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					PDF editor for Mac, a comprehensive tool for editing PDF files for
Windows OS enables you to edit adobe PDF to rotate, add, delete, crop,
extract, merge pages, or add headers, footers, watermarks and stamps to
pages. Also it is very easy for you to extract images from PDF files, or
add images to PDF is an efficient tool for editing PDF text on
Mac OS X. This article tells you how to add, correct, insert, move, and
delete text with it.Add TextChooseAdd Text in the toolbar, and then click
on a blank area on the page, you can add text to the PDF file.Move PDF
document TextChooseTouchup Tool in the toolbar, and click on the text you
want to move, then you can drag the text block to move it to other place
on the page. Press and hold Shift key and click on different text areas
or images, you can select multiple elements and reposition them
together.Correct, Insert, and Delete PDF file textClick theTouchup Tool
in the toolbar, and double click on the text, when the text is in an
editable block and the cursor becomes I-beam pointer, you can correct,
insert, or delete the text.Edit Embedded Font TextIf you can't edit some
text in unrestricted PDF files, you may encounteredthe embedded fonts, in
this case, you can auto-match or select an available system font for the
selected text, and then edit the text.Note: By default, the pop-up window
above will be shown every time when you want to edit the embedded font
text. If you want PDF tool match a similar system font automatically for
editing embedded font text each time, you can customize the settings in
theGeneral Window by choosingAnybiz > Preferences… in the menu bar.
Edit Text Font and ColorSelect the text with Touchup Tool in the toolbar,
and then: if you want to change font color, just click the Inspector
button in the toolbar, and choose your favorite color for the; and if you
need to change font, choose Format > Fonts > Show Fonts in the menu
bar, then select a new font to replace the current font.Edit Text in
restricted PDF filesTo the PDF files restricted from editing, you can't
edit them directly if you don't know the password, even with Adobe
Acrobat. Also you can't edit them directly with PDF Editor for Mac, but
you can convert PDF to Word with this PDF tool and then edit the PDF in
Microsoft Word.

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