Retail Store Cleaning Checklist 3 by hou57928

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                                                   GENERAL CLEANING
KITCHEN                                            q Remove all nails from walls.
Work Area                                          q Remove marks & fingerprints on walls
q Clean in/outside cupboard doors; remove          q Clean baseboards.
   fingerprints; polish.                           q Dust/wash mini blinds.
q Clean drawer faces; polish                       q Clean window sills, tracks, in/outside glass.
q Clean cupboard shelves & inside drawers.         q Clean closet shelves & rods.
q Clean cupboard under sink.                       q Remove fingerprints around doorknobs; dust
q Clean counters; remove stains.                     slats on louvered doors.
q Clean sink; remove stains; polish fixtures.      q Remove all cobwebs.
q Clean wall above sink.                           q Wash all tile/vinyl floors.
                                                   q Professionally clean all carpets
q Clean walls around & above stove.                LIGHT FIXTURES
q Clean in/outside of hood fan.                    q Dust light fixtures. Remove cover; wash; put
q Remove filter; clean; put back.                     back in place.
q Clean outside panels & door handle.              q Replace burnt-out light bulbs.
q Clean control panel.                             q Clean switch plates. Replace missing or broken
q Clean oven & racks.                                 plates
q Clean storage drawer(s).                         q Clean outlet plates. Replace missing or broken
q Clean & store broiler pan.                          plates.
q Clean stove tops & rings.
q Clean drip pans or replace.                      FIREPLACE/WOODSTOVE/INSERT
                                                   q Remove debris & clean.
REFRIGERATOR                                       q Clean hearth & mantle.
q Clean sides, top, door & handle
q Defrost & clean freezer.                         SMOKE ALARM
q Remove & clean shelves & crisper(s)              q Test alarm(s); replace battery if necessary; re-
q Clean inside; replace shelves & crisper(s).        test to insure working order.
q Clean door shelves & egg tray.
q Clean magnetic seal on door(s)                   OUTSIDE
q Leave refrigerator plugged in and on.            q Remove cobwebs from eaves & doorways.
                                                   q Clean exterior light fixtures; replace burnt-out
DISHWASHER                                            bulbs.
q Remove items fallen to the bottom.               q Edge & weed all flower beds.
q Remove soap deposits.                            q Mow lawn(s).
q Clean along inside of door edge.                 q Remove all debris from grounds & storage area.
q Clean outside door & control panel               q Broom clean garage, carport, storage areas &
FLOOR                                              q Remove all garbage, recyclable & yard waste
q Wash. Wax.                                          from cans

BATHROOMS                                          REPAIRS
q Clean tub & tub surround; polish fixtures        q Repair any tenant damage done to the property.
q Clean sink & soap holder                         q Replace broken windows.
q Clean in/outside cupboards & drawers
q Clean medicine cabinet, in/outside.              LAST
q Clean mirror(s)                                  q Remove all personal belongings: K & P cannot
q Clean in/outside of toilet; remove any dye          be held responsible for items left behind.
   dispenser/tablet; disinfect.                    q Walk through unit double checking this list. All
q Wash floor; remove dirt along tub & toilet base.    items left undone will be charge to tenant(s).

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