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									                             Chief Information Officers Council Meeting
                                     Monday, February 19, 2007

Chairman David Taylor called the meeting to order and welcomed the members and guests.

1. Documents Distributed

       o   February 19, 2007 meeting agenda
       o   Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council meeting summary for January 22, 2007
       o   CIO Council 2007 election ballot
       o   CIO Security Subcommittee Operational Work Plan (OWP)
       o   Pandemic Flu Workgroup presentation/resources
       o   Technology Accessibility for All Floridians OWP
       o   Data Center Optimization Workgroup OWP

2. Approval of Meeting Summary

   The meeting summary for January 22, 2007 was reviewed by the council and unanimously approved.

3. CIO Elections

   Elections were held for the 2007 – 2008 CIO Chair and Vice Chair positions. Each CIO council
   member or delegate that was present received an election ballot. Mr. Taylor made a call for last
   minute nominations to the ballot. He instructed members to write last minute or silent nominations
   on the “write in” space provided on the ballot. Amy Caldeira served as the election proctor.

4. CIO Election Outcome

   Jeff Griffin was voted in as the new CIO Chair by receiving 20 votes. Nelson Hill was voted into the
   Vice Chair position by receiving 15 votes.

5. Committee Updates

   The Steering Committee discussed in detail the newly released “Enterprise Information Technology
   Senate Review and Study” report which among other things proposes a new Information Technology
   (IT) agency for IT Enterprise Operations. At this time, the committee could not offer an opinion on
   the document. The committee wants to know more details about the implementation strategy and
   they would like to be involved in the planning phase of the proposed new agency.

   The committee also discussed the proposed changes to the bylaws. It was decided that changes to the
   bylaws should be deferred until the Legislative session has ended. The bylaws should then be re-
   written to align with changes made during the session.

   A. Performance Measures Subcommittee – This group is working on the final recommendations for
      statewide Project Management Methodology. The final document should be ready next month
      for the council to review.

       Another group has been formed to review and make recommendations to Schedule IV-B on how
       the document can be more useful. The group will report their recommendations to the
       Technology Review Workgroup (TRW) and the council. Mr. Taylor gave the status update for

                                                                          Approved by the council 3-19-2007
   this group.

          Action – Project Management Methodology document due at the next CIO Council

B. Security Subcommittee – Steve Grantham presented the council with a draft OWP for the
   Security Subcommittee. This work plan has two strategic goals/objectives:

       1. Develop minimum information security standards for all state agencies
       2. Bring all information security officers to an equivalent level of competency through

   The council asked for a minor change to language in the document.

          Action – Submit updated OWP for adoption in the next CIO Council meeting

C. Pandemic Subcommittee – Scott McPherson gave a brief report on the subcommittee activities.
   He provided documentation for a presentation on methodologies and other pandemic resources.
   The Center for Disease Control has come out with a pre-pandemic planning guidance document
   which can be found on the Pandemic Flu web site.

          Action – OWP due next CIO Council meeting

D. Accessibility Subcommittee – Lynn Furiato was not able to attend the meeting. However, Kari
   McIlvaine served as her representative on the phone. The OWP included the committees Charter
   information. It was suggested that the Charter and the OWP be separate documents.

   Ms. McIlvaine stated that the committee meets the second Thursday of each month but Ms.
   Furiato is open to alternative meeting dates to gain more participation. Ms. McIlvaine stated that
   Ms. Furiato is requesting that CIOs identify individuals from their agency to attend these

   This committee is presently facilitating web accessibility training. The point of contact is
   Bethany Cabano and she can be reached at (850) 668-6869.

          Action – Submit updated OWP for adoption in the next CIO Council meeting

E. Mainframe Consolidation Subcommittee – Nelson Hill discussed the Data Center Optimization
   OWP. There goals are to:

       1. Conduct initial assessments to determine feasibility
       2. Initiate discussions and negotiations with software vendors to identify specific savings
          opportunities within software portfolios of participating agencies

   A favorable meeting has taken place regarding funding. Mr. Hill stated that the primary cost will
   be in the software cost. Once the software cost is taken care of, the committee will be able to
   address the need for additional hardware. The committee will begin working with software
        vendors in the near future. This OWP will be revised at the end of the fiscal year.

               Action – Submit OWP for adoption in the next CIO Council meeting

6. Mr. Taylor would like the council’s assistance in creating targeted limited workgroups to focus on
   other issues. He feels that targeted workgroups with specific goals and fixed timeframes work best in
   state government. He also reminded the council members that all OWP’s should be reviewed and
   revised annually or as needed.

7. New Business

    A. Legislative – Lori Nolen gave a presentation on the 2007 – 2008 Information Technology
       Initiatives - Governor’s Recommended Budget. The presentation concentrated on three topics:

            1. Investment Management
            2. Agency Information Technology Leadership and Management
            3. Information Technology Security

        The council expressed concerns with the Legislative Budget Request (LBR) process for
        prioritizing projects. Ms. Nolen understood the council’s concerns and suggested that the budget
        office could prioritize projects while the council assists with the technology review phase. The
        LBR process has not been finalized at this time. They are looking at different process models and
        will finalize by June 2007.

        Ms. Nolen also discussed the Agency Information Technology Leadership and Management
        initiative which would elevate the roll of the CIOs to increase responsibility, authority, and
        accountability. She is working with the Gartner Group to develop a plan for:

            1. IT Portal Management
            2. Project Management
            3. Governance Management

        There will be a Senate bill coming out soon about IT re-organization. They want to move
        forward with the re-organization plan with or without Legislative funding.

        The final initiative Ms. Nolen discussed was Information Technology Security. They want to
        continue to partner with state agencies and the Office of Information Security to develop security
        policies that establish the most appropriate baseline of security requirements for all agencies.

        A copy of Ms. Nolen’s presentation will be posted on the CIO Council web site.

    B. EITS – John Ford provided an update on the process of the MyFlorida network. He informed the
       council that if they had not already done so, they will need to start ordering the network for their
       agencies. This project implementation plan requires that each CIO sign off on availability,
       access, etc. CSA’s are starting to come in, however they have only received 400 requests and
       they expect 8000. Please submit your CSAs as soon as possible.
   C. TRW – Joe Brigham gave a presentation on the Enterprise IT Governance – Senate Review and
      Study. The following project goals were presented:

           1. Identify and study governance challenges enterprise IT present for Florida
           2. Analyze and recommend options for implementing a more effective enterprise IT
              governance structure
           3. Recommend a logical approach for implementing necessary IT governance

       The Senate review and study has shown among other findings that for the most part, current law
       does not define or delineate enterprise and agency level IT decision making responsibilities. The
       study also showed that there are five IT areas that must be governed:

           1.   IT Policy
           2.   IT Investment
           3.   Business Applications
           4.   IT Infrastructure
           5.   IT Architecture

       The document proposes recommendations based on the study’s findings which include
       establishing in statute a Governor and Cabinet headed IT agency responsible for enterprise IT in
       the executive branch.

       A copy of Mr. Brigham’s presentation will be posted on the CIO Council web site.

   D. Aspire – No update given

8. MBE Vendor Presentations


9. Next CIO Council Meeting

   Monday, March 19, 2007, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., in the Betty Easley Conference Center, Room 166

Mr. Taylor adjourned the meeting

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