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					                                                                         Office of Clinical Trials
                                                                      Project Management Portfolio
                                                                    Main# 212-263-4210 or 212-263-4170

     Clinical Research Management               Clinical Research Management                Clinical Research Management                  Clinical Research Management
          Coordinator (CRMC)                         Coordinator (CRMC)                          Coordinator (CRMC)                            Coordinator (CRMC)
              Lena Geffrard                              Ronnie Landis                             Michelle Malanga                                Alexi Morillo

             Jr CRMC - TBD                              Leah Caropolo                              Jr CRMC - TBD                                 Jr CRMC - TBD

                                                                                                                                                 Contract Specialist
           Contract Specialist                        Contract Specialist                         Contract Specialist
                                                                                                                                                  Floyd Berry(FB) /
          Susan Shin Andersen                           Shelly Walker                               Floyd Berry
                                                                                                                                             Susan Shin Andersen (SSA)
            Financial Analyst                         Financial Analyst                            Financial Analyst                              Financial Analyst
            Giselle Cheesman                          Giselle Cheesman                                Sue Leung                                       Sue Leung
            Project Associate                         Project Associate                            Project Associate                              Project Associate
            Sunita Latchman                           Sunita Latchman                              Elizabeth Burgos                               Elizabeth Burgos
                                                                                                                                    Center for AIDS Research/Infectious Diseases
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent) – Child                                                                                             & Immunology/Environmental Med./(ACTU)
Study Center                              Administration                              Biochemistry                                  (SSA)
Psychiatry (ADULT &VA)                    Anesthesiology                              Ophthalmology                                 Clinical Pharmacology (FB)
Psychology                                College of Nursing                          Pathology                                     Rehabilitation Medicine (FB)
Medicine - Cardiology                     Emergency Medicine                          Medicine – General Internal Medicine          Medicine – Cell Biology (FB)
                                                                                      Medicine – Microbiology/Molecular
Medicine - Dermatology                    OB/GYN                                      Parasitology                                  Medicine – Endocrinology (FB)
Medicine - Hematology                     Otolaryngology                              Medicine - Nephrology                         Medicine – Gastroenterology (SSA)

Surgery - Neurosurgery                    Physiology/Neuroscience                     NYU CI – Breast Cancer                        Medicine – Neurology (SSA)
                                                                                                                                    Medicine – Pediatrics/Pediatrics Infectious
Surgery - Plastic                         Radiology                                   NYU CI – Cardiothoracic (ONCOLOGY)            Diseases (SSA)
                                                                                                                                    Centers of Excellence – Multiple Sclerosis
Centers of Excellence - Addiction         Urology                                     NYU CI – Gastrointestinal Cancer              (SSA)
                                                                                      NYU CI – Genitourinary Cancer (Prostate,
Centers of Excellence – Brain & Aging     Medicine – Pulmonary/Critical Care          Bladder, and Kidney)
                                          Medicine – Radiation Oncology               NYU CI – Gynecologic Cancer
                                          Medicine – Rheumatology                     NYU CI – Hematological Cancer
                                          Surgery - Bariatric                         NYU CI - Melanoma
                                                                                      NYU CI – Neuro-Oncology (Brain and
                                          Surgery – Cardiothoracic & Cardiovascular   Spinal Cord cancers)
                                          Surgery - General                           NYU CI – Pediatric Cancers
                                          Surgery - Oncology                          NYU CI - Sarcoma
                                          Surgery – Orthopedic                        NYU CI – Thyroid Cancers
                                          Surgery - Transplant                        Centers of Excellence – Cancers of the Skin
                                          Surgery - Vascular
                                          Centers of Excellence - Urology
                                          Centers of Excellence - Musculoskeletal

                                                      Contact Information

 Clinical Research Management
          Coordinators                 Contract Specialists            Financial Analysts                 Project Associates

           Leah Caropolo                Susan Shin Andersen               Giselle Cheesman                   Elizabeth Burgos
           212-263-4224                     212-263-4018                     212-263-4216                      212-263-4016

           Lena Geffrard                    Floyd Berry                      Sue Leung                       Sunita Latchman
           212-263-4019                    212-263-4209                    212-263-4203                        212-263-4170     

          Ronnie Landis                    Shelly Walker
           212-263-4208                    212-263-4284

        Michelle Malanga

          Alexi Morillo

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