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Smart Grid
Customer Education                         Summit
2010 Conference Brochure

            Hyatt Regency Chicago
          April 29-30, 2010| Chicago, IL
                                                   Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

About Chartwell
Chartwell is an independent information services company that facilitates knowledge exchange among
utility professionals. Our business model is built on dynamic partnerships with our members and
customers which bolsters your research efforts and produces measurable results for your organization.
On a daily basis, Chartwell researchers and analysts conduct in-depth interviews, analysis and industry
surveys to identify and document strategic industry developments. We offer access to original and
reliable information along with opportunities to attend events that clarify industry issues and facilitate
information exchange.

About the Summit
Chartwell’s Smart Grid Summit is designed to provided a forum for utility engineers, managers as well
as other utility professionals working in the area of advanced metering and smart grid, to learn about
and share ideas on topics such as:

•     Uses of advanced metering and internal data for operational benefits
•     The role of meter data management in facilitating AMI—enabled operations
•     The role of AMI in demand response, including the home area network (HAN)
•     The role AMI plays in the smart grid
•     Strategies for successful AMR and AMI deployments
•     And more

Advanced metering now plays a key role in utilities wanting to expand their business process and
leverage a multitude of operational benefits. Moving forward, advanced metering will also serve as the
foundation for the smart grid throughout North America. With regulatory and market drivers,
advanced metering is being installed at a significant pace. However, many utilities are still looking for
strategies and knowledge to help identify the right technologies or use existing technologies for
components beyond business case propositions.

Some utilities have mature AMR, AMI and meter data management systems in place while others are
ending the tenuous process of building strategies that address advanced metering, meter data
management and demand response. At the Summit you will have access to those knowledgeable in
both facets, who will share their expertise in an intimate setting.

Who Should Attend
AMI project managers, business leaders and other utility executive should attend Chartwell’s Smart
Grid Summit. Come hear cutting-edge case studies from individuals at leading utilities. Participate in
thought provoking discussions and informative roundtables with your peers.

                                                  To register, call Chartwell at (404) 237-9099 or visit
                                                        Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Agenda—Thursday, April 29th
7:30am—8:30am      Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30am—9:15am      Engaging Customer Participation in Smart Metering and Demand Response
                   Hear what happens when residential customers are offered different advanced rate options, how
                   they will respond and what they do to adjust their energy usage. Pepco, in partnership with the D.C.
                   Public Service Commission, Office of People’s Counsel, Consumers Utility Board, eMeter and other
                   parties, is piloting a smart metering and demand response program aimed at gauging customer
                   behavior in response to varying price signals. This presentation will reveal the why’s and how’s of
                   the project, the importance of advanced metering infrastructure, and the challenges every energy
                   company will be facing with engaging customers in these types of programs. Dubbed PowerCentsDC,
                   the pilot program included more than 1,000 customers and a variety of vendors and organizations
                   working together to successfully launch.
                   Charles R. Dickerson, Vice President, Customer Care, Pepco Holdings Inc.

9:15am—10:00am     Developing a Smart Grid Language the Customer Can Understand
                   Most utility personnel are familiar with terms such as smart grid, demand response, peak shaving,
                   and distributed generation, but approach your average customer with these phrases and you’re
                   likely to get confusion at best and sideways glances at worst. Understanding how customers react to
                   these phrases and identifying equivalents they understand is at the center of rigorous utility market
                   research. Learn how these issues have been deliberated upon through the Pecan Street Project, a
                   public/private venture in the Austin (TX) area. This session will include a framework for conducting
                   smart grid research focusing on small scale pilots, as well as some results from a residential
                   awareness survey on the smart grid conducted on behalf of Austin Energy. Specific topics to be
                   covered include key issues which resonate with customers in the context of the smart grid,
                   marketing smart grid value, and the identification of customer segments which may provide smart
                   grid champions. An update on the progress of the Pecan Street Project will also be provided,
                   highlighted by a recent DOE award to conduct smart grid related research in a local redevelopment
                   area in central Austin.
                   Christopher Frye, Senior Manager of Market Research and Product Development, Austin Energy

10:00am—10:30am    Refreshment Break

10:30am—11:15am    SmartGridCity: Connecting Customers with Technology
                   Smart grid projects have become increasingly prevalent throughout the utility industry. While the
                   scope of each of those projects is very different, the question facing many utilities and the nation
                   as a whole is whether customer adoption will follow those technologies. Learn about how Xcel
                   Energy's SmartGridCity project is using unique implementations of smart grid technology to enable
                   customer engagement through web portals, thermostat and device control programs, and advanced
                   pricing options. Customer education, marketing tactics, and enrollment strategies will be
                   highlighted. The combination of all these efforts enables a new wave of choice, control, and
                   conservation for customers and the future of the energy grid.
                   Jennifer Wozniak Project Manager, Marketing and Customer Strategy, Xcel Energy

11:15am—12:00pm    Speaker TBD

12:00pm—1:30pm     LUNCH

          Chartwell Inc.   2970 Peachtree Road NW       Suite 250    Atlanta, GA 30305     (404)237-9099
                                                   Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Agenda—Thursday, April 29th
1:30pm—2:15pm   Smart Meter: Communication Drives Acceptance
                Consumers who experience the benefits of metering technology first-hand are more likely to
                understand and embrace the opportunity to save energy. This session will highlight Oncor’s
                successful use of the Mobile Experience Center (MEC), mass and social media, outdoor advertising,
                regular giveaways, stand-alone displays and demonstrations to inform and educate consumers
                while spreading the word about the utility’s Smart Texas campaign and promoting acceptance.
                Chris Schein, Director of Communications, Oncor

2:15pm—3:00pm   Smart-Rate and its Impact on Customer Behavior
                LG&E customers personally tell their stories of how the Smart-Rate Program has influenced their
                behaviors. The 10-minutes video provides insights from an online survey and 12 in-home ethno-
                graphic interviews that were conducted with customers on the Smart-Rate program. The
                collective findings show the Smart Rate program is having a substantially positive effect on the
                existing base of customers. The program has influenced behavioral change which has provided
                customers with an additional means to save money, but also achieve more awareness, control and
                accountability for the impact of their energy consumption behaviors.
                Wendy Wagoner, Manager of Performance and Marketing, E.ON U.S.

3:00pm—3:30pm   Refreshment Break

3:30pm—4:15pm   Panel Discussion
                In this in-depth panel discussion, customer perceptions and overall knowledge related to the smart
                grid will be evaluated by a panel of utility executives and research managers. An understanding of
                what initiatives utilities must take as more smart grid technologies get implemented, as well as
                what customers will need to hear will also be evaluated.
                Charles R. Dickerson, Vice President, Customer Care, Pepco Holdings Inc.
                Chris Schein, Director of Communications, Oncor

4:15pm—5:00pm   Speed Networking
                This unique opportunity will allow presenters and attendees to network with their peers about hot
                topics relevant to specific occupational interests. This aspect of the Summit is designed to
                facilitate knowledge exchange and relationship building.

6:00pm—8:00pm   Networking Reception

                                                                        Join us for a
                                                                 Thursday, April 29, 2010
                                                                   6:00 pm — 8:00pm

                                                                Don’t miss this excellent
                                                            opportunity to network with your
                                                             peers in a relaxed environment.
                                                         Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Agenda—Friday, April 30th
7:30am—8:30am       Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30am—9:15am       Interactive Session: Smart Grid Customer Education—The Good and the Not So Good

                    Want to know why some smart grid customer education initiatives have worked, while others have
                    failed? Chartwell will facilitate this participant-driven session and offer some best practice stories
                    and some campaigns that have not. Attendees also will be given the chance to weigh in on some
                    customer education strategies and during the Summit, ask questions of presenters and Chartwell
                    analysts, and take back valuable knowledge from industry peers.
                    Discussion Leaders:
                    Mark Hall, Research Analyst, Chartwell, Inc.
                    Dennis Smith, Vice President of Research and Information Delivery, Chartwell, Inc.

9:15am—9:45am       Refreshment Break

9:45am—10:30am      Daily Online Usage Alerts Offer Customer Education and Convenience
                    In October 2008, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association launched an innovative
                    Web-based service called MyMeter. This application allows Wright-Hennepin’s residential
                    customers the ability to: view and track daily and monthly energy use using a secure Web site;
                    compare their energy use to averages of similar households, as well as compare their usage to the
                    most energy-efficient households; and set energy conservation goals. For this innovative customer
                    offering, Wright-Hennepin placed as a finalist in Chartwell’s 2009 Best Practices Awards for
                    Customer Service. This presentation will give background on MyMeter, the initiative’s impact on
                    the Wright-Hennepin customer base and plans for MyMeter’s future.
                    Sonja Bogart, Vice President, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Wright-Hennepin
                    Cooperative Electric Association

10:30am—11:15am     Providing a Customer Portal to Advanced Energy Information
                    The Texas legislature recently passed a bill requiring the Texas Public Utilities Commission to enact
                    a plan that would enable Texas customers to become more energy aware and automate the
                    electric grid. CenterPoint Energy therefore hosted a pilot, trying numerous leading-edge
                    technologies in this evolving field, and chose a path that focused on installing meters with
                    advanced functionality. As part of a related PUC filing, a secure, customer-focused Web portal
                    interface - – was launched, providing key information to the Texas market
                    and allowing customers to have a greater understanding of energy usage. This presentation will
                    explain the background, legal agreements required, design, vendor selection, development,
                    operation and customer outreach of this well-received project.
                    Robert Frazier, CDP Director of Technology, Houston Electric/CenterPoint Energy

11:15am—12:00pm     Customer Energy Network Enables Google PowerMeter and More
                    Non-utility companies are entering the energy management arena to provide information and tools
                    to customers to educate and help them manage their energy use. These companies must rely on
                    the utility for the information needed by customers to effectively manage their energy use.
                    Utilities have the customer information these companies need to be effective. Hear how SDG&E
                    developed a customer energy network (CEN) to provide customer Smart Meter information to third
                    parties, beginning with Google’s PowerMeter. The presentation will address how CEN was
                    developed and how it works, the issues around customer security, the Google PowerMeter, beta
                    testing and customers’ reactions, launch of the system and troubleshooting.
                    Barbara Cronin, Project Manager, Customer Innovations, San Diego Gas & Electric Company

12:00pm             Summit Adjourns

          Chartwell Inc.   2970 Peachtree Road NW         Suite 250    Atlanta, GA 30305      (404)237-9099
                                                             Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Speaker and Discussion Leader Bios
Sonja Bogart, Vice President, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association-
Wright-Hennepin is a 40,0000 member cooperative located just west of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Sonja has
been with the cooperative since 1997. She also manages the cooperative’s retail security and radiant under-floor heating

Barbara Cronin, Project Manager, Customer Innovations, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Barbara has more than 28 years of experience with the Sempra Energy utilities. She began her career with the utilities at
Southern California Gas Company, where she developed and managed customer programs and implemented systems in
support of those programs before transferring to San Diego Gas & Electric in 2001. At San Diego Gas & Electric she
developed statewide customer assistance programs as well as incentive programs under the California Solar Initiative in
collaboration with the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission. In 2008, she was a
major contributor to California’s Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. Barbara is currently working on new customer products
and services within the areas of energy management and sustainability. In 2009 she was responsible for developing the
Customer Energy Network system which captures and shares customers’ Smart Meter information with Google’s
PowerMeter gadget.

Charles R. Dickerson, Vice President, Customer Care, Pepco Holdings Inc.
Charles is responsible for all aspects of customer care – including meter services, meter reading, billing, energy
procurement, customer contact centers, marketing and customer relationship management along with credit and
remittance for PHI. Prior to assuming his current role, Charles served as Vice President Strategic Planning and Chief Risk
Officer; Vice President – Gas Delivery for Delmarva Power; Director – Diversity & HR Strategic Planning for (PHI),
responsible for PHI’s diversity strategy, Strategic Staffing and Supplier Diversity organizations. Charles joined Pepco in
1989 and has held a number of positions including Manager Customer Operations Division, during which time Pepco was
recognized as an industry leader in customer care. In this capacity he helped lead Pepco to the #1 status for the JD Power
and Associates Customer Satisfaction Survey and Pepco winning Call Center Magazine's "Best Call Center of the Year" in
2001; he was also named Call Center Magazine's “Manager of the Year.”

Robert Frazier, CDP Director of Technology, Houston Electric/CenterPoint Energy
Robert has more than 34 years of IT management experience in operations, PC and LAN deployment, security, application
development, audit and executive consulting. During his tenure with CenterPoint, his focus has been utility customer sys-
tems including, CIS, SAP CCS, mobile data, CTI/VRU, metering, supporting call centers, field service representatives,
billing, bill print, receivables and reporting. During the past three years, Robert has been working part-time on
Advanced Meter Infrastructure and Intelligent Smart Grid including regulatory filing and settlement negotiations. Robert is
a member of the Texas statewide Advance Meter portal specification team, a key member of the portal design and vendor
selection team, a CenterPoint management representative on the multi-company portal governance committee and
member of the CNP Intelligent Grid specification and vendor selection team.

Christopher Frye, Senior Manager of Market Research and Product Development, Austin Energy
Christopher presides over Market Research and Product Development at Austin Energy and oversees nearly all of the
customer research conducted by the utility, including customer satisfaction studies, focus group research, and one-time
projects with customer segments such as solar rebate beneficiaries, low-income households, and energy audit participants.
Christopher has served in a variety of capacities with regard to smart grid education and customer awareness. In 2009, he
served as a team leader on the Pecan Street Project, a public/private venture in the Austin area seeking to implement
smart grid and distributed generation initiatives. The team Christopher led is one of 11 teams that focused on specific
topic areas; in his case, customer impacts, interfaces, and behavioral economics, with subject matter focused on customer
education, enabling technologies, and the impact of pricing on customer behavior. Christopher currently serves in a new
role with the Pecan Street Project, providing support and direction on data collection and analysis for a pilot
project in Austin funded through a Department of Energy smart grid demonstration grant. Prior to joining Austin Energy,
Christopher has worked as State Labor Economist for the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development as well
as a Statistician for an Austin-based survey research firm.

Mark Hall, Research Analyst, Chartwell, Inc.
Mark joined Chartwell in 2005 as the firm’s metering research analyst. He is responsible for forming and gathering all
research related to automated meter reading (AMR), including advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data
management (MDM), advanced metering applications and smart grid. Mark has authored several dozen reports and articles
pertaining to AMI, MDM and demand response. He is a frequent speaker and has contributed articles to many industry
periodicals. He has also been interviewed as a subject matter expert by several industry journalists. Mark serves as the lead
planner for Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit, an annual executive summit devoted to utility information

             Chartwell Inc.    2970 Peachtree Road NW         Suite 250    Atlanta, GA 30305      (404)237-9099
                                                            Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Speaker and Discussion Leader Bios
Chris Schein, Director of Communications, Oncor
Chris joined Oncor in 1998 and is responsible for all of the company’s communications, including advertising, Internet,
media relations, and employee communications. During his career at Oncor, Chris has managed the external
communications for brand launch, public awareness campaigns, and major media programs. He has also managed the
media relations efforts when the former parent company moved from a regulated monopoly to a competitive electric
provider. Prior to joining TXU, Chris worked for long-distance telecommunications companies providing support for product
outreach and legislative issues. He started his career as a reporter and energy editor.

Dennis Smith, Vice President of Research and Information Delivery, Chartwell Inc.
Dennis is responsible for Chartwell’s research, conferences and member services. He has covered the utility industry for 12
years and has authored hundreds of articles and reports on topics ranging from call centers, bill presentment and payment,
credit and collections, smart metering and customer service automation. He is a frequent speaker at utility industry
conferences and serves as chair of EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference.

Wendy Wagoner, Manager of Performance and Marketing, E.ON U.S.,
Wendy has more than 27 years experience in the utility industry. In her current role, she oversees business development,
performance management, market research, and marketing initiatives for Louisville Gas & Electric Company and Kentucky
Utilities’ Energy Delivery business units.

Jennifer Wozniak Project Manager, Marketing and Customer Strategy, Xcel Energy
Jennifer is responsible for a series of large projects in Marketing and Customer Strategy at Xcel Energy. She leads a
cross-functional team focused on the customer facing roll-out of Xcel Energy’s SmartGridCity project in Boulder, CO. Jen
is also focused on designing customer-focused strategies to maximize satisfaction and shareholder value. Her expertise on
marketing channels and segmentation shaped the approach and design of that new focus at Xcel. Jen has always strived
to find creative solutions to business problems by unifying multiple business units and optimizing teamwork for a common
goal. Those solutions have included the development of proprietary statistics and measurement tools, implementing
operational reform, and managing change through paradigm shifts. One of her proudest accomplishments was the design,
creation, and execution of the first-ever strategic plan for United States Figure Skating.
                                                  Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Chartwell Thanks Our Summit Sponsors

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                              decisions for consumers and businesses.

      Chartwell Inc.   2970 Peachtree Road NW     Suite 250    Atlanta, GA 30305     (404)237-9099
                                                   Chartwell’s Smart Grid Customer Education Summit

Registration and Hotel Information

                         Premier Early Bird Rate (Expires 4/2/10), $895
                               Premier Utility Members Rate, $995
                      Regular Utility Early Bird Rate (Expires 4/2/10), $1,195
                                    Regular Utility Rate, $1,395

To Register, Visit:

   Summit Registration:
   (Attendance is limited to utility representatives ONLY.
   Vendors interested in sponsoring the event should contact Kristy Dickens at 404.237.9099 ext. 25.)

   Cancellations and No-Shows:
   Cancellations received in writing by April 16, 2010 will receive a refund of registration fees, less a
   $75 processing fee. Cancellations after April 16, 2010 and no-shows will not receive a refund.

                                        Hotel Information

                                 Hyatt Regency Chicago
                                  151 East Wacker Drive
                                    Chicago, IL 60601
              | 312.565.1234

   Call 312.565.1234 and mention "Chartwell's Smart Grid Customer Education Summit.” You must

          reserve your room by April 6, 2010 to take advantage of these reduced rates.

Chartwell Inc.    2970 Peachtree Road NW          Suite 250     Atlanta, GA 30305       (404)237-9099

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