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Clearlice Reviews - Clearlice Head Lice Remedy


									Considering purchasing Clearlice? Clearlice is the #1 Head Lice Treatment
on the market today. We say this because it REALLY WORKS. It was
originally developed by a chemist who needed to end the lice nightmare
for his own family. Once he developed the ALL NATURAL formula, and it
worked, he decided to share it with the world.Here are a few recent
testimonials and reviews for clearlice we have received:Howard,"Thanks
for all of your help. After fighting with this for 2 months, we have not
seen any lice or eggs now for almost 3 weeks. I felt so disgusted
thinking about those bugs crawling around in my daughters' hair.
Especially since I am such a clean person. I lost so much sleep over
this, that I don't know how I made it through the day. Your product
literally saved our lives. I am sleeping great now!! I don't even think
about lice any more. For a while there, I never thought that would
happen..."Thanks again,Sylvia GBoynton Beach, Fl"I have to say that not
only did your product work great, but also your customer service is
exceptional. Howard really helped us through this extremely challenging
time. He really knows a lot about head lice and answered all of my
questions. After speaking with him, I really felt at ease and knew that
this was for real. I really don't know what I would have done without
your product. We were ready to shave my head and my daughters. Thank god
for Clearlice."Sincerely,Sherry LPennsylvania"We were at our wits end
with this. We had tried EVERYTHING!! When we found Clearlice online, we
were not sure if it would really work since we had already used just
about every other product including a prescription. But we had no choice.
We needed to get rid of these things. My daughter kept getting sent home
from school and she could not afford to miss another day. I had the
product overnighted to us, and when it arrived the next day we shampooed
everyone, and sprayed and vacuumed the entire house. When we were done,
we could not find any nits. My daughter went back to school the next day.
When we told the school nurse she had no nits, she said that we should
wait outside because she sees this all of the time, and that, "she would
be pretty surprised if she did not find at least one". She came out about
5 minutes later and gave her the green light to go back to class. She
really was amazed. Now she tells all of the parents about your
website."Warm Regards,NancyNY"Howard, I am writing to thank you for all
of your help. After 2 months of fighting a battle that seemed impossible
to win, we are finally lice-free. The day I called you, I was so
frustrated that I wanted to cry. I was truly at my wits end. Your advice
and help was priceless. And the Clearlice product was absolutely a
godsend. Without it, I am sure that we would still have lice. ""As a
mother of two young girls, and a 3-year-old boy, I can tell you that if
you have head lice, there is no better treatment than Clearlice. It
killed all of the head lice, and it killed the nits. It was the only
treatment that worked."Kristy S,The Acreage, Florida"We used Rid and Nix,
and spent about $60 going back and forth to the pharmacy and buying more
bottles. The lice would go away for a few days and then come back. We
realized that no matter what we used, the nits kept hatching. Nothing we
did could kill the nits.When we did our research online, we found you
all. Your product did exactly what it claimed it would. It killed
everything, the adult lice, the baby lice, and even the nits. It was the
only one we found that did this.Thanks for a great product that does what
it says."Kelly J,California"Great Product, really worked!"Scott"I was
about to do anything to get rid of the nits that I kept seeing in my
daughters' hair. She has very thick, long hair, and the nits were really
hard to see. Some older folks told me to use kerosene. That sounds crazy,
but I was at my wits end, and either had to shave her head or try
something more severe. My sister went online and found your website.
Lucky for us she did. After doing two shampoos in a row as your
directions state, and then combing out the dead nits, I never saw another
one again. I wish I had found your product months ago."Thank you,Stacey
"The only head lice treatment that actually killed the nits. Highly
recommend!"Michael W.L.A. California

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