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									    A wetland-lagoon system for wastewater management at Shimo La Tewa Prison, Mombasa -

                                                            Example of a constructed wetland treatment system
Growing vegetables on wastewater

Fishponding using wastewater pre-treated in a constructed   Building the technical capacity of inmates by involving them in
wetland system                                              the construction works and operation of the facilities
     Integrated Algal Ponding System technology for the polishing and beneficiation of effluent
     from municipal sewage treatment facilities - South Africa

Facilities for alga production for fertilization and anaimal feed   gathering   with   local   stakeholders   to   discuss   project
                                                                    implementation arrangements
     Application of vetiver grass for erosion and leachate control at a landfill site in Dar es
     Salaam - Tanzania

Situation of the project site before planting      Situation of the project site after first round of planting

Community nurseries for vetiver grass              Leaking of toxic effluents from the abandoned landfill
Wastewater management on Pemba Island - Tanzania

                      Open drains forming a
                      serious threat to health

                                                 Impression of the existing situation in the streets of Chake-
                                                 Chake Town

                      Solid waste and debris                                        Poor sanitary conditions
                      accumulating in the open                                      directly affecting the local
                      drains causing frequent                                       community
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