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					Project GALFAD IPST Sarbagita

              Mr. Bernt Bakken
              Project Manager
              PT NOEI

 1.   Client, Contractor and Contract
 2.   Project Socialization Program
 3.   Landfill Site Mapping
 4.   Project Site Lay-out
 5.   Greening Program
 6.   Fuel for Electricity Production
 7.   Project Recyclables

          “SARBAGITA” the Client
         Badan Pengelola Keberishan
             Sarbagita (BPKS)
     Public Private Partnership for Solid
             Waste Management
SARBAGITA – Landfill Sites

     PT. Navigat Organic Energy
     Indonesia (PT. NOEI)
     Technical Support:
     -Organics, UK
     -Jenbacher, Austria
Pre-Contract Experiences

        Landfill in Indonesia is not
        designed for the capture of
        Landfill Gas.
         What is in general practiced,
        is open dumping of MSW.
Tendering MSW Management

      The Agency SARBAGITA is
      representing three Regencies
      and one City Administration
      During the bidding process
      the Contractors were only
      dealing with one Agency.
Topographic Mapping
IPST Sarbagita GALFAD – Progress Schedule
Re-shaping the Landfill Site
IPST Sarbagita - Project Site Lay-out
Polluting the Mangroves
Cleaning Up the Mangroves
Leached Channel-Northern Limit of Landfill Site
Building Infrastructure for the IPST Sarbagita
Shaping the Landfill Site
Composition of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Fuel for Electricity Production

         When Tabanan and Gianyar deliver
         MSW to IPST Sarbagita, there shall be
         delivered about 600 tonnes/day
         86% is organic waste and 14% is non-
         organic waste.
         55% of the organic waste is wet and
         31% is dry organic Waste.
         The non-organic waste consists of 9%
         plastics and paper.
Recyclables from the IPST Sarbagita

        There are hardly any recyclables of
        value delivered to the TPA Suwung.
        All plastics and paper are of “low
        Valuable metals like Copper and
        Aluminum do not exist at the landfill
        With the high volume of organic waste
        (86% of all waste) arriving at the site,
        Compost my in the future create
        revenue for the project

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