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By: Rebecca, Lydia,
  Roxana, & Kori

              May 2005)
                  Background of Chanel

• Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in France.
• Her family did not have any money and they had to live in a poor
• When she was 12 her mother had passed away and her father
  disappeared. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and her two sisters went to an
  orphanage, while her two brothers went to a farm and become child
  laborers. (Mizuho, Inoue.n.d)

                                                               Inoue n.d.)
                   Background of Chanel
• She introduced simple, elegant, relaxed, and functional closed that
  expressed the aspirations of women in the Twentieth Century.

• She borrowed ideas men’s clothing and created clothes for the
  modern women of her time.

• In 1916 Chanel introduced jersey suits. During the war time Chanel
  adopted a jersey as couture fabric.

• The suits eliminated the waistline and had a simplified elegance.

• Chanel apparel is more about lifestyle rather than trendy.   Mizuho n.d.)
                         Background of Chanel

•   Chanel wanted all women to feel free, be who they wanted to be, and to

feel free in their clothes. She invented "separates" dressing for women, and

she made sportswear available to them - women could play a game of tennis in

white jersey pants instead of tripping over long skirts and gasping for breath

though corsets (Leight, May 2005).

                                                 (Leight, May
                      Current Styles and
• The company, which is privately owned, strictly controls
  all design, manufacturing, distribution and advertising to
  ensure the highest level of quality.

• Chanel offers a broad range of luxury products including
  fragrance, makeup, skin care, Ready-to-Wear, leather
  goods, fine jewelry, and accessories through the United

                                      (iOffer n.d)
                        Chanel’s Awards

•The Neiman Marcus Award was created by the
well-known retail store. It is an award for a designer
who has designed, publicized, or worn fashion that
has influenced the public.
•Coco Chanel was awarded the Neiman Marcus
award in 1957 for her designs and influence on
fashion. (Ekstrom, Gigi. Justiss, Margaret. 2006. )

                                                         (Web Design
                        Target Market

            Although Chanel has attracted a
            variety of ages, it’s
            advertisements have been
            focused on the younger
            generation. For example, Emma
            Watson, a young actress is
            shown here wearing Chanel
            haute couture.
(Chanel For Beginners

• Demographic: Men and women of ages 23-80, with a
  good education and high income who live all over the
  world. (Chanel has stores worldwide).
• Stores are located in Europe, North American, South
  America, and Asia.

                                            (Earth Images
                                            February 14 2006)
            Retail Channels

•Chanel stores are located as
individuals and upscale malls all
around the world

                                    (John Li. March
                                    11, 2003).

        Pricing varies by accessories

• Perfume=$73.95-$105.95

• Sunglasses=$200-$500
                                                    Chanel Perfume
                                                    2nd, 2007

• Handbags=$400- over $1,000

• Haute Couture dresses can be priced higher than
• Chanel carry’s a large amount of merchandise for both
  males and females. An overview of these collections

  *Sunglasses             *Luggage

  *Women’s Shoes          *Men’s Shoes

  *Fine Jewelry           *Watches

  *Wallets                *Handbags
                                           (Chanel 2006).
• Chanel has always had a variety of products.
• Chanel merchandises a variety of ready to wear
• Chanel sells different types of leather goods like
  handbags and smaller wallets and clutches.
• Chanel merchandises shoes.
• Chanel merchandises costume jewelry.


•Chanel merchandises eyewear like
sunglasses and glasses frames.

•Chanel also merchandises accessories like
belts, headbands,
brooches, gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas,
small backpacks,
ties, and dog leashes.

•Chanel also merchandises sports equipment
like bicycles,
tennis rackets and tennis balls, and weights.

                                                (Chanel 2006)
                            Reasons For
                         Selecting Designer

• Chanel attracts wealthy customers
  that will benefit your sales.

• Chanel advertises to ensure
  customers know about it’s
  most recent items.

• Chanel’s haute couture is made with
  the best textiles that always have
  customers coming back.

                                        (Chanel 2006).
                         Chanel Appeals to All

• Chanel has a wide range of different apparel
  and items.

                       and Sports
                       Collide 4.3.07).

                                          (Vouge998 2004.)
  This Chanel football is
  for sale for $195.
• Chanel has products for just about everyone and every
• Chanel’s garments are so prestigious they are a staple
  for most.
• Chanel will bring many customers that will increase the
  stores profits.
• Chanel is great for anyone looking to be fashionable

                                           (Vouge988 2004.)
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