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					Centerpiece Activities

The question of who will get to take home the centerpiece can sometimes
be a central discussion at reception dinner tables, particularly if the
centerpiece is particularly pretty or original.

Making a game of who gets the centerpiece, then, can be an amusing
diversion and one many guests will enjoy participating in. Here are some
ideas for giving away that reception table centerpiece.

How about a game of 20 questions? Give each guest a piece of paper and a
pen or pencil. The MC or DJ asks a series of 20 questions, but first
gives the guests the basic background information, that is, that the
answer is an animal, place, person or thing. Once that's taken care of,
people can shout out questions and the MC or DJ will answer yes or no,
and whoever figures out the answer first gets the first centerpiece, and
that particular table is done playing. The game is repeated until one
person at each table has won the centerpiece.

One of the most popular ways brides give away the table centerpieces is
to put a number on the bottom of the centerpiece and give each guest a
number. At some point in the evening, a number is called, each guest
checks his or her number and whoever has the called number gets the
centerpiece. There are many ways to put a twist on this traditional

For example, you might provide each table with a number, but make it a
lower number (ie. between 1 and 10) and the DJ or MC could move from
table to table and have each guest do something a certain number of
times. So, at the first table, for example, the guests might need to do
"head, shoulders, knees and toes" six times and whoever does it first
gets the centerpiece. Or, at the second table, the guests might be
required to sing the alphabet 3 times or sing "twinkle, twinkle, little
star" three times and whoever does that first get the centerpiece.

Another fun activity for divvying up the centerpieces is to require
guests to produce a certain item. The DJ or MC moves from table to table,
announcing what guests at that table will be required to produce in order
to get the centerpiece. Maybe it's a Georgia quarter or a mint, or a
doctor's appointment card. Whatever it is, the guest at each table who
produces the requested item will get the centerpiece.

You can always make it easy and offer the centerpiece to the oldest
person at the table, or the one who took the most number of years to
finish college. Perhaps you could create an activity where the person who
has the strangest talent (as voted on by the tablemates) wins the
centerpiece. Then, if possible, that person might show off the talent for
the entire reception party.

If you like musical chairs, you can play a game of musical dollar bills
in order to give the centerpiece away. Someone takes out a one-dollar
bill and music begins playing. Everyone at the table passes the dollar
bill around the table and when the music stops, whoever is left holding
the bill gets the centerpiece. Or this game can be played a bit more
traditionally with the person with the bill being eliminated, and the
game continuing until only one person is holding the bill. That person
can then be awarded with the centerpiece. Or, for a fun twist, the bill
can be passed around and when the music stops, the person holding the
bill is told to return it to the person who first supplied it. That is
the person who gets the centerpiece.

Some fun, and fairly traditional, ideas include the birthday person
getting the centerpiece. At each table, the person who has a birthday
closest to the wedding gets the centerpiece. Or if there are married
couples at the table, the couple who have been together the longest can
get the centerpiece, or the couple who were married most recently.
Perhaps the centerpiece should go to the person with the longest hair, or
the strangest shoes (again, this would be voted on by tablemates).

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