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					                                                   Southwestern Community College

                                 GEAR UP
                                                                                             GA I NI N G
                                                                                             E A R LY
                                                                                             A W A RE NE S S              A ND
                                                                                             RE A D I N E S S F O R
                                                                                             U ND E R G RA D U A T E
                                   F A L L    2 0 0 9                                        P RO G RA M S

                             Helping Your Child GEAR UP for College!
                             Helping your child become college-ready can be a     questions to help students on college admissions,
  Del Ruff, Director         daunting task. Grades, study skills, college en-     SAT registration, financial aid, and more.
                             trance exams and financial aid can become over-      In November, Swain County GEAR UP hosted
SCC GEAR UP is               whelming. GEAR UP is here to help! SCC GEAR          “Going to College Without Going Broke”
pleased to announce          UP offers a number of different Parent Nights for    with Laura Misner, North Carolina CFNC West-
that it will provide         students and their guardians to learn more about     ern Representative in the Media Center at Swain
fiscal assistance to         how to prepare for, apply to, and succeed in col-
students in our com-                                                              County H.S.
munity. “We are doing        lege.
                                                                            For more information about upcoming events,
this to remove barriers in   In October, GEAR UP hosted a Parent Work-
college-going for our                                                       please see our webpage at http://
                             shop on Home Study Skills at the Macon
students,” said Del Ruff,
SCC GEAR UP director.        County Public Library.                         events.htm or contact the coordinator for your
GEAR UP will provide:        Recently, Macon County GEAR UP hosted a Par- area: Cherokee (828.553.5026), Jackson County
SAT Support: $45 for         ent Night in the Franklin HS Fine Arts Center. (828.586.2177 ext. 276), Macon County
juniors if PSAT score is     Representatives from the school’s guidance de- (828.524.3766 ext. 308), and Swain County
on file with GEAR UP         partment and GEAR UP gave tips and answered (828.488.5747).
District Coordinator and
CFNC and CollegeBoard
SAT prep are completed
and results are submitted     Cherokee Middle School Students Study Deep Creek
to GEAR UP staff.
                             Recently, Cherokee Middle                                             dell Shannon said, “This educa-
AP Exams Support:
                             School 7th grade students                                             tional field trip offers the a stu-
$30 of total $86 fee to
students who are in 9th,     braved the cold weather and                                           dents an opportunity to experi-
10th, or 11th grade and do   engaged in a hands-on water                                           ence academically-challenging
not receive a fee waiver.    quality study of Deep Creek in                                        curricula [including] biology,
GEAR UP provides SAT         Great Smoky Mountains Na-                                             chemistry, and earth science, in
and PSAT preparation         tional Park. Led by park rang-                                        magnificent natural set-
for high school students.    ers, students tested pH and                                           ting. They come away
Contact District GEAR                                                Nick Hill and Taylor Davis,
                             turbidity, dissolved oxygen lev-                                      from the trip with technical
UP staff for schedules.                                          searching for macroinvertebrates. knowledge of their surround-
                             els, and searched for macroin-
For more information,        vertebrates using special nets.                                       ings, an understanding of what
contact Ann Rickman,                                             by 7th grade Science Teacher
                             After recording their findings in                                     they can do to promote envi-
GEAR UP Coordinator/                                             Carol West and sponsored by
Advisement Liaison at        the data table, students con-                                         ronmental stewardship, and the
                                                                 Southwestern Community Col-
arick-                       cluded that Deep Creek is                                             added benefit of a day spent
                                                                 lege GEAR UP. SCC GEAR UP
man@southwesterncc.ed        healthy. The trip was organized                                       outdoors."
u or 828-488-5747.
                                                                 College Readiness Coach Lid-

                                                                      CONTACT US:
                                       GEAR UP Office, Stanford House, 447 College Drive, Sylva, NC 28779
                                                     Ph: 828.631.2537, Fax: 828.586.3129
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                      GEAR UP Sponsors Counselors’ Trip to College Board Forum
                      GEAR UP recently spon-                                            ridors,” “A Ton of Data, an Ounce
                      sored three counselors’ trip                                      of Insight,” “Starting an AP Pro-
“[The Forum]
                      to New York City for the                                          gram from Scratch,” “College
                      College Board Annual Fo-                                          Ready,” and others. Del Ruff said,
  was a great         rum. Barbara Douthit (Swain                                       "Our goal for this trip was to ex-
  opportunity         County High School), Mary                                         pose our counselors to National
                      Price-Egger (Macon Middle                                         Best Practices that would help
to hear from
                      School), and Margy Russell                                        them as practioners in our local
other parts of        (Smoky Mountain High                                              schools."
                                                      Ruff participated as a panelist
                      School) joined more than
   the US and                                         for a session entitled            “It was a great opportunity to hear
                      2,500 educators from public
 also connect                                         “Confronting the Top Chal-        from other parts of the US and
                      and private secondary
                                                      lenges to College Access,”        also connect with colleagues to see
         with         schools, colleges, universi-
                                                      along with Antonio Boyle,         what they were doing in their fields
                      ties, and non-profits at the
  colleagues.”                                        assistant vice president for      and at their schools,” said Coun-
                      conference, which focused
                                                      Enrollment Management and         selor Barbara Douthit. “I really
   — Barbara          on exploring the most press-
                                                      director of admissions of         appreciate GEAR UP and all of the
                      ing concerns in this time of
     Douthit,                                         South Carolina State Univer-      hard work that they put into allow-
                      economic uncertainty and
Swain County                                          sity and Terrance Dixon, Col-     ing me and others to attend this
                      unprecedented change.
                                                      lege Board educational man-       wonderful workshop.” Ruff added,
  High School         Ann Rickman, SCC GEAR           ager of Higher Education.         “Our counselors do a wonderful
    Counselor         UP Swain County coordina-                                         job in assisting students. GEAR UP
                                                      The Forum included sessions
                      tor and advisement liaison,                                       hopes to collaborate more with
                                                      such as “Mobilizing Parents to
                      and Del Ruff, SCC GEAR UP                                         local counselors to assist with col-
                                                      Ensure Student Success,”
                      director also attended the                                        lege access counseling."
                                                      “City Streets and School Cor-

                                         GEAR UP Provides Promethean Boards
                            What could make learning            thean boards were purchased      professional development to
                            more interactive and rigorous       by GEAR UP for Jackson,          learn how to use the boards,
                            for today’s tech-savvy youth?       Macon, and Swain County high     also funded by GEAR UP.
                            GEAR UP decided that Prome-         Schools in order to help         Honor McElroy, Sophomore
                            thean Boards could help to          teachers create learning envi-   Lead Teacher and English
                            answer that question. Prome-        ronments that are student-       teacher said, “I really enjoy
                            thean Interactive Whiteboards       centered and academically        using the Promethean Board
                            use specific educational soft-      rigorous. “The students of       in my room; it allows me to
                            ware that allows students to        today must be ready to com-      do things I wasn’t able to do
Swain High Biology Teacher participate in their learning in     pete in the 21st century, and    before. The kids like interact-
 Kathy Gray uses her new    new ways. The set up provided       GEAR UP wanted to provide        ing with it, too.” Swain
                            by GEAR UP includes speakers        technology that students can     County High School Principal
    Promethean Board.       in addition to the boards and       interact with to help them       Regina Mathis added, “The
                            projectors, so teachers can         prepare for that competition,”   boards are a great way to
                            create opportunities for audio,     Erin McCully, GEAR UP col-       integrate technology with our
                             visual, and kinesthetic learning   lege readiness coach, ex-        curriculum and reinforce 21st
G E A R U P F A L L 2 0 0 9 in their lessons. The Prome-        plained. Teachers received       century skills.”
FALL     2009                                                                                                           PAGE         3

 SCC Career Exploration Day a Success
“Yes, I feel that,” said Smoky Moun-                                                        Petty told visiting high school stu-
tain High student CJ Woodard as                                                             dents. GEAR UP sponsored the
SCC Dean of Health Sciences                                                                 event, which was attended by
Debra Klavohn, right, administered                                                          more than 300 students in grades
electrical stimulation to his arm. “It                                                      9-12 from Macon, Jackson and
was a pretty cool experience,” said                                                         Swain County public schools. Stu-
Woodard as Klavohn explained that                                                           dents attended sessions where
the stimulation was used in physical                                                        they learned about job require-
therapy to help individuals regain                                                          ments and opportunities in such
muscle movement and strength.                                                               fields as criminal justice, nursing,
Woodard joined more than 300               those in the field and what the job              culinary/hotel, cosmetology, ac-
high school students from Macon,           requirements and prospects were,                 counting and business, computer
Jackson and Swain County Schools           according to GEAR UP Readiness                   engineering, office administration,
at SCC’s Career Exploration Day            Coach Sherry Tilson.                             early childhood education, health
on the Jackson Campus Friday, Nov.                                                          information technology, EMS,
6. The all-day event gave students         “If you are interested in science, anat-         phlebotomy, physical therapy,
the opportunity to attend sessions         omy, computers and people then radi-             massage, outdoor leadership, sur-
in a variety of career fields. They        ography or sonography might be for               veying, automotive technology and
learned first-hand experience from         you,” SCC instructor Meg Rollins                 environmental science.

                      Quick Study Tips for Students!
                           * Keep track of assignments with a planner
                           * Carve out time in your schedule for homework
                           * Have someone (a parent or friend) quiz you
                           * Sleep and eat well before a quiz or test

 GEAR UP Provides Lexile Training Professional Development
 Recently, GEAR UP provided profes-         When used together, they can help a         sired results on high-stakes tests, and
 sional development open to teachers in     reader choose a book or other reading       meeting federal, state, and district re-
 Jackson, Macon, and Swain counties         material that is at an appropriate diffi-   quirements for student performance
 and the Qualla Boundary. Over forty        culty level. The Lexile reader measure      and growth. Jay Grissom, Smoky Moun-
 educators attended the workshop to         can also be used to monitor a reader’s      tain High School principal, said, “I am
 learn more about the Lexile Frame-         growth in reading ability over time.        grateful to GEAR UP for providing us
 work for Reading. The Framework is a       The Lexile Professional Development         with this very valuable training. Our
 scientific approach to reading and text    helped teachers learn how to use the        focus this year is improving reading abil-
 measurement. There are two Lexile          Lexile measures to inform instruction       ity in our students and the use of Lexiles
 measures: the Lexile reader measure        and improve achievement for all stu-        will make our efforts far more effec-
 and the Lexile text measure. A Lexile      dents. The workshop focused on vari-        tive. We are fortunate to be a part of
 reader measure represents a person’s       ous aspects of using the Lexile Frame-      the GEAR UP grant and to benefit from
 reading ability on the Lexile scale. A     work, including differentiated instruc-     the helpfulness of their wonder-
 Lexile text measure represents a text’s    tion, matching students with appropri-      ful staff.”
 difficulty level on the Lexile scale.      ately challenging texts, achieving de-
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                                    Recent GEAR UP Happenings
                                •   GEAR UP collaborated with the Jackson            •   Cherokee and Swain Middle School students
                                    County School of Alternatives in Sylva to            participated in a pre-taping for an Electronic Field
                                    help fund new technology for the school.             Trip through Smoky Mountain National Park.
                                    GEAR UP and the JCPS technology depart-              The trip will focus on the amazing biodiversity in
                                    ment teamed up to equip a computer lab in            the Smokies and will include activities led by Park
                                    order to boost college readiness and provide         Rangers, Tardigrade expert Dr. Diane Nel-
                                    student engagement in both academic learning         son (Professor Emeritus ETSU).
                                    and vocational/life planning. Students built
                                                                                     •   Jackson County GEAR UP hosted a morning
                                    desks for the equipment and created a mural
                                                                                         coffee at Fairview Elementary to celebrate GEAR
  HUB Students in the               of the GEAR UP logo. Other technology pro-
                                    vided by the JCPS technology department and          UP’s 10 Year Anniversary.
    GEAR UP Lab:
  Trevor Bradley, C J               GEAR UP includes Promethean                      •   Macon Middle School students in the College
   Norris, Zach War-                Boards. GEAR UP Coordinator Robin Hall               Readiness Club visited SCC’s Macon campus for a
  man, Jessica Smith,               said, “The combined effort of the staff of           tour of the Early College program.
    and Tisha Frady                 GEAR UP, the … technology department,
                                                                                     •   7th Graders at Macon Middle attended Conser-
                                    administration, faculty, staff and students at
                                                                                         vation Field Day at Standing Indian Campground,
                                    the School of Alternatives has solidified the
                                                                                         where students learned about conservation ca-
                                    School of Alternative's commitment to be-
                                                                                         reers, forestry practices, wildlife management, and
 Macon                              coming a ‘college-ready’ school.”
                                                                                         preserving the land for the future.
                                     GEAR UP Students Attend Reaching to Teach
 the height
 of a tree                           Members of the Teachers of        sons to Become a WCU Teach-         because she spoke about
 Conservation Field day.             Tomorrow Club at Swain            ing Fellow, Diversity in the        making the classrooms of
                                     County High School and            Classroom, Why Don’t Students       the 21st century tech-savvy
                                     students from Franklin            Like School?, I Want to Go to       and more culturally aware
                                     High School visited West-         College!, Foreign Language          so young Americans leave
                                     ern Carolina University to        Teaching, Teaching Math Can         school prepared to collabo-
                                     attend the annual Reaching        Be Fun!, and $ for Educators.       rate and compete with peo-
                                     to Teach Conference. Jessica      Conference participants ate         ple all over the world,” said
                                     Garner, the 2009-2010             at the new Courtyard Dining         Erin McCully, sponsor of the
                                     AT&T NC Teacher of the            Hall to experience part of          Teachers of Tomorrow
   Todd Gibbs, Early College
  principal, and Macon Middle        Year was the keynote              the college life. “Ms. Gar-         Club and GEAR UP college
  students Savannah Conley,          speaker. Students chose           ner’s address was especially        readiness coach at Swain
     Mary Watson, Hannah             from sessions including Rea-      relevant for our students,          High.
   Doolittle, Hannah Maloy,
  Chantelle Chavis and Taylor
                                                U p c o m i n g G EA R U P E v e n t s
                                     •    2009 FIRST LEGO League Regional Competition: January 23, 2009

                                     •    PSAT Score Review Night: Swain H.S. Media Center, Jan. 7, 2010: 5:30-6:30pm (for
                                          Swain High students only)

                                     •    College Visits for Jackson, Macon, and Swain counties and the Qualla Boundary

      Swain County H.S.              •    Financial Aid Night (in conjunction with Talent Search) Swain H.S. Media Center, Jan.
  freshmen visit WCU for a                14, 2010: 7 pm
         college tour
                                     •    College Information Parent Night Macon County Library, Jan. 21, 2010: 6:30-7:30pm