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Face Warts - How to Remove Them


									If you have any sort of facial wart, perhaps lip warts, a wart on eyelid,
or a wart on nose then you may be uncomfortable with it. Many people find
them very embarrassing and often they can affect a persons self
confidence. Fortunately most warts are easily removed and I'm going to
summarize the various methods for removing them. Before that, it is
important to realise that warts are caused by the human papilloma virus
or HPV. This is contagious and is easily spread from one person to
another. when you are removing your wart you must be sure to follow the
strictest rules of hygiene or you run the risk of spreading the virus to
other parts of your body or to other people.Often face warts will tend to
group in clusters. Usually the clusters are quite small but in the worst
cases these clusters may grow to as many as a hundred warts. So it is
quite common to find eye warts, warts on lip or a nose wart all on the
same person. Adults seem to be less prone to warts on the face than
children. This may be due to a childs virus fighting immune system being
less well developed and therefore weaker than that of an adult. There are
various methods available to remove a wart. But not all of these are
suitable for treating warts on the face. Some of these often result in a
scar, and the last thing you want when you remove a facial wart is to be
left with an unsightly scar.So what treatments are there to get rid of
face warts? From the many procedures used on warts on other parts of the
body we can immediately discount some for use on face warts. Cryosurgery
(freezing), laser therapy and electro surgery are all carried out by
medical practioners, so are relatively expensive, usually require
multiple treatments, and almost invariably leave a scar. These methods
are not suitable for a wart on the face.There are a number of creams and
gels available over the counter from the pharmacy but with these you must
be careful to check out what they contain. Many of them have quite acidic
ingredients which may cause some scarring.Over the years many people have
used traditional natural methods, such as tea tree oil, castor oil, apple
cider vinegar, garlic, and you've probably heard of several more. Some of
these can be quite effective but it is sometimes difficult to assess how
much to use and the best way to use it. Again you must be careful when
using some of these items on your face that you do not leave a scar. More
recently the use of duct tape to remove warts has become very popular.
This has proved to be quite effective in removing warts and moles from
other parts of the body but is not practical for a wart on the nose,
eyelid, lip, or cheek. Most people would find it impossible to go about
their everyday lives with pieces of duct tape on their face!Finally we
come to the recommended method to remove warts from the face. This is a
product which many people have found to be extremely effective with
results showing in as little as three days and there is no resulting

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