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Triangle Residential Options For
      Substance Abusers
        WHAT IS TROSA?
 TROSA is a two year, residential, substance abuse
  recovery program for individuals who are battling an
  addiction to drugs and alcohol. TROSA focuses on
  educational development, vocational training and the
  development of interpersonal skills to help its residents
  rebuild their lives. The structure of the program inspires
  residents to put the values of personal responsibility,
  honesty, hard work and service into daily practice.

 TROSA currently has approximately 320 residents in
  the program. TROSA provides low cost, transitional
  housing for approximately 120 graduates.
  Criteria for Admission
 All applicants must be at least 18 years old.
 Have no convictions of Arson, Rape or other Sexual
 Not taking any antipsychotic medications.
 If the applicant has pending charges, the charges must
  be resolved before the applicant can enter the
 If the applicant has been accepted into TROSA and the
  applicant has no pending charges, the applicant can
  begin their residency at TROSA that very same day.
          TROSA Offers

 Therapeutic Components
   Community -as-method
       Community is primary agent of change.
     Anger Management
     Parenting Class
     Relapse Prevention
     Women In Recovery
     Relationship Class
     Young Men Peer Group
            TROSA Offers
 Vocational Training
     Moving & Storage
     Masonry
     Auto Repair
     Construction
     Picture Framing
     Catering
     Lawn Maintenance
     Finance
     Administrative Skills
      Aftercare Program
 Support Groups with TROSA Alumni are held twice
 Graduates have the option of living in one of TROSA’s
  transitional houses at low cost for up to one year.
    34 transitional houses/apartments
 Graduates can purchase donated cars. They are only
  charged the cost of the part needed to repair the
 Transportation is provided to and from work for those
  residents who do not have a license for up to one year.

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