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How to Grow Long Black Hair


									This is a question on a lot of people's minds. These days the products
and myths that claim to do just that are quite incredible.But the bottom
line is this:If your natural hair does not seem to grow, then something
is NOT right somewhere.Your hair should (naturally) grow up to or more
than 6 inches in ONE year. That's more than half an inch a month! That
may not seem like a lot to most people, but just get a ruler and check
how long six inches is.Hair Growth - The BasicsIn order to know how to
grow long black hair, you need to first understand how it behaves and
what makes it flourish.Black hair as with any other hair needs plenty of
nutrients pumped at the base of the hair follicle in order to grow. The
more nutrients you give the hair follicle the longer your hair will grow.
For years, people have done all kinds of things in order to stimulate
hair growth - remember the hair pulling or brushing to get more blood
flow to the base etc.The idea behind hair growth is to stimulate the
scalp enough to encourage the blood vessels at the bottom of the hair
follicle to deliver more blood than usual to the follicle so that the
follicle can get the nutrients from the blood that it needs to make your
hair grow. That's the simple explanation and it works most of the
time.The only time this will not work is if the follicle has died and can
no longer produce any hair, no matter what you do. If it is still active
but had been a little bit slow because of diseased etc then this process
will always produce a result.This is all well and good but it is
important to get the right types of nutrients to the hair follicle! This
part most people tend to ignore. What you eat plays a vital role in the
condition of your hair.Which nutrients work best for maximum black hair
growth?One of the best ways to get your hair to grow faster is not just
to eat food rich in amino acids, vitamins and other minerals like zinc
but is also to use hair products that contain amino acids in them.The
reason's very simple, hair is made up of a protein and proteins are made
of amino acids. When you give your hair more amino acids, it can't help
but grow.Here is an example of the types of foods rich in protein:Protein
Eating food rich in protein will help your hair grow faster because hair
is made up of mainly protein. Foods that are rich in protein include:o
      Brewer's yeasto Eggso Soy milko Wheat germo Livero       Fisho Low
fat cheeseo Lecithin granuleso     Tofuo Beanso    YogurtBrewer's yeast,
wheat germ, liver and lecithin granules are also rich in vitamin B, which
is very important for hair growth.

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