ECHOES OF FAITH by nyut545e2


									ECHOES OF FAITH is a basic-level,                                                          ECHOES OF FAITH addresses the themes
video-assisted resource for the formation,                                                 and topics identified by the Catholic
enrichment, and certification of parish and                                                Formation Department for basic catechist
Catholic school catechists in the Diocese of                                               formation and certification, and provides at
Helena.                                              ECHOES OF                             least thirty (30) hours of basic formation.

ECHOES OF FAITH consists of thirteen                   FAITH                                     Each theological module offers a
modules that treat theological and                                                               minimum of four (4) hours of
catechetical themes in providing the most         THEOLOGICAL MODULES                            learning.
important understandings for a beginning                 (Four-hour modules)                     Each catechetical module provides a
catechist.                                                                                       minimum of two (2) hours of learning.
                                                        I Believe, We Believe
      The theological modules acquaint                 (The Profession of Faith)           Persons who satisfactorily complete the
      catechists with the foundations of                                                   entire series are eligible to receive Basic
                                                        Liturgy and Sacraments
      Catholic doctrine and tradition, and                                                 Catechist certification in the Diocese of
      reflect the basic teachings of the                   Catholic Morality               Helena from the Catholic Formation
      Catechism of the Catholic Church and                                                 Department.
                                                        Prayer and Spirituality
      contemporary Church documents.
                                                     Introduction to the Scriptures        ECHOES OF FAITH participants seeking
      The catechetical modules introduce                                                   diocesan certification are required to
      principles of sound catechetical theory                                              complete all theological and catechetical
      and demonstrate appropriate methods        CATECHETICAL MODULES                      modules (except those “Methods” modules
      for forming others in faith.                       (Two-hour modules)                not immediately pertinent to the grade level
                                                                                           being taught). Diocesan certification will
All modules incorporate the expertise of             Getting Started as a Catechist        indicate the particular grade level of the
over 50 North American theologians,                   The Person of the Catechist          “Methods” modules a catechist has
educators, and catechetical specialists.                                                   completed. It is strongly recommended that
                                                         Roles of the Catechist            catechists complete all of the “Methods”
ECHOES OF FAITH modules consist of a                  Introduction to the Learner*         modules in time.
video and companion booklet. The booklets
prepare the catechists for viewing the video,         Methods for Grades 1 and 2           ECHOES OF FAITH participants seeking
invite them to record their reflections               Methods for Grades 3 and 4           diocesan certification are required to obtain
regarding its content, provide pertinent                                                   an endorsement and acknowledgment of
articles to extend the learning, and suggest          Methods for Grades 5 and 6           module completion from their pastor,
activities to apply the material to life and          Methods for Grades 7 and 8           pastoral administrator, or school principal.
catechetical settings. Videos and booklets
are available from the Catholic Formation       * Module has a 3-4 hour learning design.
ECHOES OF FAITH record-keeping for
persons seeking diocesan certification is the
participant’s responsibility in cooperation
with one’s pastor/pastoral administrator,
DRE, or school principal.
ECHOES OF FAITH certification is valid
for a period of three (3) years from date of
issue. Renewal for subsequent 3-year
periods is provided through annual
attendance at parish, school, or diocesan-
sponsored catechetical in-service
opportunities.                                    Faith
ECHOES OF FAITH modules are                      Basic Catechist Formation
designed for use by small catechist groups
but may also be easily used by individuals.             Enrichment,
The theological modules in particular are            and Certification
suitable for use in adult education gatherings
as well.

ECHOES OF FAITH module booklets cost
$3.50 each and are non-returnable. The
video rental fee is $6.00 each; there is no
charge for videos to parishes and Catholic
schools that pay the annual Resource Center
“Frequent User Fee.” Billing is available
through the diocesan Business Office.

   For more information or to schedule               Catholic Formation
    ECHOES OF FAITH, contact the                        Department
    Catholic Formation Department at
       442-5820 or 1-800-584-8914.                    Diocese of Helena

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