Respiratory Therapy Certificates by dol15999


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									                                                    MINERAL AREA COLLEGE
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                                         ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREE PLAN

                                               MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY
                                                              (Major Code: RE)
               Articulated transfer program with Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center
                                               Respiratory Therapy Program
                                                      Course Offering
SEMESTER                                                                                               CR
COMPLETED                                    COURSE                                                    HRS              GRADE

                       ▲             ENG 1330 English Composition I *                                                 (3)
                                     ENG 1340 English Composition II *                                                (3)

                       ●▲            HLT 2350 Medical Terminology/Intro Path                                          (3)
                       ▲             MAT 0950 Elementary Algebra * (or higher)                                        (3)
                                     POS 1130 American National Government                                            (3)
                                     PSY 1130 General Psychology I                                                    (3)
                                     PSY 1250 Human Growth and Development                                            (3)
                                     CIS 1050 Intro to Computers (or higher)                                         (3)

Date of completion of Respiratory Therapy Program at CGCTC:
(Eligibility for Associate of Science Degree is limited to the completion of all degree and graduation requirements prior to the end of the fifth
academic year after successful completion of the CGCTC Respiratory Therapy Program.)

     ▪     After successful completion of the above general education courses AND successful
           completion of the CGCTC Respiratory Therapy Program, a student may apply for
           an Associate of Science Degree from Mineral Area College.

     ▪     An “Application for Graduation” form must be submitted during the first
           two (2) weeks of the final semester.
     ▪     An Exit Exam is required for all degree recipients.
     ▪     A Graduation Interview with the MAC Career Placement Office is required for all
           Career and Technical Division Associate Degree recipients.
     ▪     Students must have a minimum of 15 credit hours of required general education
           courses completed through the Consortium institutions (MAC, SEMO, TRCC).

     ▲     This course is required prior to admission into the CGCTC Respiratory Therapy Program.
     ●     This course may be waived with recommendation from the Director of the CGCTC Respiratory Therapy Program.
     *     Course has pre-requisite(s). Refer to the college catalog for pre-requisite information.

ADVISOR SIGNATURE                                                                                        DATE
NOTE: See graduation policies on back
                                                                                                                                          (Rev. 08/08tw)
GRADUATION POLICIES: (Diplomas and Certificates)

1. An Application for Graduation form must be filed with the Registrar’s Office by the end of the second
   week of the fall and spring terms and by the end of the first week of the summer term. Contact
   for assistance.
2. Spring applicants must attend commencement exercises to receive a diploma or certificate.
3. All applicants are required to complete an outcomes assessment test (exit exam).
4. All applicants are required to complete a graduation interview with the Career Services Director.
5. A cumulative 2.0 grade point average is required for graduation.
6. Last fifteen (15) hours must be earned at Mineral Area College.

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