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									SAP and the US Navy

Presentation to

APICS – Hampton Roads
Professional Development Meeting

Presented by
Dennis E. Groat, CPIM

                                   19 May 2005
    SAP and the US Navy

                                                   Technical Director
                                                & Goverment Management

Team Core Competencies
 Deployment & implementation      NEMAIS Rollout & O&S           Data Center Management

 Training                            Software Engineering              Data Center Ops
 Business process reengineering        Deployment Mgt                    Network Ops
 Metrics
 Over-the-shoulder support
                                          Architecture                 Disaster Recovery

 Project management                    Customer Service                 Software Mgt

 SAP configuration & test                Training
                                                                         Hardware Mgt

 Data center operations                  User Mgt
                                          Help Desk

 Network operations                      Basis
 Information assurance                   Documentum
                                          Information Assurance
 Disaster recovery                    Quality Assurance
 Software management
 Hardware management                     Configuration Mgt

                                        Business Fin Mgt

                                          Facilities & Security
   SAP and the US Navy

         Sales & Distribution                   FM         Funds Management

  Environmental, Health                               IM
  & Safety                                                       Financial Accounting
                          EH&S       SD          FI
  Supply & Materials
  Management                    MM                    CO             Controlling

                          PP              BASIS            AM        Asset Management
Management          QM                 Information
                          PM              Portal        PS           Project Systems
Plant Maintenance
                            HR                        WF             Workflow
Human Resources
                                   PAY          IS-PS               Industry Solution -
                                                                    Public Sector
   Time & Attendance            CATS
    SAP and the US Navy

 Financial Management               I-Level Maintenance
    Financial/Budgeting                  Notification Generation
    Managerial Acctg                     Maintenance Planning (Shop)
 Program Management                      Maintenance Control

    Program / Proj Mgt                   Work Planning & Prep

    Planning, Prog & Budgeting           Material Rqmts Planning (MRP)
                                          Maintenance Execution
                                          Inspection & QA
 Human Resources Management              Maintenance Completion
      Workforce Planning & Admin         Configuration Mgt
      Training & Development             Scheduling
      Time & Attendance                  Content Management
      Organization Mgt                   Work Load Forecasting

                                     Plant Supply
                                          Requisition Processing
                                          Inventory Management
                                          Material Rqmts Planning (MRP)
                                          HAZMAT Management
                                          Non-Std Procurement
                                          Asset Management (Plant Property)
       SAP and the US Navy

Flt.Comptroller   Provide Repair Activity $        FM    301 Ships in SAP
              RBO      Create a Project       PS   591 Active (Budgeted) Projects
                     RBO           Broker Work      PS   113,138 Jobs Inducted
                     Comptroller     Fund & Release Project          FM/PS

                     RMC:                  Job Planning
                     Planner/Engineer           •Procedures             PS/PM    24,208 Jobs Brokered & Working
                     Project Manager            •Materials

                                          Supply            Supply/Procurement       MM

                                           Shop Supervisor/
                                           Project Manager         Work Execution          PM     88,930
                                                                                                Jobs Completed
                                                    Supervisor                                      HR

                                                                              Close-Out Project
                                              AMDCO/Project Manager
                                                                                 •Technical Close     PS/PM/FM/HR
                                                   56 Projects Closed            •Business Close
SAP and the US Navy

• Deployed at :
  –   RMC Mid-Atlantic - June 3, 2002
  –   RMC Southwest - August 25, 2003
  –   RMC Southeast - November 5, 2003
  –   RMC Southeast Det Pascagoula – December 13,
• Preparing to deploy at:
  – 2 locations in Japan (横須賀 and 佐世保)
  – Go-live date is May 27
SAP and the US Navy

• Managed Atlantic Fleet intermediate ship maintenance
  during Operation Iraq Freedom with NEMAIS and met all
• Reengineered & standardized maintenance management
• NEMAIS provides more and better data for managers than
  legacy…predictive metrics
• End of year financial close out in 13 hours compared to
  several days previously
• Consolidation of many commands into the RMC was
  enabled by NEMAIS…ERP is a significant effectiveness
SAP and the US Navy


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