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Retail Stocker document sample

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									                                                                                                                                     289 N Kurzen Road
                                                                                                                                      Dalton, OH 44618
                                                                                                                                     Fax: 815.550.2283
                                                                                                                                   Phone: 330.828.8828
                                                                          Job Application                                    Email:

                   Lehman's does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age,
                                 gender, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or disability.

            First Name                                M iddle Name/Initial                                         Last Name

          Street                                                          City                                     State                   Zip

          PO Box                                                         City                                      State                   Zip

      Home Phone                          Cell Phone                                          Email address

Type of work desired: (number in order of preference, 1,2, and 3)                                             Today's Date: _______________________
      [    ] Regular Full Time – 32+ hours per week, year round
      [    ] Part Time – Less than 32 hours per week, year round
      [    ] Provisory (Seasonal) – per assignment length

Available start date __________________________

Days I can work: (check all that apply). Note: Many of Lehman's retail positions require Saturday work.
               If you are unable to work Saturdays, it might limit your opportunities.

[     ] Monday           [   ] Tuesday      [       ] Wednesday                       [   ] Thursday               [   ] Friday        [   ] Saturday

[     ]      I am a student.                    [    ] I am available to work days during the school season.

            School Name and Location                     Circle last year                 Did you graduate?            Subjects studied and degrees
                                                           completed                                                             received
    Elementary School:
                                                         5       6       7       8        [    ] Yes [   ] No
    City:                        State:
    High School
                                                      9 10               11      12       [    ] Yes [   ] No
    City:                        State:
                                                    1 2 3 4 5 6                      6+ [      ] Yes [   ] No
    City:                        State:
    Trade, Business or Correspondence:
                                                     1       2       3       4   4+       [    ] Yes [   ] No

    City:                        State:
    The following job summaries list general duties, qualifications\requirements for entry level positions.
                             The summaries are not complete job descriptions.
                       Place a check mark in the box for the position(s) that interest you.

 Cashier (Kidron Store)                                    Retail Stocker (Kidron Store)
Friendly, calm, customer service oriented person           Friendly, customer service oriented individual who
who enjoys working with the public. Scans                  enjoys helping others. Duties include pricing
customer purchases with point of sale computer,            merchandise for stocking store shelves and operating a
processing cash, check, and credit card                    forklift when needed (will train and certify qualified
transactions, and bagging merchandise. Basic               individuals). Basic computer skills (keyboarding)
computer skills (keyboarding) helpful. Cashiers            helpful. This position requires consistently lifting 10 –
stand in confined area for most of the work day.           20 lbs, and heavier packages intermittently; stockers
                                                           stand\walk for the majority of the work day.

 Major Product Sales (Kidron Store)                        Cycle Counter (Kidron Store)
Learns the features of Lehman's line of major              Friendly person with good math, attention to detail,
appliances and assists our customers. Basic                and organization skills. Counts store inventory daily,
computer and good math skills helpful. Position            trouble shoots inventory problems, uses computer for
requires standing for the majority of the work             daily\weekly reports. Cycle counters stand\walk for the
day. Friendly, outgoing, approachable customer             majority of the work day and are constantly lifting,
service person who enjoys helping others.                  reaching, stooping, bending, twisting, and reaching
                                                           overhead. Must enjoy working with the public.

 Stove Installer (Kidron Store)                            Food Server (Kidron Store)
Works with a crew to install Lehman's line of wood         Prepares and serves food for the Cast Iron Cafe
cooking and heating stoves for retail customers.           customers in a cafeteria style setting. Friendly, calm,
Requires a clean driving record, forklift                  customer service oriented person who enjoys working
certification (will train and certify qualified            with the public. Helps to keep cafe area clean and
individuals), ability to position heavy                    complies with Health Food Regulations. Runs register
stoves\appliances, mechanical aptitude and                 and makes change. Must be able to work opening and
reasoning. This position may work longer hours             closing positions as scheduled.
during the stove installation season (normally
October - January).

 Picker/Packer/Finished Goods (Dalton                      Customer Service Representative (Dalton
Warehouse)                                                 Office)
Pushes and fills a 4-tier cart following pick ticket       Answers the phone and takes orders from Lehman's
instructions, locates, pulls, and packages items           Direct Sales customers. Enters orders in the computer;
for Lehman's Direct Sales customers. Uses a                answers product questions, solves delivery\customer
computer to calculate package weight, ship                 questions, etc. Requirements: above average/accurate
method, etc. Basic computer skills helpful.This            keyboarding skills, pleasant/friendly individual who
position requires standing, bending, twisting,             enjoys talking on the telephone. CSRs sit in cubicles in
reaching, overhead lifting, and other physical             a pleasant, open office setting.
activity. Above average accuracy and speed
required. Pickers stand\walk for the majority of
the work day.

 Receiver/Picker (Dalton Warehouse)                        Stocker (Dalton Warehouse)
Receives, counts, and stocks incoming                      Double checks inventory merchandise counts
merchandise; picks and pulls inventory for                 transferred from Receiving to Direct Sales, and stocks
transfers to other locations. This position requires       merchandise on Packing Department shelves. This
standing, bending, twisting, reaching, overhead            position requires standing, bending, twisting, reaching,
lifting, and other physical activity. Forklift             overhead lifting, and other physical activity. Above
certification required.(Will train and certify             average speed and accuracy required. Forklift
qualified individuals.)                                    certification required.(Will train and certify qualified
If you are applying for a job other than those listed on           How did you learn about the position you are applying for?
page 2, please specify below:

 Please list all studies, training, certificates, and job         Please list relatives/friends who work at Lehman's.
 skills, including life skills that reflect the self sufficient
 lifestyle promoted by Lehman's unique line of products
 (canning, heating with wood, gardening, etc).                    ________________________________________ _________

                                                                  Are you presently authorized to work in the United States
 ______________________________________________                   on a Full Time basis?
 ______________________________________________                   [ ]Yes                   [ ]No

 ______________________________________________                   H ave you ever been convicted of a felony?
 ______________________________________________                   [    ] Yes   [   ] No If yes, explain:
 ______________________________________________                   __________________________________________________
 ______________________________________________                   _____________________________________ _________
 Computer programs: ____________________________

 ______________________________________________                   List three people not related to you whom you have known
 ______________________________________________                   for at least one year:

 Key boarding words per minute: ___________________               Name                                         Phone Number
Please check:
[ ] I smoke             [   ] I do not smoke

                     List below your last (3) employers, beginning with the most current
  Beginning &          Employer's Name,              Name to Contact       Wage/Salary      Last
 Ending Dates       Address, Telephone No.            for Reference        Upon Leaving Position Held      Reason for Leaving
             List professional or trade organizations to which you belong that are relevant to the
                                     job position for which you are applying.

 I certify that the facts set forth in the above employment application are true and complete, to the best
 of my knowledge. I understand that if employed, falsified statements on the application shall be
 considered sufficient cause for dismissal.

 Lehman's is authorized to make any investigation of my past work experience or personal history as it
 relates to the job. I release any and all sources from all liability on the issuance of such information.

 If hired, I understand that employment is employment-at-will and that I may be terminated at any time by
 either the company or by my own choice with or without cause for any lawful reason. Nothing in this
 application, nor any oral representations by the employer shall constitute a contract of employment.

 I authorize the references listed on this application to give you any and all information concerning my
 previous employment and pertinent information they may have, personal or otherwise, and release all
 parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing same to you. I also acknowledge
 that Lehman's reserves the right to amend or modify the policies in its Handbook and other policies at any
 time, without prior notice.

 Signature ________________________________________________________ Date _________________________

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