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Restaurant Cook Resume Sample

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Restaurant Cook Resume Sample document sample

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									                                    Susan Student
                                      7400 Bay Road
                                University Center, MI 48710
                                      (989) 964-4000

     To apply my ________, __________ and _____________ skills to gain experience
     through an externship in the field of nursing.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                  Anticipated: May 2008
    Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI
    Deans’ List: Fall 2005, Winter 2006, Winter 2007
    GPA: 3.2

      Student Nurse, OB-Pediatrics                                  Aug. 2007 – Present
      Covenant Hospital, Saginaw, MI
       Assessed newborns within 20 minutes of birth during the first three months of training
       Assisted laboring mothers to the highest level of comfort possible

      Student Nurse, Medical-Surgical                              Jan. 2007 – May 2007
      Mid-Michigan Medical Center, Midland, MI
       Administered medication to oncology and post-operative patients
       Charted vitals, assessments, and patient progress for one patient on a daily basis

      Student Nurse, Extended Care Facility                        Aug. 2006 – Dec. 2006
      Marlette Community Hospital, Marlette, MI
       Developed patient assessment skills through field experience
       Enhanced patient comfort level by changing dressings, bathing, and mobility to
      prevent bed sores

    Assistant Grounds Keeper                                     Seasonal: 2001, 2002
    Saginaw Country Club, Saginaw, MI
     Assisted team of four co-workers in early morning course grooming on a daily basis
     Designed new system of organizing equipment and supplies for easy retrieval

      Fry Cook                                                        May 1999 – April 2000
      McDonald’s Restaurant, Bay City, MI
       Accurately prepared 500 orders during the daily lunch rush
       Effectively dealt with stressful situations in a team environment
                            Susan Student – Page Two
    Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT; MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; UNIX;
    Virtual Basic, C++, Java, HTML; Corel WordPerfect; various email packages

     Volunteer, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Midland        May 2001 – Present
     Member, Rotaract Club of SVSU-Delta College             Oct. 2002 – Present
     Recipient, SVSU Award for Excellence Scholarship        Aug. 2002 – May 2003


George Smith, Manager
McDonald’s Restaurants of Bay City
3840 E. Wilder Road
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 555-9999 (Work)
(989) 555-2222 (Home)

Dr. John Johnson, Professor
Department of Nursing
Saginaw Valley State University
255 Wickes Hall
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-4000 (Work)

Sandy Brown, Manager
Men’s Clothing Department
JC Penney, Inc.
333 Main Street
Pinckney, MI 48169
(517) 777-9991 (Work)
(517) 777-4434 (Home)

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