Organised, flexible and a team player;
   Quick and able to manage own workload;
   Similar experience gained in an international environment;
   Strong analytical skills;
   Willing to grow and be challenged.

Manager Functies
De structuur van het Management team hangt af van de grootte van de winkel. Met Management
functies bedoelen we: Winkel Manager, Assistent Manager. Hieronder vind je de vaardigheden die
essentieel zijn om een goede teamleader te worden.
De Winkel Manager is beslissend voor de blijvende groei van de zaak. Als Winkel Manager geef
jij het voorbeeld en ben jij het rolmodel voor elke werknemer in de winkel. Concentreer je op het

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                          Job Description
                       JOB                DESCRIPTION
7 “S”s

Jij moet de vooropgestelde verkoopscijfers kunnen bereiken en zelfs overtreffen. Om de verkoop te
maximaliseren en de verwachtingen van de klanten te overtreffen, spitst jouw rol zich toe op het verzekeren
van de uitzonderlijke winkelervaring van elke klant.
Goede customer service betekent dat elke klant zich speciaal voelt en de nodige persoonlijke aandacht
krijgt. .
Jij handelt de klachten en inruilingen van klanten zo vriendelijk en correct mogelijk af.
Jouw productkennis is perfect: Jij kent alle soorten stoffen, de wasinstructies, enz. Op die manier win je het
vertrouwen van de klant.

Jij stelt een sterk en enthousiast team samen.
Jij geeft het voorbeeld. Jij leidt en vormt het team door hun instructies en tips aan te reiken.
Jij zorgt dat je team gemotiveerd en voldoende geïnformeerd is om de klanten met raad en daad bij de
Jij bent op de hoogte van de handelswetgeving en je kan disciplinair optreden.
Een deel van jouw job is de evolutie en carrière van de leden van je team te stimuleren.
Samen met de Stock Manager zorg jij ervoor dat er voldoende stock in de winkel aanwezig is. Jij beslist
welke de bestsellers
zijn en jij informeert je personeel over nieuwe collecties.
Jij bent verantwoordelijk voor de inventaris en zorgt dat de stockruimte functioneel ingedeeld wordt.
Jij moet onjuistheden bij leveringen nakijken en opvolgen en je concentreren op het voorkomen van verlies
van goederen
Denk eraan: Retail is detail!

Wat is Visual merchandising? Dit is de manier om de stock uit te stallen zodat de klanten geneigd zijn om
het te kopen. Je zet
bestsellers op goed zichtbare plaatsen.
Je hebt oog voor kleur en mode. Je creëert ideëen voor outfits en algemene looks.
Kleuren combineren is je sterkte. Prijzen is je prioriteit.

Jij beheert het winkelbudget en je zorgt ervoor dat je het niet overschrijdt.
Jij regelt de uitgaven van de winkel.
Jij analyseert de verkoop en je stelt doelstellingen op.

Je winkel is zoals je thuis. Jij zorgt ervoor dat het er veilig is en je doet al het nodige om de kans op interne
zowel als externe
diefstal te beperken.
Om diefstal te voorkomen begroet je steeds al je klanten en overlaad je hen met vriendelijkheid.

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                                      Job Description
                       JOB               DESCRIPTION
Jij delegeert taken en geeft richtlijnen aan de Assistent Manager.
Jij motiveert het hele team door ieders vaardigheden te herkennen.
Jij bevordert de ontwikkeling van je teamleden door constructieve kritiek.

Management Positions
Depending on the size of the store, the structure of the management team may vary.
By Management positions we mean: Store Manager, Assistant Manager and Floor Supervisor.
The skills below are essential to become a team leader.
The role of the Store Manager is critical to the continued growth of the business.
You set the tone, establish the level of expectation and serve as the role model for each employee within the
You focus on the…   7 “S”


You ensure that sales targets are achieved and exceeded. To maximise sales and exceed customer’s
expectations, your role will focus on delivering and ensuring that each customer has an exceptional shopping
Good customer service means that each individual customer feels that he/she is special and that he/she is
being given individual attention
You handle customer complaints and returns
Your product knowledge is outstanding; you know the fabric contents and washing instructions and in that
way you build the customers confidence


You recruit a strong and winning team
You manage and train the entire team by giving them clear directions and guidelines
You are aware of labour laws and can handle disciplinary actions
You develop your team member’s career


Working with the Warehouse Manager/ Assistant, you ensure stock is always available in the store at
the right time and at the right place
You define the best sellers and train your staff on new collections
You supervise all stock takes and ensure that the stockroom functions in an efficient way
You focus on health and safety issues
You deal with discrepancies between deliveries and actual products, and you focus on loss prevention
Remember: Retail is detail!


What is Visual merchandising? This is a way of displaying stock so that it tempts customers to buy. It also
means having best sellers in prime selling positions
You have an eye for colour and fashion. You create ideas for outfits and “overall looks” (Combat/ Naval)
Mixing colours is your forte. Pricing is your priority

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                                     Job Description
                      JOB               DESCRIPTION
Your store is like your house.
You ensure that it is safe and you do everything to minimise the chance of internal and external theft


You manage the store budget and ensure you don’t overspend
You handle all store’s expenditure
You analyse sales and set targets


You delegate clear tasks and directions to your Assistant Manager and Floor Supervisor
You motivate the entire team by recognising each ones abilities
You develop your team members by giving constructive criticism

54eee556-6b5e-44d9-b02b-0945caa9d90f.doc                                                   Job Description

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