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									                                                            Call for Papers
                    The Second International Conference on Complex Systems (CISC'11)

                                                  December 06 - 08, 2011 in Jijel, Algeria

 The Second International Conference on Complex Systems (CISC 2011) is a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to
 present their latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in many areas of Computer and Information Sciences,
 Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Networking, Web Content Mining, Health Informatics, Bioinformatics, optimization
 research and IT Applications across disciplines.
 The Second International Conference on Complex Systems (CISC 2011) will include presentations of contributed papers. This
 conference welcomes papers focusing on, but not limited to, the following research topics:

-Optimization                     -Wireless Communications
-Optimization                     -Semantic Web, Ontology
(mathematics)                     -Mobile Social Networks
-Operations research              -Computational Intelligence
-On Model Transformation          -Mobile Networking, Mobility and Nomadicity
-Graph Transformation             -Ubiquitous Computing, Services and Applications
-Data Compression                 -Forensics, Recognition Technologies and Applications
-E-Technology                     -Fuzzy and Neural Network Systems                         Importantes dates:
-E-Government                     -Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications
-E-Learning                       -Distributed and parallel applications                    Submission of Papers : July 15, 2011
-Cloud Computing                  -User Interfaces, Visualization and Modelling             Notification of Acceptance : September 15, 2011
-Grid Computing                   -Information Content Security                             Camera ready : October 15, 2001
-Green Computing                  -Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Management             Registration : November 15, 2011
-Access controls                  -Web Services Architecture, Modelling and Design          Conference Date : December 06 - 08, 2011
-Data Mining                      -Quality of Service, Scalability and Performance
-Social Search                    -Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems
-Computer forensics               -Data Management in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks                 Conference Chair
-Computer security                -Data Stream Processing in Mobile/Sensor Networks                LAOUIR Dalila
-Anti-cyber terrorism             -Indexing and Query Processing for Moving Objects
-XML-Based Languages              -User Interfaces and Usability Issues form Mobile Applications Program Committee Chairs
-Network Security                 -Information and Data Management                                 BOUTAGOU Omar
-Social Networks                  -Peer-to-Peer Social Networks                                    TOUAFEK Nouressadat
-Real-Time Systems                -Sensor Networks and Social Sensing
-Internet Modelling               -Embedded Systems and Software                                   Organizing Committee Chair
-Assurance of service             -Information Propagation on Social Networks                      FEZANI Mustapha
-Image Processing                 Resource and Knowledge Discovery Using Social Networks
-Information Ethics               Computer crime prevention and detection                          Publicity Chairs
-Web Services Security            Confidentiality protection                                       Benkinouar Moad
-Multimedia Computing             Critical infrastructure management                               Rafik Belhadef
-Software Engineering             Critical computing and storage                                   Bensouilah Bachir
-Biometrics Technologies          Cryptography and data protection

            International Scientific Program Committee                - BELDJILALI Bouziane, Université Oran Algeria
                                                                      - ATMANI Baghdad, Université Oran Algeria
   - BOURIDANE Ahmed, Northumbria University Newcastle (UK)           - BENYAMINA Abou el Hassan, Université Oran Algeria
   - Karim Djemame, Université Leeds, UK                              - BOUAMRANE Karim , Université Oran Algeria
   - BOUFAMA Boubakeur, windsor , Canada                              - YAGOUBI Belabbas , Université Oran Algeria
   - FOUFOU Sebti, Mulouse, France                                    -BENMOHAMED Mohamed, Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - MALGOUYRES Rémy, Université de Clermont 1, France                -BOUFAIDA Mahmoud, Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - ESBELIN Alex, Université de Clermont 1, France                   - KHOLLADI Mohamed Khir beddine,Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - KERROUM Kamel,Clermont Ferrand, France                           - ALLAOUA Chaoui,Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - MELKEMI Mahmoud, Mulouse, France                                 - SAIDOUNI Djamel Eddine,Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - KARA Messaoud, Université Blaise Pascal, France                  - CHIKHI Salim,Université de Constantine, Algeria
   - GHOUL Sebti ,Philadelphia, Jordanie                              - LAALAM Mustapha,Université de Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
   - BATOUCHE Mohamed King Saud University, KSA                       - BOUKERRAM Abdellah, Université de Setif Algeria
   - MESHOUL Souham, King Saud University, KSA                        - MOUSSAOUI Abdelouheb, Université de Setif, Algeria
   - BENHOCINE Abdelhamid , KSA                                       - CHERIF Foudil, Université de Biskra, Algeria
   - LAOUIR Dalila ,Université de Jijel, Algeria                      - MELKEMI Kamal Eddine, Universite de Biskra, Algeria
   - BOUTAGOU Omar, Université de Jijel, Algeria                      - KAZAR Okba, Université de Biskra, Algeria
   - ZERZAIHI Tahar , Université de Jijel, ALgeria                    - BABAHENINI Chaouki , Université de Biskra, Algeria
   - TOUAFEK Nouressadat , Université de Jijel, Algeria               - BILAMI Azeddine, Université de Batna, Algeria
   - MELIT Ali , Université de Jijel, Algeria                         - SERIDI Hamid,Université de Guelma, Algeria
   - KERADA Mohamed, Université de Jijel, Algeria                     - RIDDA Laouar, Université de Tébessa, Algeria

   CISC 2011 will be organized by Jijel’s University, located in Algeria in cooperation with the Department of Mathematic.
   See for further details:   the website is under construction

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