Discovering Anonymous Emails Using Yahoo Reverse Email Lookup by anamaulida


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        <p>Copyright (c) 2010 Nick Travis</p><p>Email has become a major
part of the modern world, with millions of emails being sent each day and
large part of internet traffic being taken up by it. People will often
get emails from people they don't know or from anonymous sources; these
kinds of emails often contain many hidden risks so it is useful to know
who the original sender of the email was. If your main email provider is
yahoo, a Yahoo reverse email lookup can help you find out who sent an
email.</p><p>Emails from unknown senders may be innocent and be from a
long lost friend or colleague; people will often delete emails from
senders they do not know just as a precautionary matter. This may mean
though that important emails are accidentally deleted, and contact with
lost relationships is severed.</p><p>The other more likely result of
opening it may be a malicious virus that can infect your computer and
then go on to send itself to all the contacts in your address book.
Knowing where an email came from gives protection from this, allowing the
email sender to be tracked down.</p><p>By typing in the email that is not
known into an email lookup, information about the sender can be searched
for. All that needs to be done is the email typed into the search bar and
answers will be given in no time at all. The amount of data given back
from a search varies depending on where it is done.</p><p>Yahoo provides
a directory of customers and users, so by searching through this database
using a yahoo email address information about the user can be viewed. So
if an anonymous email from a yahoo account is received all that needs to
be done is the email address typed into the directory search provided.
There is however a need for a user to be signed up to yahoo to be able to
use this service.</p><p>There are sites available that will search for
information based on a given email address. They can find out many things
such as the IP address of the sender, where they are located, what
company it may be from, and some sites integrate with mapping software to
provide a rough address of the sender.</p><p>So before opening an email
which you're not sure where its origin maybe consider using a yahoo
reverse email lookup. It could prevent you opening an email from a source
that wishes to infect your computer with a virus. It could stop you from
deleting an email you thought was dangerous when really it was from a
long lost contact who wished to talk with you again.<br></p>         <!--

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