Respiratory Protection Template

					                            Guiding TB

                                  Jylmarie Lewis
  Hillsborough County Health Department –
           Tuberculosis (TB) Center

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          Topics for Discussion
   Governing Rules
   TB Infection Control
   Respiratory Protection
   Training and Education
   Respiratory Protection Program
   References
            Governing Rules

 OSHA 1910.134
 TB Clinical Guidelines
   Technical Assistance: TB4
   Tuberculosis (TB) Infection Control
           TB Infection Control
 Administrative Controls
            Education and counseling of
            Screening of employees for TB
            Isolation of patients
 Engineering Controls
   Facility ventilation (procedures and risk)
 Respiratory Protection
        Respiratory Protection
 History of Respiratory Protection
 Training and Education
 Elements of Fit Testing
   OSHA requirements
   Respirators
   Fit test kits
        Training and Education
 Role of CHD in Infection Control
   Home
   Community
   Residential settings
 Uses and Limitations of N95 respirators
 CDC Self-Study Modules—Infectiousness
  and Infection Control
  Respiratory Protection Program
 Selecting and issuing respirators
 Respiratory protection for bearded
  employees or individuals unable to use a
 Employee training (including which
  employees are required to use respirators)
 Conducting respirator fit tests
 Conducting respirator fit checks
Respiratory Protection Program cont.
 Inspecting respirators
 Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining
 Storing and disposing of respirators
 Respirator limitations
 Medical surveillance
Elements of a Fit Testing Program
              • Sensitivity test
              • Donning and doffing a
              • Performing a self check
              • Performing a fit test
                (quantitative or
                qualitative; banana,
                smoke or sweet)
                 – Qualitative
              • Medical evaluation
              • Informational handout
  Resources for Train the Trainer
 Tampa Bay area
   Jylmarie Lewis – Hillsborough County, TB
    Program Manager 813-307-8015, ext. 4701
 Hospital Employee or Infection Control
 Infection Control Organization (e.g., APIC)
 Respirator Vendors
 US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health
  Administration, Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR) Respiratory
  Protection 1910.134
 Center of Disease Control and Prevention, MMWR RR – 17, Guidelines
  for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in
  Health-Care Settings, 2005
 Bureau of Tuberculosis and Refugee Health, Technical Assistance

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Self Study Modules on
 Tuberculosis Infection Control Plan template

                 Many thanks to Donyelle Russ
for her efforts in making this presentation and assisting today.

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