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									                                   McDonogh Goes Global
             Students travel to Europe, Asia, and South America

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Getting the facts about
asbestos                  p.   2   Welcome back to
                                   school            p.   3   Should schools get rid
                                                              of the “D” grade?        p.   7   A summer as an Orioles
                                                                                                ballgirl                          p.   8
September 1, 2010
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Getting the facts straight about asbestos
By Emma Kane
Co-Editor in Chief

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                                  Wender takes       Maryland Grand Prix
                                  over math dept.    By Clark Buchman
                                  By Julia Griffin   Op/Ed Editor
                                  Features Editor

Veltri begins year as registrar
By Sara Mostafa
News Editor
                                                                                    Need Eni advice?
                                                                                    Finding your way your
                                                                                    Freshman year
                                                                                    By Eni AKINTADE
                                                                                    Op/Ed Editor

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Poll: What did you do this summer?

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                  McDonogh               Calendar for                               Club adver-
                  goes global   p.       this school year p.                        tisements         p.
September 1, 2010
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           McDonogh goes global this summer
Students venture to Japan (cont.)                               Choir tours Europe (cont.)
By Katie Machen                                                 Continued from page 1.
Contributing editor
Continued from page 1.

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                                                                Select few explore Peru (cont.)
                                                                By Noah kane
                                                                Contributing editor
                                                                Continued from page 1.

Poverty in Tanzania: Educational system in need of support
By Dana Snyder

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B  ack to chool
                 S                              SepTember 1, 2010
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McDonogh goes global this summer (cont.)
American pop culture even reaches poverty-ridden Honduras
By Sam Shafley
News Editor

                           Renovations made this summer
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September 1, 2010
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O /E p         d                                                September 1, 2010
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Emily Says: Silly Bandz just too silly The importance of “D”s
By emily Fairbaugh
Op/Ed Editor

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                         Tune in to this back to school mixtape
                         By Nicole Sakin
                         Photography Editor

                         Summer classes no waste of time
                         By Willie Plowe
                         Op/Ed Editor
September 1, 2010
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                                                                                     ports, etc
Water polo prepares for fall season                         My Summer as an Orioles Ball Girl
By Sam Riehl

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                                                            By Bailey Kershner ‘10
                                                            Staff Writer

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Justin predicts outcomes of the Ravens’ 2010-2011 season
By Justin Brilliant
Sports Editor

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