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 Reflect Systems Expands Device Support and Introduces Interactive
Features for Retail Point of Service Applications in ReflectViewTM 2008
 National Retail Federation Conference attendees can see ReflectView 2008 capabilities
 designed to increase advertising impressions, enhance store branding and boost sales.

New York, New York, January 14, 2008 - Reflect Systems, a leading provider of digital
signage software and services to retailers, today announced the immediate availability of
ReflectView 2008, the latest release of its popular digital signage network software suite. Reflect
Systems will demonstrate updates and enhancements to its powerful content management,
distribution, playback and reporting features that are now available within ReflectView 2008 at
the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention in Microsoft Corp.’s Booth No. 818 on
January 14-15, 2008.

The ReflectView 2008 suite includes a new media player, ReflectView Player PE (Portable
Edition), which supports digital signage integration with point of service applications such as
price checkers, interactive touch screens and other point of service systems. ReflectView Player
PE, compatible with devices running Microsoft Windows Embedded CE, allows retailers to move
from static service applications like price checkers and service kiosks to dynamic, digital media
driven profit centers, increasing a retailer’s potential to deliver advertising, branding, and
promotional messaging directly to the point of service quickly and effectively.

“We’re very excited about the ReflectView 2008 Suite,” said Matthew Schmitt, CEO of Reflect
Systems. “And because our new player software, ReflectView Player PE, runs on Windows
Embedded CE, retailers can install our software on embedded devices and appliances running
point of service applications. For example, a self checkout or price checker screen can be utilized
to run attract loops or advertising messages while not in use – increasing the ROI of the device to
the retailer,” continued Mr. Schmitt.

“Retailers are increasingly adopting store technologies such as digital signage that support a more
interactive, customer-driven environment,” said Geoff Thomas, general manager for Microsoft’s
U.S. Retail and Hospitality Group. “ReflectView 2008 can help retailers to better capture the
attention of today’s digital consumers and influence their purchase decision right where it matters
the most: at the point of sale.”
New Innovations in ReflectView 2008

With support for a wide variety of Microsoft software including Microsoft SQL Server 2005,
Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows XP Embedded,
the ReflectView digital signage software suite allows retailers and network operators to control
and monitor every aspect of a digital signage network from content organization to scheduling
media playback across thousands of connected devices. ReflectView 2008’s latest features
              Content media library – Organizes system content with video thumbnails and
               descriptive information for easy reference and merchandising campaign creation.
              Support for standard video and media file formats – Allows content authors to
               work in their preferred media creation tools and import final content to ReflectView.
              Drag and drop scheduling and publishing interface – Provides a familiar
               workflow interface metaphor for improved usability and convenience.
              Advance content scheduling capabilities – Day parting and specific, recurring
               scheduling options provide for demographic targeting for increased effectiveness.
              Multi-user access and role-based security —Ensures greater convenience and
               responsiveness during programming/scheduling periods and allows multiple
               customer user roles to access various parts of the workflow application.
              Web services interfaces for application integration - For sophisticated retail
               networks - this capability makes possible in-house application development as well
               as third-party systems integration
              Proof of play/affidavit reporting – ReflectView delivers reporting features that
               allow retailers to easily compile and view playback reports for generating proof of
               performance affidavit reports.

About Reflect Systems:
Reflect Systems provides digital signage software and services for large retailers and other enterprises
wishing to reach customers with high impact visual imagery at the point of sale or in public gathering
areas. From the strategic planning and deployment of signage networks to video programming strategies
and tactics, Reflect’s combination of service and software provides a complete approach to maximizing
return on investment for digital signage customers. Reflect Systems, based in Dallas TX, is privately held.
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Ben Johnston
Reflect Systems Inc.


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