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									                                          Customer Solution Case Study

                                          Global IT Firm Improves Project Delivery
                                          with Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Customer: Infosys Technologies
                                          ―With SharePoint Server 2010, people will connect to
Web Site:                 information seamlessly, so collaboration will happen
Customer Size: 113,796
Country or Region: India                  much more easily among our different development
Industry: Professional services—IT
                                          centers and customer time zones.‖
                                                                           Purushotham K, Practice Manager, Infosys Technologies
Customer Profile                          Infosys Technologies, a global IT firm, needed to make it easier
Infosys Technologies, founded in 1981
and based in Bangalore, India, is an IT   for its geographically dispersed team members to share
consulting company with more than 50      information. The company chose Microsoft SharePoint Server
offices and development centers
worldwide.                                2010 as the foundation for its enterprisewide collaboration
                                          platform. With it, Infosys expects to improve productivity and
Software and Services
 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio      customer service, simplify IT management, and reduce costs.
  − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
 Microsoft Office
  − Microsoft Office Web Apps
                                          Business Needs                              for teams to access project information
 Technologies
                                          India-based Infosys Technologies is a       on-demand, to respond to customers’
  − Visio Services in SharePoint Server
                                          global leader in IT consulting. With        needs. And, due to security concerns,
                                          nearly 115,000 employees, it operates       employees were not allowed to expose
                                          from more than 50 offices and               data on file servers over the Internet,
                                          development centers around the world.       making it impossible for those working
                                                                                      from customer sites to access
                                          Infosys Software engineering project        documents.
                                          teams involve people from multiple
                                          offices, who relied on file-share based     ―Our SharePoint sites were the only easy
                                          methods for storing and sharing             and protected way to share confidential
                                          information, including requests for         information,‖ explains Purushotham K,
                                          proposals (RFPs), budgetary worksheets,     Practice Manager at Infosys. But, Infosys
                                          and source code. Information existed in     hadn’t implemented centralized
                                          silos: on local and network file shares,    provisioning or management of its
                                          storage appliances, and in Microsoft        SharePoint sites, nor were these sites
                                          Office SharePoint Server 2007–based         exposed on the company’s extranet.
For more information about Microsoft      portal sites. With customers located in     Infosys operated 1,200 servers, each
SharePoint Server 2010, go to:            different time zones, it was challenging    server farm had its own administrator,
and management costs were high.                                 Finally, Infosys is consolidating                overcome document version
―Departments asked for more storage,                            management of its SharePoint Server              compatibility challenges.
better backup, better virus protection,                         environment with its central IT
and access to the SharePoint sites over                         department. The newer version of the             Higher Productivity
the extranet. We also risked losing data                        product provides the company with                Easier access to information will help
as individual administrators followed their                     enhanced capabilities for monitoring             boost employee productivity and overall
own backup regimens. We couldn’t                                server performance and usage, including          responsiveness to customers. ―We will
sustain this environment and provide                            a unified logging database. The                  be able to broadly improve productivity
capabilities users needed without a                             SharePoint Health Analyzer enables               because teams will have easy access to
centralized farm and simpler                                    administrators to schedule automatic             accurate data—that they can then
administration.‖ Sites also contained                           checks for potential configuration,              deliver to the customer,‖ says
many custom-built applications that                             performance, and usage problems in the           Purushotham K.
weren’t aligned to the IT department’s                          server farm, and, the sandboxed
standard guidelines.                                            solutions feature of SharePoint Server           Vivek Bharathan, Lead Technology
                                                                2010 helps the IT department protect             Specialist at Infosys adds, ―Infosys is
Solution                                                        the integrity of the server farm and give        going to use Office Web Apps
In 2009, Infosys began to implement a                           site collection administrators the               extensively, and we expect it to
collaboration platform, called Infosys                          authority to manage the applications in          drastically reduce the time it takes to
Collaboration Platform (ICP), based on                          their site collection. The company plans         complete RFPs and budgets.‖
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Says                          to deploy ICP to its employees by 2010.
Purushotham K, ―We felt we could take                                                                            Streamlined IT Management
advantage of SharePoint Server 2010                             Benefits                                         With the SharePoint Server 2010
enhancements right away, without doing                          The SharePoint Server 2010–based ICP             deployment, Infosys will transfer
any custom coding.‖ For instance, using                         environment will make it easier for              management of all of the company’s
the new version’s co-authoring features,                        Infosys employees to share information           SharePoint sites to the central IT
dispersed team members can                                      and respond to customers. Sites will be          department. ―If a department wants to
simultaneously work on RFPs and                                 centrally managed, and administration            increase its storage space, it will be easy.
budgets.                                                        will be easier and cheaper.                      Backups and virus protection will be
                                                                                                                 performed according to company
Microsoft Office Web Apps, the online,                          More Effective Collaboration                     standards,‖ says Purushotham K. ―And,
lightweight versions of Microsoft Office                        Infosys will use ICP as the central              with SharePoint Server 2010, our insight
2010 programs, can be used by                                   location for employees to store and              into the performance of the system is
employees to edit and share documents                           share project-related information. Using         much easier. This is critical to ensuring
stored in SharePoint Server 2010. And,                          Office Web Apps and Visio Services in            server health. Also, the SharePoint
with Visio Services in SharePoint Server                        SharePoint Server 2010, employees will           Health Analyzer helps us fix
2010, employees can render Microsoft                            have continual access to information.            configuration and performance issues
Visio diagrams within a web browser.                            ―With SharePoint Server 2010,                    with out-of-the box tools.‖ Infosys also
                                                                collaboration will happen more easily            expects to cut costs through centralized
Infosys also plans to take advantage of                         among our development centers and                management. ―With SharePoint Server
the managed metadata capabilities of                            customer time zones,‖ says                       2010 and ICP, we will reduce our overall
SharePoint Server 2010 to apply tags to                         Purushotham K. With nearly 100,000               time spent on administration by 30 to
documents. ―This will make it easier for                        Microsoft Office users, many using               40 percent,‖ says Purushotham K.
employees to find information,‖ says                            different versions of the software, Office
Purushotham K.                                                  Web Apps will help the company

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Document published May 2010

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