How To Replace Lost Stock Certificates

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					If you lose a paper stock certificate, don't fret, replacing it is only a
few steps until a replacement certificate will be on its way. Whether you
have lost your certificate(s) through any number of unfortunate scenarios
replacing them is a fairly simple process. If you believe your
certificates were stolen don't fear. Your name or the name of the
beneficial owner is still held in the registry as the official owner of
the shares. Like a check the only way to transfer ownership is to sign it
to the new owner. Regardless of your method of your loss, a dedicated
effort can have you in possession of your stock certificates in short
time. The first step in the process is to obtain and get in contact with
the transfer agent that represents the company and handles it's registry.
You should be able to find the transfer agent on a number of company
paperwork. Within the large stack of papers you receive every year as a
shareholder you should be able to decipher a number to call. It is
obligated that the transfer agent information be published in the Annual
Report. There are also multiple online sources to find information if you
are stonewalled. The Securities and Exchange Commission publishes all
public filings on it's website which is another invaluable resource in
finding corporate information such as this contact information.If you
have backup photocopies/scans of your stock certificate(s) ownership then
you may skip all of the next steps. Simply contact the transfer agent and
the representative will be able to walk you through a very simple
process. Because you have retained copies of your stock certificates
along with the stock certificate number that is found on it. The number
of steps and paperwork is much simplified.If you do not have scans/copies
of your share ownership than a heftier process is at hand. Contact the
transfer agent recovered from the annual report or other corporate
filing. Speak with a representative from the transfer agent firm
affiliated with the company whose certificates you have lost. Express the
details of you scenario, number of shares lost and other
sensitive/pertinent information. The transfer agent will strongly
recommend/inform you to purchase a surety bond. Most transfer agents have
a surety bond company that they will forward on to yourself. Surety bonds
will fetch you in the area of 3 percent of the value of the certificates
that you wish to have replaced.This next step is where the flaws of
dealing with antiquated system become overwhelmingly apparent. Very often
the stock's transfer agent will require you to prove your ownership of
the shares. This is by far the longest and most tedious step. Demands
range across the board and vary by company in terms of delays and
information requests. However once you have provided the stock transfer
agent with the proof of purchase then your new paper stock certificates,
fresh off the press, will be on their way.This may convince you that you
should convert your paper stock certificates to an online share
ownership. As a matter of fact, well above 90% of shareholders are in
possession of there stocks though online means. They never receive their
certificates. If this is an option you would like to commit to then the
transfer agent will be able to direct you (depending on the company
policy, some do not have online ownership systems).

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