Colourful Ghd Hair Straightener are Now All the Rage by anamaulida


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        <p>Traditionally GHD always released there hair straighteners in
a matte finish, either in a standard black colour or pink for there
limited edition hair straighteners. In the past 12 months GHD have moved
to update there image by releasing a series of hair straightener with a
shiney, glossy finish.</p><br> <br> <p>The first two to be released were
the limited edition GHD Dark and the <strong><a rel="nofollow"
iv-styler-approved-stockists" target="_self" title="GHD Pure">GHD
Pure</a></strong>. The new styler were launched with a marketing
campaigne that revolved around the question "Are You Dark or Pure". The
<strong><a rel="nofollow"
iv-styler-approved-stockists" target="_self" title="GHD Dark">GHD
Dark</a></strong> came in a glossy jet black finish and a black heat
resistant travel case to prorect your new straighteners. While the GHD
Pure came in a glossy white finish with a black heatb resistant case that
had a white floral pattern of the outside of the box. These were first
revealed at the 2008 GHD expert Awards in London and were then released a
few months later.</p><br> <br> <p>The next new straightener to be
released was the <strong>Pink GHD</strong> Kiss IV Styler. Every year GHd
release a Pink hair straightener in conjunction with Break Through Breast
Cancer awareness week. For every hair straightener sold £10 is donated
to the breast cancer charity and salon are encourage to take part in
further fundraising events. Every year GHD and GHD salon raise hundreds
of thousands of pounds for this worthy charity. This year GHD also decide
to take a different spin on there Pink hair straighteners. The new Pink
GHD Kiss came in a glossy finish with a free triple lip gloss set and
Pink heat protection spray to use with your straighteners.</p><br> <br>
<p>The latest glossy GHD was the <strong><a rel="nofollow"
straighteners-christmas-gift-set-2008" target="_self" title="GHD
Purple">GHD Purple</a></strong> Christmas gift set. This included the new
Purple GHd Iv styler with apasiley floral effect, a 1100W Purple GHD
travel hair, Purple hair clips and the latest GHD hair styling DVD. All
of these items then came in a heat resistant travel roll bag with various
compartments that you can use to store your products, straightener ans
hair dryer.</p><br> <br> <p>With the sucess and popularity of the
coloured GHD hair straighteners, it leaves us in no doubt that GHD will
again release a new coloured GHD very soon. They question is, What colour
will it be?</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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