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                                                                                                     Bronx, NY 10451

                                                               Certificate Programs
                                                               . English Links Intensive
                                                               . Teacher Assistant
                                                               . Certified Nursing Assistant
                                                               . Electrocardiography Technician
                                                               . Phlebotomy Technician
                                                               . Non-Profit Management
                                                               . Paralegal Studies
                                                                  & Legal Document Prep
                                                               . Food Protection
                                                               . Real Estate Salesperson’s License
                                                               . Security Officer
                                                               . Microsoft Suite
                                                               . GED/ESL
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CUNY in the Heights/Hostos Community College
108 Cooper Street, New York, N.Y. 10034
                             Allied Health Programs
                             Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) (130 hrs)
                             Our program is a NYS Dept of Health approved training program for
                             those seeking employment as nursing assistants in hospitals, nursing
                             home hospices and home health agencies. Duties include: helping with
                             getting dressed, bathing, feeding, toileting, taking vital signs, catheter
                             care, assisting with ambulation, range of motion exercises, and moving
                             patients to bed and from bed to wheelchair. The course content, 130-
                             hours, includes: Anatomy and Physiology (50 hrs), Fundamentals of
                             Patient Care (50 hrs) and Nursing Home Clinical Rotation (30 hours).
                             Upon completion, students will be eligible to take NYS Certification
                             Exam. Prerequisites: NYS test fee has to be paid in class $115.00.
                             Proof of H.S/GED diploma required.
Section            Class                                Day       Dates                Time        Price
ACE-0715-CHW01     Certified Nursing Assistant          M-Th      2/7-3/23/11          9am-2pm     $995
ACE-0715-CHW02     Certified Nursing Assistant          M-Th      2/7-4/21/11          6pm-9pm     $995

               American Heart Association Basic Life Saving (BLS)
               Professional Rescue for Healthcare Providers (6 hrs)
This course covers core material such as adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenar-
ios and use of the bag mask), foreign-body airway obstruction, and automated external defibril-
lation. Audience: For healthcare providers such as EMS personnel, physician assistants, doc-
tors, dentists, nurses, and respiratory therapists who must have a credential (card) document-
ing successful completion of a CPR course.
Section             Class                                        Day      Dates          Time      Price
ACE-1009-CHW01      BLS/Pro. Rescue for Healthcare Provider Sat           2/5/11        10am-4pm    $99

               Certified Electrocardiography Technician (30 hrs)
Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Technicians prepare patients for testing on ECG machine, Holter
monitoring and also assist physicians with ECG stress testing. They take patient history and
administer actual ECG’s for physicians to interpret. This course will introduce students to the
techniques necessary to perform a twelve lead resting electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG). Students
will also learn about normal rhythm and arrhythmia, basic cardiac physiology, electrophysiolo-
gy, and how to troubleshoot technical problems. This course is for current NYS Certified Nursing
Assistants, LPNs or with coordinator permission. Upon completion, students will be eligible to
take the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certification Exam.
Section              Class                              Day       Dates                Time        Price
ACE-5011-CHW01      Electrocardiography Technician      T, Th     2/8-3/10/11          10am-1pm    $350
ACE-5011-CHW02      Electrocardiography Technician      T, Th     2/8-3/10/11          6pm-9pm     $350

                       New Phlebotomy Technician Certificate (80 hrs)
                       Learn the anatomy and physiology of the venous system as well as phle-
                       botomy practices. Develop your skills in the performance of a variety of
                       blood collection techniques employing universal precautions. Perform
                       blood collection procedures including vacuum collection, syringes, butter-
                       fly needles, micro hematocrit collection and live veinpunculture. Learn
                       infection prevention and control, quality assurance, and specimen han-
                       dling, labeling and transport. For this course student must submit health
clearance form. Prerequisite: CNA, LPN or coordinator permission. Upon completion, students
will be eligible to take the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certification Exam.
Section              Class                        Day         Dates             Time               Price
ACE-5001-CHW01      Phlebotomy Technician        M-W       3/14-4/26/11       9:30am-1:30pm        $899

    212-567-7132 ext. O
                                 Professional Studies
                            Teacher Assistant Certificate (54 hrs)
This series of seven (7) courses is designed to help you accomplish the following objectives: 1)
obtain a Teacher Assistant Certificate, 2) complete NYS mandated workshops on School Violence
Prevention and Child Abuse/ Maltreatment Identification and Reporting, 3) receive CPR-First Aid
training and 4) prepare to pass the NYS Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills test (ATAS) (95). This
program provides the necessary training to work in schools and advance within the field of education
and teaching. All students must submit a copy of their H.S. Diploma or GED and a $25 certificate fee.
Section               Class                                   Day           Dates            Time             Price
ACE-3001-CHW01        Functions of Teacher Assistant    M,          W       1/31-2/2/11      6pm-9pm           $65
ACE-3003-CHW01        Child Development and Learning    M,          W       2/7-2/16/11      6pm-9pm          $125
ACE-3005-CHW01        Language Art & Math Curricula     M,          W       2/28-3/9/11      6pm-9pm          $125
                      Theories & Practices
ACE-3007-CHW01        Strategies for Supporting         M,          W       3/14-3/16/11     6pm-9pm            $60
                       & Managing Behavior
ACE-3009-CHW01        Best Practice                     M,          W       3/21-3/23/11     6pm-9pm            $60
ACE-3041-CHW01        Recognition & Reporting Child     M,          W       3/28-3/30/11     6pm-9pm            $85
                      Abuse & School Violence Prevention
ACE-1007-CHW01        CPR / Community First Aid         M,          W       4/4-4/6/11       6pm-9pm            $85

                            Proveedor de Cuidado de Niños (30 hrs)
Este programa cumple con los requisitos para ser un proveedor de cuidado de niños en el esta-
do de New York. Este curso ofrece el entrenamiento requerido por el departamento de servicios
sociales de New York. Beneficios 1) podrá tener ingresos adicionales para ayudar a su familia,
2) podrá estar con sus hijos más tiempo, 3) tendra la satisfactión de tener su negocio propio.
Section               Class                                           Day       Dates         Time             Price
ACE-3022-CHW01         Sección de Registración y Evaluación           Sat       1/15/11     1pm-2pm         GRATIS
ACE-3022-CHW02         Sección de Registración y Evaluación           Th        1/20/11     6pm-7pm         GRATIS
ACE-3024-CHW01         Certificado de Proveedor                       Mon       2/7-2/23/11 6pm-9pm          $455
                        de Cuidado de Niños
Certificado incluye: Salud y Seguridad, Reglas y Responsabilidades, Desarrollo del Niño desde Temprana Edad Hasta la
    Edad Escolar, Habilidades Basicas para los Niños, Estrategies para Supervisiar el Comportamiento de los Niños

            Enhanced Security Officer Certification Program (36 hrs)
This Security Officer Certificate program includes six (6) courses designed to enhance your work
credentials and resume as well as increase your employability and competitive edge. Upon suc-
cessful completion, you will receive the following industry-standard certifications and recogni-
tions: the 8 and 16 hour Security Officer training approved by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice
Services, NYS Fire Guard Test Prep, CPR/ First Aid card issued by the American Red Cross and
certificates in School Violence Prevention as well as Identification & Reporting of Child Abuse &
Maltreatment both issued by the NYS Dept of Education.
Section                Class                                      Day          Dates         Time              Price
ACE-1004-CHW01        Enhanced Security Officer Program           T & Th       2/1-3/17/11   6pm-9pm          $325

               Non-Profit Management Certificate Program (50 hrs)
Acquire the skills needed for success in the field of Non-Profit Management with this 50-hour pro-
gram consisting of 10 required courses. For those working in the non-profit field, shifting to man-
agement brings real challenges, as well as opportunities. For those entering the field, discover the
skill sets needed to lead, supervise and advance in a non-profit organization. Gain practical strate-
gies, cutting edge knowledge and networking opportunities! This certificate program offers entry
and middle level non-profit managers the opportunity to develop innovative and enhanced skill sets
that will yield immediate results. Students will receive a certificate of completion and transcript.
Section                Class                                     Day         Dates           Time              Price
ACE-1112-CHW01        Program Design & Project Management        T,   Th     2/1-2/3/11      6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1117-CHW01        Program Measurement & Evaluation           T,   Th     2/8-2/10/11     6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1110-CHW01        Dynamics of Supervision I                  T,   Th     2/15-2/17/11    6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1111-CHW01        Dynamics of Effective Coaching I           T,   Th     2/22-2/24/11    6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1118-CHW01        Basic Accounting & Budgeting               T,   Th     3/1-3/3/11      6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-0609-CHW01        Successful Grant Writing                   T,   Th     3/8-3/10/11     6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1120-CHW01        Human Resources (Law & Ethics)             T,   Th     3/15-3/17/1     6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1113-CHW01        Marketing & Fundraising                    T,   Th     3/22-3/24/11    6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1119-CHW01        Internet Research & Productivity           T,   Th     3/29-3/31/11    6:30pm-9pm         $65
ACE-1114-CHW01        Dynamics of Board Relations & Dev.         T,   Th     4/5-4/7/11      6:30pm-9pm         $65

     212-567-7132 ext. O
                                Professional Studies
Food Protection Certificate / Certificado de Protección de Alimentos (15 hrs)
Este curso de 15 horas cumple con los requisitos del código del departamento de salud de la
ciudad de New York en su artículo 81.00 donde establece que todas las personas que trabajen
en la elaboración de alimentos para ser expedido al público deben poseer un certificado emiti-
do por este Departamento. Precio adicional para examen $34.00 dólares.
Section             Class                                      Day     Dates            Time     Price
ACE-0901-CHW01      Certificado de Protección de Alimentos     Sat    1/29-2/5/11      9am-5pm   $165
ACE-0901-CHW02      Certificado de Protección de Alimentos     Sat    2/26-3/5/11      9am-5pm   $165

                                     Notary Public (4 hrs)
This course is designed to help prepare students to become a certified New York State Notary
Public. Learn the background of laws pertaining to affidavits, acknowledgements, certifications
and authenticities of acknowledgements are discussed, as well as the various forms used in the
notary process. US Citizenship required.
Section                     Class                     Day            Dates            Time       Price
ACE-0605-CHW01           Notary Public                Sat            1/29/11          1pm-5pm    $75
ACE-0605-CHW02           Notary Public                Sat            3/12/11          1pm-5pm    $75

               Paralegal Studies (54 hrs) Legal Research (45 hrs)
This 54-hour certificate program is ideal for nonprofits, businesses and paralegal professionals
who want to learn more about particular legal topics such as Immigration Law, Wills, Trusts and
Estates, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Real Estate and Civil Litigation.
Section                 Class                           Day   Dates            Time              Price
ACE-4035-CHW01      Paralegal Studies & Legal           Sat   1/29-5/7/11      2pm-6pm           $599
                    Document Preparation (54 hrs.)
        Legal Research (45 hrs)
This 45 hour course provides students with an overview of the legal research
process and the structure of the American legal system. Emphasis is on the
hands-on use of primary and secondary sources, including federal and state
court reports; legal digests and Shepard’s annotated law reports; federal,
state and local administrative and regulatory materials; legal periodicals; trea-
tises and restatements of law. Pre-requisite for Paralegal Litigation Spring 2011.
Section                 Class                           Day   Dates            Time              Price
ACE-4035-CHW02      Legal Research                      Sat   1/29-4/16/11     9:30am-1:30pm     $499

                     Real Estate Salesperson License (75 hrs)
                     This Real Estate pre-licensing course provides an overview of the princi-
                     ples and practices of New York real estate. Thorough discussion of real
                     estate fundamentals, accompanied by practical examples, provides a solid
                     foundation giving students the information they need to pass the state
                     licensing exam. This course satisfies the new 75-hour requirement as man-
                     dated by the New York Division of Licensing Services.
Section             Class                                     Day     Dates           Time       Price
ACE-0601-CHW01      Real Estate Salesperson License           M-Th 2/7-3/30/11        6:30pm-9pm $399
Section             Class                                     Day     Dates           Time       Price
ACE-0602-CHW01      Basic Property Management (22.5 hrs)       T, Th 4/5-5/3/11       6:30pm-9pm $349
                    (Meets the 22 hour Continuing Education   requirement)
ACE-0603-CHW01      Landlord Tenant Law (12 hrs)               M     4/4-5/2/11       6:30pm-9pm $175
ACE-0604-CHW01      Greening Your Home (12 hrs)                W     4/6-5/4/11       6:30pm-9pm $175

     212-567-7132 ext. O
    Technology Program / Programa de Tecnología
              PhotoShop CS4 Graphic Design Application (30 hrs)
This Adobe PhotoShop course introduces students to the photo/image editing, retouching,
manipulation, simple illustrations, painting and design tool capabilities of this software.
Students learn the secrets of a professional photo retoucher and how to use the paintbrush, air-
brush and many more tools.
Section             Class                                            Day      Dates          Time      Price
ACE-0710-CHW01 Graphic Design Using PhotoShop (30 hrs) Sat                    1/29-5/14/11 2pm-4pm $265
        Website Design and Coding (24 hrs)
Learn how to design a website, optimize graphics for the web, and create web and banner ani-
mations. Learn basic HTML, XHTML and CSS to develop beautiful and original website designs
and layouts. Prerequisites: internet and word proficiency and basic PhotoShop skills required.
Section             Class                                      Day         Dates             Time      Price
ACE-K855-CHW01 Website Design and Coding (24 hrs)              Sat         2/19-5/14/11      4pm-6pm   $199

          QuickBooks: Computer Applications in Accounting (24 hrs)
This course teaches you how to set up your own accounts and manage your business emphasiz-
ing a realistic approach to automated office procedures, general ledger, accounts receivables,
accounts payable and payroll all using QuickBooks application.
Section              Class                                 Day       Dates                Time         Price
ACE-0453-CHW01       QuickBooks Complete                   Sat        1/29-4/16/11        12pm-2pm     $179

                            Microsoft Suite Application (24 hrs)
Section              Class                                 Day       Dates                Time         Price
ACE-0442-CHW01       Word, Excel, PowerPoint               Sat        1/29-4/16/11        10am-12pm    $179

          Office Professional Technology Certificate Program (60 hrs)
To receive a certificate you must complete all (5) five classes 60 hours of classroom instruction.
Excel Advance is not required to obtain a certificate but highly recommended for advance students.
Section             Class                            Day             Dates                Time         Price
ACE-0451-CHW01       Introduction to Computers       T,   Th         1/25-2/3/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0454-CHW01       Internet                        T,   Th         2/8-2/17/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0455-CHW01       Microsoft Word                  T,   Th         2/22-3/3/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0461-CHW01       Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet     T,   Th         3/8-3/17/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0481-CHW01       MS PowerPoint/Moviemaker        T,   Th         3/22-3/31/11         6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0464-CHW01       MS Excel Advance                T,   Th         4/5-4/14/11          6pm-9pm       $99

                Certificado de Tecnología Administrativa (60 hrs)
Para obtener el certificado necesita completer (5) cinco cursos equivalente a 60 horas de instrucción.
MS Excel avanzado no es necesario para obtener su certificado, pero es recomendado para los estu-
diantes avanzados.
Section             Class                            Day             Dates                Time         Price
ACE-0443-CHW01       Computadora Básica              M,   W          1/24-2/2/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0457-CHW01       Internet                        M,   W          2/7-2/16/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0460-CHW01       Microsoft Word                  M,   W          2/23-3/7/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0462-CHW01       Microsoft Excel                 M,   W          3/9-3/21/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0482-CHW01       Microsoft PowerPoint            M,   W          3/23-4/4/11          6pm-9pm       $99
ACE-0465-CHW01       MS Excel Advance                M,   W          4/6-4/18/11          6pm-9pm       $99

                             SAT Exam Prep for College (30 hrs)
Review critical reading, writing, essay and math skills with experienced SAT instructors. You will
learn test taking strategies and creative approaches to answering SAT questions. You’ll also
have a chance to practice under simulated test conditions. Open to H.S. grades 10th, 11th and
12th and H.S. / GED graduates.
Section                Class                   Day             Dates                  Time             Price
ACE-K155-CHW01         SAT Exam Prep           Sat             1/29-4/2/11            2:30pm-5:30pm $199

     212-567-7132 ext. O
                       Language Arts and Education
          English Links Intensive Weekday (200 hrs)                                  Weekend (40 hrs)
English Links is a 200-hour intensive English program designed to improve your communication
skills for personal and professional purposes. We have a team of experienced teachers who can
help you learn the basics or help you improve your English to apply for college, to get a better
job, or just enjoy all that New York City offers. We can help you become a proficient speaker and
writer of the English language.

                   English Links / ESL Examen de Evaluación de Inglés
                *There is a $20 test fee that will be applied to the cost of the class during registration.
       *Hay un costo de $20.00 dólares por el examen de evaluación que se le aplicará al costo de registración.

  Exam Date              Day                AM        PM        Exam Date                 Day                 AM     PM
 13 de enero/Jan. 13      jueves/Thurs     10am / 6pm          20 de enero/Jan. 20        jueves/Thur         10am / 6pm
 18 de enero/Jan. 18      martes/Tues      10am / 6pm          25 de enero/Jan. 25        martes/Tues         10am / 6pm

Section                   Class                                  Day         Dates                  Time             Price
Weekday Schedule
ACE-0307-CHW01     English Links Foundations        M-F                         2/7-4/19/11        9am-1:30pm        $699
ACE-0306-CHW01     English Links Bridges            M-F                         2/7-4/19/11        9am-1:30pm        $699
ACE-0306-CHW02     Englis Links Advanced            M-F                         2/7-4/19/11        9am-1:30pm        $699
Weekend Schedule
ACE-0307-CHW02     English Links Foundations        Sat                         2/12-4/2/11        9am-2pm           $199
ACE-0306-CHW03 New English Links Bridges/TOEFL Prep Sat                         2/12-4/2/11        9am-2pm           $199

                           English As A Second Language (60 hrs)
Section                    Class                                 Day         Dates                  Time             Price
ACE-0301-CHW01             ESL   Basic                            M, W         2/7-4/18-11          6pm-9pm          $175
ACE-0303-CHW01             ESL   Low Intermediate                 M, W         2/7-4/18/11          6pm-9pm          $175
ACE-0304-CHW01             ESL   Intermediate                     T, Th        2/8-4/14/11          6pm-9pm          $175
ACE-0305-CHW01             ESL   Advance                          T, Th        2/8-4/14/11          6pm-9pm          $175

                                         GED Program (100 hrs)
                   The GED program helps prospective test-takers prepare and pass the exam to
                   obtain their H.S. diploma. Classes focus on building skills and increasing stu-
                   dents’ background knowledge in the five content areas of the GED exam
                   (Language Arts, Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics).
                   Our format offers you a more intensive experience in each of the subject areas
                   taught by professors with specialized expertise. Eligibility requirement:
                   Students must be 18 years old or older and have taken our GED screening test.
Section                     Class                      Day             Dates                Time                     Price
ACE-0201-CHW01              GED English                M, T, W         1/31-4/19/11         10am-1pm                $199
ACE-0201-CHW02              GED English                M, T, W         1/31-4/19/11         6pm-9pm                 $199
Students enrolled in English GED classes are required to complete a set of computer-based pre-requisite GED test
prep exercises in all 5 subject areas at the Hector B. Basora SUNY ATTAIN lab. Student are expected to successful-
ly pass the GED predictor exams prior to being referred to take the actual exam.

       English GED Evaluation Test                         January 24, 25, 26,                  11am or 6pm
                *There is a $20 test fee that will be applied to the cost of the class during registration.

                                       GED en Español (60 hrs)
El programa de preparación para el GED ayuda a los estudiantes que planean tomar el examen de
equivalencia de la escuela secundaria (bachillerato). Las clases están enfocadas en construir
destrezas y aumentar los conocimientos en las cinco áreas del examen: Arte del Lenguaje, Lectura
y Escritura, Estudios Sociales, Ciencia y Matemáticas.
Section                     Class                      Day             Dates                Time                     Price
ACE-0202-CHW01              GED en Español             T, Th           2/1-4/7/11           9:30am-12:30pm          $160
ACE-0202-CHW02              GED en Español             T, Th           2/1-4/7/11           6pm-9pm                 $160
ACE-0205-CHW01              GED Matemáticas            Fri             2/18-4/29/11         1pm-4pm                 $120

     212-567-7132 ext. O
                 Personal and Professional Enrichment
   Section                Class                                     Day     Dates               Time              Price
  Health, Mind & Body (Buy 1 Yoga class, Get 2nd & 3rd 50% Off) *Shorter Packages & Payment Plans Available)
  ACE-0811-CHW01 Yoga - Gentle (40 hrs)                       M     1/31-6/27/11 6:30pm-8:30pm $260
  ACE-0811-CHW02 Yoga - Hatha (60 hrs)                        T, Th 2/1-5/12/11   6:30pm-8:30pm $375
  ACE-0811-CHW03 Yoga - Hatha (48 hrs)                        Sat 1/29-6/25/11 10am-12pm             $299
  Arts, Music, Beauty, Cooking and More (24 hrs)
  ACE-0841-CHW01 Piano & Songwriting                          Sat 1/29-4/16/11 10am-12pm             $179
  ACE-0839-CHW01 Skin Care & Make-up (Levels I & II)          Sat 1/29-3/19/11 10am-1pm              $199
  ACE-0827-CHW01 Guitar & Songwriting                         Sat 1/29-4/16/11 12pm-2pm              $179
  ACE-0337-CHW01 Conversational Spanish                       Sat 1/29-4/16/11 12pm-2pm              $179
  ACE-0334-CHW01 French (Language, Culture & Cuisine) Sat 1/29-4/16/11 1:30pm-3:30pm $179
  ACE-0845-CHW01 Haircutting/Hairstyling (Levels I & II)      Sat 1/29-3/19/11 2pm-5pm               $199
  ACE-0732-CHW01 Art Appreciation & Art Studio                Sat 1/29-4/16/11 2:30pm-4:30pm $179
  ACE-0636-CHW01 Kitchen to Career (Desserts, Cakes, Candies) Sat 1/29-4/16/11 3:30pm-5:30pm $179
  ACE-0817-CHW01 Wedding, Event and Business Planning Sat 1/29-4/16/11 3:30pm-5:30pm $179
  ACE-0867-CHW01 Jewelry (Design, Style & Sell)               Sat 1/29-4/16/11 3:30pm-5:30pm $179
  ACE-0623-CHW01 Personal Income Tax (18 hrs)                 Sat 1/29-4/16/11 10am-12pm             $159
New Fitness Classes - 5 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution (18 hrs)
  ACE-0819-CHW01 Self-Defense for Women                       Sat 1/29-4/16/11 11am-12:30pm $159
  ACE-0823-CHW01 SuperStar Dance Moves
New                                                           Sat 1/29-4/16/11 11:30am-1pm           $159
                         (Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha and many other popular dance styles)
  ACE- 0820-CHW01 Zumba                                             Sat    1/29-4/16/12      1pm-2:30pm           $159
  ACE- 0815-CHW01 Belly Dancing                                     Sat    1/29-4/16/13      2:30pm-4pm           $159
  ACE-0822-CHW01 Exotic Dancing                                     Sat    1/29-4/16/14      4pm-5:30pm           $159

                             College for Kids - Saturdays
                     Starting Saturday January 29th thru March 26th, 2011
                     College for Kids: Academics (Saturdays 1/29-3/26/2011)
   Section                    Class                                                  Time                         Price
  ACE-K101-CHW01              Reading, Writing & Math (Grade 1)                     10am-12pm                    $129
  ACE-K103-CHW01              Reading & Writing (Grades 2, 3)                       9:30am-11:30am               $129
  ACE-K105-CHW01              Reading & Writing (Grades 4, 5)                       9:30am-11:30am               $129
  ACE-K334-CHW01              French (Ages 7-12)                                    10:30am-12:30pm              $129
  ACE-K111-CHW01              Improving Math (Grades 2, 3)                          11:30am-1:30pm               $129
  ACE-K113-CHW01              Improving Math (Grades 4, 5)                          11:30am-1:30pm               $129
                  College for Kids: Enrichment (Saturdays 1/29-3/26/2011)
   Section                    Class                                                  Time                         Price
  ACE-K157-CHW01              Yoga                                                  12:30pm-2pm                  $109
  ACE-K867-CHW01              Art, Crafts & Drawing (Ages 8-13)                     12:30pm-2pm                  $109
  ACE-K866-CHW01              Hip-Hop (Beginner)                                    12:30pm-2pm                  $109
  ACE-K139-CHW01              Piano (Beginner)                                      12:30pm-2pm                  $109
  ACE-K135-CHW01              Drama/Acting                                          2pm-3:30pm                   $109
  ACE-K143-CHW01              Guitar (Beginner)                                     2pm-3:30pm                   $109
  ACE-K887-CHW01              Karate Tae Kwon Do (Beginner)                         2pm-3:30pm                   $109
  ACE-K137-CHW01              Ballet (Ages 5-9)                                     2pm-3:30pm                   $109
  ACE-K139-CHW02              Piano (Intermediate)                                  2pm-3:30pm                   $109
  ACE-K137-CHW02              Guitar (Intermediate)                                 3:30pm-5pm                   $109
  ACE-K887-CHW02              Karate Tae Kwon Do (Intermediate)                     3:30pm-5pm                   $109
  ACE-K143-CHW02              Ballet (Ages 9-13)                                    3:30pm-5pm                   $109

                                             After-School Program
     ACE-K883 Mon-Fri             2:30pm-6:30pm           Jan. 10-June, 2011            Monthly Flat Fee $200
                                       (no discounts, no pro-rate)
    Our after-school program prides itself on a 1:8 or better adult to child ratio which allows us to
    concentrate on homework help, tutoring and personalized quality care and supervision. We have
    various nearby pick-up locations, primarily Good Shepherd School, P.S. 98 and Washington
    Heights Inwood Academy. We also operate an onsite after-school program at nearby Amistad and
    Muscota. In addition to our focus on homework, we also offer recreational activities such as yoga,
    arts & craft and dance classes.

             Registration: There is a $10 Registration Fee for all classes. Vouchers are accepted.
             Transportation: 1 / A Train, BX7, BX11, BX12, BX20, M100 Buses to 207th St.
  Refund Policy: Request for a refund must be submitted in writing together with a copy of the registration receipt. Your
  refund will be mailed within three (3) weeks of submission. Lack of attendance does not constitute withdrawal and eli-
  gibility for a refund. 100% refund only if a class is cancelled by the college. Registration fees are non refundable
  unless class is canceled by the College. Refunds will only be issued if submitted before the second day of class.

         Carlos Molina, Ed.D                        Aldrin Rafael Bonilla, MPA
         Dean for Special Programs                  Site Administrator / Director

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