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        <p>Gmail is 2.0. already with its <strong>Google Buzz</strong>.
Exactly after two years after Yahoo launched Yahoo buzz. Gmail has many
functions in its Google lab feature that should have been all integrated
long time ago. Really pretty useful tools that can be used for all kind
of activities from top Corporate Business Management to home daily
expenses monitor budget, Resumes, Business and Marketing Plan
templates,etc, but most of all for <strong>Social Media</strong> and
Corporate Management tasks based to my experience.</p>
<p>All those who has sent email to you are automatically added to your
<em>Google buzz</em>. Google Buzz it has many social media features but
it is not so open like Twitter or Facebook.</p>
<p>For example any update will be displayed for your contacts only, many
expert in the social media field say Google wave is much better and they
should better improve Google wave instead of launching a "new" feature
that it is not new at all, it is a compendium of features that were
already pre-installed in Google lab which we will discuss now.</p>
<p>Gmail has many functions in its <strong>Google lab</strong> feature
that should have been all integrated long time ago. Really pretty useful
tools that can be used for all kind of activities but most of all for
Social Media tasks based on my experience.</p>
<p>Google lab is a as its name say, it's a way to make your email
experience more useful and friendly doing things in the less time with
the best efficacy, quality and time.</p>
<p>Really important things nowadays, no? <em>Google the most renown
search engine and all search engines are trying little by little to be
more <em>Social</em> while Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc,
are trying to be more <em>Searchable</em></em>, because of this Google
lab has now implemented the "social search" which is a new implementation
on the Google lab files.</p>
<p>Google lab has quite many tools most <strong>social
networkers</strong> do not know how to use them, I particularly haven't
read about them around the net, I am using most of them and has really
helped me. A lot I'd say. Here I share some to help my social media
<p>But hey, if you know more or have more comments on them, you can
always place a comment at the end in my website shown at the end of this
<p>These labs are constantly changing or updating, at this moment current
labs are still the same and as far as I know they haven't removed any yet
and I see high ratings.</p>
<p>By activating these functionalities just go to the upper right section
of your Gmail account. There is a lab icon, click there and it will take
you to a list of them. Just choose the one you really want or think can
help you for your social media, business or home work by earmarking
"Enable" or "Disable". These are some: <br>*The famous Google docs and
its preview functions. You can see what is in a doc file; you can preview
them in HTML for example. You can save and keep all those files you need
and keep track of them at any moment you need them, at the same time you
can set it up to make it do tasks in certain periods of time or share
them with anyone at any time, there options where you keep them in with
the original extension without converting them into Google docs.</p>
<p>You can create a word doc, presentation, spreadsheet, form or choose
from more than 2,000 templates. These are really rich and really useful,
they go from Resumes from basic to complexes, Job cover letters, Family
Budget Planners, monthly and yearly, Service Invoice, Project Management
Schedule, Research Paper, Monthly Household Budget, etc, etc. Pretty
useful for social media daily work.</p>
<p>*With Gmail YouTube previews in mail function, you can see Youtube
shots from links someone send you, if you are busy or simply do not want
to wait till it loads, etc, you can preview it before. With Picasa
previews in mail, Flickr previews in mail and Yelp previews in mail allow
you to do the same thing as soon as you see the message in your
<p>*Google Voice player in mail allows you to receive voicemail
notifications via email, the most interesting thing is you can set it up
with a normal phone; you can get alerts via an email.</p>
<p>*Gmail Message Translation, this function allows you to translate real
time your email messages.</p>
<p>*TwitterGadget help you to control your Twitter account from your
Gmail account, helping you to enrich your Twitter experience without
leaving your Gmail. Integrating them is simple and easy, just click in
the link and follow instructions.</p>
<p>*The Gmail QuickLink feature help you organize your bookmarks by
creating short links so you can locate any data or information you
<p>*Gmail Signature tweaks and Gmail Random Signature help you to add a
personalized and unique signature, the second one help you to add a daily
inspirational or business like quote, this rotate every time you check or
send email.</p>
<p>*If you are a workaholic and do not notice time goes by and you have a
bright idea or want to contact someone but you definitely forgot his/her
time zone, the Gmail Sender Time Zone feature is the one for you, you can
set this application by country, time, etc, it will display what time is
it there.</p>
<p>*With the Forgotten Gmail Attachment Detector, you won't ever forget
to attach a file in your email.</p>
<p>*Google buzz for mobile allow you to have all these tool in your
<p>There are quite many other tools you can explore in your Gmail, take
time to know and explore them as soon as possible and get the best out of
<p>The main cause all of these trends is the fact Social Networks are
giving more chances and options to companies to experience other ways to
increase their values no matter what kind and in the other hand as a
research made by Harvard Medical School, Social Networks allow human
beings to affirm themselves in their own inner reality: "Happiness
spreads through social networks like an emotional contagion" they</p>
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