Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice Treatment by anamaulida


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        <p>Peoples feel crucified when their children come home with head
lice roaming freely on their heads, but the home remedies for head lice
can help you to get rid of this shameful condition. The lice are very
tiny insects that live on the skin underneath our hairs. In addition,
these insects bite our skin due to which skin irritates, and we fell to
scratch. The home remedies for head lice will relieve the itching very
effectively, and these remedies will get rid of these insects also.
Moreover, these insects cannot be removed easily until they are
debilitated, because they hold the roots of our hairs very substantially
which makes it difficult to remove them with comb. And, the home remedies
for head lice will enfeeble the insects so that they can be removed
easily. <br><br> A person may get infected when he comes in contact with
another person who already has these insects on their head. Moreover,
using comb of an infected person can infect the user, because the eggs of
these insects get entrapped in the comb which may transfer to another
person who uses it. In addition, the home remedies for head lice can
efficiently get rid of the eggs of these insects, and insects, both at
the same time. <br><br> 1. After shampooing hairs, pour some vinegar in
them, and leave it to work for 4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and dry your
hairs with towel. <br><br> 2. One of the most effective home remedies for
head lice is application of onion juice on head. Leave the juice to work
for 4 hours, and wash hairs with shampoo afterwards. These remedy is
recommended to be used at least twice weekly. <br><br> 3. Take a whole
custard apple and grind it into paste. Apply this paste on the scalp, and
leave it overnight. Cover your head with shower cap. In the morning,
shampoo and condition as usual. <br><br> 4. Apply tea tree oil on the
scalp, and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse hairs thoroughly.
<br><br> 5. Mix few drops of lemon juice in a bowl of butter, and mix
them thoroughly. Apply this mixture on the scalp, and leave it for 20
minutes. Afterwards, shampoo as usual. This is one of the most effective
home remedies for head lice. <br><br> 6. Prepare a paste of garlic and
lemon juice. Apply this paste on scalp, and leave it to work for 20
minutes. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. <br><br> 7. Massage your scalp with
mayonnaise, and leave it for 1 hour. After an hour has passed, blow dry
your hairs for 5 minutes. Rinse the hairs thoroughly. <br><br> In
conclusion, the above mentioned home remedies for head lice are very
effective in getting rid of every head louse, but it is also important to
keep your head clean by washing them frequently, because these insects
are more active in unhygienic conditions. Also, it is advised to keep
your house clean, and change the covers of bed before they are too dirty.
In addition, it is also advised to use thin-toothed comb so that the eggs
of the louse can be removed easily. Moreover, you can also cut short your
hairs so that it becomes impossible for the head louse to hide.</p>

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