Improve Eyesight Naturally With Eye Exercises by anamaulida


									Many people have seen their eyesight improve by using eye exercises. But,
the purpose of eye exercises is not to strengthen eye muscles but to
relax them.The Bates theory of the cause of blurred eyesight (like
myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) indicates that chronically tense
muscles external to the eye cause the eye to become distorted from its
naturally spherical shape. Tense muscles that elongate the eye cause
nearsightedness or myopia. Tense muscles that flatten the eye cause
hyperopia or farsightedness.So, eye exercises are an attempt to relax
these external eye muscles and allow the eye to return to its normal
spherical shape. And, as these muscles relax further over time, you
eyesight will continue to improve.Three Relaxing Eye Exercises that
Improve EyesightOne cause of chronically tense eye muscles is staring.
And the first exercise to improve eyesight involves sweeping out an
extensive visual field.This exercise is often called the long swing. To
do this exercise stand with your feet about a foot apart. Let your hands
and arms freely rest at your side. Relax your shoulders, jaw and facial
muscles. Look forward.Now twist your upper body to the left. Let your
head and eyes turn to the left. Your right heal may lift as you twist
left. Your eyes should smoothly sweep to the left.Then rotate your upper
body back through the center and on to the right. Your eyes should
smoothly sweep through the objects in your room from your left to your
right. Then rotate your upper body left again, then right in an easy
swinging motion for about 50 cycles.During these long swings you will
probably notice that you see many of the objects in your room more
clearly. This is an indication that your eye muscles have relaxed and you
are beginning to improve your eyesight, even if only temporarily while
you are doing this exercise.The next exercise is palming. Simply rest
comfortably in a chair at a table. Place your elbows on the table with
your palms over your eyes. Let the fingers of one hand overlap the
fingers of the other while your palms cover over your eyes. Don't press
your palms into your eyes, but try to block out all the light.Let your
eyes rest and relax as they experience the darkness. As you breath out
think that you are expelling the tension from your eyes. Do this for
about ten minutes and your eyes will feel the relaxing difference.The
third exercise is sunning. Sit in front of a bright light or relax
outdoors on a sunny day. Gently close your eyelids and become aware of
the brightness and warmth of the light. Let your eyes enjoy the
brightness and soothing warmth. You can gently rotate your head so first
one eye enjoys the full exposure to the light and warmth, then rotate
your head so the other eye enjoys the full exposure to the warmth.During
sunning you should feel the tension draining from your eyes and, at least
for a few moments initially, you should experience improved eyesight when
you first open your eyes.As you can tell, eye exercises are more
exercises for your mind that cause your tense eye muscles to relax. The
more you do these eye exercises the more you will improve your eyesight.

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