Bridge Loan Financing by anamaulida


									As your business goes through seasonal sales problems or faces customer
fallouts, you may have times when your cash flow is limited. When this
happens, you may find yourself desperate for some type of financing to
help your business. A great short-term loan option is known as bridge
loan financing. This type of financing provides you with the money you
need now in order to pay for the gaps you may be experiencing.Bridge loan
financing will last for a duration of 12 months. You will need to front
collateral to secure the loan and you will also need to check your
corporate credit rating before applying for the loan to make sure you are
within their lending restrictions. Since bridge loan financing is
considered a "last resort" or desperation financing, you will have higher
interest rates on the loan. Even if you front collateral to secure the
loan, you will still pay higher interest rates on the loan.When you need
short-term financing, a bridge loan is one of the best options available.
This type of financing is a temporary form of financing that you can use
until you can acquire a larger loan to expand your business. A lot of
businesses turn to bridge loan financing when they are in need of money
to invest in their inventory or other investment opportunities that can
help their business. Depending upon the size of your business, you may be
able to invest in real estate with this loan and sell it within 6 months
for a decent profit.Since there is a lot of risk involved with bridge
loan financing, you will see a number of lenders that ask for full
financial documentation before they will offer you a loan. This helps to
reduce their risk and to make sure you can repay the loan in about 12
months time.Banks are very speculative so how can you reduce their risk?
Here are some tips:• Include a business plan. This helps the lender to
see what your company is all about. It can help them make a better
decision as to whether or not they want to fund you.• Provide
information about your cash flow. Solid cash flow projections for the
future help the lender to see if you can afford the loan and how you will
be able to repay it.• Offer a good piece of collateral. This is the
best way to reduce the risk to the lender and to show them you are
serious about your commitment to the success of the business.

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