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									                  Biography of Kevin Davies
Kevin Cyril Davies, who is currently playing for Bolton, was born on the
26th of March, 1977 in Sheffield. (The Steel City.) Kevin has a half-
brother called Jamie Jackson who used to play for Chesterfield but now
plays for Worksop Town.

                                   Early Life
Kevin Davies used to go to Sharrow Lane primary school which is in
Sheffield. This a short story of Kevin’s most funny and embarrassing
moment in school: At playtime, there was a diminutive crate with milk
bottles in. Kevin tried to jump over it, however, he slipped and there was
milk everywhere. Furthermore, the head teacher made him clean it up!
When Kevin was young, he supported Sheffield Utd. He was inspired by
his dad to play football. It is a dream for Kevin to play for Sheffield

                               Football Career
At the age of 16, Kevin Davies got scouted and started to play for
Sheffield Utd. Soon after, he moved to Bolton. His first debut was
against Manchester Utd and Bolton lost 4-0. When Kevin started to play
his first few matches, it was nerve-racking and exciting for him.
However, when he played more matches, he grew confident. After a few
seasons, Kevin Nolan, (Bolton’s Captain,) moved to Newcastle. The
manager called Kevin to his office and told him he was looking for
someone who is a good leader and he had chosen him as captain. Kevin
was pleased and proud.

                             Love at first sight!
Kevin met Emma in a pub in London. They went on a few dates and then
got married. They have four children: Ages 8, 6,5 and fifteen months.
Peter Kay’s son goes to the same school as Kevin Davies’. He has also met
other celebrities like Amir Khan, Danni Mino and Danni Mc Guinness.
                              More Football
Kevin still carried on playing for Bolton and scored more goals. His
favorite match was in Germany against Bayern Munich because he
scored a late goal which was the equalizer. Kevin has had a few injuries
like breaking his cheekbone, toes and wrist. He has a bad reputation as a
dirty player even though his fouls are by accident and he doesn’t intend
to do them.

                     Kevin’s worst thing about Football!
Kevin loves football apart from the fact that after every match, they have
to go in an ice bath for 6 minutes!

Kevin Davies is only 33 and there is a lot more to come from him. We
would like to say thank you to him for letting us interview him.

               By Mohammed

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