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Google and Yahoo Site Maps by anamaulida


									Setting up a site map for your website can help the search engines crawl
your website. This is important to increasing your site's ranking with
the search engines.       Let's discuss a site map (sometimes called a
site index). To start, let's see what Wikipedia has to say about it. -
œA site map (or sitemap) is a web page that lists the pages on a web site
site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. This helps visitors,
and search engine bots, to find pages on the site. Site maps can improve
search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages
can be found. This is especially important if a site uses Macromedia
Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.Site maps do
have limitations. Most search engines will only follow a finite number of
links from a page, so if a site is very large, additional strategies
besides the site map may be required that search engines, and visitors,
can access all content on the site. While some developers argue that
site index is a more appropriately used term to relay page function, web
visitors are used to seeing each term and generally associate both as one
in the same.-• The important topic is the one about search enginge bots
(robots or spiders) that crawl your website. It is very important to
make it as easy as possible for the spider to search your site. The
easier it is for the spider, the more likely you will improve your
ranking with the search engine. Both Google and Yahoo have sitemap
features associated with them. The requirements of each are a little
different so if you maintain your site maps yourself, you will need to
know about the differences. When you add a page to your site, you will
need to update your site map and notify Google and Yahoo of the change so
it can schedule a spider to come check your site for the new information.
You can also go to Google and log on to add your site map to their
database. Once it is added, you can log in and see when your site was
last checked by the spider and if the spider encountered any problems in
crawling your site. This is just another of the many functions that you
need to perform in order to have a first class website. If you use Site
Build It (SBI), it does this automatically each time that you add a page
or modify a page to your SBI website. To get the process started. you do
have to manually add the site to both Google and Yahoo, but SBI leads you
through the procedure. SBI will handle the following updates or addition
of with Google and Yahoo. To read the Google explanation about site maps
follow this link. To log
onto Yahoo and submit your site to the index, go to There are some packages for
developing and maintaining site maps. You can use Google or Yahoo to
find some of these. I have not researched any of these so I will not
make any recommendations.

  Don't forget to maintain your site map on your site and notify Google
and Yahoo when you make changes or additions to your site.      Let's
take a look at what the site map looks like for Retirement Jobs Click on the link http://www.retirement-jobs- to see what is in the site map. It is basically
a list of the pages in the website.      Here is an example of an entry
in the Retirement Jobs site map.
&ltxmp&gt&lturl&gt&lt/xmp&gt &ltxmp&gt&ltloc&gthttp://www.retirement-
&ltxmp&gt&lt/url&gt&lt/xmp&gt      Author's note: If you see the HTML
tags xmp and /xmp these are added in this article to tell the browser not
to consider what is between them as executable HTML, but rather, print it
as text.        The site map is written in XML. The url tag starts the
entry. The loc tags specify the URL for the page. The lastmod tags tell
the date of the last change to the page. The priority tags specify the
priority of this page relative to other pages on the same site. The value
is a number between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0.0 is the lowest priority and 1.0
is the highest priority. The priority can affect the order that search
engines select URLs to explore on your site. Since the priority is
relative, it is only used to select between URLs within your own site;
the priority of your pages will not be compared to the priority of pages
on other sites. The /url ends the entry for this page.      Google has a
free utility to help create site maps in its webmaster's section. Go to
Google for more information on how to submit your site.
John V. W. Howe is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, patent holder,
husband, father, and grandfather. He has been involved in
entrepreneurial activities for over 40 years. He has founded, and www.boomer- to help Boomers (baby boomers) become entrepreneurs
when they retire.      site maps, Google site map, Yahoo site map

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