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                           PELLET DRY ICE BLASTING

Discover Aero Technology.
The Aero line offers superior performance while
maximizing mobility with or without electricity. From
mold removal to cleaning printing presses, the versatile
Aero Series offers the fastest and best clean, no matter
the size of your project or budget.

    Aero 40                Aero 80                  Aero C100
                           S E R I E S

                  A powerful friend to both you and the environment,
                  the Aero Series eliminates the need for toxic chemicals
                  and secondary waste while leaving only a clean (and
                  green) like you’ve never seen before.

  CLEANING      HOPPER       TILT OUT        FEED         SureFlow    CLEANING     POWER
   SYSTEM        SIZE        HOPPER          RATE          SYSTEM    AGGRESSION    SUPPLY

    Aero         80 lb                     1-7 lb/min
    80-HP      (36.2 kg)        •        .45-3.2 kg/min      •        •••••        Electric

    Aero         80 lb                     1-7 lb/min
    80-DX      (36.2 kg)        •        .45-3.2 kg/min      •         ••••        Electric

                 80 lb                     1-7 lb/min
   Aero 80     (36.2 kg)                 .45-3.2 kg/min      •         ••••        Electric

                 100 lb                    1-7 lb/min
 Aero C100     (45.3 kg)                 .45-3.2 kg/min      •         ••••       Pneumatic

                 40 lb                     1-4 lb/min
   Aero 40     (18.1 kg)                 .45-2 kg/min        •         •••         Electric

                 30 lb                     3 lb/min
   Aero 30     (13.6 kg)                  1.4 kg/min                    ••         Electric

                 30 lb                     1.5 lb/min
  Aero 30 LF   (13.6 kg)                   .7 kg/min                     •         Electric

                                    Trial Rental Offer
   Experience for yourself cleaning that’s twice as fast. Set up your own risk-free
             custom Trial Rental Offer by calling +1 800.337.9423 today.
Aero S E R I E S

Welcome to the top.
Cold Jet’s Aero Series Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Systems combine superior dry ice
delivery with advanced cleaning performance. Both our pneumatic and electric
models offer a powerful clean – what you expect from Cold Jet, the leader in dry ice
blasting technology for over 20 years.

               Sealed Lid                                      Ergonomic Handles
                             Hose Management System



    Welded Steel

   360 o Turning Radius                                         Large Flat-Free Tires

Rugged Mobility Meets Solid Dependability
Featuring a fully welded steel frame, large flat-free tires, and ergonomic handles, the
Aero Series is built to last, yet is balanced and maneuverable. Our operator-friendly
systems are engineered to be dependable, easy and cost effective to use, helping
you get the job done faster, smarter and safer.

 Visit coldjet.com/aero or call 1.800.337.9423 to learn how the newly re-designed
                  Aero Series will improve your cleaning process.
                              SureFlow System
                              The SureFlow System includes an isolated hopper,
                              Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI), Advanced Agitation
                              Technology and sealed lid that reduces sublimation
                              and ensures a reliable flow of ice pellets.

                             Less Downtime. A single operator can run a
                             hopper completely filled with dry ice through
                             a 100 ft/30.4 m hose without poking, clogging
                             or loss of cleaning aggression.
  Patented Isolated Hopper
  with Advanced Agitation

                             Radial Pocket Feeder
                             Patented flow-through pocket design feeds pellets
                             with less breakage and less air loss compared to
                             conventional systems.

Tilt-Out Hopper
The automatic tilt-out hopper, standard on the
Aero 80-HP and 80-DX, allows you to quickly
empty and clean the hopper, and save unused
dry ice.

                               Pulse-Free Blasting
                               Aero Systems clean uniformly on every pass making
                               them the fastest dry ice blast cleaning system
                               available on the market.

                                             The Aero line uses rice-sized dry ice
                                             pellets to effectively clean without
Competitor   Cold Jet                            damage or secondary waste.
                          PELLET DRY ICE BLASTING

                                             Superior performance.
                                             Cold Jet’s nozzles are designed to maximize
                                             performance whatever the application. Broad
                                             or precise cleaning, hard to reach areas or
                                             working in a confined space, our line of nozzles
                                             will exceed your expectations.
Patented Cold Jet nozzles incorporate
NASA technology for a superior clean
       the first and every time.

                                        Military-Grade Light
   Patented Nozzles                                            Tool-Free Hose

                                                                    Tuned Urebrade Hose
                     Ergonomic Applicator
                    (with air/ice toggle control)

Ergonomic Applicators
Cold Jet applicators reduce user fatigue while our
proprietary coupling system makes connecting and
disconnecting nozzles and hoses fast and easy.

Aerodynamically-Tuned Hoses
Our proprietary hoses eliminate constrictions, delivering
more cleaning energy for the most powerful and efficient                Fatigue-free control at
                                                                            your fingertips.
cleaning capability.

Everything you need to do the job right.
Enjoy immediate response time, an extensive parts and accessories selection,
1-year factory warranty on all systems, comprehensive training, experienced service
technicians, and 24/7 global support.

Protect your investment with a Cold Jet Extended
Warranty Plan. Visit coldjet.com/support for more info.
USA: +1 800.337.9423 • BELGIUM: +32 (0)13 53 95 47 • GERMANY: +49 (0)6551 9606.0
       CANADA: +1 800.337.9423 x501 • LATIN AMERICA: +52 (81)10 97 0445

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