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Reset Laptop Keyboard by Hands


									laptop keyboard       If something wrong with your laptop keyboard, what
will you do? Do you wonder what's inside of the laptop keyboard ? Do
you have a try to open the keyboard? Here are some tips for those who are
curious about the framework of the laptop keyboard.

  The first step is to find a breakthrough. It seems that there is no
screw outside in the keyboard. besides the keys, there are several
lights. That's all the keyboard owns. But if you are carefully enough,
you will find two tiny screws hidden in the keypad. Use the tiny and thin
blade to pull them down. When the two screws are pulled over, try to lift
the keyboard with tender as there are some plastics cables under the
keyboard panel. There are only a few cards under the keyboard I can fix
the keyboard, and lift the keyboard first and then to pull the opposite
direction, at the same time, the keyboard must be careful in order to
avoid force broken the back of the keyboard cable.      Then you can
remove the keyboard. In fact, there are three data wires that are
inserted on the motherboard inside the vertical connector, then use
forceps clamping force evenly on both sides of the connector to uplift,
you can loose data cables. Then, the keyboard was successfully removed.
You can clean the inside part of the keyboard thoroughly. Also, the dust
on CUP fan.      After cleaning, you can reset your laptop keyboard. You
should be tender and patient to make the four squares completely fit the
other side. I used to taken my MX6446 Laptop Keyboard as an experiment.
Thus Of course, notebook computers on the market are different brands,
different models, so the internal structure are not the same. But as long
as you try, you can have you laptop a clean stomach. Edit

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