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					Mountain Climbing is a challenging sport that requires mental commitment
, fitness, strength in your arm and legs that will allow you to handle
the degree of difficulty that the climb demands. Mental commitment is
crucial otherwise your strength is unchanneled. When you are faced with
difficult obstacles you have two choices: give up or do it. Climbing
enthusiast claim that the sense of achievement and satisfaction in
reaching the top of a climb is terrific. You have challenged yourself and
won and this is why these daredevils love it.

Rock Climbing began as a man's sport. This has changed in recent years as
ever increasing numbers of women have become involved. The first women
climbers were involved in mountain climbing and rock climbing was a part
of that. The major difference in mountain climbing and rock climbing is
that the mountain climber is seeking the easy way to ascend to the top of
the mountain while the rock climber is looking for the hardest way.
However, sometimes rock climbing is the only way on certain sections of
the climb. So, when women began to climb mountains, they naturally began
to climb rocks as well.

Mountain Climbing Journals

Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent mountain
climbing experience. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about the
first time you ever went mountain climbing. Undoubtedly, you remember few
things about the geography, people you went with, particular mountain
climbing routes and spectacular views. The experiences you've forgotten
are lost to time. If you keep a mountain climbing journal, this won't be
the case.

History of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing was earlier seen as a part of mountaineering; mountaineers
indulged in rock climbing in preparation for a climbing expedition. Early
climbers in Germany and Great Britain were passionate about this sport
and set remarkable standards of rock climbing. By the 1920's, rock
climbing started gaining a foothold in the United States. Aid climbing
and free climbing are two traditional climbing methods. Aid climbing
involves the use of climbing equipment whereas free climbing depends only
on the ability, skill, and physical strength of the climber.

Mountain Climbing Gear

Mountain climbing is a very popular sport. It is very exciting,
adventurous and fun, provided you do it the right way. Mountaineering
depends on your route, your partner and your level of expertise. Mountain
climbing can also be very risky, as much depends on the weather, the
mountain, and other conditions. Being equipped with the right kind of
gear is very important for mountain climbing. These days, there is very
good equipment for climbing available. The gear is being made to be very
durable, strong and light weight.
There are quite a few different rock climbing gear package available. You
can browse the rock climbing gear package and decide which one is the
right one for you and the type of climbing you do best. You can purchase
a Big Air Package from Black Diamond. This features a belay device that
is easy to use. It is reliable for the beginner as well as the veteran.
It has Airlock2 biners that are easily manipulated with just one hand and
the square hinge end will hold your belay loop in place. This rock
climbing gear package is not expensive.

Mountain climbing experiences are unpredictable. Because of this, it not
only physically stimulates you, but mentally as well. Environment can
range from freezing to sweltering hot (even in the same day!) as
altitude, weather and sub angles change. These changes challenge your
mental ability to plan in advance, improve, problem solve, and navigate,
while physically challenging your physical conditioning and climbing

Hazards of Mountain Climbing

While mountain climbing can be one of the most exciting and challenging
sports, there are also many dangers involved in mountain climbing which
one should consider. To decrease the odds of falling victim to a damaging
or fatal injury on the mountain, make sure that you are aware of all of
the hazards and take appropriate safety precautions. In this article we
will look at some of the common dangers that one faces when climbing.

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