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									Affirmations For Your Abundance
by Sandy Forster

Are you ready to design the life of your dreams? Are you ready to think bigger, dream grander and expect more than ever before? Being abundant, prosperous, wealthy and financially free all begins with a state of mind – an abundant and prosperous mindset. My name is Sandy Forster, and I’m an International speaker, Author and Prosperity Mentor and this is one of the dozens of strategies from my book How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST available from I have seen thousands of my clients from all corners of the globe attract amazing levels of abundance and prosperity using these methods – and you can too! You can use these affirmations to change yourself from the inside out. It’s really about getting them deep into your subconscious, so you change yourself to a more prosperous and wealthy person on a cellular level. It is then you will begin to see changes effortlessly in your physical world. You can say all the affirmations one after the other, or perhaps choose one or two that really resonate with you, which make your heart sing, and focus on those. Either way, as you say these affirmations, really flood your body with feelings of abundance and prosperity as you see in your minds eye your future filled with all the riches and wealth you desire, and you experience it in your body right now. You can also get these affirmations on CD, so you can listen to them over and over to really connect with them at a deeper level. Just visit to get your copy today!

Affirmations for Abundance I am abundant, prosperous and wealthy My abundance continues to grow, expand and flourish My words are charged with prospering power Money continually flows into my life and I am prosperous My life is filled with the rich bounty of the Universe who supplies my every need I now easily and effortlessly attract total abundance and prosperity to me I deserve abundance I am safe, protected and loved Money and riches are as abundant as air – and I breathe prosperity in now It is my divine destiny to be wealthy, prosperous and abundant. I always have more money flowing in than flowing out I desire the highest and best for myself, and I now draw the highest and best to me Money and clients are bursting into my life in such abundant masses, it is incredible Any amount of money I desire appears like magic into my life I now allow myself to have more than I ever dreamt possible. I give thanks for the immediate, complete, divine fulfilment of all my desires I am a unique and special person with so much to offer the world. My value and my worth are increased by everything that I do I allow myself to play, have fun and enjoy my life. All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free, and the endless bounty of the Universe now comes to me

I love money and money loves me I picture success for everyone. I bring love and prosperity to everything I do. I appreciate all that I have. . All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free and money continues to flow to me I can succeed, I will succeed, I am succeeding now I give myself permission to be and do what I want. I value myself and the Universe values me I learn Money is rapidly mounting in my savings account and my large investments just keep multiplying and multiplying I accept only that which is good Rich, divine ideas now come to me, and I am in all ways abundantly guided, blessed and prosperous All my experiences are opportunities to gain clarity, vision and power in my life Nothing succeeds like success. I now go from success to greater success I send love to my fears. My fears are the places within me that await my love. My prosperity and abundance is huge, powerful and irresistible, and that it appears now I speak of success and prosperity. My words uplift and inspire others As one door closes, another bigger and better door opens Everybody and everything prospers me now and I prosper and everybody and everything now Everything I create fulfils me Every time I turn around there is money chasing me

I have so much money saved and invested that I can stop working whenever I please The things I attract into my life are even better than I imagined them to be I am increasingly magnetic to prosperity, abundance, riches and money now Good things come to me easily. I am always in the right place at the right time I give thanks that I am now rich, prosperous, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer Money, prosperity and wealth, manifest thyself here and now in rich abundance Good things happen to me now I know that whatever I declare, the Universe will provide. I deserve the unlimited abundance of the Universe. Money comes to me so fast it makes my head spin I am at one with tens of thousands of dollars in savings As I do what I love, money, abundance and prosperity flow freely to me. I make so much money in passive income, I just blink and it appears. My savings are growing so rapidly before my eyes that sometimes I am amazed at how easy it comes to me I have a wealth of valuable skills and talents, which build me wealth in return I am open to unlimited abundance I am saving more and more money every day I am at one with thousands of dollars in my mailbox each and every day I am prosperous, healthy and happy

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am financially free forever I only spend what I have I am careful and prosperous with my money I value my money and my money values me I have dozens of ways to make a passive income and the abundance just flows to me I give thanks for my continual financial increase My money continues to grow and my earnings multiply I give thanks that every day in every way I am growing richer and richer The Universe is safe, abundant and friendly and I deserve it all I expect only the best to happen and it always does I now easily and happily accept thousands of dollars each week I allow myself to dream big and expect big I have so many different ways for money and riches to flow to me My bank accounts are growing and growing and I just keep getting richer I know that my dreams are now coming true I see myself living my ideal life I am rich, self-confident, loving and generous I am Wildly Wealthy now I trust my amazing ability to create abundance. The universe always serves my higher interests I always expect and receive the very best I trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way

I accept good things into my life with gratitude It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I am financially free forever I am at one with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in safe secure investments I believe that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way I am happy, healthy, wealthy, healed and whole My self-worth and net worth are building every day My life glows with radiant beauty, radiant richness, and radiant good I have wealth in every area of my life. I accept prosperity and abundance into my life I am the source of my abundance I focus on prosperity, abundance and riches and thus draw it to me All resistance to a life filled with everlasting prosperity is now gone My choices and possibilities are expanding every day. All my dreams are coming true The universe will always meet my needs I am willing to accept and know that I deserve the very best life has to offer I am open to opportunities for prosperity and abundance\ I am an unlimited being. I can create anything I want. I picture expanding abundance for others and myself I am an outstanding success. I allow myself to deserve success and feel successful. I give myself permission to have all I desire

My beliefs create my reality. I believe in my unlimited and ever expanding prosperity I can have what I want; I can create what I want I now attract all I desire into my life - today I invite and allow good to appear in my life I create what I want easily and effortlessly The money I spend enriches the world and comes back to me multiplied I surround myself with abundance and prosperity I am open to receive I deserve to be prosperous I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life I expect, deserve and give thanks for lavish abundance today All my needs are met - my richness becomes visible this day I am the source of my abundance I believe in unlimited possibilities I have abundance in every area of my life My money is a source of good for others and myself. My savings act as a magnet to draw more money. I am worthy of receiving abundance I am financially independent and free I choose to live an incredibly abundant life I am amazingly abundant I am really rich

I am perfectly prosperous I have mountains of money I have cartloads of cash I am wildly wealthy I am safe, I am protected, I am divinely guided. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed And so it is

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