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					Resource Utilisation
Understanding the employed resources available is a
fundamental aspect of management.

Knowing the number of hours you have available each day, week and
month is one of the first steps to take in driving optimal business
Many businesses do not have the information needed to understand total contracted
resource, hours lost due to absenteeism, time spent at work on non-processing activities –
all key metrics necessary in order to understand the total available hours.

How many hours do you have to undertake the work that needs to be done…

Nuqleus 3D captures the entire working day per employee and reports this against each individual
employee’s contracted hours. During the working day Nuqleus measures what time is spent on
processing and non-processing activities. These measures provide important ratios of contracted to
worked hours, processing to non-processing hours and, through detailed activity measurement, an
overall utilisation ratio of contracted hours to work items completed.

Nuqleus 3D is a software tool
                                  Nuqleus is configured to automatically respond to
that automates the capture        events in other desktop applications in order to identify
and analysis of the content and
substance of every activity and
                                  resource utilisation.
interaction with a process or
customer within your operation.   Nuqleus independently captures details of the activity in structured
                                  process metrics (tasks). As well as quantifying the volume and actual
Nuqleus enables the detailed
measurement of processes
                                  time taken per task in real-time, Nuqleus can instruct a staff member
and productivity, providing you   to ‘drill-down’ to qualify different aspects about the task.
with accurate and insightful
Operational Intelligence for      It does this by building question-based scripts that can be answered
a better understanding of
exactly what is happening,
                                  quickly on the task’s completion to capture the measures relevant to
why it is happening and how       the operation at that time.
you can drive performance
                                  Knowing how much work output is achieved from every
Nuqleus complements and           £ spent on your employed resource is often a difficult
integrates with your existing
Business Intelligence tools and
                                  question to answer…
reports, providing you with a
truly three-dimensional view of   Having understood the overall utilisation of resource, using the right
your operation.                   people do the right work at the right is often the next step. Senior
                                  resources are regularly used to undertake activity that could be
                                  completed by a lower paid resource. Too often processing staff are not
                                  aligned to service demand, either through the day, the week or the

                                  Nuqleus captures data real time, and information is available
                                  providing hour by hour, day by day and week by week analysis. This
                                  approach provides a detailed understanding of service demand and
                                  allows you to schedule resource appropriately to achieve increased

                                  Having employees who perform well is important, but
                                  having employees in the right place at the right time
                                  doing the right things should come first…

                                  Nuqleus provides a suite of dashboard reports detailing key
                                  performance indicators about the utilisation of your resource. A
                                  report production application provides more detailed information, and
                                  a fully documented database structure provides an ability to integrate
                                  Nuqleus data with existing systems.
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