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                               SHAPE YOUR FUTURE
COnneCTIng yOU TO The WOrLd

Why UTS?
      If you are seeking a challenging                 aspects of the curriculum are
      and practical education for                      developed in joint partnership
      today’s complex global and                       with industry. UTS academics
      technologically advanced                         have up-to-date industry and
      workplace, UTS is your university                professional knowledge.
      of choice.
                                                       employers tell us that UTS
      UTS responds pro-actively to the                 graduates have the skills to
      current workplace environment.                   see and move beyond traditional
      Industry advisory committees                     professional boundaries,
      regularly review our courses                     taking their place as creative
      for relevance to make sure they                  practictioners in their chosen
      keep pace with change and teach                  professions. a graduate of UTS
      students’ professional and practical             is equipped for ongoing learning
      skills that employers need.                      in the pursuit of personal
                                                       development and excellence
                                                       in professional practice.

      The UTS Faculty of Business has been awarded accreditation from the world’s leading 
      business education accrediting agency - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of 
      Business (AACSB).
      AACSB accreditation confirms the Faculty’s commitment to quality and continuous 
      improvement to education excellence through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review.
      It represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools.  
      For further information please visit:


          REPUTATION AND EXPERIENCE                         TOP RANKING
          UTS:Business has been at the forefront            Successful AACSB accreditation follows on 
          of postgraduate business education                from other recent outstanding successes 
          since 1981. With close to 3500 students           including being ranked in the top five 
          currently enrolled, our Graduate School           Business and Economics faculties by the 
          of Business is one of the largest and most        Australian Government Learning and 
          successful postgraduate business schools          Teaching Performance Fund (2007 & 2008).  
          in Australia. This is testimony to the quality    UTS:Business is also ranked in the top 
          and reputation of our courses and the high        eight among 39 Australian Business and 
          employability, salary outcomes and career         Law disciplines in the recent Melbourne 
          futures of our graduates.                         University Institute of Applied Economic  
                                                            and Social Research Rankings (2006).
          UTS has achieved accreditation from the           FACULTY EXECUTIVE COUNCIL
          Association to Advance Collegiate Schools         UTS:Business is honoured by the 
          of Business (AACSB) and is now part of            outstanding group of industry leaders who 
          an elite group that comprises less than           serve on its Executive Council. This council 
          10 percent of the world's business schools.       provides high level strategic advice and links 
          The achievement of AACSB accreditation            to key business, industry and government 
          demonstrates the Faculty’s commitment to          bodies. Further details at 
          continuous improvement and its desire to
          benchmark programs in accordance with 
          international standards.

INDUSTRY RELEVANT TEACHING                          Our comprehensive range of business              FLEXIBLE STUDY MODES*
UTS:Business courses are regularly reviewed         courses include the Executive MBA, the           We cater to your busy lifestyle by offering 
for relevance in joint partnership with industry    MBA and a number of specialist Master            options such as after-hours classes, part-
advisory committees to make sure they keep          degrees in: Accounting, Arts Management,         time study or intensive mode to enable you 
pace with change and match students’ skills         Community Management, Events, Finance,           to tailor your timetable to fit your needs. We 
with what employers need. The contribution          General Management, Human Resource               also provide high level after-hours and off-
of industry representatives helps keep our          Management, Marketing, Operations &              campus library and IT support to make your 
graduates amongst the most employable in            Supply Chain Management, Professional            balancing act that much easier.
the country.                                        Accounting, Quantitative Finance, Sport and 
                                                    Tourism. The choice is yours!                    RELIABLE SUPPORT SYSTEM
COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF PROGRAMS &                                                                    UTS provides a wide range of support 
UNIQUE SPECIALISATIONS                              SMART NETWORKING                                 services and facilities including: English 
Many of our competitors offer a ‘one size fits      UTS:Business gives you the opportunity to        language support, learning assistance 
all’ approach to postgraduate qualifications.       network with your peers and develop those        centres, student and career counselling, 
However, we understand how diverse the              all-important business and industry contacts     health and housing services and 24 hour 
business sector has become and in response          that are part of your professional and career    access to computer labs.
we have developed a full spectrum of both           development.
generalist and sector-specific postgraduate                                                          IDEAL LOCATION
qualifications. The Graduate School of              INNOVATIVE RESEARCH                              Our central location means we’re easy to get 
Business offers over 150 postgraduate               Teaching is supported by a vigorous program      to, particularly by public transport. The city 
business and business-related subjects              of research. We are renowned as an               campus has the added benefit of being close 
covering a range of business related areas.         innovator in postgraduate business, with a       to Chinatown and darling Harbour if you 
                                                    track record of success in the application of    want to socialise after class or eat out. 
                                                    technology to teaching.

                                                                                                     * International students must undertake a full-time load.


                                                                                   The Chartered
                                                                                   Institute of Marketing

REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL                            The graduate diploma in Business                          PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS
The MBa is the most recognised and most           administration is designed to provide a basis             Completion of the MBa program with
transportable postgraduate degree. Students       for the development of careers in management              a major in Banking or Finance meets
in the MBa know that to realise their full        for graduates who require a solid foundation in           the educational components of the
career potential, additional managerial skills    business administration skills.                           criteria for membership for the Financial
and credentials are essential. personal           The graduate Certificate in Business                      Services Institute of australasia (FInSa).
investment in a demanding MBa program             administration provides foundation skills                 Completion of the MBa program with a
that is recognised for both intellectual rigour   used in the general management of a                       major in Finance meets the educational
and practical application of knowledge            business enterprise. Students without a                   components of the criteria for membership
will accelerate your career progression or        degree but with extensive relevant work                   at the Certified Finance & Treasury
introduce new career pathways. Completing         experience and evidence of a general capacity             professional (CFTp) level. graduates of the
the UTS MBa will equip you with a                 to undertake tertiary education can apply for             MBa program with a major in professional
remarkable array of new skills.                   entry to this program.                                    accounting are eligible to apply for
                                                                                                            membership of Cpa australia, nIa and ICaa.
DESIGN YOUR MBA                                   SKILLS & EXPERTISE                                        Students completing a major in human
Our MBa is designed for those who desire a        general management skills help to develop                 resource Management as part of the MBa
head start in their career as a generalist or     expertise in strategic thinking, critical                 program will be eligible to apply to the
specialist manager and want a competitive         analysis, developing and implementing                     australian human resources Institute (ahrI)
advantage in the work place. This program         business plans, decision making under                     for professional Member status. Students
is distinguished from the competition by its      uncertainty, understanding organisational                 completing a major in Marketing as part of the
practical, vocational orientation and by the      dynamics, motivating others, effective                    MBa program will be eligible to apply to the
flexibility of the course design.                 communication, leadership and promoting                   Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
UTS:Business believes you are the best judge      change in dynamic environments. Functional                The UTS MBa is offered as a part-time*
of your educational requirements.                 skills develop competency in a number                     or full-time program, with classes for core
                                                  of key disciplines including economics,                   subjects held during the day and evening.
The graduate School of Business allows you
                                                  accounting, finance, marketing and general
to choose 50 percent of your MBa subjects                                                                   The MBa is made up of 16 subjects (96 cps).
from a vast range of electives so you can                                                                   eight are compulsory core subjects (48 cps)
design your MBa to match your employment          Specialist skills are introduced in areas such            and eight are electives (48 cps).
aspirations.                                      as corporate finance, banking, corporate
                                                  accounting, operations and supply chain                   The electives can be taken as one major
MBa subjects are approved by an Industry                                                                    (48cps), or two sub-majors (2 x 24cps), or one
                                                  management, human resource management,
Board which insists on relevance to the                                                                     sub-major (24cps) plus 24cps of electives
                                                  management in the public, private and
workplace as a pre-eminent subject design                                                                   from the MBa program.
                                                  international spheres, tourism, sport,
principle. Theoretical and academic concepts
                                                  arts and event management, engineering                    For a comprehensive list of MBa elective
are naturally a part of all MBa subjects, but
                                                  management, health management, project                    subjects and their descriptions, please visit
only to give insight into and understanding of
                                                  management and information technology.          
the development of best business practice.
The UTS MBa also provides unparalleled
program flexibility.

                                                                                                            * International students must undertake a full-time load.


MASTER OF       CORE BUSINESS    1 x MAjOR               2 x SUB-MAjORS        1 x SUB-MAjOR
BUSINESS        SUBjECTS                                                              +
AdMIN                                                                          24CPS ELECTIvES
                                                    or                    or

CPS      96     CPS     48       CPS         48          CPS     48            CPS

CPS      48     CPS     42       CPS         6

CPS      24     CPS     24

                                             21878 STUDIES IN BUSINESS                           25706 ECONOMICS FOR MANAGEMENT
                                             COMMUNICATION                                       This subject aims to explain economic
                                             This subject contributes to the MBa through         principles, market forces and the role of
                                             the development of students’ communication          government in managing the economy.
                                             and reasoning skills. Students will develop         The first part of the subject examines the
                                             an understanding of the requirements                economic problems and the models used by
                                             of effective communication within both              government to manage the economy in an
                                             academic and business contexts. The                 international context. In the second part, the
                                             impact of technology and other contextual           role of market demand and supply forces on
                                             factors including organizational culture            business decisions are considered in order to
                                             and strategic purpose upon notions of               develop a capacity to analyse industries and
                                             effective communication will be examined.           their impact on the firms.
                                             By developing students’ skills in effective
                                             communication, this subject provides a              21844 MANAGING WORK AND PEOPLE
                                             foundation for their enhanced performance           This subject provides students with the
                                             in other studies. Students will acquire an          knowledge and skills to make critically
                                             understanding of the use and implications of        informed and responsible business decisions
                                             different forms and styles of communication         as they relate to managing people in a work
                                             for effective leadership in building                organisation. Students will learn about
                                             commitment to organisational strategic              theoretical approaches to understanding
                                             goals, within a business context.                   the factors impacting upon the effective
                                                                                                 management of people at work and the
                                             22747 ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGERIAL                     management practices conducive to building
                                             DECISIONS                                           productive and innovative workplaces.
                                             accounting for Managerial decisions                 Theoretical foundations and connections
                                             covers topics in the two major accounting           including the nature of work and the legal
                                             disciplines, namely Financial accounting            and socio-political context will be explored.
                                             and Management accounting. This subject             Students will acquire knowledge of people
                                             provides students with the necessary                management practices suited to building
                                             accounting skills to develop and use                sustainability and nurturing intellectual
                                             financial information products to evaluate          capital.
                                             business operations and then utilise this
                                             data to prepare information to support
                                             management action.

                                                                                                                      GRAD CERT C11008
                                                                                                    GRAD DIP C06009
                                                                                       MBA C04018
21800 ManageMenT and OrganISaTIOnS                                              6cps     •               •                    •
21878 STUdIeS In BUSIneSS COMMUnICaTIOn                                         6cps     •               •                    •
25706 eCOnOMICS FOr BUSIneSS                                                    6cps     •               •                    •
22747 aCCOUnTIng FOr ManagerIaL deCISOnS                                        6cps     •               •                    •
21844 ManagIng WOrK and peOpLe          1
                                                                                6cps     •               •
24734 MarKeTIng ManageMenT                                                      6cps     •               •
25742 FInanCIaL ManageMenT                                                      6cps     •               •
       eLeCTIveS (See Majors and Sub-majors offered in the MBa)   2                    48cps        6cps

21715 STraTegIC ManageMenT (FInaL COre SUBJeCT)                                 6cps     •
TOTAL CReDIT pOINTS                                                                    96cps 48cps                    24cps

24734 MARKETING MANAGEMENT                      21800 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATIONS                           Footnotes:
aims to help participants become effective      The subject will assist students to develop                  1. Students who wish to seek ICaa, nIa or Cpa australia
                                                                                                             membership on completion of the professional
market oriented managers. In this subject       an understanding of both the practical                       accounting major and have not previously completed
marketing related issues are addressed          and ethical responsibilities in becoming                     an undergraduate or postgraduate law subject by
which are relevant to managers in diverse       a manager through presentation of the                        examination, will be permitted to replace MBa core
                                                                                                             subject 21844 Managing Work and people with law subject
and changing environments. The emphasis is      central concepts, frameworks and theories                    79708 Contemporary Business Law.
on developing a sound understanding of the      of management, organisations and                             2. For a major or sub-major to be noted on a students
underlying logic of marketing frameworks        ethical practices. Students will be able to                  transcript upon graduation, the student must complete
                                                                                                             at least 75% of the subjects in that major or sub-major
and their interaction with other management     demonstrate an appreciation of the key                       at UTS under any approved postgraduate course. 25%
disciplines. It is a foundation subject and     issues and constraints facing organisations                  may be allowed as approved exemptions from other
is designed to provide a strong basis in        as they balance the application of                           postgraduate studies.
marketing required for general management       management theories to practical situations.
decision-making.                                This course identifies the nature of the
                                                political, economic, technological, social
25742 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                      and cultural environments within which
Financial Management explores the concepts      organisations operate.
of time, cash flow and risk and how they
are interrelated. Financial Management is       21715 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT
important to individuals, governments and       This is an integrating subject concerned
organisations including not-for-profit firms.   with top management strategy of change
In general, the goal of each user is the same   in the economic and social environments
and that is to maximise wealth considering      of business. Case studies addressing real
the risks involved and this is achieved         business situations are examined. Topics
through the appropriate use of financial        include strategy formulation, strategy
theory. Finance is one of the most important    planning, management audits, management
aspects of business management. Managing        of change and social responsibility and
cash flow is essential to ensure a secure       corporate effectiveness.
future, both for the individual and business.
Without proper financial planning a business
is unlikely to be successful.

mASter of BuSineSS AdminiStrAtion

A mAjor conSiStS of 8 SuBjectS, eAch 6 credit pointS.

Accounting informAtion SyStemS                                mAnAgement
Accounting & finAnce                                          humAn reSource mAnAgement 2
informAtion technology                                        internAtionAl BuSineSS
BuSineSS lAw                                                  mArketing 3
technology mAnAgement                                         profeSSionAl Accounting 4
finAnce 1

A SuB-mAjor conSiStS of 4 SuBjectS, eAch 6 credit pointS.

Accounting informAtion SyStemS                                mArketing
ArtS mAnAgement                                               mArketing reSeArch
informAtion technology                                        mAnAgement
BuSineSS lAw                                                  operAtionS And Supply chAin
community mAnAgement                                          project mAnAgement
engineering mAnAgement                                        puBlic relAtionS
event mAnAgement                                              Sport mAnAgement
finAnce                                                       StrAtegic mAnAgement
humAn reSource mAnAgement                                     StrAtegic mArketing
internAtionAl BuSineSS                                        touriSm mAnAgement
internAtionAl exchAnge                                        vAlue creAtion in ServiceS

professional memberships:
1. mBA with a major in finance meets the educational components of the criteria for
   membership for the financial Services institute of Australasia (finSA) and membership
   at the certified finance & treasury professional (cftp) level.
2. mBA with a major in human resource management is eligible to apply for professional
   membership with the Australian human resources institute (Ahri).
3 mBA with a major in marketing is accredited with chartered institute of marketing (cim).
4. mBA with a major in professional Accounting is accredited by the icAA, niA and cpA
   Australia meeting the formal academic requirements for membership.

THe NexT STep

                                                                                  SYdNEY HARBOUR BRIdGE

                                                                                                                                                          SYdNEY OPERA HOUSE

THE ACADEMIC YEAR                                                                                                                                  CENTREPOINT TOWER
The academic year is divided up into two
main semesters – autumn (February to June)
and Spring semester July to november).
Summer School (december to February) is                                                              SYdNEY TOWN HALL

only available to current students.                                  MONO RAIL

                                                                                 dARLING HARBOUR
applications for postgraduate coursework
programs may be submitted at anytime
throughout the year but should be received                             POWERHOUSE MUSEUM
at least four weeks prior to the start of                                                     ENTERTAINMENT  

                                                                                                                                   GEORGE STREET
For more information please visit:                                  GRAdUATE 
                                                                    SCHOOL OF 

a UTS recognised degree plus one of the
> gMaT overall score of 550; minimum
   scores of verbal 25, quantitative 35 & aWa

                                                                                                                   REGENT STREET
                                                                                                                                                    CENTRAL RAILWAY STATION
   4.0m OR                                                                                 UTS CITY CAMPUS 

> gpa of at least 2.75 out of 4.0 of which 90%
   of all subjects are completed at a
   minimum pass level OR
> 4 years full-time relevant work experience
Students can also apply via a UTS recognised                    RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING                                                           INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ENQUIRIES
graduate Certificate or graduate diploma.                       exemptions may be granted on the basis                                                  Freecall within australia: 1800 774 816
                                                                of the successful completion of equivalent                                              Calling from outside australia:
COMPLETION TIME                                                 subjects from either recent undergraduate                                               +61 3 9627 4816
normally two years full-time, or four                           or postgraduate studies. Conditions apply,                                              email:
years part-time. Completion time may be                         students should refer to                                            Internet:
accelerated by undertaking intensive mode                       student/rpl
subjects in Summer School. note: visa                                                                                                                   Or write to:
conditions require international students to                    FEES                                                                                    UTS: International
enroll in a full time course.                                   For full information on fees please visit:                                              pO Box 123, Broadway nSW 2007, australia
                                                                                                                                                        visit us in Sydney:
                                                                LOCAL STUDENT ENQUIRIES                                                                 Level 3a, UTS Tower Building
Students whose prior education was not
                                                                enquiries can be made by writing to:                                                    Broadway nSW 2007 australia
conducted in english are required to meet
one of the following minimum english                            haymarket Student Centre (postgraduate)                                                 pLeaSe nOTe: International students need
language requirements.                                          University of Technology, Sydney                                                        to be aware of all of all dIaC regulations.
> IeLTS score of 6.5 overall with 6.0 in                        pO Box 123
                                                                                                                                                        visit: for details
  writing, OR                                                   Broadway nSW 2007
> TOeFL (paper based) score of 575 with                         email:                                                                   CRICOS CODES
  TWe 4.5, OR                                                   Internet:                                                            Masters of Business administration
> TOeFL (computer based) score of 231                                                                                                                   (C04018) CrICOS code: 025004a
                                                                Or visit:
  with an essay rating of 4.5 OR                                haymarket Student Centre (postgraduate)                                                 graduate diploma Business administration
> Successful completion of the Insearch                         Level 5, Building B, 1-59 Quay Street                                                   (C06009) CrICOS code: 001102g
  UTS direct entry english program (deep)                       haymarket
  at the appropriate level.                                                                                                                             graduate Certificate Business administration
                                                                phone: 1300 ASK UTS                                                                     (C11008) CrICOS code: 018156K

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UTS reserves the right to alter any matter described in this brochure without notice. readers are responsible for verifying information that pertains to them by contacting the University.

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