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									How to Use Digital
Signage Effectively in a
Retail Environment
Getting the most from digital signage in your
retail store

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                       How to Use Digital Signage Effectively in a Retail Environment


If you have been in retail for any amount of time, you will know this classic paradox: People love to buy
things, but they don’t like being sold to. They want information, but they want to receive it in a way
that feels empowering to them. How many times have you asked a customer if they need help and you
heard ‘No, thank you’?

                  Did you know 75% of all purchase decisions are made In-Store?

To this end, Digital Signage is a natural way to deliver information about product differentiation, in a
manner that people are accustomed to receiving. Utilizing digital signage technology within the retail
environment assists customers in locating the merchandise they are looking for in the store, and can
provide in-depth information and product demonstrations to aid in the purchase decision. All of which
results in higher foot traffic, and higher sales.

For example:

         In a kitchen-supply store, live cooking videos demonstrate features of various appliances.

         In an electronics store, features of new products can be shown in eye- catching fashion, with
          sample representations of those features in action.

         In an automobile dealership, bulleted lists of features and accessories can be combined with
          lifestyle videos and branding material.

         In a restaurant, digital menu boards can highlight the day’s specials and new menu items.

 Digital Signage Video Wall displays in Auckland’s Airport, promoting the stores latest specials to the thousands of
          people who walk past the store each day. (Displays were designed, built and installed by View TV)

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                     How to Use Digital Signage Effectively in a Retail Environment

                            Digital Signage for In-store Promotions

Retailers have long used in-store signage to generate excitement for special offers, new products and
promotions. In-store Digital Signage gives the retailer much more power and flexibility with these
campaigns, driven by two key capabilities

        1. Campaigns can be localized to a specific region within the store
        2. Campaigns can be targeted based on time-of-day and day-of-week.

For instance, suppose a grocery chain is trying to improve sales of frozen foods. In-store digital signage
enables the company to run special offers on frozen foods elsewhere in the store, potentially driving
traffic to the frozen food section. Those offers can include time-sensitive details “Hurry, Offer ends at
noon today!” or a password-type system “Tell the cashier you saw this message to get 15 percent off
frozen pizzas”.

More generalized messages also can educate customers about products or services they might be
interested in, if only they knew about them. If a retailer has a food court or coffee shop, it makes sense
to let shoppers know that a fresh batch of coffee was just brewed or the rolls just came out of the oven.
That kind of time-sensitive delivery simply is not possible with static signage; it also replaces the
intrusive and annoying habit of the loudspeaker announcement, which has long been on the decline

The ability for rapid deployment can also leverage specific regional and store conditions, such as
customer demographics, weather conditions, promotions, educational content, and can further be
fractionalized into day-partitions.

Retail Digital Signage marketing networks can also reduce in-store operating costs associated with
graphics deployments. Digital Signage eliminates the costs associated with printing, distributing and
installing static signage. In addition, Retail Digital Signage may decrease store labor costs, while
improving labor productivity.

        For example, the US Postal Service is experimenting with digital signage marketing to
        direct customers with simple service requirements to self-service options, and to
        educate customers while waiting in the lobby line about products and services to
        reduce time spent with a retail associate at the counter, thus improving its employee

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                      How to Use Digital Signage Effectively in a Retail Environment

                    Key Strategies for Successful Digital Signage in Retail

Screen placement

Screen placement needs to be easy to notice, attractive to approach and easy to interact with once
approached. Consistency with the overall store or product brand is very important to note. This will
reinforce the image of the brand that the customer already holds and will greatly increase the chances
of the screen being noticed in the first place.


Most importantly, content needs to attract attention. If the customer noticed the screen but is not
attracted to approach the screen, it will not be used. Bright colors and movement are key elements of
great digital signage content.

Once attracted to the screen, the content needs to successfully deliver a Call to Action, convincing them
to interact or react. Effective call to action messages are succinct and compelling.

Finally, the content and user experience needs to hold the customer’s attention and effectively deliver
the sales assistance that the customer is seeking. The navigation of the user experience needs to be
streamlined and intuitive. The content needs to be absolutely current and relevant.

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Integrating digital signage with the overall store design and environment is critical, as is placing the
screen in areas where the appropriate traffic is present, but dwell time and space also is available. The
screen needs to be ergonomically effective so that the customer finds it easy to interact with. Choosing
the right size screen to fit in proportionally with surrounding fixtures is also a strategic decision.

          “The possibilities are endless when using a digital sign. All you need are
clear ideas of your goals, and what your customers like or need, and the digital signage can
                     quickly effectively engage them with your message.”

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